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There was noise coming from the kitchen. Victor blinked twice, unsure of why there would be any noise in his kitchen. He was in the lounge, and the television was on. He'd been relaxing when the sudden sound of metal banging against metal reached his ears. And it was coming from his kitchen? There should be no sort of noise coming from the kitchen, he was certain. He'd lived alone for years.

Standing, Victor hesitantly scooted his way toward the open doorway, balancing on the balls of his feet so he wouldn't be heard by anyone who might be in the house with him. The floor didn't even creak beneath him, he was so stealthy. All was silent save for the old film playing on the TV and the clanking coming from the kitchen drawers as they were being opened and closed.

He peeked around the corner and found himself staring at the form of someone he did not recognize. Their back was turned to him as they stood barefoot before the oven. A simple pair of pajama bottoms and a white top adorned the person's body, with Victor's pink, 'Lick Me' apron tied about their waist. Their hair was dark and he was certain he could see glasses on their face.

The person was making blini. On Victor's stove. In Victor's kitchen. In Victor's house.

Frowning, Victor stepped into the kitchen and demanded, "Who are you?"

The person jumped and whirled around, staring wide-eyed at Victor. They managed to not drop the spatula and plate in their hands, but only just barely. But just because the person was clumsy and kind of cute, did not mean that could be trusted, and Victor glared. He could be very fierce when he wanted to be, and would use that to his advantage against the stranger.


It was a man, he was certain. And attractive man, but an unknown currently invading Victor's space nonetheless. Victor did not like it when his space was invaded by anyone.

Huffing, Victor once again asked, "Who. Are. You?" He made sure to enunciate slowly because he was feeling like being an asshole. And he wasn't required to be nice to people who broke into his house and were using his food to make themselves food.

The man's devastated expression made Victor feel a little guilty, though he couldn't understand why. There was nothing for him to feel guilty about. After all, there was a stranger in his house, not the other way around. Right? So why should he feel bad for wanting to defend his territory? And why did the man look betrayed?

The plate and spatula were set aside slowly, and the man's left hand rubbed over his right, drawing Victor's attention to the golden ring adoring his right hand. A wedding band. Brown eyes glanced down and Victor did the same, finding himself staring at an equally golden ring. On his marriage hand no less.

Both of the stranger's hands rose, palms facing outward and fingers spread apart slowly. A sign of caution or surrender, he did not know. "I'm Katsuki-Nikiforov Yuuri. Your husband of nearly ten years."



Victor would never get married. He'd promised himself years ago.


Victor blinked, and found himself staring at the sky. A sky full of gorgeous yellows and oranges, with some pinks and purples thrown in for good measure. Barely any clouds were visible, leaving the view bare. He couldn't remember the last time he'd laid eyes on such a serene sight, but it was lovely anyway. It made him feel nostalgic, though he couldn't really understand why.

A shuffling sound to his right drew his attention, and he found a very attractive Asian man sitting beside him. They were on a bench, and between them, rested a sleeping dog that he was not familiar with. The man was attractive in an understated way, with lovely brown eyes and brown hair streaked with bits of silver. His face was a little chubby, but in Victor's eyes, that served to make him all the more adorable.

Ever the charmer he'd always been, Victor beamed at the man, wanting to make a good impression. "Hello! I'm Victor!"

There was a brief moment of sadness that flickered in the man's eyes, before it disappeared. Victor felt horrible when he saw it, but the man interrupted before he could even formulate some sort of query. "I'm Yuuri," said the Asian angel. "It's nice to meet you, Victor."

"What do you do for a living, Yuuri?" Victor asked. There was nothing wrong with being friendly, right? Especially to such an attractive man.

Yuuri smiled softly, little crinkles appearing at the corners of his eyes. "Well, more recently I'm a coach, but I did some figure skating for a while many years ago."

"I figure skate too!" Victor announced, excited to meet someone who probably shared his adoration for the ice. "I have always loved skating. It's the only thing that's ever made me truly happy and ever made me feel free. It's everything to me and I would never want to lose it."

