I tried calling Hilda after I was done talking to Nurse Joy. It was better to get both scoldings out of the way and done with after all.

But, there was no answer.

I probably should have expected that to be honest, seeing as Unova was a whole ten hours behind, what with time differences and all, it was still very early morning for Hilda over there and going by my missed calls, she'd been up into the wee hours of the night trying to get into contact with me.

Not to mention, the whole jet lagg thing and all that. Really, she would probably be sleeping for a few more hours yet by me reckoning.

As it was, after just shy of two hours flying towards Viridian City, I decided to land.

Charizard's fatigue was finally catching up to him I'd noticed, even with his evolution, his flight speed dwindling bit by bit until he was falling way behind Fearow.

So I decided it was as good a time as any too treat my pokemon that were injured and have some food.

Plus, since I was going to be rotating a lot of my team soon in preparation for heading to Kalos, it was a good time to get a final lesson in for the moment that they could then pass on to my other pokemon at the Viridian City Pokemon Centre.

After landing, I quickly made up a make-shift camp to last a couple hours and sent out ten of my current pokemon party of twelve.

Aerodactyl and Kabutops would have to wait a little bit.

As I cooked, Chansey got down to treating both Charizard and Dragonite with Heal Pulse, more Dragonite than Charizard.

While I cooked away, I noticed Dragonite was in a bit of a huff, giving Charizard a stink eye. Though he didn't do anything while he was being treated by Chansey.

He knew better after all.

He'd learned not to try her patience very early after what he saw happened to me when I angered her.

Such was the fate of one who angered the White Mage.

Once I'd prepared their food, I filled their bowls and laid them out in front of them all and together, we began to chow down.

"Alright guys," I spoke up as we ate, gathering their attention, "As you can see, Charmeleon has evolved into Charizard." I stated the obvious.

All eyes were drawn to Charizard, who ducked his hide to the side in a bit of embarrassment. Badass he may be, but he's still that same shy little Charmander who craved my attention on the inside.

"Geot." Pidgeot nodded once in congratulations, and Fearow clapped his wings together, Milotic trilled happily and Dragonite scoffed. Victreebel and Bellossom had already seen him evolve as well.

…But that was about it. Blastoise didn't really care and Gyarados just didn't seem to grasp what was so good about it and just nodded before going back to eating.

Gyarados I'd noticed, was kind of a solitary kinda guy.

About as expected.

I opened my mouth to continue, when something vibrated in my pocket and a familiar ring tone began echoing loudly.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out my phone and grimaced as I saw the caller ID.

It was Hilda.

"….Right gimme a second guys, I need to get scolded." I sighed, to the amusement of many of my pokemon.

Pidgeot especially gave me a shit eating grin through his beak. It made me want to punch him and give him a repeat of the day we met.

Bastard try hard bird.

Putting him out of mind I answered the phone with a press of a button and the screen lit up to reveal the face of Hilda.

The face of Hilda with a very frizzy and messy bedhead and bloodshot eyes narrowed into a glare. She obviously hadn't showered before bed because I could see smearing in the light amount of make up she generally wore and she hadn't changed out of her usual gear, the white sleeveless top she always wore was heavily rumpled and I could see the straps of her bra hanging loosely at her shoulders.

"Jord….!" she hissed at me.

I resisted the urge to wince.

"You look pretty dear." I greeted her.

"I'm going to kill you." Hilda bit out in return.

"So pretty." I forced a wide, happy grin.

I am truly courting death.

"Do you have any idea how long I was trying to get into contact with you?" her bloodshot eyes narrowed further at my words.

"…Yeah, I mean I have the time stamps logged next to the missed calls." I pointed out.

"Always with the smart mouth, better watch it buddy, I'm not in the mood right now," she clicked her tongue, "Do you have any idea how worried I was when Rosa showed me a viral video of you literally fighting a Gyarados and then a Dragonite! Are you insane!?"

