You have entered the game!

You have experienced selective amnesia. All memories of friends and family have been removed. Memories of life altered, necessary memories kept back.

Motor skills has also been retained.

Please create your character profile!

I couldn't understand what I was seeing. A game? What game? I didn't...who am I?

Please select name:

I looked at the text box before me and squinted my head, I felt it buzz around, it's like something was wrong, but I didn't know what.

I looked at the other boxes before, 'my memories are...gone?' I blinked, that that even possible?

I tried to remember my name, my age, anything. But I always came up blank. I...I don't know who I am.

The boxes, they were the only thing I knew now. A name? How can I give a name when I don't know what it is?

I looked around, I was surrounded by darkness, nothing but darkness. Even the ground I walked on was black, black marble.

"My name is….Darkness," I replied slowly, hoping by following through with the boxes questions I could eventually find some help.

Name: Yami (Darkness in world's native language)

Please select gaming world:


Everything else was blacked out, there wasn't any other options. I blinked, I recalled that name, it's an anime about ninjas, one I liked very much. With no other choice I selected it and suddenly a new box came up, with a whole bunch of new info;

Default settings are being implemented for game run.

Name: Yami

Age: 8

Gender: Male

Clan: Orphan (None)

Select village:






I blinked, I didn't understand what was happening, but I decided to play along. I chose the one village I knew properly, Fire.

You have selected Fire, here is your status page. The game will begin when you finish reading:

Yami, (No Title)

Level- 1 (0/200)

HP- 50/50

SP- 25/25

CP- 25/25


Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

STR- 2

VIT- 2

DEX- 2

INT- 5

CHA- 4

CC- 3

LUC- 1

Points- 0

Money- 0R

An Orphan living in Konoha, born the day after the Kyuubi attacked, Yami has been known to be a quiet child, people barely even realise he exists. He has no real past, but his future is blank, his potential is in his hands alone.

Select difficulty mode:

Story mode



I selected story mode and the moment I did the world moved away. I felt my eyes being closed and my head hitting something soft.

I blinked immediately and got up, I felt gravity working on my body as I picked myself up from a bed. I looked down, it was old and dusty. The room I was in was poor, dirty walls, no other furniture other than the bed, in one corner a small wall shelf with clothes stacked on it along with other household items.

I blinked as memories came into my mind, this was my room, I lived in it, I remember living in it. the same time, I have never stepped foot in this room in my life...I think.

Just then the door handle turned and an old looking woman walked in. She had a brown kimono on and gave me a soft smile, "hello Yami, have you slept well?"

I blinked, I looked over her head, to my shock words floated above her;

Ksume Horono, Matron of Konoha Orphanage

Lv- 14

REP- 19

I gawked at the image before me. Ksume quickly began to look worried, "Yami? Are you alright? You're not sick again are you?"

I blinked, "I-i, no, I'm fine, it's just..." I didn't know what to say. This wasn't normal yes? The words floating above her head? I knew that for a fact, even if I didn't remember who I really am, this I know.

"Well, you better get up and ready," she smiled, "come, you best get ready quickly, breakfast will be served soon," without another word she walked out leaving me alone.

I knew what she wanted me to do, I had to go and take a bath. I began moving to do just that, grabbed a towel off the top wall shelf, which was very high up thanks to my short stature.

I walked outside and immediately realised was surrounded by children, and what's more, I myself was a child.

This didn't make any fucking sense!

Oh my God how am I so calm about all this?! Someone please tell me what the fuck is going on!

Slowly I began to find myself calming down, honestly it was almost instantaneous. I looked around, 'okay, facts first. I'm in some sort of game like world, maybe virtual reality? Yes, that's the only thing that makes any sense. So I'm in here and this world is based on the anime Naruto, what else? Oh right, apparently I can interact with this world, meaning this game needs to be played.'

I looked around, there were kids running in the hallway with towels thrown over their shoulders. One of them, a kid named Nanou according to the name over his head, smiled at me, "come on Yami! We need to get ready! Today's the day we begin ninja training!"


Quest Alert!

Join the academy on time!

As an orphan you don't really have much of a life, so when an opportunity comes to become something amazing, you damn well better take it!

Reach the academy before 9 AM!


Ninja training

+20 EXP


Train again next year

Possible eviction from orphanage

Do you accept?


I blinked, 'okay, it's a game, stands to reason I get quests like this from time to time.' So I pressed the 'yes' option causing the screen to vanish immediately. I blinked, okay, that was new.

"Come on!" Nanou cried out running towards what I remember to be the showers.

I walked out and looked around finding a wall cock in the side. The time read 7:30, I had time. I quickly followed the boy and found myself in a crowded showering area. I blushed when I realised I would have to be naked in front of everyone else when showering.

But seeing no choice I quickly stripped out of my clothes, throwing them into a laundry hamper in one corner of the room, and walked for a quick shower.

I passed my a mirror and stopped looking at myself. Yami was right, I looked super goth right then. My hair and eyes were black, like an Uchiha's. My hair was short and spiky coming down to my shoulders similar to Madara's hair, but not as long or thick. While I didn't look anorexic, I was skinny, something I really didn't like, ribs aren't meant to be seen.

Was this my real face? Or was this just the face of the body I'm using? I honestly couldn't tell, but the fact is I recognize this, I know this face to be mine so honestly I had no reason not thinking it was my face.

