Note to self. Chakra exhaustion fucking sucks!

It was ten minutes into the exercise when I figured that out.

There was one small thing I overlooked.

Uses: 20 CP per minute

Yup, that's the one. And considering that I had only 25 CP, that meant I could only use the exercise for a minute. But guess what, even that was fuckign wrong! Because….


That meant I was only using 20% of the all the chakra I was fucking using! Meaning not only could I not do the exercise of a minute. I could use it for only 16 fucking seconds! FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!

After sixteen seconds I was done. Not a drop of chakra left. I couldn't believe it, I had wasted 80% of all my chakra simply because I didn't have enough control. What the fuck right?!

So now I was sitting panting on my bed, not believing how unfair the world was. Either I fucking raise my chakra level or I improve my control. And honestly I don't know which.

I opened my menu and looked at my menu and saw my CP bar slowly filling itself, up. I don't even know the rate of regeneration. So growing curious I clicked on the bars and a new menu popped up;

HP- DEX [Base 50 + 50 per 10 points in DEX]

HP REGN. [Base 10%+ 2% for every 10 points STR per minute]

SP- VIT [Base 25 + 25 per 10 points in VIT]

SP REGN. [Base 10%+ 2% for every 10 points in VIT per minute]

CP- CHA [Base 25 + 25 per 10 points in CHA]

CONTROL- [+ 2% per 10 points put into CC]

CP REGN. [Base 10% + 2% per 10 points in CHA and CC per minute]

Perfect, just what I needed. From what I can see I need DEX to get more life, and STR determines my rate of regeneration, so got to keep that us for sure.

Then there is VIT that keeps up my stamina, and oh, it seems it also makes handles regeneration. Damn, that's an important stat right there.

Then comes chakra. The one I'm most concerned about right now. According to this CHA deals with my chakra capacity and also adds to my regeneration. CC deals with control and again adds to my regeneration. So they both were on equal footing so far.

But...I realised something very important. CC dealt with percentages while CHA dealt with hard numbers. If I raised CHA it would give me limited boosts, but if I improved CC, then when I deal with CHA on a latter date I wouldn't just have a little chakra to work with, I would have colossal amounts!

For now controlling chakra is more important to me than becoming the next tailless beast. And while gaining a level in leaf concentration exercises would help in granting me an additional point into CC, I can't do that if I don't have enough chakra to work with in the first place!

So reluctantly I took the four points I had on hand and placed them all into CC.

CC- 8

Damn it it had to be done. At least now I should have better control…..why isn't the thing increasing?

I grumbled and re-read the conditions and realised that it only applied to every 10 points of CC, meaning...I was two points short. I hanged my head in shame. I don't deserve to live.

I waited for around ten minutes before regaining my Chakra to 100%. I placed the leaf on my forehead again and made it stick using chakra. I counted, one, two, three…..ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen and done!

I stopped the chakra flow. I looked at my CP bar and found a sliver of chakra remaining. I was panting this time sure, but at least I wasn't suffering from chakra exhaustion, that was a hundred times worse!

I still had to wait for ten minutes, but at least now I wasn't grumbling in fucking pain.

I didn't have a clock in my room so I don't know how long I have been doing this. It was almost robotic the way I moved from fifteen seconds of chakra control to ten minutes of waiting. I watched the CP bar regenerate itself slowly, ad when I wasn't doing that I looked out the window, wondering just what was happening in this seemingly quiet night out.

But this did have it's own rewards;

Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping!

The skill had leveled up four times in total. To my utter joy. Guess grinding really was the way to go.

Leaf concentration exercise, Lv- 5 (32%)

By keeping a leaf stuck on your forehead thanks to chakara you now only help with your chakra control exercise but also improve your concentration.

Uses: 18 CP per minute

Leaves to hold up- 2

+1 INT while active

+1 CC permanent bonus per level

The CP cost went down, allowing me to go on for just a little bit longer. It went down by a single point every two levels and when it reached level 5 the number of leaves I could use went up to two!

I tried to use two leaves at once, but stupid me didn't realise that meant I would be using twice as much chakra. I figured that just meant I could use two leave for the same amount, it was an easy mistake to make.

But I did discover something amazing. Each leaf equated to an INT point. Meaning two leaves game me a bonus of +2 INT when active! So yes, it does seem impossible now, but I can make it a reality soon! I had to!

And also thanks to this skill leveling up I also managed to raise my CC stats;

CC- 12

It was now my highest stat. But even after it crossed the ten point threshold, my CONTROL didn't raise from 20% to 22% like it was supposed too. I was almost in tears when I saw that. But after Gamer's mind calmed me down I realised it will probably only become active after I level up, since that's how every other point system seemed to work.

I kept going, focused on nothing but gaining the next level for the skill. I did calculation in my head on how much time I had left between each skill level. It looked like I need little over an hour to get a level up, more with each level up.

I actually gasped in surprise when I saw the sun rise off in the distance. I never realised it was so late. But it made sense, doing the same thing all night, I must have trained for well over seven hours.

But the wierd part is….I wasn't sleepy. Not one bit. I know what I feel like when I stay up all night, but this wasn't it!

Maybe it was because I channeled chakra into my brain all night? Maybe that kept it active? No, what am I saying? That sounds stupid! No, it must be because of the Game, I never see video game characters need to sleep...yes, that makes sense, Gamer's body can do that!

So cool! I don't need to sleep! But damn, that means I really need to find something fun to do while in my room, maybe a book? Hm, does Konoha have a library? What am I saying? Of course it must have one.

I looked out and saw a gaurd walking up to the gate and opening it. I smiled, now was my chance to escape!

