Yes Man

"Please! I'm ain't too proud to beg!" Luna begged to her brother. Lincoln just gave her a blank look before saying "So you came into my room, turned off my chat and you're asking me, an eleven-year-old, to beg for a sweaty t-shirt for a 15-year-old. And that shirt was used. Yeah, no. Get out my room.

Cereal Offender

Lincoln was checking to make sure he had everything before he left to go the store. Just then he heard his sisters who want to come with. Even Lily had her own shopping cart. Lincoln just laughed and slapped his knee.

"No way in hell am I taking all of you. I know what would happen. All of you would just get me kicked out. See ya." He opened the front door and left. The sisters just stood there in silence before Lincoln came back inside and grabbed Lily. "I'm only taking her." And he slammed the door again.

No Such Luck

"Are you sure?" Lynn held the bat grinning. Lincoln tilted his head to the side. "I'm pretty sure if you hit me with that, then the Squirrels would have to live without Lynn Loud. Now that won't be fun wouldn't it?" Lynn stammered. She thought she had Lincoln by the balls, but it didn't work.

"Now excuse me, I need to catch up on my Ace Savvy. Alone." With that, he pushed Lynn aside and went to his room.