I opened my eyes and found myself standing in a city. And not the kind that I found in the Elemental Nations. It was the kind I found back in my world...or I think, damn my memory. It was a western world, it reminded me of New York with it's closed off streets. But, there was one difference, the streets were empty.

I felt around and immediately I sensed my chakra. I looked around, the buildings around me began to light up, rows of light turned on inside each building. I see, so each building here represented a chakra channel of my bodies. Impressive.

I walked forward, feeling around for Kurama's chakra. As far as mindscapes went, mine was a lot nicer than Naruto's. I walked through the streets, I found that all the streets were moving in a spiral motion, moving towards the middle of the town. And in the middle of the city was a giant park with a mountain in the middle.

I went into the park, the walls of the park were made of barbed wires and deadly looking spears. Inside were trees so large and thick it reminded me of a still growing redwin tree. Their roots so strong it began growing out of the park and into the city, feeding chakra into my channels. Hm, I see, these trees represented my senjutsu chakra.

As I walked towards the center I noticed several statues along the way. One was of a dragon, a blue dragon that was on fire. Then came a a status of Articuno with ice cicles rolling off it's form.

Each of these statues represented a chakra nature inside of me. There was a Bulbasaur for Wood Release, a Charizard for Fire Release, a Blastoise for Water Release, a Pikachu for Electric release and a Pidgeot for Wind Release.

Slowly through, the trees in the park died as away as I approached the giant mountain. It looked like the mountain and come exploding out of the ground, like it had just recently formed as there was yet to be any vegetation to grow over it.

There were steps leading higher into the mountain, I climbed them quickly, they were short and uneven, and eventually took me to the middle of the mountain where I came before an entrance to a cave the size of a church, so one can only compare how gigantic the mountain was in relative size.

The entrance wasn't open however, as with Naruto there was a giant gat present before me with a seal paper before me. I looked into the cave, I felt Kurama's chakra inside. He was awake.

"You don't have to pretend to be asleep," I told him with a smile, "I just want to talk."

"I have nothing to say to you...ninja," he growled as suddenly two large red eyes looked up at me.

I peered inside and blinked in surprise. The fox was looking up at me? Ah, I see. My eyes adjusted to the darkness of the cave and I noticed Kurama's body wasn't free, it was pinned down under the rocks inside the cave, it was like the entire inside of the mountain had collapsed down on his body. Damn Mnato, you weren't kidding around were you?

Kurama, Nine tailed fox

Lv- Undefined

REP- -100

I sighed, "I am sorry that Minato did this to you...tell me, what's your name?"

Kurama's eyes widened, "you don't have the right to know my name!"

I chuckled, "touchy huh?" I sat down before him and looked down, "alright, that's understandable, you hate humans and don't trust them. But I refuse to call you nine tails or fox, so give me something to work with here."

"Bite me," he huffed, sending a blast of wind at my face.

I grumbled, "fine, I hereby dub you...Mr. Fluffy!"

"W-what?!" Kurama cried in shock.

I threw my head back and laughed, "it's perfect isn't it?! What's the matter Mr. Fluffy? Don't you like the nickname?"

"I am the greatest of all bijuu! I am the nine tailed fox! I am not a common pet!" he growled as he leaked out killing intent that didn't even manage to faze me. Thank you Gamer's mind.

I snorted, "and yet you act like a child, upset at everyone for the crimes of one person," he snorted and closed his eyes, looking away.

I sighed, "look...Foxy...I know you want to be free...and I honestly didn't want to be your jailer. But...there's a bad guy coming for you...for all your brothers and sisters. And if you don't help me stop them...they'll manage to destroy the world that the sage of six paths created."

"And why should I care?" he huffed, "you humans are all the same, you just wish to use us as weapons."

I grumbled, "I'm trying to ask for your help! Not use you! There's a difference!"

"So what? You want my chakra to kill other humans? And then do what? Gain power? Gain glory? What-"

"-Enough!" I released my killing intent, hitting the fox hard enough to make him flinch for a second before I activated my sharingan, making him gasp, "you know what these eyes can do yes? You know what they are capable off...especially to a bijuu."

I then formed the dog seal causing the forest around me to grow larger and larger as a large vine crept towards the cage's bars and into Kurama's seal, "and you know what Wood Release can do to you...don't you?"

Kurama growled, "you bastard, you're one of those cursed Uchiha!"

"Oh no Kurama," I sat up, removing the headband around my forehead revealing my rinnegan, "I am so much more than that."

"H-how? How did you get that eye?! How do you know my name?!"