Pulling myself from the mirror I took a quick shower. After I was done I went back to my small room and put on the only other fresh pair of clothes I had. It was pair of old sand coloured cargo shorts a red shirt and a pair of blue sandals. Honestly I was surprised such small clothes even fitted me.

I walked out and followed everyone else into a large mess. There the kids around my age were gathered at a table talking in excited tones. A few of the loud ones exclaimed how excited they all were for today.

I took some food for myself and sat down with them, better to be a part of a group then stick out. As I ate the small bowl of rice and skinny fish I listened to them talk.

"So is it like difficult?"

"It is! I heard only like half the kids even pass!"

"I heard only three students get to come out as a team!"

"No you idiot! That's three students per team! At least twenty people graduate every year!"

I listened as I silently ate my food, using chopsticks was difficult at first, but I managed but adapting an unusual eating habit of being very rough with the food.

But as I continued to listen intently there was another one of those gaming boxes;


Repeated action has caused a new skill to be formed!

Easdropping, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your ability to listen in someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. This is a very important skill for a ninja to possess for information gathering.

Range: 10 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

I blinked, 'well this is new,' I told myself reading the box. If I understand this correctly this means I have a very interesting power indeed. Just like a game.

But wait, it said skill, does that mean I have other skills? Growing curious I whispered in a quiet voice, "skill list." Suddenly a box appeared before me, making my eyes widen in surprise.

"Did you say something Yami?" a girl sitting besides me, Karua, asked.

I blinked, "n-no, nothing," I said looking down at my meal, hoping she would ignore me.

"What a weirdo," somebody whispered, which I promptly ignored. I freaking hate kids.

Instead I focused on the box before me. It was a menu list showing me all the skills I had. Apparently I already had two;

Gamer's Mind Lv-MAX

Allows user to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind, immune to psychological status and effects.

Gamer's Body Lv-MAX

Grants the user a body that allows the user to live the real world according to the status he possess.

Okay, that's actually understable. I understand Gamer's body, meaning my body will work according to the HP and SP bar I have. Meaning the lower my HP the lower my actual health will be. And the same for my stamina.

And Gamer's mind is probably why I'm not freaking the fuck out right now. Amazing, truly amazing. So I can't get freaked out huh? Could be useful.

I blinked, I need to check something, "Menu?" And just like that a new box opened up showing off my menu card.

Okay let's see here;

Yami, (No Title)

Level- 1 (0/200)

This had my name and level. Hm, that bracket must be how much experience I have left to level up. And title, I suppose that makes sense, I'm supposed to be an orphan, a nobody, hence no title.

HP- 50/50

SP- 25/25

CP- 25/25


Allegiance- Konoha Civilian

Okay this isn't too bad. I'm supposed to be eight years old. An eight year old can't be freaking immortal. HP means health points, SP means stamina points. Could CP mean chakra points? Most likely yes. And CONTROL, obviously that meant chakra control, but how did it apply into the game mechanics?

I know chakra control in important for anyone, it determines how much chakra isn't being, maybe CP is how chakara I have totally and CONTROL is how much I can use without everything being wasted. Hm, makes sense;


Your INT has gone up by 1 for thinking logically!

I blinked as I looked to my status, and sure enough;

STR- 2

VIT- 2

DEX- 2

INT- 6

CHA- 4

CC- 3

LUC- 1

My INT has gone up by one. Usually in games like this logical thinking would result in WIS going up, I'm guessing since this game doesn't have WIS, INT fills in that roll instead.

The rest of my stats were...okay, for a child. My physical side never was very strong. But my brain and chakra were decent, assuming CHA meant chakra and not charisma. Which I think it did.

Points- 0

Money- 0R

And finally I had no points to allot and no money. No wonder my LUCK was only 1. Great. I looked around, the kids were nearly done, a few staring at me giving me weird looks. Why..oh, right, food.

I quickly scarfed down my breakfast and put the tray away for washing. I followed the crowd out of the orphanage as we walked down the streets of Konoha. Ksume was at the head of our little group, guide us through the streets while people smiled and waved at us.

I looked at them all, there were so many ethnicities here, blonde caucasians, a lot of them with japanese features. A few korea and even, I think, a few chinese people. But there were also white people her and people with weird hair colours like blue and green. Natural or not I have no clue.

As we walked through I noticed most of the people in the streets had a level from 5 to 20. I very rarely saw anyone passing that level, and when I did it was sometimes a kid no older than 13!

I would have been shocked, but most of those kids had a title over their heads that read, 'Genin of Konoha', which meant they were ninja. Which actually made sense.

So that mean that civilians were just below level 20 while ninjas were generally above. Hm, makes sense I suppose.

The kids were all excited, but kept their gossiping to whispers around Ksume, which did make sense. I was left out of all the socialising, guess I was supposed to be an outcast of sorts huh?

Soon however we approached the gates of an academy and I was a little taken back about how accurate all of this was too the manga. I never saw the anime, only read the manga, saw some things might be out of my reach, but so far it seemed I wouldn't be totally lost.


Quest completed!

Join the academy on time!

As an orphan you don't really have much of a life, so when an opportunity comes to become something amazing, you damn well better take it!

Reach the academy before 9 AM!