I ran out of my room with a towel in hand. I saw Kusume outside going around to wake people up. She noticed me running to the bathroom and glared hatefully, but said nothing. Guess that's how she wants to play it huh? Fine, I can deal with that.

I took a nice long bath, because it was so early all the hot water was still available, plus I didn't have to share the shower with other people. I then went back into my room, put on a fresh set of clothes, black shirt with white shorts and my sandals.

I looked into the cafeteria but found it empty with no food ready, people were working in the kitchen, preparing the food, but I doubt it will be ready soon.

I sighed, fine, so no food...not that I'm hungry...wait, can I even get hungry? I don't need to sleep, so food should be the same thing right? Can I get hungry?! Go I need to eat?!

Deciding to test out my theory I chose to skip breakfast today. I know I know, very bad for a child to do, but I'm experimenting! I instead walked out of the orphanage, stopping to ask the watchman whether he knows where the Konoha library is.

The man complied easy enough, but was curious why I was going out so early. I told him I wasn't hungry and needed something to do, like having a book to read. He seemed satisfied with my answer and left me go after that.

I followed his directions, along with whatever vague memory of the place I had in my head, and found myself at the steps of a giant building that was already open. I found a old woman who had dark skin sweeping the stairs. She had her hair in a bun and glasses, looking every bit like a stereotypical librarian.

Misa Rural, Librarian

Lv- ?

REP- 0

Woah, a question mark for a level? She must be pretty strong. Maybe high Chunin? Maybe even Jonin? Hm, would make sense, a library is the home of knowledge and to a ninja knowledge is power. Having a civilian gaurd all that power would be like having an 8 year old being a cop.

Misa looked up and noticed me immediately, she smiled, "can I help you dear?"

I gulped and nodded, "yes," it came out speaky, I cleared my throat and tried again, "I was just wondering if the library was open."

Misa smiled, "indeed it is…."

"Yami," I supplied.

Misa nodded, "Yami, lovely name. Please go right inside," she motioned to the open doors. I thanks her and ran in finding the inside filled with rows and rows of books.

There were three floors with a staircase near the back leading to the first and second floors. On the ground floor the room was separated into two parts, three shelves near the back which had the label, 'Only Ninja's allowed beyond this point', and the other part and no restrictions whatsoever.

Apparently only ninja's got most of the knowledge, isn't that something.

I went into the civilian section and looked around trying to find a book that would interest me. I found several decent ones, like books on cooking, history, math, science, genetics, ninja weapons-wait wha?!

I grabbed the book and found the label reading, 'Weapons, a ninja's best friends' and inside I found a list of all the weapons a common ninja would need along with instructions on how to use it.

I found this very very interesting. I need it!

I kept looking and found a book on history, because duh it's a lesson for this year and one a romance fiction story that honestly had a brilliant story premes, a poor farmer becomes a ninja to save his wife from a war lord! Can't say much about the author's writing quality, but hey, it's something.

I took all three books and walked to the front counter where Misa now sat smiling at me. "Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked.

I nodded slowly, "yes," I put the books on the counter, "can I take them?"

Misa smiled, "of course. I just need your parent's permission first before you can. Some of these books are very advanced and dangerous, I don't want you to get hurt," she said looking at the book about weapons.

I nodded, "that's fine and all, but I'm an orphan."

Misa blinked, "oh, well then just wait a moment, I'll ring this up for you. I don't suppose you have a library card yes?"

I shook my head, "no ma'am."

The woman smiled, "not to worry, I'll have it ready for you in an instant." She smiled before taking out a form and having me fill it up. I did so quickly and using the information she made me a small card with my name and address on it along with a particular string of numbers.

"Here you go Yami," the woman smiled putting the books into a plastic bag and handing me the library card, "no don't lose these you here? They are very important and it'll cost a lot to replace them. Do you understand?"

I nodded, "yes ma'am," I bowed a little, "thanks for helping me."

"Oh it's fine, I'm just glad there are kids today who are still so excited to be learning bright and early," she smiled.

I thanked her again before leaving the library. As I walked away I suddenly realised that the old woman was right. If I lose these books I'm finished! I don't have any cash to pay people back with!

I could hide it in my room...but that matron, she hates me. She might steal them or burn them without me seeing or something and blame someone else. Maybe even some other kid. That was she won't be implied. Damn it! I'm giving myself weaknesses.

I grumbled, if only I had some kind of storage seal that can...that's it! A storage seal! No, not a storage seal, the video game equivalent, "inventory open!"

And the moment I called it out a blue box opened before me. It had several smaller boxes inside it, rows and rows of it. I was giddy with excitement. I looked around, the streets were practically empty, but can't be too careful when dealing with ninjas.

So I snuck into an alley and went behind a garbage can and squated. I looked around, with the coast clear, I took out the books form the plastic bag and one by one pressed them against the inventory screen.

At first touch the screen applied allowing the object to slip in immediately. I watched in awe as each book took up a box all for itself. I threw away the plastic bag and smile, this could be potentially awesome!

I touched one box, selecting the book. This caused the book to come out of the screen similar to how I put it in. Fucking amazing! This way I don't have to worry about anyone stealing from me ever again!

This is so cool!

I put the book away along with my library card, can't lose that. With my hands now free I decided it was finally time to check out that mysterious symbol I saw in the park yesterday.

I ran to the place as fast as my little body could take me and reach there in ten minutes. I looked around and found the fire statute pretty easily. I looked down and there it was, that glowing leaf symbol.

I smiled as I touched it and suddenly new box popped open;

You have discovered a natural dungeon! Would you like to go inside?


Dungeon, Lv- 1

I was torn, on the plus side a dungeon meant lot and other goodies, maybe even some cash if I'm lucky enough. But on the other hand...I might fuckign die. I had no skills, no weapons and absolutely no idea how to fight.