"Simple," I release my chakra, "because I am not just another human. I know things about you that you have never told anyone...I know you weren't meant to destroy humanity, but guide it. I know you and your siblings aren't monsters or tools, but you were victims of circumstances.

"I can control you if I wish," I flare my wood release chakra, "I can do it easily. Make you a slave to these eyes...and if I really want, make you a slave to me. But...I know...that deep down inside...you are not a monster...you are not the juubi, you are Kurama the nine tailed fox. And..." I dropped my chakra and deactivated my eyes, all of them, "but, I don't want a slave...I want a partner."

Kurama looked at me, for a moment I thought he would agree. But instead, he just turned away and scoffed, closing his eyes, leaving me in silence.

In the Real World:

I opened my eyes and sighed, "fuck."

"No luck?" my clone asked as he stood over Minato, slowly scanning his body with our cellular powers.

"No," I grumbled as I stood up and cracked my neck, "I don't want to talk about it...are we ready to begin?"

The clone nodded, "we are. Minato?"

The Fourth nodded, "do it."

"Right," my clone flared his chakra as he began to gather an obscene amount into himself, going so far as to enter sage mode to do it. It took him ten minutes, but he managed to achieve it in the end.

He slapped his palms together, "Samsara of Heavenly Life!" Immediately every single ounce of chakra the clone had came pouring out as it latched onto Minato's body. Immediately the clone's hair turned white and his muscles began to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

I immediately ran to his side and grabbed him, but he was dead by the time he hit my arms. And in exchange a fully formed Minato Namikaze stood before me, no longer covered with ash, but real flesh and skin.

"I-I am alive," Minato gasped.

I sighed as I light my clone body on fire, burning everything into ash. I turned to Minato and nodded, "stay here...when the time is right, I'll summon you."

Minato nodded, "right!" his smile was so wide and bright, I felt myself copying it, "I can't wait to see Naruto again! Oh how he must have grown! He...he must have a lot of questions."

"You can spend this time thinking upon how you answer them," I replied, "remember, we're keeping the Rinnegan a secret, so just tell them Nagato revived you or something."

"Right...I'll think of something."

And with that I left, taking off to return to my team.

Some hours later:

It took some walking, but soon, the gate of Konoha were visible off the in distance they were standing wide open before me, welcoming and grand in every way possible. And now, after two long years, I was finally coming back home.

I grinned, "come on you slow pocks! I ain't seen this place in so long!" I charged forward.

"Hey! Hold up!" Anko cried out.

Puma sighed, "forget it, you know how he is, he'll never change."

I ran past the gate guards, who spared a glance at me before turning to my allies and requested the proper documents form them. Sesh! Security is really lax around here huh?

I leaped up and landed on top of a light post, looking out at the village before me. I took a deep breath and let it out, the buildings, the people, nothing had changed. Not even the mountain! Since Hiruzen didn't die, he was still the Third and Tsunade didn't come to become the Fifth. Thank God.

"Oye! Shit fucker!" I turned down to see Tayuya and the rest waiting for me, "get down from there!"

I chuckled, "right!" I leaped and dropped straight down, "sorry about that. I haven't seen home in so long!"

"It's understandable," Turtle nodded, "I'm not looking forward to my reunion though."

I smiled patting his shoulder, "we're in this together Turtle, don't worry, if they try to get violent, I'll keep them back."

Turtle, "thank you Yami, I appreciate that."

"Wait a minute," Karin spoke up, "why do they keep calling you Yami? Isn't your name Light?"

I chuckled, "remember, I told you it was just a codename for this mission. My real name is Yami, which I suppose there's no harm in letting you know now," I replied removing my oni mask as well as my face mask, "damn this thing was hot! Glad I don't ever have to use it again any time soon!"

"GWAH!" Karin cried out as her eyes immediately glazed over, her jaw unhinging.

"What the matter?" Tayuya asked with a raised eyebrow.

"H-hot! He's so hot!" Karin cried out, "why didn't you tell me he was such a hunk?!"

Tayuya snorted, "why would I? That would just create more trouble for me."

"What?! There's no way I'm letting someone like you anywhere near that beautiful man!" Karin declared.

"You think you can step up bitch?" Tayuya asked in a growl.

"Hell yeah I can!"

I chuckled nervously, "come on guys, isn't this going a bit far? I know I'm good looking and all but-"

"-You aren't just good looking baby," Karin said in a sultry voice as almost immediately she appeared next to me, rubbing her shoulder against my side, "you're also so hot!"