Ninja training

+20 EXP

I blinked, I opened up my menu and sure enough I had gained 20 experience points, only a hundred and eighty to go.

"Alright children, wait here," Ksume called out causing us to all stop in the academy's front yard. The kids immediately began to look around, peeking into classroom windows, finding a few of the older years sitting inside lectures.

I myself was curious enough to find an open window near the side from which I could hear the lecture coming from within,

"-And who can tell me what Madara's most famous jutsu?" asked the lecturer. The man had grey hair, chewed on a toothpick and had his leaf headband tied as a bandana around his head. I looked at his name and title;

Mizuki, Chunin of Konoha

Lv- 41

REP- 0 (Isn't aware of your existence)

My eyes went wide, this guy was Mizuki?! Holy shit! His level is through the roof! And he's one of the first people Naruto fights?! Fuck me man just how strong are people?!

"Anyone?" Mizuki asked again with a deep sigh, "come on kids, you have to know this. This'll be in your history finals!"

I looked around, no one was answering the man. I blinked, hmm, might as well. I cleared my throat and spoke up, "Madara's favorite jutsu was the Great Fireball jutsu. He even made it a right of passage for the Uchiha clan, if a member can't perform it along with awakening their sharingan then they weren't considered Uchiha."

Mizuki's eyes immediately landed on me as slowly the rest of the lecture hall realised I was the one who spoke up.

The chunin looked amused as he smiled at me, "not bad kid. You one of the orphans starting out today?"

I nodded, "yes. Hello, nice to meet you."

The class exploded into laughter as Mizuki himself chuckled a bit. "Alright kid, I got to say you're pretty smart," the man smiled, and from what I could tell it was a real smile, "tell me, do you think you can answer a few more questions?"


Quest Alert!

Answer the questions smarty pants!


+1 stat point per correct answer




Do you accept?


No risk for failure? Also a mystery reward Hell yeah! I immediately pressed yes and turned to Mizuki and smiled, "bring it."

"Oh, confident one aren't you?" Mizuki spat out his toothpick, "alright kid tell me, which clan does the first Hokage belong to?"

"Senju clan," I answer immediately.


+ 1 stat point!

Mizuki blinked, "r-right. Next question, who was considered a SS rank threat that-"

"-Minato Namikaze, the fourth Hokage also known as the Yellow Flash," I interrupted him before he had a chance to finish.


+ 1 stat point!

Mizuki raised an eyebrow, "alright...when was the first and second Ninja war fought?"

This made me pause. I didn't have an exact date, the manga and anime never established a proper timeline...but why? Maybe they don't use time lines here? Maybe it was based on historical events, all types of civilizations based any time line around that so…

"It happened around 70 years ago," I flinched, "I'm sorry I can't be more specific."

Mizuki snorted, "no problem, that's much more than I'll get out of these morons," he said glaring at the kid who now looked embarrassed to be shown up by an orphan like me. I hope this doesn't make them….oh shit.

I just saw the REP score, or the reputation score, floating over their heads slowly turn from 0, which I assume is neutral, to -5. I'm guessing they all hate me now.


+ 1 stat point!

"Anyway kid, one last question," this time he smiled evilly, "what's worse? A ninja who craves power or a weak ninja?"

Ah, philosophy, nice. I'm guessing based on my answer he'll try and recruit me into his cause of being a traitor. Wonderful.

I smiled, "that depends on the ninja."

"What do you mean?" the chunin asked.

"Well, if a ninja wants power to protect his friends, these is no reason he shouldn't be alone to be the best he can be. But if a ninja is weak and is scared, then chances are his cowardness will get other people killed. It doesn't matter who has power and who doesn't, all that matters is how they use it."


+ 1 stat point!

And just like that Mizuki's REP score went from 0 to 5. Even a few of the kids started to hate me a little less. Though still had a negative score when it came to their REP.

"Not bad kid," Mizuki smirked, "you're like a little genius aren't you? Hm, just like the third hokage….a little professor."


Quest completed!

Answer the questions smarty pants!


+1 stat point per correct answer

A new title!

Title gained!

Little Professor- +5% bonus marks to every written and oral test. + 2 INT boost

I blinked, "t-thanks."

"Yami!" I heard Ksume call out. I turned to see her glaring at me, "get back here this instance!"

I gulped, "sorry!" I went running away, putting the class out f my mind. I ran to her and gulped, a ninja had arrived and was taking the rest of the orphans inside the academy. Ksume said nothing as she pointed at the group, glaring at me as I ran to them.

I sighed as I slipped into the ground and listened to the ninja who was leading the group, "this is the academy, you all will study here for four years and at the end, depending on how well you do, you can become ninjas for the village!"

The man had tanned skin with a hair tied up in a short ponytail. He had a scar across his nose and a cheerful smile on his face;

Iruka Umino, Teacher

Lv- 45

REP- 5

Woah, I don't even know the guy and he already likes me? Cool.

"Ah, sensei," a small girl in the group raised a shaky hand. Iruka nodded to her allowing her to continue, "w-what happens if we don't become ninjas?"

The man smiled, "don't worry, if you don't become ninjas there plenty of other things you can do! Konoha takes care of it's own! That's our way!" The kids all smile, infatuated with the hope the man oozed out.

I could understand why, a bunch of hopeless kids like this being told they will be taken care off? It's like giving a thirsty man a water can.