Yup, I can actually die. So no, not now. I might go later, but not until I have a weapon, a jutsu I can use and know how to fight.


Quest Alert!

Train for a dungeon!

Learn one jutsu (0/1)

Have a weapon (0/1)

Learn how to fight



50 EXP


Being a loser and never having the guts to enter a dungeon

Do you accept?


I grumbled reading the failure option, an annoying little fucker aren't you? Either way, I accepted the quest.

I closed the box and left, intending to go to the academy a little early when I realised something. I forgot my damn note book! I must have left it in my bed when I went for a wash! Fuck me!

I grumbled and immediately walked back to the orphanage and found the entire building more active. I went into my room straight away and found it the same, guess the matron didn't trash it...yet.

Not willing to leave anything to chance I shut the door and began to put everything I had into my inventory. My clothes, my sandals and even my red notebook. I also put away my tooth brush, paste and spare pillow. What? Never know when you're going to need it!

When I was done the room looked barren, like no one lived there. But I suppose that was fine. I walked out of my room and found the time was around 7:30, I had enough time to eat something, even though I didn't really feel hungry. I really have to say, this Gamer's body is totally broken!

I went into the cafeteria, grabbed a plate for myself, sat with kids my age and ate in silence. All the while listening to what they were saying.

"Did you hear what the matron said, we aren't supposed to play with him anymore!"

"But he looks so sad sitting there all alone!"

"So what? You remember the last time she called a kids bad? It was that Naruto brat! We need to stay away, that's all I know."

Ah, so the matron made her move. Ostracising, not bad. If you were dealing with a child, but me? I was born alone, I was raised alone, I didn't have a friend until I was already a man! Whahaha!

Okay no, that was a lie, I had many friend, but not all of them were super close. I'm used to being alone, if this is the best the matron can do then I'm not worried, not one bit.

At the end of breakfast my experience rate for my eavesdropping skill was at 74%, not bad, maybe at lunch or dinner I can level it up.

I put away the plates for washing and went to leave when suddenly Ksume waked in glaring at me, "where do you think you're going Yami? It's your turn to wash the dishes today."

I blinked, "oh...right," I blinked as I followed her into the kitchen and saw the pile of dishes piled up near the sink. I looked at a chart near the sink with a list of names on it, and sure enough, under sink cleaning for today was my name.

I gulped as I looked at the time, I had an hour to get to the academy, God I wish I knew the shadow clone jutsu right now.

I said nothing else and got to work. I think that irritated the matron a lot, the fact I didn't complain.

I worked hard, washing the dishes as quickly as I could. It was hard at first, but I managed to keep up with the workload. And just as I washed my twentieth dish a new box opened up;


You have created a new skill!

Maintenance, Lv- 1 (0%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+2% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is.

Bonus lasts for 30 minutes

I blinked, what did that mean? You use a plate to hold food, does that mean it got a 2% bonus in holding food? That didn't make any sense? Okay yes, I suppose washing dishes is maintaining them, so yes that does apply, but the bonus?

I looked at the dishes, they didn't look any different, I narrowed my eyes and really focused on them and suddenly another box popped up!


You have created a new skill!

Observation, Lv-1 (0%)

The skill to learn about an object or person by observing them.

I blinked, alright, this was something new. I looked at the plates again and this time a new box opened up with the Plate's picture near the top right corner.

Dish, E class item,

It is a plate of metal that can be used to hold food.

Bonus- 2% more nutrition for all food items held on this plate (29:55)

I blinked, well that certainly answered my questions.

"Stop staring, you'll be late," Matron hissed into my ear making me jerk into action. I shot her a glare before getting back to work.

By the time I was done I had ten minutes to reach the academy, stupid bitch. I had to run out the door in order to reach the place in time. But at least it wasn't all for nothing, I managed to level up my maintenance skill twice!

Maintenance, Lv- 3 (40%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+4% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is

Bonus lasts for 35 minutes

I ran into the academy in that last minute, threw the door open and leaped inside, "safe!"

"Good morning professor, I see you have been very active today morning," I looked to see Mizuki at the lecture podium. He smiled at me, "go on, take your seat, don't be too late next time."

I nodded as I looked around and spotted Naruto waving me over to our usual spot near the back. I quickly went up to him and sat down, "morning Naruto."

"Hey Yami," the kid smiled, "what happened? You were really late."

I shrugged, "don't worry about it. Let's focus on the class," Naruto shrugged doing just that.

As Mizuki gave a lecture I narrowed my eyes at him and whispered, "Observe." Immediately his menu card came up;

Mizuki, Chunin of Konoha

Lv- 41

REP- 10

HP- 20,500/20,500

SP- 15,000/15,000

CP- 16,000/16,000


Allegiance- Self/ Orochimaru

STR- 43

VIT- 49

DEX- 32

INT- 39

CHA- 40

CC- 32

LUC- 20

Mizuki was born in Konoha as an orphan with no name or anyone to care for him. He believes in one rule of thumb, the strong survive the weak die. As such he dedicated his life to getting more power

I blinked, 'damn, I never realised the man was already a traitor. That Allegiance bar is really useful.' I said nothing as Mizuki continued with his speech but on the inside I was a little cautious, I need to keep an eye on the man.

But on the other hand I also realised I need to level up my Observation skill. It's a powerful tool for a ninja, especially if it can give me more info the stronger it get.

So while Naruto and the others struggled to listen to Mizuki's speech I payed more attention on Observing everything around me, that included the kids, the desk and the tables. By the end I had leveled up the skill twice over, though it still didn't grant me any new info when observing someone.

Observation, Lv-3 (43%)

The skill to learn about an object or person by observing them.