I kept my mouth firmly shut this time, resisting the urge to quip back. It was a near thing. I'd always had a problem with mouthing off.

Right now it won't really earn me any points though. And I do kind of deserve it.

"And you wouldn't answer your damn phone at all!" she continued, "That video cut off without ever showing if you were alright or not, for all I knew you could have been dead!"

A bit dramatic, but….she wasn't exactly wrong I suppose.

"And to make matters even worse, it was literally a few hours after we last spoke when I warned you not to do anything stupid," she groaned, cupping her face and shaking her head, "…I should have dragged you along after all." she moaned in defeat.

"Sorry…though I can come there if you want." I offered with a lame shrug. I was only heading to Kalos to see about getting my hands on Mega Evolution after all and while that was a thing thing for me right now, it can wait and Hilda might be dealing with Team Plasma.

…Plus, I knew where to find either the dark stone or the light stone, or at least one set of them. I could possibly get chosen by Zekrom or Reshiram and keep an eye out for Hilda at the same time in case she really is getting involved with them.

Hilda took a deep breath, before shaking her head "No…it's fine, ignore that, like I said before, you've got your own journey to deal with, I'm just venting at your stupidity," she replied before taking her hand away and looking me in the eye, "So, what have you got to say for yourself?" she raised an eyebrow, even as she cracked a yawn.

"It wasn't as bad as it looked," I shrugged, "Beyond Gyarados taking me by surprise, I wasn't in that much danger."

I left out how I actually injured myself more when I fought back. That would just make her more worried. Besides, it was kind of embarrassing.

"It sure looked like you were," she pointed out, "But…you're okay then?"

"Totally fine babe, no need to worry and all that," I gave her a grin, "Better than fine actually, I've just got my hands on even more rare and powerful pokemon."

"…Of course you did," Hilda rolled her eyes, but I just bore it with my grin widening, "Promise me you'll be more careful though, if that was what you got up to the same night I left you, I can't imagine the crazy shenanigans you'll pull next."

…Well, I definitely won't be telling her I plan on attacking a villain who has an army of forcibly evolved mega pokemon at his beck and call. And a floating castle thing that can fire off energy blasts that could wipe a small village off the map.

Who also if I remember right is a grand advisor to royalty. Of a foreign region of the one I now have citizenship with.

I can't promise that, so I kept my mouth shut.

"…You've got to be kidding me," Hilda gave me a deadpan look, catching on very quickly. She knows me pretty well by this point, huh? "At least tell me it's not as dangerous as fighting a Gyarados and then a Dragonite."

I looked to the side and whistled innocently.

"How do you even know of something this dangerous? What the hell did you get up to before becoming a trainer?" she shook her head in dismay, "I'm not even sure what to say about this."

"I'll be fine," I assured her, turning back to give her a grin, "Trust me, I don't plan on taking on anything I can't handle."

Surge was a wake up call for me in that regard and I won't be taking any chances. As it is, right now, I could probably just return to the gym circuit, sell off a bunch of what I've gained and gain all the money and revenue I want and take things as they come.

To be perfectly honest…I've accomplished what I wanted really. When I think about it objectively, I've got what I need for a ton of cash. I've literally gone viral, which would work as a brilliant stepping stone if I win the Indigo League and get to challenge the Elite Four and Champion.


I looked at the frizzy haired, bedraggled, yet no less beautiful older girl over with an appreciating gaze.

I've got the girl. Almost. More or less. Kind of. I've got my foot in the door and just need to seal the deal really.

That should be it. I should be able to get the 'THE END' card and ride off into the sunset with my happy ending.

Only, just because I get my titular ending, doesn't mean the world stops spinning.

The real tribulations approaching, haven't even come close to starting yet. The next few years, will be filled with world ending threats and terrorist organizations popping up all over the place.

Just because I've more or less achieved what I want, doesn't mean I have the power to keep it.