"Isn't that the same thing?" Anko snorted.

"Shut up cradle robber!" Tayuya cried out.

"Bite me!" Anko cried back, "both you redheads are nothing more than a pain in my ass!"

"Hey! That flute bitch ain't a Uzumaki! She doesn't have the fucking hair!"

"You have a problem with me bitch?!"

"And what if I do?!"

I facepalmed myself and grumbled, "home sweet home."

"Big bro?" a familiar voice asked.

Immediately a smile came on my face as the three women stopped fighting to notice the people staring at us now.

I turned and there they were, the three people I was looking forward to see the most. Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke, team 7 had gathered together it seems, and right behind them was Kakashi guiding the Hokage himself to great us.

I grinned, "hello little brother! You sure-"

"-You're back!" he yelled as he tackled into me, his head reaching my shoulders, damn, guess things really have changed.

I chuckled, "I missed you too Naruto," I pulled him away and examined him, he now wore the orange and black track suit he was seen throughout the rest of the show. Only now he also had a chunin vest over his track, making him seem far more official.

Naruto Uzumaki, Chunin

Lv- 68

REP- 100

I chuckled, "damn little brother, you've grown," I said as I ruffled his head.

"Hehe yeah! But not as much as you Yami!" Naruto gasped as he looked up, "you're nearly as tall as the pervy sage!"

I laughed, "damn straight!" I then turned to Sasuke and Sakura, who had also grown.

Sakura wore the same clothes as in shippuden, except she also wore a chunin vest while Sasuke wore the same clothes as every chunin did, except he had a katana hanging off his side.

Sakura Hanaro, Medical prodigy

Lv- 59

REP- 92

Sasuke Uchiha, The Last Uchiha

Lv- 72

REP- 95

I smiled, "damn Sasuke, Sakura, you both got tough. Especially you Sasuke, you could give most jonin a run for their money."

Sasuke huffed, "of course, you didn't think we would just sit here and wait did you?"

I smirked, "of course not," I turned to the Hokage and Kakashi, "it's nice to see you both as well."

Kakashi waved, putting his book away, "yo. How're things?"

"I'm glad to see you are back safe Yami," the Hokage smiled before turning to my companions and blinked, "I see you have returned with more people that you left with."

I nodded, "this is Tayuya, she was one of Orochimaru's ninjas, she didn't much like him," said girl snorted, "and the other one is Karin Uzumaki," I smiled as Naruto immediately reacted.

"Eh?! Another Uzumaki?! That's awesome!" Naruto cried out as he approached the girl, "wow! Grandma Misu is going to be so happy about this! She always complained how I wasn't a real Uzumaki because of my hair! She's going to be so proud!"

Karin blinked, "y-you're an Uzumaki as well?"

Naruto nodded furiously, "hell yeah I am! The names Naruto Uzumaki! Nice to meet you!"

"K-Karin," the girl replied shyly before looking at me for help.

I chuckled and grabbed Naruto, throwing my around his shoulders, "alright Naruto, that's enough. Give the girl some space, or am I to believe you and Sakura are no longer smooching booties?"

"Hey! Don't bring Sakura into this! She's so scary Yami! She's probably stronger than you now!" Naruto screamed as he nervously turned around to see Sakura twitching her eyebrows, he gulped loudly, giving out a nervous chuckle, "not that I mind sweetie, in fact-"

"-Naruto," Sakura glared, "shush."

"Yes ma'am!"

I laughed, "looks like the most unpredictable ninja in Konoha has been chained down! So when's the wedding you two? And can I be the best man?"

"W-wedding?!" Sakura blushed as she immediately began to daydream. There we go, no more angry Sakura.

"Here's a tip Naruto," I leaned in and whispered, "is she ever gets mad at you, just mention weddings and kids. That's the simplest way to distract a chick."

"That is not true at all," Puma scoffed.

I blinked, "okay, maybe not for all women."

"Yami," Sasuke spoke up, his eyes flashing determination, "fight me. I want to see how powerful you are."

I grinned, "I thought you would never ask."

"Hey! That's not fair! I want to fight Yami too!" Naruto cried out, "I've been training just as hard as Sasuke! Believe it!"

I grinned, "alright then, why don't I fight the both of you at the same time then?"

"Hey! What about me?!" Sakura said as she snapped out of her day dream, "I've been training too you know!"

I blinked, "I didn't realise you wanted to kick my ass too Sakura."

"Not really, but we're a team," Sakura said grabbing each one of the boy's arms, "and we fight together."