Yuuri's smile was even more soft now. "I can see that. I'm sure you've got good skills at presentation."

Head tilting to the side a bit, Victor couldn't help but feel confused. "How would you know?"

"You're attitude and aura. They scream 'look at me'. You like attention obviously, and you like making people happy. So obviously presentation would be important to you. The story behind the routine being a big part of your choreography."

He was nodding before Yuuri could finish. Because the man was right. Victor loved monopolizing the wow factor. He loved seeing how impressed people got when they watched him. And the man seemed to be able to read him so well! It was amazing! No one had ever come to understand Victor in so little time, and even those with much time weren't so good at it.

When he voiced his opinion of the man's deducing abilities, Yuuri merely shrugged calmly. "I'm not that amazing. I'm just an old man with an eye for these things."

"You're not old!" Victor protested, eyes trailing to the hair that was so thick and lovely as it rested atop Yuuri's head. It curled over his ears and around the blue turtleneck sweater he was wearing. And it was difficult to see the little silvery/grey bits here and there. "You aren't balding and you have so much hair left!"

"I'm certain forty-seven is old, Victor. But thank you." Yuuri was smiling again.

Yes, balding was a sign of old age. Victor had always determined his own old age by whether he was going bald or not. He reached up to pat his head, and froze in place. He was missing hair and he shouldn't be.

The hair on top of his head was a lot thinner than it should have been! What the hell?!

"Where'd my hair go?"


"Why is my hair so thin!?" It shouldn't be like that. It was supposed to be swoopy and soft. And it was styled the wrong way! His hair had a specific part to it and for some reason, it wasn't where it should be!

"Victor! I need you to take deep breaths for me!"

That was Yuuri's voice, but it wasn't working right. Whatever the man was saying wasn't coming across too well in the fog. Victor was too busy panicking over his lack of hair and his need for a mirror. Was it an illness? Hair falling out was a sign of many terminal illnesses!

"Victor! Victor!"


He was eating cake. Why was he eating cake? Victor never bought himself cake and he rarely ever got to have any because why would he put his body through that when he had practice to do?

Victor looked around in confusion, and found himself sitting in a small, blue room, with furniture in various shades of blue, surrounding him. There was a thick black carpet beneath his feet, and a surprising lack of tables.

There were no hard surfaces. Everything was padded thickly. Poofy in a way. It was garish and did not fit his style at all. The blues were lovely, but everything else was just wrong.

"Victor, are you okay?"

He started and whipped around to find a man he most certainly did not know, staring at him with obvious worry. Three things became apparent then. Victor's head was throbbing, his lower back was aching for whatever reason, and he was in a stranger's house.

"Where am I and who are you?" he demanded, only to pale.

What was wrong with his voice? Why did he sound so… old? Victor wasn't old, he was twenty-seven! This was a nightmare. It had to be!

"Victor, I need you to take a deep breath for me and hold it for five seconds, can you do that?"

He did not. The strange man with the soft eyes wasn't anyone Victor knew. He was under no obligation to do anything the man said. He didn't want to!

"Where. Am. I?" the Russian demanded again, standing up and glaring at the unknown person.

And the man only stared at him with what Victor could only describe as acute sadness. He didn't care. He was suddenly very angry and he wanted his answers.

He took a threatening step forward.


Victor stared at the man kneeling before the small photo frame on the table. Incense was burning nearby, and the man's head bowed. His hands were clasped before him.

"Why are you sad?"

The man sighed. "I'm just thinking about my parents. I miss them."

He leaned away so Victor could see the photo of two plump people, hugging each other. Their faces were holding wide smiles and laugh lines. The man kneeling on the floor was in the photo as well, but a little younger, plus another person whom Victor didn't know, standing behind the obvious couple in the center.

"I'm sorry for your loss," said Victor, wondering if there was a way to get the man's mind of such a depressing topic of thought. He didn't really know how to handle sad people, but Victor didn't like it when people were sad.

Maybe some figure skating would help?

"Thank you, Victor."

He frowned. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?"


"Who is that, Yurachka? Why is he in my house?!"