We followed Iruka into a class which was already filled with a few other students. I immediately recognized a few of them, Shino, Kiba, Hinata and a grumpy looking Sasuke. The clan kids were already here.

"This is your classroom for the year," Iruke turned back to us and smile, "go on, take a seat," he motioned around.

Immediately everyone seeped into the rows of seats, a few of the braver kids talking to the clan kids and the other civilian kids.

I found one seat in the back near the window free so I took it. I was only a few seats above Sasuke and few seats away from Shikamaru, who was asleep, lazy Nara.

"Alright kids get settled in, we'll begin momentarily," Iruka said with a smile as he walked out leaving us alone.

I took this chance to look at the other kids. They all young. Nothing like the monster I knew they would grow up to be. Especially Sasuke over there, he kept glaring at his own reflection, looking kind of...kiddish.

Each of the clan kids were at least level 10, Sasuke being 14. Guess he really was a prodigy. But that didn't change facts, they were all incredibly strong. Which begged the question...just what the hell am I doing here?!

This path lead to a life of killing and murdering. Yes, throwing fireballs and all will be an adventure but...god damnit I wish I knew what was going on?! Why am I here?! Who am I?!

Was this just a game?! It felt too real to be a game! Was this the fucking Matrix?! I would think so! So what….what am I?!

All I know is this, I need answers, and something told me if I followed the main story line I might get the answers. For example, the sage of six-paths might have the answer I need, he is a being that exists beyond time and space after all.

So until then I need to stay alive, and in this world that means getting stronger. Damn it, I'm shit scared but also so excited!

I opened up my menu and looked at it. I had four points to spend, but what should I spend it on?

STR- 2

VIT- 2

DEX- 2

INT- 6

CHA- 4

CC- 3

LUC- 1

I knew two things, one, my intelligence was my best angle, so I need to be smart about this, go with what I'm good at. And two, chakra was everything, but so was control, I need a balance.

I'm guessing since I got an extra point in INT by thinking clearly I can improve the stats by doing other things, like weight lifting for strength, running for vitality and gymnastics for dexterity. Maybe if I read books that can also help with my intelligence.

So maybe...maybe I should hold off on spending my points. I don't know what my limits are just et, not need to rush into things.


For thinking things through you have gained +1 INT!

I smiled, this might actually be fun. I tapped my title box and found my title box still empty. Curious I tapped it opening a list of available titles. Eagerly I attached my 'Little Professor' title on, smiling, this would give me an edge over everyone else.

Just then Iruka walked in with a cardboard box filled with red bound notebooks and placed them before us.

He took one book out along with a pencil and eraser, "this is your notebook, those of you who don't have any writing instrument and the such please come down here and collect them." Ah I was wondering how they expected us to learn without any books.

I grabbed a copy for myself, it was a black book with nothing written inside, I guess this was going to be like college then, taking down lecture notes and then learning them for a later dates.

Iruka took out an older looking book and placed it on the podium, turning to face the class, "alright, let's begin."

"Wait!" came a cry as suddenly the doors were thrown open as a boy dressed in orange pants and a white shirt came crashing in. He rolled into the podium knocking it aside before jumping to his feet, "I made it in time!"


Iruka's fist came crashing down on his head, "no you didn't!"

I couldn't help a chuckle escaping my mouth as I looked at him. Blonde hair, blue eyes and a goofy smile. I didn't need to look at his name or title to know who he was;

Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki

Lv- 5

REP- 0

During lunch:

For the first day Iruka gave us a little speech on what ninja were. It highlights the difficult parts of a ninja's life, something an innocent kid might not know. He then gave a lecture about the village itself and why it was so important. Obviously Naruto was asleep the whole time.

We were served lunch in a cafeteria down the hall. All the kids from my year sat together in four benches chatting with each other. I found most of the attention was on the three benches, with the fourth taken up my Sasuke who sat in one corner choosing to be alone and Naruto sitting on the other side, who had no choice but to sit alone.

I walked towards the table with my lunch tray in hand and looked curiously, I had a chance...meh, what the hell. I put the tray down next to Naruto's startling the boy. I smiled as I sat down, "hey."

Naruto blinked, "h-hey," he blinked.

I began to eat my lunch with him looking at me curiously. I raised an eyebrow, "what?"

"N-nothing," Naruto shook his head, "it's's nothing," he said with a big smile, "I'm Naruto! Nice to meet you!"

"Yami," I extended his hand shaking it, "nice to meet you Naruto. How's it going?"

"Ha ha, can't complain," he smirked scratching his head. Just then his stomach gave a loud growl. I groaned and turned to his meal seeing his tray half of what I had.

I sighed, "they didn't give you enough food huh?"

Naruto blinked, "what? No it's just," he chuckled, "I pranked the lunch ladies a few days ago, so I guess they're still mad!"

I smiled, "right, well then," I took my bowl of rice and poured half into his bowl, "eat up sparky."

"Hey, you didn't have to do that!" Naruto said looking saddened at being pitied.

I shrugged, "consider it an investment, I heard about your pranks, just don't do it to me deal?"

Naruto's shame immediately turned to joy, "deal!" He grabbed his chopsticks and munched down into his meal, "this is awesome!"

I smiled, "I know right," it was true, the rice here was much better than the stuff I got in the orphanage for breakfast. I looked up at Naruto's REP score, it went from 0 to 10. Guess he likes me now.