Sasuke didn't object as he simply nodded. Wow, what a twist, Sasuke Uchiha willing to fight together instead of alone, now this is a middle finger to canon.

I grinned, "alright then, it's settled, in three days, team 7 versu me," I chuckled, "and if I win, you're all paying for dinner! Not just for me, but my whole team! Wahaha!"


Quest Alert!

Defeat team 7!




You pay for dinner

Do you accept?


I pressed yes. "Bring it on Yami!" Naruto cried out, "I'll show you! I'll kick your butt and then I'll be one more step closer to being Hokage!"

"Well, while this is all well and good, I believe Yami has other responsibilities first," Hiruzen stepped in, "come, I need to be briefed on your mission."

"Yes lord Hokage," I nodded, waving to Naruto and Sasuke, "next time kiddos. Naruto, I'll meet you later, okay?"

"Right! Bye bro!" Naruto smiled as my team and I followed the Hokage and Kakashi to the tower where we headed straight for the Hokage's office.

"Now then," the Hokage's face turned serious, "report."

Half an hour later:

"And this is the last of my weekly written report I had made for you on the trip," I placed fifty scrolls on his table, "enjoy."

Hiruzen flinched, "I feel like you made them purposefully long just to spite me."

I gave him a fake sweet smile, "now why would I do that?"

Hiruzen sighed, "fine, whatever," he turned to Tayuya, "you," the girl flinched, she stepped forward, her back straight and her heart rate slowly increasing, she was scared, and with good reason.

"Tell me, why did you not join the newly formed Oto?" Hiruzen asked, "you are skilled enough to be a jonin of that village, and I'm assuming your skills only grew with the time you spent with Yami and his team."

"I..I owed him my loyalty," Tayuya said looking at me, "he saved me. Not just from Orochimaru's stupid curse seal but also...from the life I would have lead as a ninja. I didn't actually want to become a ninja, but I was an orphan and I needed to protect myself. My skills with genjutsu caught Orochimaru's attention and...well, like I said, I didn't chose this life.

"I thought I would have to spend it killing and murdering innocent people. I managed my future as a nameless soldier, dead for some stupid client I hate. But when I met Yami...he should me that a ninja doesn't have to be a killer alone."

Hiruzen smiled and nodded, "yes, Yami does tend to have that effect on people," he turned to Karin, "another Uzumaki I see. And judge by your headband, I see you were from Kusa, yes?"

"Y-yes," Karin nodded, "I was."

"Then why did you come with Yami?"

"Because...because I never belonged," Karin said softly, "I was always an outsider there...I was hoping if I left, I could find people who were similar to me...when Yami told me he knew two other Uzumakis in Konoha, I knew I had to come here."

"Hm, reasonable," Hiruzen nodded, "if you're sure, then we would be happy to have another Uzumaki join our ranks. Tell me, what was your rank in Kusa?"

"I was a chunin," Karin replied.

"Very well, I'll have someone test the both of your skills and determine where best to put you," Hiruzen said puffing his pipe.

"You mean I can stay?!" Karin asked in awe.

The Hokage smiled and nodded, "of course. I owe you that much, after all, the Uzumakis and the Senju clan were close, very close. Whether or not you were born here, you are one of us, an Uzumaki will always have a home here, Konoha takes care of her own. You have nothing worry, if Yami vouches for you, then I see no reason to doubt him."

"Fuck yes!" Tayuya screamed, "I thought you might actually fucking say no! Ha! Thank God!"

Hiruzen chuckled, "is she always this hyper?"

I groaned, "yes. You would think that wasn't possible, but it is."

"Very," Hiruzen sighed as he rolled up the original mission scroll for the Oto mission, "you all completed the mission to the letter. I received a message from the new Otokage just a day ago requesting an alliance. A Kaguya, very interesting choice Yami."

I shrugged, "he's the black sheep of the clan. A very quiet and thoughtful person. Reminded me a bit of Itachi actually. And he was also trustworthy, a natural leader if I ever saw one."

"Hm, I'll trust your judgement on this," Hiruzen nodded, "this mission has been successfully completed. Congratulations all, you did a fine job. I'll wire the payment for this mission to you all, and for Karin and Tayuya, this will serve to pay any and all processing fees we have to do, including housing and such."


Quest Completed!

Save Oto!

Number of Orochimaru's bases destroyed: 165/165


1,000,000 EXP

5 million Ryo

+60 REP scroll


You have leveled up!