During lunch Naruto and I ate together, he talked while I listened halfheartedly, while I also eavesdropped on the kids around us. Allowing my skill to level up;

Easdropping, Lv- 4 (4%)

Your ability to listen in someone else's conversation without them being aware of it. This is a very important skill for a ninja to possess for information gathering.

Range: 13 feet (100% accuracy)

-10% accuracy for every additional feet

After lunch we had another lecture from Iruka, before we all went out to the backyard and began physical training. Again another ten laps. I freaking hate exercise!


You have gained +1 VIT!

Meh, at least there's that.

After the academy got over that day Naruto dragged me to the park and we played until the sun went down. Honestly after a point I got tired of playing tag, he just laughed and called me a whimp. Grumble.

I went back to the orphanage that night and ate my dinner, grinding my eavesdropping skill in the process. And just like that I found myself in my room, the gates to the orphanage closing.

I sighed, well at least I have some books to read. I took out the one about the ninja weapons and poured through it, using the moon to give me some light. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Half way through I realised this book was very useful, if a little dry. My mind kept wandering off, hm, it looks like I'm going to have to concentrate. Meaning, leaf concentration exercises!

I quickly grabbed a leaf from the tree branch outside my window and stuck it to my forehead. I focused on keeping it up using my chakra, which lasted for around twenty seconds, before I put it aside, returning to the book while I waited for my chakra to regenerate.

And so this time I had something else to do during the ten minutes gap of recharging my chakra.

I read all night, the quietness of the night really helping me focus. It was honestly amazing, I don't remember much from my old life, but I'm pretty sure I was a bibliophile and the fact that I know what that word means is probably proof enough of that statement.

Imagine, being able to read for however long you want without growing tired or sleepy? It was the dream! I didn't even realise what time it was until the sun came up, and by then I was on the last page of the damn instruction manual!

I would have finished it a lot sooner, but every time I finished reading about a weapon and it's uses I had a little fantasy play out in my head about how I can use the weapon and the like. I have to say so far the kunai is my favorite.

I put the book away and got off my bed, stretching like a cat to wake up my sore muscles. As I trained through the night my leaf concentration exercises went up by two levels last night;

Leaf concentration exercise, Lv- 7 (75%)

By keeping a leaf stuck on your forehead thanks to chakara you now only help with your chakra control exercise but also improve your concentration.

Uses: 17 CP per minute

Leaves to hold up- 2

+1 INT while active

+1 CC permanent bonus per level

CC- 14

Not bad for a night's work if I do say so myself. It's going to get tougher to level it up I know, but hey, I'll cross that bridge when it comes to it.

I was honestly surprised I didn't get a new skill for reading the ninja weapons book. But I suppose it makes sense, I know the theory, but I didn't actually do anything to warrant a new skill. So maybe I should work on

I got out of my room, had an early shower like yesterday, took out my red notebook for school and sat down in the cafeteria where kids my age usually sit.

I looked over the notes I took, like a good little nerd. I watched as more kids slowly walked in, talking with each other something or another. I strained to hear them speak, getting only a few words in between, guess they were out of my range thereby giving me a less accurate reading.

But I did get more experience for the skill and for me that's enough. I waited until the food arrived before getting myself a plate and sitting down, listening to the people around me while also spamming my Observation skill.

I managed to level the latter skill once before I had to leave for the academy;

Observation, Lv-4 (21%)

The skill to learn about an object or person by observing them.

But again, no new listing in the menu cards I got. Damn it all to hell!

Any I made my way to class, Naruto was late again. I sat in our usual spot and took out the other book I got, History 101 and began to read it eagerly. I was halfway through the tenth page when Iruka came in and right after him was Naruto.

At the end of that school day Naruto and I went our separate ways. Apparently he had gotten caught after doing a prank on Mizuki so he had detention with Iruka. So I found myself free for the first time since coming here.

I walked around the village for a while, bored and wondering what I can do. I had the entire village for myself to, maybe I can see what other ninja teams are doing? After all don't they use training grounds?

I went around for a while and asked directions to the training grounds. Obviously no civilian here knew where that was and even if they did they wouldn't tell a child. But I happened upon a map of the village and managed to figure out there was a lot of forest covered area along the walls of the village, meaning chances are the training fields are all probably there.

I rushed to the nearest one, located near the Academy. I walked towards the end of the road and found that there was a small fence covering up the area with the words, 'Training ground 2 up head'. I smiled and quickly leaped over the fence, rushing into the forest.

The forest was dense, I found no real path so I was forced to leap over bushed and other shrubbery. But just then, I heard it, the clashing of metal. I immediately bent down hiding myself as I snuck over to the noise.

And slowly the trees opened up revealing a flat training grounds where two green flak jacket wearing ninjas fought each other with sharp knives. I lowered my head into the shrubs and watched from a distance.

One had a large black beard and had a kunai in his right hand while the other had long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. Both were male and form the way they moves I'm guessing they were at least Chunin.

I saw the bearded dude deflect several shurikens with his kunai before leaping at his opponent. They then proceeded to fight each other hand to hand, blocking and striking almost immediately, each strike like lightning.

My eyes widened, 'this is so fucking cool!' It was inhuman the way they moved, like a choreographed dance both knew how to play. I watched in silence as the men tried to beat the other one up into paste, but unable to gain the advantage.


You have created a new skill!

Stealth, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your ability to hide in plain sight is crucial for being a ninja.

Chances of not getting spotted- 5%

For stronger opponents, -2% for each level they surpass you

'What kind of shitty skill is this?!' my eyes went wide, 'that means even if I'm spying on Naruto, I would have a 0% chance of getting away with it. No, scratch that, less than 0%!'

I grumbled as I swiped the box away and turned back to the fighting, but I realised something, the two men were gone. I blinked as I looked around, where did they go?