"Hey Yami, you understand anything from Iruka's speech?" Naruto asked, "cause I didn't."

I nodded, "he just explained why being a ninja is a difficult job and how the village was an important structure in the ninja world. Nothing too groundbreaking. I don't think we get to the important stuff until later."

Naruto sighed, "yeah. Hey, you want to hang out after this?! We can go to the park and play!"

I blinked, "ah, sure, I guess. Do you know any good places?"

"Yeah! There's a park right across the academy!" Naruto replied with a foxy smile.

I nodded, "sounds great," I looked over at Sasuke who did his best to pretend like he wasn't listening in on our conversation, I called him over, "yo! You want to join us?"

Sasuke paused as he looked at me in surprise, amazed I would even ask him. "Pft, that bastard? Forget it Yami, that guy doesn't do anything fun," Naruto glared at Sasuke daring him to say otherwise.

The last Uchiha looked at me and Naruto and returned to him meal without saying a word. Naruto snorted, "see?"

I shrugged, "worth a try. Alright then, it's settled, anyway, eat your food Naruto, it's going to get cold."

Naruto blinked "oh, right!" He immediately began to dig in. I turned to Sasuke, who once again was caught red handed looking at me and Naruto. I raised an eyebrow and smiled at him, and he promptly ignored me, got up and left. Wonderful.

After lunch we returned back to class. This time Naruto sat down next to me in my seat a few rows back. He and I chatted for awhile, I told him that I was an orphan and live in the orphanage. He confided in me the same and that he had his own apartment.

I sighed, "damn, I wish I had my own place, it would be so much better than where I'm living right now."

Naruto chuckled nervously, "yeah, it's not all cracked up to be what it is. My place is honestly kind of a dump. It's in a bad place too."

I shrugged, "but it's yours," I hummed, I wonder, can I get Naruto to share his apartment with me? I could do it right? It would be so much better than the shit hole I live in right now.

And just as I had that thought a new box popped up;


Quest Alert!

Convince Naruto to let you move in with you!


Gain 40 REP score with Naruto to unlock this option!


A place of your own!

+100 EXP


Stuck in orphanage until you graduate

Do you accept?


I blinked, I didn't realise my personal options can be made into quests that affected the real world! This is awesome! I immediately pressed yes, so all I have to do is get him to like me until he said yes, sounds easy enough.

As soon as I pressed yes the door opened and Mizuki walked in, "alright kids settle down," he stood behind the podium and looked at us with an unamused eye, "listen up kids I'm Mizuki, I'm going to be your history teacher, I know it's a boring subject but-" his eyes landed on me and he smiled, "well well well Professor, didn't expect to see you so soon. Why are you sitting all the way in the back there?"

I blinked, "ah, I like it here. Let's me think."

Mizuki shrugged, his eyes landed on Naruto sitting next to me and I saw a quick hardening of his glare, guess he doesn't like the blonde even now. Immediately the man smiled, "well as long as you keep answering questions I don't care. Now, shall we begin? First up is the history of our great village, the village hidden in the leaves."

And it was one hell of a class. I don't think by the end there wasn't a single kid who didn't fall asleep. I did my hardest to stay awake, but even I nodded off a couple of times.

But in the end it was all worth it;

By listening to a lecture you have gained +1 INT!

I smiled, 'sweet! But wait...I listened to Iruka's speech as well, why didn't I get a stat point then as well? Unless...unless the higher my stat points the more difficult it would be for me to learn more. I guess I should hold off on spending my stat points, don't know when I'll need them.'

After Mizuki left Iruka came back and had us all walk out of the class in pairs. Obviously Naruto was my partner. We reached the Academy's backyard which was not the ordinary backyard one can find in a normal school.

There was a complex obstacle course in one corner, a small area cleared off with a white circle serving as a sparing area and the far wall had wooden targets painted on it, obviously for target practise.

"Alright kids, this is where we will train you physically," Iruka said pointing at a bunch of 12 year olds who were currently running a very complicated obstacle course where they had to jump through hoops while dull kunais and shurikens were thrown at them. I'm honestly surprised someone so young could move like that, it seemed abnormal, but then again they were training to be ninja after all.

"Woah! Are we going to do all that cool stuff too Iruka-Sensei?!" Naruto asked for the class.

"No, not yet," the man smiled, "for today, you kids are going to undergo physical training," he grinned, "ten laps around the field! Get moving!"

The kids looked surprised and a little startled. Clan kids like Sasuke just obeyed while a few lazy ones like Choji and Shikamaru walked instead of running. Iruka did manage to get us all running in the end, with me bringing up the rear thanks to me...less than stellar physical stats.

Naruto, seeing me struggling, held back as well, walking besides me as I struggled to finish one lap. "Come on Yami! You can do it!"

I grumbled, "I-I try," I groaned, "don't hold back-run faster."

Naruto blinked, "ah, you sure?"

I nodded, "don't hold back to make me feel better moron," I panted, "run."

Naruto grinned, "alright!" And he took off like a bullet pulling up third right behind Sasuke and some other civilian kid that looked like he was used to heavy labour.

I was the last to finish, panting and sweating like nobody's business. I was mildly aware of Naruto picking a fight with Sasuke about who really won, but I honestly was too exhausted to give a damn.