"Old man, shush! You're being too loud."

"No! I want to know why some Asian man is in my house!"

"Vitya, just stop for a second and breathe, okay. You're flatmates and have been sharing space for years."

The blond was pushing him toward an open doorway. In the distance, the music that had been playing was cut off suddenly, not that Victor cared. "You got hurt and are having memory problems. We didn't want to put you in an old folks home so we got you this place instead."

"I don't understand."

Yuri huffed. "I wouldn't expect you to. You'll just have to stay in your room for the night until you remember things correctly."


"No, Vitya. I'll go check on him, but you have to stay here. It's for the best."

Victor got hurt and he couldn't remember someone he was living with. How?

"Yurachka," he murmured quietly. "Who is that man to me?"

The blond sighed, hand pressed to his brow as he closed his eyes. "Your husband."


Victor sat down on the bed the room provided, feeling his entire body ache with the movement. Why was he hurting everywhere? There was no mirror in the room. Nothing hard either. Or sharp. Strange. Victor certainly hadn't designed this room.

But the biggest thing to stand out to him, were the lines in Yuri's face. Like actual wrinkles. Gone was the perfect-skinned youth he was used to seeing.

"Yura, why do you look so old and why would I need to be put in an old folks home?"

The blond cursed.

His answer made Victor feel...


Victor shot out of bed, eyes wide and heart pounding erratically as he took in the decor of his room. A room he recognized very well. It was his room in St. Petersburg. He was in Russia. He was home. With all of his pointed furniture and nothing was covered in fluffy shit. It was all as it should be and nothing from those horrible nightmares.


Yuuri! Victor looked over to find Yuuri sitting up in the bed as well. The sheets pooled around his hips, revealing Yuuri's bared torso. The man looked tired and adorably ruffled. But not old. No grey hairs and no crows feet. No sad look in his eyes whenever Victor paid him attention. And no injuries inflicted upon him because...

"Victor, are you okay?"

"It's just the dreams," he murmured with a shake of the head. He'd been having them for a while. He should be used to it by now, but for some reason he wasn't! "They keep coming more frequently and they make no sense! It's beginning to try my nerves when I wake up every morning like this. I don't want them."

His lover leaned close to wrap his arms around Victor, laying his head on Victor's bicep. "Are you sure that you're fine? Maybe we can set up an appointment or something. Night terrors aren't normal for this long and I'm really worried about you. It's been nearly a month. What could been so terrible that you would have night terrors for a month even though none of them are the same?"

He shrugged, having no idea himself. There was no rhyme or reason to the dreams, they just kept happening with no context given.

"It's just… they're these odd scenes between you and I. It's always me and you, and I recognize you, but then I also don't, you know. When I wake up I know it was you in my dreams with me, but it's like I don't know you in the dreams, and it either always results in me panicking in fear, or me becoming angry and attacking you. And it scares me," he admitted. He didn't like how strange the dreams were, and he didn't like the content of them either. "I'm not violent naturally, so it isn't right that I would be even in a dream."

Yuuri's breathing stuttered a bit, and when Victor looked up, it was to see the younger man gaping at him. But it was the look in his eyes that worried Victor the most. As if he knew exactly what Victor was talking about. But that was crazy. Yuuri couldn't know of Victor's dreams because Victor hadn't actually spoken up about them, because he'd been scared to.

"Did you say you don't know who I am and end up attacking me a lot in those dreams?" the other man whispered, the horror still noticeable in his voice.

He shifted uncomfortably. It was all so realistic, and he didn't like remembering how violent he'd gotten in the last one. Victor was only prone to violence when backed into a corner - which rarely ever happened because his life was good - and he really couldn't understand why dream Victor couldn't seem to understand that Yuuri was his husband and not a foe! Why would anyone ever want to land hands on Yuuri? He was such a darling and deserved to be taken care of and loved, not hurt and abused.

"Victor, what did you dream of last night?" asked Yuuri, voice deadly soft and quiet. And to be honest that alarmed Victor more than anything. The hand on his own didn't feel comforting like it normally did. It felt strange ad alien.