"Yeah, I'm not gonna take your word on that considering…" Hilda trailed off and gave me a weird look, "What's with that look?"

"Just thinking how pretty you are." I shrugged.

"…Considering my hair is a total mess, my eyes are killing me and I didn't wash my make up off last night, I'm calling bullshit," Hilda snorted, "How's Snivy, have you used her yet?"

"Not yet, I will soon though once I rotate my team," I replied, glad for the topic change, "What about you, how's Dragonite?"

"A total sweetheart, I honestly wasn't expecting him to listen to me so well," she smiled, "And so powerful too, we battled my pal Cheren to get a feel for each other, we were having a two on two and Dragonite completely creamed both of his pokemon, and they're not weak at all, Cheren made it to the top sixteen in the Unova League just last year!"

Huh…that was actually kind of impressive, "Well, he is a Dragonite, and a mature one at that." I pointed out.
His move pool was utterly insane, and I might have called my Dragonite a runt, but he wasn't weak at all. Far from my strongest right now for sure, but easily on the level of strong gym pokemon despite being a young runt. I'd give him even odds on taking down Surge's Electivire.

"I know, and I still can't believe you literally caught one for me, you really do lack common sense," Hilda shook her head again, but despite her words, "Oh, by the way, you aren't allowed to be alone with my cousin Rosa."

I blinked, that was odd, "How come?" I asked.

"You're just not," she affirmed, "You two will just be too much of a bad influence on each other."

"Is this because I flirted with her?" I cocked my head to the side.

"No," she denied, "It's because I don't want to deal with you two screwing now that she's got it in her head that you'll give her a rare and powerful pokemon like a Dragonite if she sleeps with you."

"Hey, if she's up for it, I won't say no," I grinned at her, I made a show of pulling on my tank top and looking down at my bare chest, "I don't see your name anywhere on me, I'm a free man right now. Though, I wouldn't just give something like a Dragonite to just anyone you know?" I pointed out.

Hilda narrowed her eyes, before smirking at me confidently, it was kind of hot even with her bedraggled state, "I'm going to break your back next time I see you."

I blinked, "…Isn't that my line?"

The call with Hilda didn't last all that much longer. Beyond her asking for an update on what I'd gotten up too fully since we parted ways, and being tight lipped about what it was she was actually getting involved with…she was quick to end the call when Rosa appeared and tried to talk to me when she saw I was on the phone.

I shook my head in amusement, "…Really Hilda?" I snorted. If she was going to gatekeep like that, she should have just made a claim for me.

Though I suppose it's really more of a thing better done in person.

"Pidgoosh!" I looked away from the phone in my hand when Pidgeot made an odd sound.

Pidgeot grinned at me through his beak and whipped his wing out, "Pidgooosh!" he outright drawled, mockingly.


Was…was he calling me whipped?

"How do you even know what that means dipshit?" I stuck the finger up at him.

Pidgeot barked out a sniggering mocking laugh and saluted me with one huge wing.

I am being sassed by a bird right now.

"You wanna go buddy?" I retorted, curling my fist and holding it out to the massive bird pokemon, "Don't think cuz' you've got a long flowing and girly hair style that I won't smack you around like I did when we first met."

Pidgeot's eye twitched and the huge bird pokemon stood up and gestured at me with one of his wings to bring it on, "Pidgeot!"

Before I could retort though, Milotic made her way between the pair of us and trilled softly, giving us pleading looks.

Pidgeot rolled his eyes, but sat back down, but not before somehow managing to flip me the bird with his wing.

"…You're lucky I don't want to make Milotic sad or I'd whip your ass mate." I said, very maturely.

I had a bad habit of needing to get the last word in.

Pidgeot rolled his eyes and scoffed, but there was no hiding the grin on his beak.

Bellossom giggled daintily.

And that was the trigger for the rest of my pokemon to erupt into peels of laughter and amusement.