"Looking for us kid?" came a sharp voice from behind me.

I went stiff as I slowly turned around seeing the two men looking down at me with amused smirks on their faces. How did they….oh right, of course, my stealth level is shit anyway.

The blonde one;

Karu Hashmi, Chunin of Konoha

Lv- ?

REP- 5

And the bearded one;

Ryuto, Chunin of Konoha

Lv- ?

REP- 5

I blinked, "ah...hi."

Ryuto snorted, "hey yourself kid. What are you doing here?"

I looked at them, "talking to you."

Karu snorted, "oh, looks like we have a smart ass on our hands Ryuto."

"This is a dangerous place kid, not the kind of area kid like you should be around," the bearded man warned.

I shrugged, "it's fine, I'm training to be a ninja so I need to learn these things."

The two of them looked at each for a moment before exploding into laughter. "Kid, you're one strange boy!" Karu laughed hard, "so tell me little ninja, what do you want to learn?"

My eyes winded, practically sparkling, "you mean it?"

Ryuto rolled his eyes, "come on Karu, we don't have time for this."

"Hey, it's my day off," the blonde smirked, "besides, the kid has spark. Can you imagine one of us going into a training ground when we are barely out of our diapers just to learn?"

The bearded man rolled his eyes, "fine, whatever. Just don't come crying to me if you kill the kid," he looked at me, I guess he expected me to react negatively to his death threat, too bad I know for a fact he's full of shit.

"So kid, what's your name?" Karu asked me.

"Yami," I replied bowing a little, "it's nice to met you."

"I'm Karu, that grumpy teddy bear is Ryuto," the blonde man smiled, "now, what do you want to know?"

I blinked, "ah….can you help me increase my chakra reserves?"

Ryuto snorted while Kaoru smiled, "sorry kid, but chakara training is very dangerous business, if you want your reserves to grow you just have to allow it to happen naturally."

Or in my case pour a crap ton of points into the CHA stat. I nodded, ", can you help me with weapons?" I used the only other thing I knew about.

This time Ryuto was the one to speak, "this guy teaching a kid about weapons? Please, don't make me laugh. He can barely hit a target with his kunai let alone teach!"

"Hey watch to panda bear! Or skin you!" Kaoru growled.

"Bring it wallflower!" Ryuto growled back.

I cleared my throat, "so weapons, is that a yes or no?"

The two ninjas turned to me with surprised looks. "You're pretty calm for a kid aren't you?" Karu asked.

I nodded, "yup, not a lot that can surprise me. Anyway, weapons."

Karu grumbled, "as much as I hate to admit it, but the bear is right-"


"-Shut it!" Karu snapped, "sorry kid, I'm not that great of a teacher when it comes to weapons. But there is something else I'm good at," he smiled as he took out a scroll and brush, "fuinjutsu."

I blinked, "woah, cool."

"Oh please, I would hardly call your skills something to boast about," Ryuto snorted, "it's barely good enough to form a storage seal. Remember that time you tried to seal up some food and it exploded?"

"That was one time!" Kaoru yelled before sighing and turning to me, "sorry about him. He's just sad that his girlfriend doesn't love him anymore. Anyway, here look," he put the scroll on the ground and used his brush to draw intricate kanji on it, "this is a storage seal."

I looked at him, "it's not going to explode is it?"

"Ha! I like this kid," Ryuto snorted, "he's a great judge of character!"

Karu rubbed his nose, "that's because he has such a negative influence! Mainly you! Now shut the fuck up!" He grumbled before turning to me and stopping, "ah...please don't mind that. No, it won't explode, I promise."

I raised an eyebrow before nodding and returning to the seal. I watched his hand move like water creating an intricate design into the paper scroll. He then took out a kunai and placed it on the scroll before it vanished in a poof of smoke.

"Ta-da!" Kaoru said with a smirk, "magic!"

I nodded, "cool. Can you teach me?"

Kaoru chuckled, "sorry kid, but you're much too young to learn this stuff. You need to atleast be a ninja before you can even attempt to learn this stuff."

I hummed, "I see...what would I need to learn it though? I need to know kanji that's for sure, and paper and ink. But what else?"

Karu and Ryuto shared a look. "Well I suppose you would need to know the basic scripture of each seal," Kaoru shrugged, "and practise until you can perform kanji in your sleep. Oh and a very good teacher because believe me you don't want to practise fuinjutsu without proper training."

I nodded, "interesting..."


Quest Alert!

Learn the art of seals!


+500 EXP

+2 stat points


Nothing, you just suck

Do you accept?


I shrugged, what the hell. I accepted the quest, right now this is the one I knew with the highest reward, so if I want to level up I need to focus on this.

"Right, anyway, it's time for you to leave," Ryuto said gruffly, "you need to head home kid, I'm sure your parents are worried about you."

I shrugged, "not really. I'm an orphan, no parents to speak off."

I saw Ryuto's eyes soften, I'm guessing since he doesn't have a last name he must be an orphan too. I bowed to them, "thanks for teaching me, I'll try not to get caught next time."

"Wait what?" Kaoru's eyes shot open, "you mean you won't come here again!"

"No, I mean I'll try not to get caught," I shrugged, "bye!" I walked away quickly.

"Can you believe that kid?" Karu snorted, "the balls on him."

"He kid," Ryuto called out. I turned just in time to see him toss me a kunai through the air. It moved so slow I could easy snatch it out of the air. I looked at it, shiny iron kunai. I blinked and looked at him, Ryuto shrugged, "consider it a bride. Don't come back here until you're ten, got that?"

I blinked, "here as in this training ground or every training ground?"

Ryuto and Kura groaned, "every training ground!"

I shrugged, "fine," I looked at the kunai and smirked, "thanks for this,";


You have made progress in a quest!

