A/N: Callensi fic, slightly OC. Characters and series credit to Shane Brennan, JP Kousakis and R. Scott Gemmill. Callen and Kensi (Callensi) Angst/Hurt


Chapter 1: The takedown

"Go Away Kensi" yelled Callen as she tried to help him get up after taking a bullet in his vest during a takedown.

The takedown was typical. Team splits to surround the suspect, gunfire is exchanged, and the team gets the bad guy - sometimes alive sometimes dead.

Everyone yelled "clear" but Callen had an uneasy feeling something was off. As he surveyed the scene, he saw a flash and realized there was another gunman who was aiming at Sam. He pushed Sam out of the way and got shot in the process. Sam immediately ran over to assist in addition to Kensi and Deeks.

Callen looked over at Kensi and asked "I thought you said it was clear."

Kensi, taken aback by his tone, responded "It was, Callen, even Deeks checked as well, right Deeks?".

Deeks replied "Well, I assumed you got it so I didn't check behind you."

Sam angrily confronted Kensi "What the hell Kensi, you know better."

Eric then chose that moment to pipe up from OPS "I looked at the footage and Kensi, you didn't check every spot."

Nell, being the most direct one of the duo, blurted out "Kensi, Callen was shot because of you. I can't believe you were so careless."

After receiving angry glares from the guys, and with Callen yelling at her to go away, Kensi left the scene and returned to the hacienda. Mosely met up with her in the bullpen as she was packing her bag. "Agent Blye, please come to my office so we can discuss what happened." After reciting everything that happened, Kensi then braced herself for whatever reprimand Mosely was about to hand down.

Mosely, for her part, remained stoic during Kensi's recitation. "Agent Blye, may I call you Kensi?" Kensi nodded. "Kensi, we are not robots, we are human. And because we are human, we make mistakes." Kensi started to speak but Mosely help up a hand before she could. "Though you may have missed a spot when checking according to Eric, who is to say the gunman was hiding elsewhere and returned after you passed the area. Kensi, you've always had your teams' back, so it surprised me how quickly they all turned on you."

Kensi sighed "I know things were rough with the mole and when I was injured. I just don't know what to do. I'd like to think I had proven myself enough times that I can be back with them and working cases. I love all of them, but seeing the anger in their eyes and hearing it in their voices, makes me... makes me think they should've left me to die in Syria."

Mosely "Kensi you can't think like that! Besides that's water under the bridge. Here's what I think you should do. You've got more than enough leave racked up. Take a couple of weeks and go find a weekly beach rental outside of LA. Don't tell anyone you're leaving; not even your mother. Leave your phone here and I'll give you a burner to use. Oh and you can call me Shay."

Kensi "Okay... why are you doing this, Shay?"

Mosely "Because us women need to take care of each other. Now, go down and clean your desk a bit. Then go home and pack and I'll see you in three weeks."

Kensi "Yes ma'am."

Kensi finished cleaning her desk of the files, etc. She grabbed her bag, briefly looked at the other desks in the bullpen and then headed out the door, unbeknownst to her teammates.