Yami, Vanquisher of Orochimaru

Level- 100 (205,300/850,000)

HP- 85,500/84,500 (+20) (+20% regeneration = 76% per minute)

SP- 35,350/35,350

CP- 102,650/102,650 (+20% regeneration= 185% every 30 seconds)


FIRE- 100% WIND- 100% LIGHTNING- 100% WATER- 100% EARTH- 100%

SCORCH- 100% SWIFT- 100% WOOD- 100% LAVA- 100% BOIL- 100% MAGNET- 100%

ICE- 100% STORM- 100% PLASMA- 100% EXPLOSION- 100%

POWER- 100% LIFE- 100% DUST- 100% GRAVITY- 100% FORCE- 100%

YING- 100% YANG- 100% YING-YANG- 100%


Allegiance- Konoha

STR- 230 (+5)

VIT- 180

DEX- 190

INT- 120 (+2)

CHA- 400

CC- 250

LUC- 103 (+5)

Points- 10

Perk Points- 27


You have reached 10 level checkpoint! Hero maker perk activates!


You have gained a new perk!

Flight- You have the ability to levitate yourself telekinetically. Cost- 50 SP per second

My eyes winded at that, it was the second coolest perk I ever got from Hero maker. The first being able to breath underwater, then X ray vision, Wonder woman's strength, Heat vision and then lighting rod, which was one of Flash's abilities;

Lightning rod- gain +20 HP from evey 50 DMG from any lightning based attack done on your person.

That was extremely useful to defend against lightning based attacks, but honestly nothing else. So yes, by default, flight was the best perk I got.

The +60 REP scroll I gained would also be useful to gain control over Kurama, it was much better than using Kotoamatsukami on the poor thing.

"Now, Anko, why don't you and Holo show our to new ninjas around?" Hiruzen said with a very deceptive grandfatherly smile.

"Yes lord Hokage," Anko nodded, both her and Holo knew this wasn't a request but an order.

"Come on you two," Holo smiled waving them over, "we'll show you around. We have some great restaurants!"

"But-" Karin turned to me, she looked worried, worried for me.

I chuckled, "relax Karin, I'm not in trouble. Besides, it's not like the old man here can force me to do anything, I'm way too cool for that," I snorted.

Hiruzen's eyebrow twitched, "arrogant brat."

Karin looked worried still, but Tayuya grabbed her and the four women left, leaving me and Turtle with the Hokage.

"Eagle," Hiruzen spoke, immediately Eagle, the one I worked with all those years ago, appeared next to us, "take Turtle to his room, we will talk later Turtle, first I have to speak with my rebellious ninja."

Turtle chuckled, "good luck."

"There's no need for that, I'm not that scary," Hiruzen chuckled.

"I was actually talking to you lord Hokage," Turtle snorted before vanishing with Eagle.

Immediately Hiruzen's face turned serious, he made a hand seal as immediately all the hidden ANBU agents in his room left, leaving us truly alone. "You were supposed to arrive three days ago. What happened?"

I sighed, of course, Kimimaro's letter would have mentioned we left to Kusa and that we would arrive soon. He probably calculated the fact that I took a detour to Ame because of the extra time I took.

"It's because of the Akatsuki," I replied, immediately gaining his attention.

"What about them?" Hiruzen asked, his attention now fully on me.

"They tried coming for the Sanbi," I responded.

"Yes, I heard about the battle outside Ta where a lake suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Kisame I assume?"

I nodded, "he wanted revenge for cutting his arm, stealing his blade and blinding him."

"I see...and I'm guessing from the fact that you're alive that he is dead?"

"It wasn't easy, but yes, he's gone," I nodded, not wanting to say how utterly easy it was. Didn't want to reveal my true power. I loved the fact that people still underestimated me.

"I see...and then what happened?"

I narrowed my eyes, "I learnt what really happened to Itachi Uchiha...how you ordered him to kill the clan."

Hiruzen's eyes went wide, "Yami...how did you-"

"-Danzo told me," I narrowed my eyes at Hiruzen, "all those years ago when he asked me to betray you. He told me the truth, in order to convince me that you kept secrets from me. And after I talked to Itachi, he confirmed it."

"Yami...let me-"

"-Save it Hiruzen," I glared at the man with hate, "I've heard enough. I understand why you had to do it, but I'm disappointed in you, so very much. There must always be a way, especially when it concerns our people. And quite frankly, I'm in no mood to listen to your excuses right now."

"I see….well, then let me just say this...I am truly sorry for what we had to do...will you tell Sasuke?"