Due to constant exercise you have gained +2 VIT!

I groaned, at least I gained something. I hate physical exercise. Fuck me.

It took me ten minutes to recover. Iruka took us all back inside and let us rest for a while before giving us another lecture on why physical exercise was important before letting us go home.

"Alright Yami! Let's go play!" Naruto cheered.

I groaned forgetting the promise I made the blonde. I sighed, "right, let's go," I grumbled as he practically dragged me out of the academy. The other kids looked at us funny but let it go, the orphan kids openly glared at Naruto and I, but said nothing as I left.

We reached the park, to be honest it was huge for someone of my stature. Naruto guided me to the swing set as he quickly began to play smiling all the while.

"This had been the best day ever! Dattebayo!" Naruto grinned, ah his infamous verbal tick.

I sighed, "I hate physical training, I feel like I've been rung out and hung out to dry!"

Naruto laughed, "yeah! You looked like a zombie Yami!"

I grumbled, "thanks orange monkey. I don't understand how you can be so fucking hyper all the time! It's not fair!"

Naruto blinked, "what's fucking?"

My eyes went wide. "Shit! I mean fuck! I mean," I closed my mouth with both hands, "Naruto, please don't tell anyone I told you that!"

Naruto blinked, "but what does it mean?"

I grumbled, "it's a bad word Naruto. Please don't tell anyone, kids like us aren't supposed to know it."

"Then how come you know it?!" Naruto asked with sparkling eyes.

I sighed rubbing my temples, "because I'm smart like that. Listen, please don't tell anyone, okay? Promise me."

Naruto quickly nodded, "I promise!" he held out his pinky. I looked at the finger, what was he trying to do? Naruto blinked, "you don't know the pinkie promise?"

I shook my head, "no, what is it?"

Naruto grinned, "well it's a promise you make between to friends! You hold each other pinkies together and make a promise you can never break."

I chuckled, "alright fine," I bent my pinkie around his.

Naruto smiled, "I promise not to break my promise!"

I smiled, "thanks Naruto. Now, what's say you and I play on the slides?"

Naruto's eyes went wide, "yes please dattebayo!" He jumped off the swing set and pulled me along towards the slide. We played for hours until the sun began to go down. I honestly forgot how it felt being a child, so carefree and full of joy. It was...a nice life.

Naruto and I found ourselves looking down on the park from atop the slide. Children were leaving with their parents, all of them looked happy and smiling. I noticed Naruto's eyes saden a little watching them leave.

He suddenly spoke up, "hey you ever feel lonely sometimes? You know, without parents?"

I shrugged, "honestly Naruto? I don't really thought of it. I don't remember my parents," literally, "and right now...I'm more focused on staying alive."

Naruto blinked, "eh? What do you mean by that?"

I sighed, "the world's a very scary place Naruto. There are people out there who can kill me in seconds. So right now my goal is staying alive."

Naruto snorted, "that's a horrible dream Yami!"

My left eye twitched, "yeah? And you got a better one?" I asked the question on impulse, but I already knew the answer that was coming.

"Yeah! I'm going to become Hokage!" Naruto cried out at the top of his lungs, the convection in his eyes spoke volumes to me, I can honestly see why so many people saw him as a charismatic leader when he grows up.

I looked at him, "you know, a Hokage needs to listen in class."

Naruto hung his head, "I know," he looked up at me, "so what? Do you have a dream like that?"

I smiled, "well…no, I don't. I honestly don't know what this world has to offer me. What do I want….well, I suppose I want to know just who I am."

Naruto blinked, "eh? What are you talking about ? You're Yami. Duh."

I rolled my eyes, "not that you dummy! I mean I don't know what kind of person I am!"

"You're Yami! How hard is that for you to understand?!"

"You're the one who doesn't understand moron! There has to be more than just Yami! I need to know what kind of person I can be in such a world!"

Naruto blinked, "huh? What do you mean?"

"I don't know if I'm a good man, and brave man, a honest man or even a greedy man," I shrugged, "I don't know who I even am."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "how many times do I have to tell you, you're Yami!"

I grumbled, "Naruto that's not..." I paused and wondered, could I really be that? Yami...all this time I thought I was trapped here, but what if this isn't a trap, but a gift? What if….what if I was given a chance to live a better life? A happier life? Then….can I honestly say I shouldn't learn to enjoy it?

Who knows what kind of life I lived before this, whatever happened back then...that's gone now. I need to focus on what I can see and do, and that means this new world before me deserves my full attention.

I looked at Naruto, "what do you think I should be?"

Naruto blinked, "eh...well I don't know. You're pretty smart, maybe you can be like Iruka sensei."

I snorted, "yeah right, no way I'm going to become a teacher, I would go mad before I spend my life teaching people."

"Hm...well...maybe you should be my assistant!" Naruto smiled with a broad grin, "yeah! When I become Hokage, you can be my assistant and help me run the village!"

I blinked. In the future that's Shikamaru's position, technically I would be taking his place. I snorted, "oh please Naruto, I'm sure you can find more qualified people than me to help you."

"No way! You're the best person I know Yami!" Naruto jumped to his feet, "you're the only one who didn't laugh at my dream!"

I blinked, "yeah but...I don't think I would be that…." I looked at his big blue eyes sparkling with hope. I couldn't help it, I smiled, "fine. The day you become Hokage I'll be your right hand man, okay?"