"Stuff," he mumbled, unwilling to answer. It wasn't good. He didn't want Yuuri to know about them. To know the horrible things going through his mind at night. Because it had to say something terrible about him if his subconscious was putting him through all these awful night terrors.

"Victor, please tell me."

Yuuri's eyes were beseeching. Pleading him to just give in and explain his nightly experiences in his dreamworld. But they were more than just that and he hated knowing that such things happened, even in a dream. It didn't sit right with him as a person, let alone as Yuuri's boyfriend.

He sighed though, because his Yuuri looked so worried. "There was one where I found you in the kitchen but didn't know you. And another where we were on a park bench and I was flirting really hard, and ended up panicking when I reached up to touch my hair only find a lot of it missing. Then there was the one with the cake and the room of blue furniture and I… I think I hit you in anger. One of you remembering your parents. The final one just now was of Yuri pulling me away from you and telling me to breathe slowly or something. He said I got hurt and that you were my husband but I forgot you somehow, and then told me to stay in my room and not leave."

There was a moment of pure silence, where he refused to meet Yuuri's gaze. He didn't like the dreams. They made no sense and they infuriated him as much as they offended him. As if Victor would ever lay hands on Yuuri in such a manner! It wasn't possible!

"Oh, Vitya," sighed Yuuri, reaching up to pull his face closer. He looked to be on the verge of tears as he rubbed Victor's cheekbones with his thumbs. "My poor, poor Vitya."

Yuuri kissed the tip of his nose twice. "I'm so sorry that this is happening to you, Victor. It should never have happened to you at all."

He frowned, and took Yuuri's hands into his own in order to force the eye contact he wasn't looking forward to. "Yuuri, what do you mean?"

What did Yuuri mean? How did Yuuri go about explaining that? Explaining this whole situation? And his integral part in all of it. How did he tell the man he loved, that what he was experiencing was actually the past for Yuuri, and weren't just some dreams? How did he maintain honesty between them when the truth was so very painful?

"Victor, remember how I believed I was in a dream and was being reckless because of it?"

The man frowned, but nodded.

"This kind of plays into that. Those things in your dreams have happened to me. One day I woke up back in Detroit, as if none of it happened. And I assumed I was dreaming and decided to do what I want because this new life I would be 'living' wouldn't actually be real. So there would be no consequences to anything I did, and I was fine with a dream because my reality had just been one hardship after another."

Victor merely sat there, staring at him with his mouth agape.

"That's why my programs changed and why I could suddenly do jumps no one ever saw me do before. So either this is a dream, or I time traveled to the past but kept all of my memories, and you are slowly regaining yours. You were the lover I lost. You got injured terribly, which revealed that you had Limbic Encephalitis. And because it had gone untreated for so long, your limbic system was mostly ruined and you ended up with intense Dementia at a young age because of it."

And now Victor was dreaming about memories of times where he forgot who Yuuri was. So was that just a part of this possible-dream, or was it actually some form of time-travel? Which was so strange, but who was he to say what was and wasn't possible? Yuuri was not a supreme being.

"How?" was all Victor could ask, and Yuuri hated how fragile he sounded. Because that question was just an umbrella question for everything he wanted to know and didn't understand. And Yuuri had to be the one to tell him everything, and he hated the fact that he would have to put Victor through this all. He would have much referred it if Victor had gone the rest of his life never knowing of what Yuuri and his husband had been through.

"I'm so sorry, Vitya."

Phi-Chu: Are you okay?

Phi-Chu: I haven't heard from you in a while and got worried.

Katsu: I'm fine.

Katsu: Victor hasn't been feeling well lately, so I've been looking after him.

Phi-Chu: Aw! It's love.

Phi-Chu: I hope I can find that one day.

Katsu: I'm not really doing much though.

Phi-Chu: But how many people do you really think have been with him?

Phi-Chu: Especially when he's not feeling too hot?

Phi-Chu: I'd bet money you're the first person in a decade.

Katsu: You aren't wrong.

Phi-Chu: I knew it!

