Chapter 6: The mission before returning to OSP

Two weeks later, Kensi was itching to do something work related. Mosely dropped in for a visit, and gave her (and Callen) a task they never saw coming.

Mosely "Kensi, I have an assignment for you that is very close to me. I, technically, can't do any research but realized you are far enough from OSP to conduct your own investigation. Are you interested?"

Before Kensi could speak, Callen spoke up "Exactly what or who are we looking for?" Mosely responded "That's easy Agent Callen... my son Derek." Callen and Kensi were stunned.

Callen "How come we're just now hearing about this?" Kensi piped up "You have a son?"

Mosely "Director Vance insisted I not bring it up to all of you initially. Before you ask, Derek was taken by his father back in July for what was supposed to be a month long, father-son bonding trip. They never returned home and then a month later, I was assigned to OSP."

Kensi "Wait, that boy Enrique, when we brought him to the boatshed, you immediately knew what to do to get him to talk."

Mosely nodded "Enrique and Derek are the same age. I took a chance with the video game and it worked."

Callen "Are they in DC? I'm sure Vance put them on the watchlist."

Mosely sighed "Honestly, I don't know. They could be out of the country for all I know. I had filed the missing persons report but nothing came up. My mother's instinct, or gut instinct if you call it that, tells me Derek is still alive. Look, I just want my son home with me, so will you help me?"

Callen and Kensi, both having experienced searching for family and the truth, looked at each other before Kensi responded "Of course, we'll help you."

In a surprise move, Mosely hugged both of them, thanking them for any assistance, before leaving the cottage.


Before Callen and Kensi knew it, two weeks had flown by and it was time to pack up and head back to LA.

There were no new developments in finding Derek, but they weren't giving up.

As Kensi entered the hacienda holding Callen's hand, she smiled at the sight in the bullpen. In addition to Sam, Deeks, Nell, Harley and Mosely, she found Nate, Hetty and Gibbs waiting for them.

Hugs were exchanged and after Kensi said she was staying, Callen announced they were in a relationship. Hetty stated "I called this relationship years ago... glad you two finally got there." She then walked up to Callen and hugged him in front of the group before doing the same with Kensi. Hetty turned to the others and said "Enough with standing around... back to work people."

Later in the day, Callen and Sam were catching up while getting coffee in the kitchenette next to the bullpen. Kensi sat down at her desk - loving that she shared it with Callen - and smiled. Deeks caught the smile and made an inappropriate comment, which led to a perfectly aimed pencil thrown at him. As Callen set down both his and Kensi's coffee cups on their desk, Deeks turned to him to complain about partner abuse. Callen merely smirked at Deeks, then leaned over and kissed Kensi, saying "good aim" in front of everyone.

As Eric was about to announce there was a case, Hetty requested everyone go to OPS, stealing his thunder. Callen led the team upstairs with Kensi by his side, ready to handle whatever is sent their way.

The End.