Quest Alert!

Become the Shadow's shadow!








Do you accept?


I blinked, holy shit, that's a lot of question marks….ah what the hell. I clicked yes.

Naruto smiled, "deal! This is awesome Dattebayo!" his REP score went from 10 to 20 in one leap. Guess he really took the promise to heart.

I chuckled, "right right, anyway Naruto, it's time to go home, it's getting late."

Naruto looked around and suddenly realised the park was being emptied, "heh, yeah! Let's go!" He dragged me down the slide one last time before pulling me out of the park.

I allowed him to drag me along, looking around the emptying park all the while. But just then as we passed a large fire monument I spotted what looked like a glowing leaf symbol near the bottom of the monument.

I was taken back. The way the symbol glowed wasn't normal, it was almost supernatural. And if my life was like a videogame, this only meant one thing. Side quest. But I couldn't investigate it with Naruto around. So I would need to come here later.

Naruto and I went our separate ways outside the park promising to see each other tomorrow after school. I managed to use this body's memories and find my way back to the orphanage without a problem, though I did have to ask Naruto for directions at first.

As I entered the orphanage I noticed it was dinner time and all the kids were eating. I joined them again and sat down quietly listening to them talk to each other again.

"I like Iruka-sensei, he's nice!"

"When is Mizuki going to teach us something cool?!"

"Why did Sasuke look so sad?"

"Didn't you hear about him? His entire family was killed by his brother!"


Your skill have leveled up!

Easdropping, Lv- 2 (3%)

Your ability to listen in someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. This is a very important skill for a ninja to possess for information gathering.

Range: 11 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

I blinked, 'so my skills increase with useage? Wait….did they even have a limit? I'm not seeing one so that must be true,' I felt an evil smile come on, this was amazing!

I continued to spend the rest of dinner listening in on everyone's conversations, trying my best to remember what the say, but most of it was gossip and not worth my time. But this did cause my skill to level up again, which was very exciting to see;

Easdropping, Lv- 3 (43%)

Your ability to listen in someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. This is a very important skill for a ninja to possess for information gathering.

Range: 12 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

Unfortunately I couldn't do any more as soon people began to finish up and head for their own rooms. I did the same and was kind of pissed off that night time for us was at 9 o'clock. Did kids really sleep so soon here?

I found myself back in my room alone, my old clothes were freshly washed and kept in one corner along with a towel for tomorrow's bath. But other than that there was nothing to do! I didn't have any books to read, a phone to call people or a laptop to search the net! I was so bored!

But just then there was a knock on my door as Ksume walked in with a smile. "Hello Yami, how was your day?"

I smiled back, "find, I had a lot of fun. I think I'm going to like being a ninja."

"Oh? That's good to here, I'm sure you'll make us all very proud," Ksume smiled before slowly it slid off her face. She sighed walked towards me sitting down on my bed and patting a spot besides her.

I sat down next to her and looked curious as too what she was going to say. She smiled, "you know, I heard from the other children you made a friend today."

Oh great, it was about Naruto. Wonderful. I put on my best poker face and nodded, "yes, he's a nice boy, very fun. We went to park and played."

Ksume smiled, "well I'm glad to hear that Yami but you see...that boy isn't a very good boy."

I blinked, "because he pranks people?"

"Yes," she smiled and nodded, "he's very cruel when it comes to pranking people Yami, you shouldn't associate with people like him."

I raised an eyebrow in challenge, "oh? But it's alright to associate with hired killers and liars on a daily basis?"

Ksume was taken back by my harshness, "Yami! That is not the same!"

"Why not?" I asked her, "I'm training to be a killer and a thief matorn, is a few pranks really the bigger danger here?"

Ksume narrowed her eyes, "Yami I am warning you, stay away from that boy. Do you understand?"

I huffed, "unless he proves that he's a threat to me he's my friend. I don't understand-"

"Yami you will do what I say or I'll have you out on the streets!" Ksum got on her feet glaring down at me, "do you understand?!"

I narrowed my eyes at her. So this is how she wants to play it huh? I don't like being threatened, I honestly didn't really mind never speaking to Naruto again, the kid was my friend sure, but I knew he would understand if he thought I would become homeless if we continued to talk. But nobody, nobody blackmailed me.

I don't like being told what to do. Without reason that is.

I looked at her, "if you don't let me be….I'll…." I began to think.

Ksume huffed, "what? What will you do?"

I smiled as I got an idea. I looked at her, "I'll tell the Hokage you told me about the kyuubi inside Naruto."

The world seemed to come to a stop for Ksume. Her skin peeling as if she had seen a ghost. "W-what?" she asked in a ghost of a whisper.

"I know why people don't' like Naruto," I shrugged, "I also know it's a stupid reason, but whatever, people are dumb that way. Anyway, if you kick me out, I'll tell the Hokage you told me about Naruto's furry little problem and told me not to play with him. I know there's a law forbidding anyone to speak about Naruto's tenant, if he believes you violated that law..." I left the threat hanging.

Tsume's eyes went wide, "y-you would have me executed?! After all I have done for you?!"

I rolled my eyes, "you're a government worker, it's your job."

She began to steam, her face going red, "you horrible monster! You demon! You and that brat deserve each other!" she turned without another word and left, slamming the door shut behind her.