Phi-Chu: Kudos to you for taking care of your beau! You're the BF of the Year!

Phi-Chu: Will this affect the upcoming season?

Katsu: I don't think so.

Katsu: It's been a lot of poor sleeping and migraines though.

Katsu: It's adding stress so we've halved his training times.

Phi-Chu: He IS getting older. It's to be expected.

Katsu: Kinda wish it wasn't happening at all though.

Katsu: Seeing him so down is heart-wrenching.

Katsu: I can't do much and it's frustrating!

Phi-Chu: But you're there, which is more than he can say for anyone else.

Phi-Chu: And sometimes that's what someone needs most.

Katsu: :)

Phi-Chu: So onto other things. Next season.

Katsu: Yeah. Been working hard.

Phi-Chu: Me too! I've got my routines and guess what?

Katsu: You'll tell me anyway.

Phi-Chu: I'm doing The King and the Skater!

Phi-Chu: Finally got Ciao Ciao to agree!

Katsu: Congrats. And your Quad training?

Phi-Chu: Coming along smoothly. I'll manage a 4T soon!

Katsu: Make sure you record it to show me, okay?

Phi-Chu: I would never forget that.

Phi-Chu: The camera is my life.

Katsu: Don't I know it.

Phi-Chu: Yeah boi!

Katsu: ;)

Phi-Chu: So I know Plisetsky is joining the Seniors as well.

Phi-Chu: How would you gauge his threat level?

Katsu: 6/10 currently. He needs a push to get fired up.

Phi-Chu: Still, that's pretty good considering he only just turned 15!

Katsu: IKR.

Phi-Chu: Does he have Quads?

Katsu: 2 but I won't tell you which ones.

Phi-Chu: Damn! I gotta work extra hard now!

Phi-Chu: He's making me look bad!

Katsu: Don't hurt yourself.

Phi-Chu: Yes, mom. Thanks, mom.

Katsu: I am no one's mom. I don't do that kind of roleplay.

Phi-Chu: But you do roleplay of OTHER sorts?

Katsu: Maaaaaaybe...

Phi-Chu: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Phi-Chu: Bruh, you must part with this info!

Katsu: Not on your skates.

Phi-Chu: Why do you do this to me?

Phi-Chu: You dangle a nugget in front of my face and then abandon me!

Katsu: I'm sure you'll live.

Phi-Chu: But I'll never be the same!

Phi-Chu: *sob* *cry*

Katsu: OMG, ur a drama queen.

Phi-Chu: Obviously. Where've you been, dude?

Katsu: In Russia with my boyfriend.

Phi-Chu: Dude, I am so proud of that btw.

Phi-Chu: You got yourself a man!

Phi-Chu: The man you always wanted!

Katsu: I still don't understand it some days.

Phi-Chu: Love doesn't always need a grand explanation.

Katsu: Very profound of you.

Phi-Chu: What can I say? I'm a fountain of wisdom!

Katsu: XD

"Vitya, are you feeling better?"

Victor groaned in response. Learning the reason behind the whole nightmares thing, and Yuuri springing into his life in the most amazing way possible had been slightly helpful, but it didn't stop the dreams. They kept coming and coming. And it annoyed him because they were mostly of the times where he didn't know who Yuuri was.

And reactions varied every single time.

How had Yuuri stayed with him through all of that? Why would Yuuri decide to put himself through all of it? Victor knew of many people who wouldn't have stayed with their spouse or lover if something like that happened, because they couldn't handle the emotional struggle to come. But Yuuri had blatantly refused to just ship him off to a building filled with old people who could barely function on their own. He hadn't wanted Victor to have to survive on his own, not understanding why he'd been abandoned by his family.

Yuuri had been the very definition of #1 Husband. Honestly. No one would ever live up to the example his Yuuri had given him through all those years of faithfulness. No one could ever affect him in such a way. No one could ever give and give so much and know that nothing would ever come back in return. It was a rare thing to see in the world these days.