Train for a dungeon!

Have a weapon (1/1)

I smiled, 'a weapon and making progress on a quest? That's so fucking cool!' I waved at them, "see you guys later!" and ran out of the training grounds.

When I reached the road again I opened my inventory and put the kunai inside. I know it was just a kunai, but it was my first and...well, it was my only weapon, can't lose that can I?

I found myself going back to the Orphanage, and to do that I had to pass by the academy grounds once again. When I passed by the grounds however I heard a thumping sound. Curious I walked inside and into the back yard finding a kid with circular eyes and bushy eyebrows hitting a wooden pole constantly.

Rock Lee, Hard worker

Lv- 3

REP- 0

I was amazed, the kid was what, ten? And he was already hitting that pole until his knuckles bleed. I could see it, his knuckles were bleeding through his bandaged fists. Damn it, that kid's starting to make me jealous.

I had nothing else to do plus I don't want to end up in the orphanage just yet so I decided why not get some training done? After all I do need to improve my physical stats.

I walked into the training yard and immediately Lee noticed me. He smiled and waved, I returned it, "hello Lee, hard at work I see."

"Oh? You know me?" Lee asked surprised.

I nodded, "yes, I heard about you. You can't use chakra yes? Very interesting."

Lee hung his head in shame, "y-yes, that is right, I cannot use chakra I….I cannot be a ninja."

I raised an eyebrow, why was he so depressed? Oh, right, he didn't have Gai to teach him yet, hm, makes sense.

"Well you know, there a lot more to being a ninja than just chakkra," I told him with a shrug.

"Your words are kind, but I know you're just saying that," Lee struck the post again, "I can never become a ninja."

I looked at him, "why? Because you can't mold chakra? Oh please, there have been several ninja who can't do that."

"Like who?" he asked in a channeling tone.

I shrugged, "Mighty Duy."


"He's a guy who took on the seven swordsman of the Mist, the top ninjas of the Mist village and held them off using nothing but taijutsu," I approached the pole and looked at, hints of Lee's blood was in the wood's frame, "the man fought them all off with nothing but taijutsu, so you see, you don't need charaka to be a ninja."

Lee's eyes went wide, "a-are you serious?"

I nodded, "yeah, go look it up if you don't believe me."

Lee's eyes shined, "a ninja who used only taijutsu? Amazing."

I shrugged, "yeah. And his son's the same, Mighty Gai, some say he's the greatest taijutsu user of all time. Maybe you should ask him to train you?"

"Do you think he would?" Lee asked with hope in his voice.

I shrugged, "maybe, I don't know, I'm sure if you ask him he would-"


Lee bolted away into the streets of Konoha screaming, 'Gai-sensei! Teach me!' I blinked, guess he was weirdo even before Gai met him. I looked around at the now empty training field and saw all the equipment just lying around. If I'm going to exercise I can't use weights, I'm too young. But...stamina can always use a boost.

So with a dreadful sight I began to run laps around the academy training yard. I kept going until it got dark outside, I lost count of how many rounds I went, I instead kept track by counting how many stat points I earned, the total came up to 2.

You have gained +1 VIT!

You have gained +1 VIT!

VIT- 6

Not bad for a day's work, though I'm sure next time I do this I'll gain only one stat point and the time after that none at all.

I made it back to the orphanage that night and did what I usually would, eat while eavesdropping before going to bed and watching the orphanage gates close for the night.

I took another leaf and began my chakra control exercises once again, taking out my history book and reading it. I had much less light this time, it was a very dark night, honestly would it kill these people to get a few candles? Then again I suppose they are strapped for cash as it is.


Your skill has leveled up!

Leaf concentration exercise, Lv- 8 (5%)

By keeping a leaf stuck on your forehead thanks to chakara you now only help with your chakra control exercise but also improve your concentration.

Uses: 16 CP per minute

Leaves to hold up- 2

+1 INT while active

+1 CC permanent bonus per level


You gained +1 CC!

CC- 15

I smiled, this was going well for me.

I spent a better part of the night reading the history book, but eventually I got bored. So I opened my inventory and tossed my book inside, and decided I might as well learn something about using a kunai, so I took out the book about ninja tools and the one kunai I had.

I opened the book to the chapter about the bladed weapon and began to read it holding the weapon up to the dull moonlight seeing how ti shined in the light.

I groaned, I'm no expert, but the weapon looked at little dull. I quickly observed it;

Kunai, E class time

A standard weapon for a ninja, a kunai can be used in a variety of different ways in combat.

DMG: 5

I blinked while it was too bad it wasn't all that great either. I man just 5 health points? Sure it could kill me no problem, a ninja? This thing was way too weak. Bu I suppose if I stabbed someone in the eye with it then I would land a critical hit.

I quickly reread the book and went to the part about maintenance. I took out an old shirt of mine, something I couldn't wear anymore, and used the cloth to polish the kunai. After which I began to sharpen the blade on my stone window sill. It wasn't a proper wet stone, but it was the best I had at hand.

I did my best at making sure I didn't damage the blade's edge and when I made to sharpen the other side something happened;


A skill has leveled up!

Maintenance, Lv- 4 (2%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+5% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is

Bonus lasts for 35 minutes

I blinked, the same skill I gained when washing dishes was applicable for maintaining weapon? Of course, it made sense, it didn't specify only dishes can be used for this too. Immediately I observed my kunai again;

Kunai, E class time

A standard weapon for a ninja, a kunai can be used in a variety of different ways in combat.

DMG: 5.25HP (+0.25 Maintenance bonus for 34:56 minutes)

Holy shit, it got stronger! That means….oh my God. If I level up my maintenance skill by washing dishes, I could fucking make a simple kunai, which does only 5 DMG, do 10 DMG! Granted it's not much, but if I had a real weapon, like a sword, then I could possibly double its attack power!