Even Blastoise and Gyarados joined in.

All of them that is, except Dragonite.

While I'd been on the phone to Hilda, he'd taken his bowl of food and relocated away from the group, sitting at the farthest edge of the clearing we were in.

"What are you doing over there?" I called over to him, "You aren't still sulking are you?"

Hands placed on his knees, Dragonite looked over his shoulder at me and huffed.

I couldn't help but laugh though. The way he was sitting, made him look like a stereotypical delinquent.

"Come on, it wasn't that bad," I pointed out, "There's no shame in losing to that Aerodactyl, it was pretty damn strong, I'm sure you'll get it next time."

Dragonite's eye twitched, anger blossoming in his face, forehead scrunching up so intensely it looked like writhing worms of agitation had formed on his brow.

"…That's a pretty look." I snorted.

"Dro!" he swished his hand through the air at me in annoyance.

"Oh get over it you wimp," I rolled my eyes, trying to placate him wouldn't work, he was too prideful for that, "It was one loss, are you really going to sulk about it when you could better spend your time getting stronger so it doesn't happen again."

Huffing again, Dragonite turned and looked away, ignoring him again.

"Suit yourself," I shrugged and stood up, stretching out, "Alright, let's get down to business." since they were finished eating now, it was about time.

I got curious looks from my assembled pokemon, while I reached for my belt where the two new additions to my party rested, "I'm gonna send out Kabutops and Aerodactyl," I explained to them, "Be ready in case they attack and Chansey, I want you to heal them once they're amendable."

At my words, they rose to attention, getting ready just in case, while Chansey chirped happily and nodded. That taken care of, I grabbed a few things from my bag and then got to it.

I decided to deal with the easier one first, so grabbed Kabutops' pokeball from my belt and released it from the confines of the ball.

Kabutops appeared with a burst of bright light, the bipedal rock and water type stumbling briefly and shaking his head sluggishly.

Then froze as it caught sight of both me and my pokemon, backing up wearily, "Kabu…tops!" he hissed threateningly, raising his bladed arms up to ward anyone that approached off.

"Don't worry," I spoke up, drawing Kabutops' eyes to me, I wasn't even sure if he could understand my words, but I got his attention at least, "We're not going to hurt you, just the opposite actually." I held my hands up, letting him see them in full view and know that I wasn't planning on attacking him or anything.

The ancient pokemon eyed me warily, and I took the time to slowly lower one of my hands to my pocket and pull out one of the items I'd taken from my bag.

A juicy yellow berry.

A sitrus berry.

"Here, you must be hungry right?" I asked, holding it up slowly, letting Kabutops get a look at it.

I gave it a few seconds, before gently tossing it over, the berry landing at Kabutops' feet.

"Kabu…" Kabutops tilted his head to the side, looking confused, but probably involuntarily, I saw the slits at the tip of his head flare. Nostrils?

The pokemon's head was drawn down almost by instinct and Kabutops took a bite out of the berry and blinked, "…Kabu…Kabutops!" then his eyes widened and completely forgetting about me and my gathered pokemon around him, Kabutops began to happily chomp down on the sitrus berry.

I stared, a bit taken aback.

It looked like he'd never tasted anything so good before. I mean, he lived underground in a cave all his life apparently and I've no idea what he ate, but apparently it didn't come close to what sitrus berries tasted like.

Kabutops the berry quickly and looked simultaneously happy and disappointed.

Ah…I knew that feeling. The feeling of chowing down on an amazing meal, only to finish the entire thing before you had gotten your fill.

That was the freaking worst.

Luckily for Kabutops, I'd stocked up on a lot of berries, sitrus included. Reaching into my pocket, I then pulled it out to show multiple of the yellow berries in my grasp.

Kabutops eye slit up and he rushed over to me, practically dashing, butting his head into my hand as he began devouring the berries. A tingle ran up my arm as I felt a slimy, yet rough textured tongue lick my palm as he ate.