Selfless. Katsuki Yuuri was the very meaning of selflessness. Putting others before himself, and being willing to take on burdens no one would dream of carrying, because his love for Victor had been so strong that he'd do anything. And he took his vows seriously. The vows they'd written for each other, with promises of 'sickness and health' being taken very seriously for the both of them. And Yuuri had elevated those words to a whole new level with his dedication and adoration of his husband.

Victor was struggling to remember everything, but it was coming to him. Slowly but surely. But it was proof. Proof that he'd somehow earned the love of someone like Yuuri. After two decades of loneliness and a lack of love in his life, Victor had managed to find Katsuki Yuuri. And then somehow, Yuuri managed to come back to him a second time!

He would consider himself lucky. Life-ruining Dementia aside, Victor had gotten something that most people could only dream of. Eternal love and devotion from someone who wanted him for him. From someone who accepted everything about him, including his annoying flaws.

And here he was, in a new chance at life, and he would get to try again. And with them properly warned this time, maybe they could prevent what happened in their old future. And maybe this time things could go as they should have, and Yuuri wouldn't have to bear the struggles on his own. This time around, Victor would be there to hold him up should he need the help.

Victor looked up at Yuuri, who had waited patiently while he put his thoughts into order. "I think I'm doing a lot better, actually," he said softly, taking up his lover's hand and breathing a happy sigh when Yuuri practically beamed at him, and leaned in to give him a small kiss.

Emotionally, he was better than fine. And Yuuri would be there to help him mentally as well.

"So can we change your doctor, please? Just to be safe? I never want to see that ass again."

"Vic-chan, get off Potya, please?"

The poodle, who had been too busy rolling all over Yurio's pet cat, paused and sent Yuuri a look. A very familiar look that practically stated, 'I'm adorable and doing nothing wrong'. Strangely enough, Victor, his namesake, was also incredibly talented at such a look too. To an almost lethal degree.

And the feline currently experiencing the excitable dog's antics, merely blinked slowly up at him, but made no move to free himself from what looked to be suffering. So maybe he didn't mind?

Makkachin was sprawled across the sofa, watching with lazy eyes, tail wagging calmly. She didn't try to help either.

It was all very sweet and domestic, and Yurio looked on from the kitchen, where he was making pirozhki and currently drying his hands with a towel. "You're lucky Potya is so calm. He looks like he could kick your dog's ass, Katsudon."

Yuuri huffed. "Vic-chan is a lover, not a fighter."

Vic-chan's tail wagged, earning himself a small coo from Yuuri, who couldn't help but bend down and give him some good pets.

He was so grateful that they all got along. He knew Makka was motherly toward Potya, but he'd been a little worried since Vic-chan hadn't been here last time. But he'd worried for nothing because Potya seemed to be a saint.

Their little family was coming together again.

"You're both gross!" Yuri announced as he passed by them on the ice. Yakov had him doing figures because he'd come in five minutes late since he had to argue with his landlady over something.

Yuuri and Victor shared a smile. Recently, Victor was gaining more and more memories, but less and less bad ones. And he'd come to Yuuri to ask about their lives together and how Yurio had played a massive part in everything, and how he helped any time, and was ready to stop everything in his life should Yuuri need him to come up and help out for a while.

Obviously, the boy before them hadn't grown into the amazing young man that Yuuri remembered so vividly, but he had no doubt that Yurio would be similar. He might hide behind a gruff exterior, but he was a darling underneath all the ice. And he had a sense of justice and a kindness that was often overlooked simply because he was blunt and cold on the surface.

Victor had been incredibly touched and had even cried once he learned the full extent of the other's efforts. Because in his life he hadn't yet realized just how many people he had in his corner. And Yuuri was proud to be the one to tell him everything he deserved to know and more. And to let him know that the small world he'd only ever saw, wasn't what he believed it to be at all.

That he had many people who cared about him in one way or another. That they would stand by him no matter what. And it was nice to see Victor Nikiforov shine with adoration for the people who'd been there for him in this life and the last.

"Go teach him his choreography," Yuuri murmured, nudging Victor toward the ice. "He's been really excited and it isn't fair to keep him waiting so much. He might even break a record with it for all we know."

