Ch-1 Dares, holes, and rabbits

Naruto, a young teenage male from the central city of Konoha, had just accepted a dare. Yes, "The Great Naruto Uzumaki" could never turn it town. He would never back out of a dare, especially when it was from those punks at Oto High.

He had to make them discern the fact they would never be superior to Naruto. Never.

Walking down the alleyway that would be a shortcut to the forest said to have been the location of where all those ANBU guys on a mission disappeared. Not that it scared him of course.

"Well when I prove that staying a night in a forest isn't enough to frighten me, I'll kick their sorry asses!" Naruto was only talking to himself, he knew that of course, but it felt like there was another member of his little conversation meant to be private.

Choosing to ignore the strange feeling, he strutted down the forest path. He did get a little self-conscious though, knowing that.. well.. he also agreed to wearing a maid's outfit, and someone was obviously watching him, though he was too oblivious to his surroundings to notice.

Now on the spot that he has picked an hour in advance 'always be prepared' he pitched a tent and rolled out his sleeping bag, after dropping his bag in a corner.

He didn't at all feel a need to sleep, so he went ahead and started out the tent, towards a trail he was sure he didn't notice before, and brought a flashlight with him, all the while still wearing a maid's outfit.

After about a good thirty minutes, he came across a tattered house, although light poured from one of the top floor windows.

Proceeding into the house, he was sure he saw a rabbit whoosh by, but not just any regular rabbit, it was one wearing a monocle and tailcoat, while holding a watch.

Not one to have heard or read any fairytales during his childhood, he couldn't have possibly known what happened when you followed a rabbit with a tailcoat, so he trailed it.

The rabbit zipped into a room with an open door, and down a well disguised hole in the center of the room. Naruto followed the rabbit into the room, but didn't watch his step and tumbled into the hole.

Items of all kinds flew past him as he fell down the hole. Cards, pianos, heck even beds flew by.

He neared an opening in the seemingly never ending pit. After screaming as he descended towards the ground, he suddenly stopped with a gasp mere centimeters away from the checkered floor, but only lasting for a few seconds, he fell down on his stomach.

"Ah! Woah.… Who puts a hole in a room? Never the less a crazy one with things flying in your face!" Naruto shouted at no one.

He looked around the strange room, spotting a human sized door that was obviously locked, and a smaller door, tiny enough to fit a… "Hey wait! Where'd that rabbit go?!" He yelled, looking around again.

Spotting a key and drink with a note, he snatched the key and tried unlocking the normal sized door, but with no luck. He then turned to the drink, somehow thirsty, and without hesitation, chugged it down.

He suddenly grew smaller and smaller, enough to fit through the rabbit sized door. Seemingly strange, his dress, shrunk with him, so he was thankful for the clothes. Naruto then opened the door and strutted along the path that would surely lead him to the mysterious rabbit.