I saw her REP score go from 19 all the way down to -21, meaning she probably hates me...a lot.

I sighed as I sat down on my bed, now thinking that what I did probably wasn't a good idea. She can do anything she wants to me and I can't say a thing. She could poison my meal, though I doubt she would go that far.

Probably she was just going to kick me out, find some loophole somewhere and throw me on the streets. No, she can't do that, she knows I'll go to the Hokage then, well I won't really do that, but she doesn't know that. Whatever she decides to do it will be desperate, I know that for sure.

Either way, I really need to find a way to move in with Naruto, and soon. I need to improve my REP score with him to at least 40. I was halfway there now, but if REP scores was anything like leveling up it will only get more difficult from here on out.

I sighed as I sat on my bed and leaned back on my room wall. I looked out the window and could see a worked close the gates shut. The compound walls were 20 feet high, there was no way I was getting over them. The gate was also being patrolled by a gaurd, no way I can sneak past him.

I can't get out and see the symbol in the park, no, that would have to wait. I was stuck this room….with nothing to do….damn it all to hell!

I looked around, I had nothing to do except...I spotted the red notebook Irula handed to me. I Grabbed the book and opened it up revealing my carefully written down notes in the native language of japanese.

I didn't know if this was my first language or not, it felt foreign to me, but obviously I knew how to write and understand it. And of course I have no idea what ethnicity I was, maybe I was bi-lingual? I don't know, I think I know english as well, let's see.

I began to copy the notes I wrote into English, visibly making an effort into remembering the language. And finally I had a page of english. I could tell the difference between the languages, I knew Japanese instantly, but I also knew English. How much was the game and how much was me?

Honestly? I don't know.

I sighed and put away the notes. I looked them over a few times but it got boring revoking the same thing over and over again. I looked out the window as saw the silent village before me bathed under a crescent moon light.

Tap tap!

I looked and saw a tree branch tapping on my window. I was a floor above ground so a few branches were close, but, leaves...what can do with leaves?

Oh I know! Chakra control!

I immediately grabbed a single leaf from the branch and held it in my hand. I focused on it trying to remember what I had to make the leaf stick. Channel chakra into the palm of my hand focusing on the leaf. If I gave enough it should stick to my, wait, not hand, forehead.

I placed the leaf on my forehead and focused, I didn't know what chakra felt like, but I knew I had it. I closed my eyes and sat in the lotus position. From what I remember chakra came from one's gut, so I focused on my gut.

I let my eyes closed with my head leaning back to hold the leaf up. I couldn't feel anything. I couldn't...wait! I feel it! A rumble in my stomach! A lurching feeling slowly coming up from my stomach, rising like a wave of pure unbelievable power

"BURP!" no forget what I said, it was just a burp.

I sighed leaving my head letting the leaf fall down. I sighed looking at it. Chakara, it was a mixture of spiritual energy and physical energy. My physical side sucked, so maybe that was it? Maybe I need to improve that?

I sighed, held the leaf in my hand and looked up at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and focused, letting my body relax. I let my body rest, I wasn't feeling tired, but I just needed some peace and quiet.

All this talk of ninja's and chakra, it's gotten tiering. I took and deep breath and sighed. I turned my attention to my stomach. With every breath I took in my stomach expanded. As I let it out it pumped air out and shark back down.

Slowly every breath made my stomach rise and fall. And slowly, I felt something move.

It was in my gut, slowly rising up every time I breathed out. Like a water pump being pushed down squirting a little bit of water out every time.

I remained calm, I didn't let the excitement take over me, I continued the exercise.

The chakra at first began to spin around near my gut, I'm guessing my chakra pathways were circular near my gut. Slowly though I felt it began to swim all over my body. It was like there were several tiny river canals in my body and the chakra was the water finally being poured in.

I opened my eyes and let go of the chakra allowing it to return back into my gut where it came from. Amazing, this was all simply amazing.

I looked at the leaf in my hand and immediately placed it on my forehead. I closed my eyes and felt around for my chakra once more. This time it was much easier to use it, allowing me to direct the flow into my forehead.

I suddenly found the chakra running my neck and around my face. My cheeks blushed, the feeling foreign. It passed over my eyes without incident before meeting on my forehead. I scrunched my eyes, focusing on keeping the leap steady by using all the chakra I could muster to hold it there.

And suddenly;


The chakra flow became natural to me, it was like I didn't have to tell it what to do anymore. I opened my eyes and looked at the box before me;

You have created a new skill!

Leaf concentration exercise, Lv- 1 (0%)

By keeping a leaf stuck on your forehead thanks to chakara you now only help with your chakra control exercise but also improve your concentration.

Uses: 20 CP per minute

Leaves to hold up- 1

+1 INT while active

+1 CC permanent bonus per level


You have gained +1 CC thanks to skill: Leaf concentration exercise!

I looked at the box and grinned. 'Oh hell yes! This means I gain one permanent control point every fucking time I level up this thing! And what's more, when it's active I get a bonus of +1 INT! This is so freaking cool!'

But the best part? It didn't look like it had any limit! So now it's time for me to train. I closed my eyes and focused on keeping the leaf on my forehead for as long as possible. Hopefully I can abuse the hell out of this system. I couldn't help the smile forming on my face. This might not be that bad.

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