Hey, everyone… have you seen her?

Chloe Bourgeois has a friend called Sabrina.

Well 'friend' is just a relative term

More like 'a worker at her firm'

A loyal employee to the core

Who takes her abuse and even more

Is able to ignore all the piteous looks

As she staggers along with a heap of books

She never gets overtime or extra pay

Does what she's told, come what may

Helps her mistress in pursuit of 'Adrikins'

Gets involved in all of her shady sins

Provides an alibi in times of need

Is able to overlook her selfishness and greed

As long as she gets a new hat to wear

She'll steal your diary without a care

Even shut you inside a toilet booth

On Picture Day too, and that's the truth

Ironic that her papa is a copper by trade

Considering all the moral missteps she's made

People say "She's rotten, she'll never learn"

"Way past the point of no return."

But if you look closely, by the by

You may just see a tear in her eye

As she's forced into her boss's latest scheme

Things may not be exactly as they seem

Would things have been different if they'd never met?

Is being a 'loyal lapdog' as good as it'll get?

Could she have been popular, even made some friends?

Is being trapped under Chloe's thumb really how it ends?

You might think for her everything is lost

But just imagine if their paths hadn't crossed

She could've been star pupil, better than the rest

Or that invaluable study buddy to help you pass the test

Perhaps she'd meet someone special, a girl or a boy

And fill up their lives with happiness and joy

First female French president? Don't rule it out!

Just look at her exam scores if you have any doubt

All this and more, could be hers for the taking

But until she sees the mistake she's making

In unquestionably following orders from the class bully

She'll never get to realize her potential fully

My hope for Sabrina is she'll cast off her chains

Become independent and make the most of her brains

But most of all, be happy with herself

Not hide everything at the back of some shelf

As soon as she breaks free and stops all the self-hating

I hope she knows I'll be sitting here, waiting…


Marinette D-C