Naruto and Wonderland

Ch-2 Cheshire

Naruto entered a world full of what he expected to be magic, tall trees that were combined with blue and purple, the mist giving it an eerie but mysterious glow. The plants were green, well save for a few.

He seemed to forget all about following the rabbit, but realizing where he was and why he went through the door, he started off in the direction of the path that seemed to split the world in two.

After a multiple of glances and turns, he was practically lost. Not that he would admit it of course. "Damn it! I got lost… If only I hadn't followed that freaking rabbit." Scratch that, he would shout it out just to get help.

Apparently, after Naruto had shouted, "HELP! I'M LOST AND I NEED TO FIND A RABBIT!" a shadow appeared.

"Well look at that, a lost Alice in god knows where. Welcome to here, there, whatever you think it should be. Ah, Wonderland is what them such as yourself call it." The creature exclaimed.

"Why are you a talking cat?"

"Why are you asking me why I'm a cat and that I'm talking when you should be asking about that rabbit you kept shouting about?"

"Ah, your right. Where is that rabbit anyways?"

"That a-way. Down the path." The cat said, sporting a wide, practically impossibly wide smirk.

"Wait! What's your name?" Naruto said looking at him, after glancing the way the smiling feline pointed.

"Heheh, Sai, more commonly known, the Cheshire Cat." A faint voice said where the cat used to be, the smirk still visible before it disappeared into thin air.

"Crap! I didn't ask him why this place is so weird… and faintly like I'm supposed to be here.." He held his frustrated temple and gave up trying to decipher the feeling.

Naruto started down the path Sai had pointed to.

After about over an hour of walking, the blonde could barely stay awake. He then spotted a mushroom, looking very inviting for a small nap. So he lay there, drifting off into the dark abyss.

A dark haired teen, about his age stood at a fork in a gravel road. A signpost had shown the destinations each path would lead to. One saying, "Palace of Hearts" another, "The Marsh" and finally, "Mad Hatter's Tea party."

The raven, who apparently had rabbit ears and a tail, sprinted down the path saying "Mad Hatter's Tea party, Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Late, late, late I am."

"WAIT!" Naruto shouted, but he couldn't move. It was like he was immobilized, as if it was a dream and he had no control over his body, and he needed to get back to the reality to trail the rabbit. Or was this a reality at all? Who knew, all he knew was that he needed to get to that path and follow the hare.