This definitely warranted further exploration!

After polishing the kunai as best I could I put it away and returned to my weapons book. I read up on how to use a kunai in battle and how to hold it. Needless to say I was itching to try it out.

The next day morning I walked up the matron and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and narrowed her eyes looking at me, "what do you want Yami? I'm very busy."

"Can I wash all the dishes?" I asked her.

Her eyes went wide, she definitely wasn't expecting this from me, "w-what? Why?"

"I feel like it," I told her as a shrug, "I want to wash all the dishes, please."

The woman blinked, "but why do you want to do that Yami?"

I shrugged, "I just feel like it. Can I?"

She looked a little taken back, "w-well I suppose-"

I nodded and gave her a little bow, "-thank you." I then went into the kitchen and began to do the dishes as fast a I could, I need to be on time for school. I noticed Ksme in the edge of my vision, looking at me curiously, I guess she wants to know why I'm acting so selflessly. Heh, as if.


Your skill has leveled up!

Maintenance, Lv- 5 (22%)

Maintaining something is just as important as owning it.

+5% bonus to all items you maintain (clean, polish oil) for whatever their use is

Bonus lasts for 40 minutes

I closed the box and put all the dishes away. I then ran to the academy, making it just in time for the bell to ring.

I sat through a boring lecture after another, much to Naruto's and mine annoyance and finally for the physical portion of the class I ran fifteen rounds instead of ten, much tougher, but needed.

It was the end of school when Naruto approached me again, "hey Yami! You want to go play in the park today?"

I shock my head, "sorry Naruto, I'm training today, you want to join me?"

"Huh? Training? But we just finished learning ninja stuff!" Naruto whined.

I shrugged, "yes, but I want to do some more training. Come on, it'll be fun!" I told him with my best smile.

Naruto sighed, "fine, but tomorrow we go and play in the park!"

I nodded, "deal." We went back to the training yard and Naruto whined all the way there.

"But I thought you hated running!" he asked.

"Yes, but it's something I need to do!"

"But why?!"

"Because it's something I bad at."

"But if you're bad at it why do you do it?!"

I started to get ticked off, "because then I won't be bad at it anymore!"

"But that doesn't make any sense!"

"Argh!" I need something to distract the damn kid! I opened my inventory and took out my kunai, "here, play with this!"

Naruto's eyes sparkled,"woah! Is that a real kunai?! So cool! Where did you get it?!"

I sighed as he snatched it from my hand and looked at it like it was a golden prize, "I got it from a ninja. He caught me walking into the training grounds and I when I told him I wouldn't do it again he gave me that. Don't lose it okay? It's my only one and special to me."

I saw Naruto's REP score go from 20 to 26 in one giant leap. "I promise!" Naruto cried out with a big smile. I sighed, I already knew I was going to regret this.

I began to run laps around the yard watching Naruto as he threw the kunai at a target near the back. So far he wasn't too bad, managed to get the kunai into the target once in awhile, though he did have to run to the target to get it back.

I soon stopped paying attention to Naruto, focusing on running, when I heard him yell, "oh no!"

I stopped and turned to him, "what happened?"

He looked like he saw a ghost. He turned to me with wide eyes, tears forming in them, "I-I I'm sorry! I didn't mean too."

I raised an eyebrow, "what happened?"

"Y-your kunai! It's gone!" Naruto said crying out loud, "please don't hate me."

I sighed rolling my eyes, I knew this would happen. I walked up to him and smacked him up the head, "pipe down you cry baby, it's not a big deal,"


You have lost a quest item!

Train for a dungeon!

Have a weapon (0/1)

"Ah...okay, it's kind of a big deal. We need to find it, quickly, where did it go Naruto?" I asked him.

"Y-you're not mad?" he asked sniffing.

I sighed, "no. Now pull yourself together you moron, the future Hokage can't be seen crying like a little baby!"

Naruto quickly got the steel back into his eyes, "r-right! I threw it over the wall, I think it landed on the other side."

"Well since no one is screaming bloody murder I guess it's safe to say no one got hurt, come on," I told him pulling Naruto along as we ran to the other side of the compound wall and looked around.

We found ourselves on a bridge over a canal. Naruto and I looked around frantically on the bridge when suddenly Naruto pointed at something in the canal below, "there it is!"

I looked down and sure enough my kunai was there by the grass and mud. I was thinking of a way to go down there and safely get it when I saw Naruto climb onto the railing and jump down into the water.

"No don't!" I cried out, but I was too late.


He landed in the water and splashed his way towards the grass and mud. He reached out and grabbed the kunai holding it up in the air waving it around proudly, "I got it!"

But as he waved it around I saw him being carried away by the current, "w-what's going on?! Hey!" Naruto cried out as he struggled to move away from the strong current, flailing around like a Magikarp.

I groaned, "of course, the moron doesn't know how to swim." I sighed, I really liked this shirt too. I got on the railing and leaped into the water. I swam along the current reaching Naruto quickly. I grabbed his smaller body and began swinging towards the edge of the canal.

We were being pulled along for the ride, but soon we reached a more open area of the canal with a river bank by the side. I managed to grab hold onto dry land before I threw Naruto out of the water and crawl out myself.

I laid down panting, I looked over and found Naruto leaning up, panting, he didn't have the energy to say a word.


You have gained a new skill!

Swimming, Lv- 1 (0%)

Your swimming skills are needed when you are in water...duh.

Speed- 1 Km an hour

Cost- 10 SP per minute

I sighed as I dismissed the skill box and turned to Naruto, "think before you leap...moron."

Naruto smiled, "hehe, sorry."