Taking the chance, I gently placed my hand on his head and stroked him, noting how rigid and hard his exoskeleton felt, "Good right?" I asked softly, even as I took studied him.

Kabutops honestly was kind of a marvel. Just from a light feel, I can tell how durable his chitinous armoured body was, yet it didn't seem to slow him down. Kabutops was practically build to move rapidly and take a hit and keep on going.

I wonder how his endurance measures up?

"Ka-kabutops!" Kabutops nodded his head into my palm as he ate, happily agreeing with my words.

I frowned, 'How does he understand my words?' I couldn't help but wonder. By my reckoning, Kabutops had never been exposed to humans people, so how could he understand my spoken language?

Honestly now that I thought about it, how did most wild pokemon, born in the wild and never having even interacted with a human before, understand the language?

Did pokemon have some inborn ability to understand others no matter their language?

If so, how? That didn't seen scientifically possible, it seemed more mystically inclined.

'Not that pokemon in general seem all that scientifically possible.' I snorted inwardly.

I suppose there's no real use in worrying over it. I can just be satisfied with it making my life easier.

'Water Gun, Slash, Absorb, Night Slash and Rock Blast, not bad.' I mused, looking over the pokedex not long later.

Kabutops was sitting at my side, happily eating from a bowl of sitrus berries and a lot more relaxed now. Though, he hadn't attempted at all to greet any of my other pokemon even when they introduced themselves and head instead shied away to my side.

I noted Kabutops knew the exact same moves as the other one I'd caught and which was currently at the Viridian City Pokemon Centre, and according to my pokedex, was a bit larger than the average height noted for the species that were listed in the pokedex.

But that could be from a multitude of factors, like being older or just adapting to the cavern where he lived and becoming a bit bigger. Honestly speaking, I couldn't even gather much on fossil restoration pokemon, it had apparently only been around for a few years now and the specimen pool of revived pokemon was dreadfully low and didn't quite match up with what I knew.

…For instance, Champion Lance did not have an Aerodactyl. There was a list on the official league website of trainers that owned fossil pokemon. Lance was not on it.

The list was dreadfully short and there were only two names on it that I recognised, Roark and Byron from Sinnoh. Roark was listed as owning a Crandios, while Byron was listed as owning a Bastiodon, Armaldo and Cradily.

Going by the list, there were apparently less than one hundred revived fossil pokemon in the entire world.

That was kind of crazy.

Hell, crazier was, I didn't see a single Aerodactyl on the list. 'Am I the only person in the world that owns an Aerodactyl?' I wondered.

Surely not, right?

If I did, that made Aerodactyl's value sky rocket immensely. But beyond that, I wasn't sure if it was possible to breed him and get more naturally born Aerodactyl.

In the games, when you bred two pokemon of different species, the one born would be from the mothers species. The only way to get pokemon of the males species without a female, was to breed them with a ditto.

This required more research.

And by that I mean typing 'pokemon breeding' into an internet search engine and seeing what popped up.

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, it didn't take too long to get an answer to my question.

Though it did involve sifting through a few threads about weirdos talking about pursuing romantic relationships with pokemon.

I even saw one person waxing poetic about a Meganium.


Anyway, apparently it was possible to breed pairs of pokemon from different species if they were compatible and it was generally consented that the baby could be born either species and was a toss up.

At least according to one Professor Elm.

'Though I don't see any mention of Ditto's being used to breed.' I noticed as well.

…The closet had been one guy talking about how Ditto was his ideal life partner.

Again I repeat, freaks.

These weirdos should never be allowed near pokemon.

Seriously, disgusting.

Repressing what I read on that front, my mind wandered to Aerodactyl. Specifically, the pokemon I remembered they were capable of breeding with in the games.

'I remember Pidgeot and Staraptor…and Honchkrow as well.' I mused. I'd never really bred many Aerodactyl in them.