Victor smirked playfully in return, and sent a sweet smile in Yurio's direction. And by sweet, Yuuri meant evil. Because now Victor was digging deeply into his inner coach that he'd managed to perfect over the years, and had reclaimed more easily than other things.

"Yurio, it's time for you to learn the intimate details of the word, Agape!"

The look the boy sent him, could only be described as utter horror. And maybe a little bit of regret. Perhaps wishing that he hadn't pushed for a routine after all.

And Yuuri could only laugh because this Yuri hadn't been exposed to Victor's unorthodox teaching methods yet, so he wasn't unprepared for what was about to go down on the ice. And it was hilarious to think about!

"I want to refine your Yuri On Ice performance so you can do it this season."

Yuuri gaped. "I haven't even gotten the music from Ketty though."

"So you'll get it and in the meantime, we will enhance the performance so it's the most technically challenging we can make it. From what I remember, you changed some key elements and I wish to just up the ante so you don't have to do that. It's dangerous and while I know you can do it, it'll make me worry anyway, so we'll do this my way this time."

He couldn't even imagine a better version of his Yuri On Ice performance. And he'd never considered making it more difficult. But then again, Victor was using one of his old routines from their shared memories, and was changing some of the elements up to make it more difficult. So of course Victor wanted the most challenge he could get while out on the ice. Meaning that Yuuri and Yurio were going to get the most overhauled versions of their programs as possible.

"I suppose I'll just have to work extra hard to defeat you, Vitya," he said with a cheeky grin.

"I expect you to, zolotse. And if you do well today, I'll take you home and give you the best reward of your life."

He was practically tingling from where Victor's hand had caressed his cheek. He would do extra well, so then they could dedicate the whole weekend to each other. And Yuuri's most recent online purchase was something he'd longed to try on Victor.

Victor took a deep breath and smiled. The past few months had been difficult with getting used to the sudden surge of memories, but he'd managed to get through it with his Yuuri's help. And Yuuri was always ready with information when he asked, and it helped fill in the gaps in his memories.

Currently, the next season was going to be starting soon, and he'd managed to do everything he'd wanted, even with such little amounts of sleep and true rest that the body desperately needed.

Both Yuuri and Yurio had their routines. Yurio was once again taken under the tutelage of Lilia Baranovskaya. And occasionally, though he really thought no one knew, he accepted assistance from Yuuri, who was the only other person around with more than a decade of ballet experience. And Yuuri dedicated much time to helping the boy for his Agape and boost his presentation of it. And then the footwork for his Free was refined thanks to Yuuri's assistance.

Victor wasn't the only one who wanted a challenging season. Yuuri was doing everything he could to help not only the blond kitten, but even Georgi and Mila. And though Mila was competing against them in any capacity, he'd still spent time helping her out as well because while he liked Sara, he wanted Mila to win more.

It was like Yuuri was recreating the skating family from their memories, but this time he was more confident and he wasn't the one being drawn in. And the thing was, everyone adored him and he didn't even know it!

Yakov thought he was a blessing because he got Victor to behave half of the time. And he got Yurio to calm down and listen to instruction from others. Georgie wasn't as vocal about his breakup this time around, and Mila had been getting closer and closer to landing a Quad Toe Loop thanks to Yuuri's assistance.

Lilia liked him because she could not only see Minako in his movements, but she admired his work ethic, and how he made tea.

The skaters themselves all liked him for different reasons. Even Yurio, who tried to pretend that he didn't.

Past or present, Yuuri seemed to have this ability to draw people to him and make them want to listen. And then he held them all together, like a glue,and made them feel cared for. Like they actually mattered.

Months back Victor had referred to him as a angel sent to guide him, and he honestly felt it was true. After all, something had sent Yuuri back to him. And then decided Victor was worthy enough of returning to a sweeter time in his life as well. And now that things were different and Yuuri was taking as many precautions as necessary, the chances for what happened in their memories, to happen again, were very low. And if it in any way looked as if Victor was ill, there was a different doctor to visit, and Yuuri already had experience in the area of handling an ill loved one.