"Don't give me that sorry bullshit! You almost died! If you fucking becoem the Hokage god help us all!" I yelled.

Naruto however didn't feel bad, he just chuckled and smiled. He held out the kunai he was holding, "her, sorry I lost it."

I looked at the thing and sighed, "listen you blonde moron, I don't care about a kunai, I can get that anywhere, so don't risk your life again for something so trivial. Got that?"

Naruto blinked, "well, I didn't get it because it's a kunai Yami, I got it because you trusted me with it and you're my friend. I didn't want to break our friendship."

I blinked I looked up at his REP score and sure enough it jumped from 26 to 32. I was impressed, he really did make an effort.

I looked at him and sighed, "you moron. You think I would stop being your friend because of this? Please," I got to my feet and helped him up I took back the kunai and smiled, honestly I was happy to see it back in my hands;


You have gained a quest item!

Train for a dungeon!

Have a weapon (1/1)

I smiled and put it in my pocket. I looked down at my clothes and noticed it was drenched. I grumbled, "damn it! Now I'm drenched!"

"If you want you can come to my house and take a shower," Naruto offered.

I blinked, "oh, thanks Naruto, that would be nice."

I followed him out of the canal and into the streets once more. This time I found myself going into the bad part of town, before Naruto quickly took me into a ratty old building that looked like it was built round the same time this village had been made.

Naruto lived on the third floor and I honestly felt bad for the kid. The corridors smelled of garbage, I can only imagine how a few of the houses smelt. He took out a key and opened a door, inside I found a very messy looking apartment with ramen cups in the kitchen, garbage overflowing and even a dusty table, I'm guessing Naruto never uses it.

"Here you go," Naruto said opening the door to his bathroom, it was barely ten feet wide, he scratched his head nervously, "sorry I know it isn't much."

I shrugged, "it's not like I live in a mansion," I walked in and quickly took off my clothes and put it for drying. I took a quick shower and walked out, hanging my clothes in a clothesline NAruto had set up inside his living room.

Naruto put our clothes up for drying before going in for a shower himself. So now I found myself alone, sitting on his bed with nothing but a towel on. I have to say, not how I was expecting today to go.

I began to look around the place, honestly it wasn't that bad, it just needed to be cleaned up a bit. I'm sure with two people working together this place wouldn't be half bad. But also, I still needed 8 REP points to get Naruto to open up to me and allow me to stay here.

As I was going through his kitchen though I noticed something on the counter. I blinked, it glowed a golden hue and it was in the shape of the konoha leaf symbol. It resembled the dungeon I found in the park, so it must be a part of my game.

Curiously I touched the symbol causing a box to pop open;


Congratulations! You have found a legendary spot: Naruto's apartment!

Locations found in Konoha: 1/30

Select your reward!

+500 EXP

+5 Stat points

Mysterious jutsu of unknown rank

+10 Skill scroll

Okay, this was something else. I first touched the legendary spot tag and a new box came up:

Hidden in this world are locations of utmost importance or noteworthiness. This could range from monuments to even small closets. Each location is special in some way, finding one will give you a reward!

I blinked and turned to the reward options. The EXP was nice, it could get me to level two, but the stat points were also important. I didn't know what the +10 skill scroll was so I selected the tag;

+10 skill scroll- A scroll which will allow you to automatically level up any skill by ten levels!

Well, that's very useful. If I had some skill I wasn't good at this scroll would make me a master at it. Plus if I used this on leaf concentration I could gain 10 additional stat points into CC!

I then turned to the last tag;

Mysterious jutsu of unknown rank- as the name implies a jutsu of unknown rank that can rage from an S rank or an E rank. It's all up to fate.

Obiously that was a succkers bet. My luck literally had a single stat point in it. I wouldn't hold my breath on getting an S rank, plus even if I did get an S rank what good will that do me? It's not like I can use any jutsu I get, heck I don't even think I can do a bunshin with my control and chakra capacity.

So far the skill scroll and the 500 EXP looked pretty good. But in the end the scroll was the most logical choice, since it not only leveled up a skill, but the skill I would level up would give me points for my control.

So I selected the +10 skill scroll.

There was a poof of smoke before a scroll appeared on the counter instead of the glowing leaf symbol. I smiled as I picked it up and put it away.

Alright this was interesting, I had 29 more locations to go in the village and they each were somehow involved in the story. I know the hokage monument is definitely one, but it's too big and I can't rock climb all that well. So maybe I deal with that later.

The Academy was also another, but I haven't found any so far, hm, looked like I need to be a more observant being from now own.

"Yata! That was a great shower!" Naruto said as he walked out with his hair all wet.

He and I talked for a while before the clothes fully dried up. I put my clothes on and said goodbye to him, he apologised once again but I told him once again, there was no need.

I went back to the orphanage that night and did my usual stunt, eavesdrop and then wash the dishes for the evening. I think Kusume started to like my helpful nature, I saw her REP score go down from -41 to -32.

But of course, I wasn't doing it for her, but myself.

I didn't level up any skills that night, but it was alright. I went to my room that night and began to read my book while practicing my leaf concentration exercises.

I decided to hold off on using the +10 skill scroll, I'll first level up the skill using sheer grinding, and when it reaches a point where I can't progress any further without days upon days of training, only then will I use the scroll.

And with that I spent the rest of the night reading under the pale moonlight. I seriously need some light in this place.

I understand the character seems a little immature but...he is eight. And he does still think this is all a game so that should excuse his lack of...well, common sence, at least for now. He does eventually understand his role in all of this and what he should be.

P.S. I will be releasing chapter 3 on the 14th and chapter 4 on 28th of Jan. But to get a preview of all four chapters please visit my site as I have already placed all of them up there.