Actually, now that I thought on it, Aerodactyl were compatible with Altaria and Noivern as well. I'd did a Lance playthrough once and wanted an Aerodactyl that could use a dragon attack from the get go and bred with an Altaria to get Dragon Breath.

And if Aerodactyl can breed with Pidgeot and Staraptor, they're probably capable of breeding with all the regional bird variants Like Noctowl, Swellow, Unfezant, Braviary and the like.

Man, it's too bad Aerodactyl is a male. If he was a female, I'd breed it with Pidgeot right away. With how strong my Pidgeot is, I'd get a bunch of power house baby Aerodactyl.

I looked down at my phone and pulled up the pokedex, looking over the entry for my Aerodactyl.

As expected…he was massive.

The first thing I noticed on his profile was that he was literally fourteen feet in height, bigger even than Charizard.

Interestingly, his ability was Rock Head and knew quite a lot of attacks. Bite, Wing Attack, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact and Ancient Power.

Though, I'd saw him use all those attacks except Ancient Power earlier.

Speaking of though.

It was about time to deal with him.

Standing up, I stowed my phone away and whistled, gathering everyone's attention, "Right, time to deal with Aerodactyl." I announced to them.

Most of them didn't react overly much, it was just business as usual for the most part after all.

Dragonite though, tensed and looked over his shoulder at me at the mention of my newest capture.

I grinned at him and he turned around, standing up and made his way back over without saying a word.

Though of course he left his empty bowl of food over where he was sulking. The big baby.

A nudge at my side had me looking down to see Kabutops giving me a worried look. Ah right, he was scared of Aerodactyl.

"Don't worry, Aerodactyl won't be able to do anything with everyone here," I gestured to them all, and then pointed out Charizard, "Charizard here beat him down before before he evolved, he can do it again even easier now."

Especially since Aerodactyl still hasn't been healed yet. He'd be easy pickings for my pokemon even if he did get violent.

Charizard grinned at my words and flashed a thumbs up towards Kabutops, while Dragonite huffed and looked away.

I'd have included him in the praise, but he would have just been insulted by it. As far as Dragonite was concerned, he lost to Aerodactyl and Charizard won as a Charmeleon, outside factors like Dragonite wearing Aerodactyl down a bit, were not even considered by him.

I honestly can't tell if that is a healthy way of looking at things or not. On one hand, he isn't making any excuses for losing or being shown up, but on the other, he was being way too hard on himself.

Well, we've not been together all that long to be honest. Once he saw some real tangible results in his growth, especially in a few months or so, I'm sure he'll calm down a bit.

I reached for my belt and grabbed Aerodactyl's pokeball, before getting right down to it and letting him out by pressing the button on the middle.

The pokeball clicked open and a burst of bright light erupted, forming into the towering form of Aerodactyl.

Who was hunched over due to his wounds…for all of a moment. As soon as he noticed his surroundings, Aerodactyl rose up to his full height, spreading out his massive wings and roaring, "AEROOO!"

"DROO!" Dragonite snarled back and stamped forward to face the rock and flying type face to face.

Except Aerodactyl towered over Dragonite, almost double his size.

Aerodactyl blinked at Dragonite's challenge, before outright laughing at him and sticking out his tongue mockingly.

Electricity sparked into existence around Dragonite's clenched fist and Aerodactyl grinned down at him, lowering his head and tilting his cheek as if daring Dragonite to strike him.

Despite his wounds, Aerodactyl saw no threat in Dragonite at all. In fact, he didn't seem bothered at all even after being beaten down and captured.

"Stop." I commanded.

Dragonite froze, looking towards me with a growl. I raised an eyebrow in return though and the dragon grimaced, backing down., if reluctantly.

Aerodactyl scoffed at him backing down and turned to me. Only to blink as he caught sight of Kabutops at my side. His eyes lit up and he leered maliciously at Kabutops who flinched back.

