So, to those of you have made it here, welcome to the third installment of the Son of the Archer series. Because apparently just having two stories wasn't enough.

Just as it follows, this occurs after both Son of the Archer and Son of the Archer and the Boy who lived. If you haven't read either of them, you will be horribly confused and I do encourage you to check them out if you want to read this one.

Anywho, on with the story... I guess.

It was as if he and his dad were the only two people in the world as he took in that his dad was holding him. Granted, Ron knew it was loud and chaotic and everyone was probably having a moment like this, but he couldn't have cared less in that moment. There was only one really major thing ruining the moment they were sharing.


"Yeah Ron?"

"You smell bad."

Clint snorted and gave a quick squeeze before letting him out of the hug, keeping a strong and comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Nice to see you too. And it looks like you grew some more too," he commented looking at Ron's height.

"Well, I am still growing dad."

"Right you are," he said as his gaze fell to the Weasley parents just as Percy approached them.

"What's with the people around them?"

Clint opened his mouth to talk when a smartly dressed individual tapped Clint on his shoulder.

"We're ready Mister Barton."


"In a moment Ron," he said for quickly to Ron, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Although the British Ministry seems to have also gotten involved," the man answered irritably, his eyes gandering at a few of the individuals around his birth parents and sister. He seemed a bit put off over whatever exactly was going on but couldn't do a thing about it.

"Oh. Fantastic," Clint muttered. "How many government agencies are going to get involved?"

"Hopefully it's just MAGIC and the Ministry. Unless of course your boss gets involved."

"Fury knows not to unless there is something goes down. And I don't think anyone wants that."


"Yeah Ron?"

"What's all going on?"

"Well, grace week."

"Grace week?"

"Remember, we have a transition week between living with me and living with your birth family."

"Oh. Right. At least we're together right?"

"Right," Clint smiled.

"Ron! You forgot your luggage!"

"Whoops! Sorry," Ron sheepishly remarked as the twins were carrying his trunk, then plopping it down in front of him. Clint gave a strange and knowing grin.

"Fred," he said pointing at one twin, "and George?" He added pointing at the other twin.


"Got it wrong."

"Can't you tell? I'm Gred."

"And I'm Forge."

Clint dramatically put his hand to his chest.

"I can't believe I was wrong."

Ron snickered but also wondered when did his dad and the twins get so... Chummy. The twins wouldn't say a word to his dad before they left for Hogwarts. Just what had happened to change that? Even more peculiar, when had something changed?

"Hermione," Bruce called out as his cousin approached with all her luggage. Ron could see Neville running to his mom and exchanging hugs. Ron smiled at the scene and noticed Harry approaching them a little sheepishly. Ron could have smacked himself. His dad had used agents to get the platform, as did Bruce most likely.

"Hey Harry!" Ron waved him over and Harry quickly made his way with his various trunks. Ron was actually rather thankful for the expansion charm inside the trunk provided for him.

He'd to ask Doctor Strange if there was a spell he could teach him that would do the same thing. Ron felt a sudden glee at doing that for Harry's birthday. And maybe Neville's too. They did happen to share the same birthday after all. Longbottom/Potter twin thing?

That glee diminished as Arthur, Molly, Percy and Ginny approached with, who now Ron assumed was members of the ministry of magic.

Molly had a slightly hurt look to her face, but also a resigned look that looked incredibly foriegn on someone Ron had only seen as strong willed. Arthur was a bit harder to read. He seemed curious, captivated but emotionally more guarded.

Ron could only assume that this was where Percy got his somewhat distant personality. The same one he seemed to be showcasing now, though Ron could see the licorice wand was now no longer in his pocket.

Ginny, contrary to the adults who were trying to reserve themselves as painfully obvious that they didn't want to, darted forward and hugged both Fred and George.

"You never sent me a toilet seat," she said with a grin.

"Boys!" Molly spoke with a tone that promised a talking to later.

"A toilet seat?" Clint questioned. Then a wild smile came to his face, "Hey Bruce, Tony did say he wanted something from our trip didn't he?"

Bruce looked at the agent archer much like an exasperated parent.

"Please don't Clint."

Clint just held his grin and waggled his brows getting a groan from Bruce. There was a cough from one of the Ministry agents and Arthur Weasley took a step forward.

"Mr. Barton." There was uneasiness, but also an unwavering tone.

"Mr. Weasley," Clint easily responded. Clint raised his hand, holding it out civilly. Arthur followed suit and the two shook hands. It clearly wasn't one between friends. But, in Ron's eyes, it was a start of something. He could only hope it was something good.

I feel great! (That's a lie)

Regardless, before anyone calls out on the "grace week" remember, it was mentioned in the last chapter of the first story. Partially to allow Ron to get ready for the upcoming school year in late summer, but also to make sure no one is slipping him out of the country early.

On an unrelatedish note, should I start short handing Son of the Acher to SotA?

Edit: I spelled Ginny's name wrong. So sorry!