He was genuinely looking toward the future and was very happy with what he imagined.

He hoped that Yuuri had finally been able to lay down his worries and had come to accept this life for what it was. Yuuri deserved to be happy, and seeing him lost would only serve to make both of them sad. Victor wanted to be there for Yuuri, to make up for all the times Yuuri was there for him. Whether he remembered all of those times or not.

It was time for Yuuri to let Victor be the strong one. He'd once told Yuuri that he didn't need to be strong all the time, and he especially stood by those words now. It was time for Victor to be the hero.

"Deep breaths, lapochka," instructed Victor, voice all warm and silky as his hands tightened the fabric around Yuuri's eyes, cutting off his vision. "I want you to concentrate on my voice and let me take care of you, okay? You've been so good and you need to be rewarded."

Yuuri arched off the bed, moaning for him. Victor had to withhold a groan and took a deep breath of his own. He placed a hand on Yuuri's chest, and pushed him back down. "You need to lay still, love."

"Vitya," Yuuri whined, an adorable pout overcoming his features. Victor was hit with a need to kiss his lover, and did so. But only chastely, since this wasn't the time for that yet. His Yuuri's frustration whimpers were like fuel to a fire.

"You'll get what you need soon enough, Yura. You have to be patient for me." he said as he began the slow taunting he'd had in mind all week. His mouth started at Yuuri's throat, and moved down. Victor alternated between sucking, licking, and nibbling the shower-dampened flesh.

The best part in his opinion, was the fact that Yuuri allowed this. That he trusted Victor enough to do these things for him.

His Yuuri's trust was sexy as hell.

One would think that after decades of seeing a loved one practically deteriorate before their eyes, Yuuri would have thrown in the towel and decided to be done with the whole romance scene. That he didn't want to do it ever again because of the pain the very first time had caused him. But he'd given it another shot, because it seemed as if the universe had given him another shot, and it paid off.

Victor Nikiforov somehow still came back to him. And he wasn't the same as Yuuri's husband had been. He was like he'd used to be, and coming to terms with that had been difficult, but Yuuri wouldn't ever trade him in for a different Victor. He'd fallen in love with Victor once, long, long ago, and had married him proudly. He'd fallen in love with Victor again, in a different place and at a different time, and it was just as beautiful as the first time.

And instead of Yuuri popping the question, Victor had dramatically gotten on his knee while they stood at the podium, and in his hand was a familiar gold ring. Snowflakes engraved on the inside and everything. But this time, Victor had the words, 'Forget Me Not' engraved on the outside. And darling Phichit had appeared at their sides, holding a small handful of sky blue forget-me-nots out to Victor, who proceeded to give them to Yuuri as he asked for Yuuri's hand in marriage.

Yuuri smiled and nodded, accepting the offer with a sharp nod, holding his right hand out expectantly. Victor's jubilation was shared by the entire crowd as they all leapt to their feet with applause, screaming and cheering them on.

One back on his feet, Victor leaned up for a kiss, but Yuuri playfully held his lips off with his index finger.

"I'm sorry," he said, almost erupting in a fit of giggles. "I don't feel like kissing you because you didn't win gold."

"Yuuri!" the man whined, sending him those adorable baby blues and making puppy dogs eyes Makka would be proud of.

"You're both gross," Yurio called from the bronze side of the podium. "Just get it over with already!"

"If you say so!"

Victor pulled him in and then dramatically dipped him, much to the audience's excitement. "In sickness and in health, Yura. I promise I won't forget."

Second chances really did happen and Yuuri was so grateful to get one of his own! "I know, Vitya."

The kiss was slow and soft, and was perfection. And Yuuri beamed as they pulled away.

Of course, Phichit kind of ruined the moment as he got in close with his phone and said, "Once more, with feeling."

The two shared a look, but shrugged and went for it again. And there was most certainly some feeling involved. Enough for a grumpy teenager to turn away and pretend to vomit.

And with the engagement now official, they could start on their long life together once more, but indeed with more feelings.

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