Aerodactyl laughed.

Ah…that explained.

Aerodactyl was a bully.

Well, that is fine with me. I know how to deal with bullies.

"Don't worry about this chucklehead." I pat Kabutops on the head comfortingly and walked over towards Aerodactyl.

Who just laughed harder as he lowered his huge head to look me in the eye, laughing all the way, a great rumbling chortle that echoed in his chest, his eyes filled with a mocking disdain.

I nodded.

Then I slapped him across the side of the face, "Sit down, now." I ordered.

Aerodactyl's laughter came to a sputtering shocked halt and he goggled at me.

So I slapped him again, "Sit down, so I can get you treated." I repeated myself.

Aerodactyl was stunned for all of a few moments, before his once mocking gaze, filled with anger.

"Aer-" he began to snarl, only to stop and goggle once more as I wrapped my arms around his head and then spun, "DACTYL!?" a shocked screech left his humongous maw as I used my momentum to whip him up and over my shoulder by his mouth and slam him into the ground on his back.

Despite his size, he wasn't as heavy as Golem.

It wouldn't hurt him at all, just like Dragonite and Gyarados, all this would do, was stun him for a moment.

That was all, but it was enough for me to make a point.

I slammed my foot down on his chest and leaned on my knee looking down to stare into Aerodactyl's shocked eyes, "When I tell you to do something, you do it, understand?"

The best way to deal with a bully in my personal opinion, is bully them right back and make them see how it feels.

If they are at all capable of empathy, they would learn the errors of their ways. If not, it was good to keep them humble and under control regardless.

Pidgeot - Male - Keen Eye
Gust, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Peck, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Rain Dance, Roost, Double Team, Agility

Fearow - Male - Sniper
Peck, Astonish, Razor Wind, Double Team, Steel Wing, Rain Dance, Throat Chop, Roost, Toxic, Protect, Hyper Beam

Poliwrath - Male - Swift Swim
Water Gun, Hypnosis, Mega Punch, Rain Dance, Psychic

Raticate - Male - Guts
Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Bite, Hyper Fang, Mimic, Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Water Gun, Jump Kick

Chansey - Female - Healer
Heal Pulse, Aromatherapy, Gravity, Sing, Pound

Beedrill - Male - Sniper
Poison Sting, String Shot, Harden, Twineedle, Agility, Toxic Spikes, Mega Drain

Victreebel - Male - Chlorophyll
Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Sleep Powder, Slam, Stun spore, Poison Powder, Solarbeam

Bellossom - Female - Chlorophyll
Poison Powder, Stun Spore, Sunny Day, Sweet Scent, Razor Leaf, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Solarbeam

Butterfree - Male - Tinted Lens
Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Stun Spore, Headbutt, Electroweb, Sharpen, Rollout, Confusion, Gust, Supersonic, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Teleport

Milotic - Female - Marvel Scale
Splash, Tackle, Dragon Breath, Hypnosis, Water Pulse, Disarming Voice, Life Dew, Recover, Aqua Ring, Iron Tail, Surf, Ice Beam

Shiftry - Male - Chlorophyll
Hurricane, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse, Mega Kick, Razor Leaf, Leaf blade, Bide, Nature Power, Sunny Day, Solarbeam

Golbat - Male - Infiltrator
Mega Drain, Wing Attack, Supersonic, Leech Life, Hypnosis, Venoshock, Poison Fang, Haze, Steel Wing, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave

Clefable - Female - Magic Guard
Pound, Sing, Gravity, Life Dew, Psychic, Metronome, Thunderbolt

Golem - Male - Sturdy
Tackle, Rollout, Sand-Attack, Defense Curl, Mud Sport, Stealth Rock, Explosion, Rock Throw, Flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Polish

Charizard - Male - Blaze
Scratch, Growl, Ember, Flamethrower, Metal Claw, Mega Punch, Seismic Toss, Counter, Fire Spin, Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Blast Burn, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Dig, Wing Aytack

Persian - Male - Technician
Scratch, Growl, Slash, Fury Swipes, Bite, Fake Out, Power Gem, Taunt, Play Rough,

Meowth(x7) - Male - Pick Up
Scratch, Growl, Slash, Fury Swipes, Bite

Meowzie(Meowth) - Female - Pick Up
Scratch, Growl, Slash, Fury Swipes, Bite

Krabby - Male - Sheer Force
Water Gun, Iron Defence, Vicegrip, Stomp, Guillotine, Metal Claw, Mud Shot

Raboot - Male - Libero
Ember, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Headbutt

Snivy - Female - Overgrow
Vine Whip, Attract, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade

Dragonite - Male - Multiscale
Wrap, Thunder Wave, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Dragon Rush, Thunderpunch

Gyarados - Male - Moxie
Splash, Tackle, Bite, Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam

Blastoise - Male - Torrent
Bubble, Tackle, Bite, Withdraw, Rapid Spin, Water Gun, Skull Bash, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump

Squirtle(x25) - Male(14)/Female(11) - Torrent
Bubble, Tackle, Rapid Spin, Withdraw, Water Gun

Wartortle(x18) - Male(8)/Female(10) - Torrent
Bubble, Tackle, Rapid Spin, Withdraw, Water Gun, Bite, Skull Bash

Exeggutor(34) - ? - ?
Hypnosis, ?

Omanyte(x2) - Male(1)/Female(1) - Swift Swim
Water Gun, ?

Omastar(x2) - Male(1)/Female(1) - Swift Swim
Water Gun, ?

Kabuto(x2) - Male(1)/Female(1) - Battle Armour
Water Gun, ?

Kabutops(x2) - Male(1)/Female(1) - Battle Armour
Water Gun, Slash, Absorb, Night Slash, Rock Blast

Aerodactyl - Male - Rock Head
Bite, Wing Attack, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Giga impact, Ancient Power

Togepi Egg - ? - ?

Jord Trainer Card

Name: Jord Odhar
Age: 13?
Town: Viridian City
₱: 2,783,687
Pokemon Owned: 117
Badges: 2
Ribbons: 0
Carry Limit: 12
Pokemon On Hand: Pidgeot, Fearow, Chansey, Victreebel, Bellossom, Milotic, Charmeleon, Dragonite, Gyarados, Blastoise, Kabutops, Aerodactyl
Pokemon at Viridian: Poliwrath, Raticate, Beedrill, Meowth (x7), Meowzie, Persian, Krabby, Raboot, Snivy, Golbat, Golem, Shiftry, Butterfree, Clefable, Squirtle(x25), Wartortle(x18), Exeggutor(34), Omanyte(2), Omastar(2), Kabuto(2), Kabutops(2), Togepi Egg

Here we are, back again with chapter 34.

Not too much went down in this chapter. He's had a little introspective thought that will make a little nick for later, finally talked to Hilda again and got around to meeting one of the Kabutops and of course Aerodactyl outside of battling. Kabutops, is just a shy guy who alongside his buddies got bullied by Aerodactyl. And Aerodactyl is the big bully who is about to find out, there are bigger bullies out there. Poor guy.

In other news, the pokemon anime has officially ended, well with Ash Ketchum at least. Super sad to see him go, and it may as well be the ending of the anime, because the new series is going to flop by my estimates. At which point they'll either drag my boy out of retirement to try and have him carry them on his shoulders once again or let the anime die with a sobbing whimper.

Though I did put out a small little drabble earlier in tribute to Ash, so check that out if you want.

Anyway, shameless Pa-atreon plug. I've got one, go by the same username on there, easy to find and all that jazz. Support me if you want, it'd be swell, but don't feel pressured lads and ladies, I'll be uploading my stuff outside it regardless and not keeping it all behind a paywall or anything like that.