"Itachi asked me not too. He wanted to explain it himself...and I agreed. Don't worry, you're fuck ups won't be revealed today Hiruzen, and not by me."

The Hokage aged rapidly before my eyes, "there are many regrets a man such as I was Yami. And trust me when I say the murder of your clan is one of them."

"I'm not an Uchiha old man," I rolled my eyes, "I may have the damn eyes, but I'm not an Uchiha."

"Yes, I apologize, I forgot," Hiruzen smiled, "so...where does that put us?"

"Is that your subtle way of asking me if I'm planning on going rouge?"


"Naruto is my brother, Sasuke is my cousin. Sakura is my little sister, Kakashi is an annoying older brother, Zumo is my first rival, China is my first fan girl and Ko sensei was my teacher. Konoha is my home, I won't ever betray it...unless it becomes something unrecognizable to the original village Hashirama built."

Hiruzen nodded, "that is fair enough Yami. Now, what did you find out?"

"A lot," I sighed as I rolled my shoulders, "Madara Uchiha is still alive, he's the reason the kyuubi attacked all those years ago."

Hiruzen's eyes widened, "w-what?!"

"I don't know if it's the real Madara, but he's an Uchiha and is powerful enough to control the Kyuubi and fight Minato himself," I sighed, "and he's very much alive."

"Have you seen him?" Hiruzen asked.

"No, but I found out about him from the leader of the Akatsuki, Pain, a man with the Rinnegan."

Hiruzen looked at me for a moment before he sighed. He then bent over and opened a secret compartment under his desk and took out a sake bottle. He then popped it open and drank from it directly, gulping the liquid down before slamming the half empty bottle onto the table.

"What else?" he growled, wiping away the little liquid that slipped out of his mouth.

"They are planning on gathering all the bijuu in order to fuse them together to form the ten tails, a monster so powerful only Hagoromo, the Sage of Six Paths himself could defeat it, and too only with the help of his brother."

This time he finished the bottle.

Hiruzen then took out his pipe and put in a large amount of tobacco into it, "what else?"

"I managed to convince Pain to stop the plan, I bought us a year where he will try and figure out a better way to bring peace to the world."


"He believes the only way the world can come together is by a mutual understanding of pain, hence his moniker."

"Every Time it's something new," Hiruzen grumbled as he smoked from his pipe, "every damn time. I'm getting too old for this shit. Won't you please consider taking this damn hat Yami?"

I snorted, "neah. Naruto wouldn't like that, plus it sounds way too boring a job. So no thanks!"

"Fine...so what then?"

"Then...nothing. I learnt that the Akatsuki might begin trying to gather all the biju soon. They may have lost their leader, but the true master mind, this man calling himself Madara, will carry out the plan. They will be going after the one tails first, and then onwards until nine."

"Fuck," Hiruzen spat, "I really am getting too old."

My smile was infectious, "you know...I have the perfect candidate for the hat, if you're so keen on getting rid of it."

Hiruzen blinked, "really? Who?"

I smiled, "before that, I need you to do me a favour. Summon Naruto, Kakashi and if he's here, Jiraiya, they would need to see this as well."

Hiruzen frowned, "Jiraiya is in Kumo right now, but the rest I can do," Hiruzen sent out a pulse of chakra bringing an ANBU back inside. He ordered Naruto and Kakashi brought to him immediately, the ANBU took off the moment the order was given.

"What is this about Yami? Who is this canedit?" Hiruzen asked.

"All in good time old man," I smiled, "although you might want to brace yourself, you might actually die from surprise at this point."

Hiruzen sighed rubbing his temples, "at this point, I'm willing to fully believe that."

I snorted, "right...anyway, what's new in the village? Naruto and his team has grown a lot since I last I saw them."

Hiruzen grew a proud smile, "yes, they sure have. Jiraiya took Naruto for a year long training trip, he tried to get Naruto to gain control over the Kyuubi, but sadly they didn't get far. Sakura was trained in the hospital to become a medic, and she adapted Tsunade's medical jutsus very well, including her amazing strength. I understand you have something to do with that yes?"

I shrugged, "I may have given her a few pointers," this was before the chunin exams began, I'm surprised she still kept on it.l

"Right, well, Sasuke was taken under Kakashi's wing and managed to become a jonin in the process. Oh, and speaking of which," he took out a piece of paper and tosses it to me.

I looked at it, it was an official document that graduated me to a full jonin. I whistled, "damn, not bad."


You have gained a new title!

Jonin- +40 REP from other Konoha ninjas

I grinned, "nice! About time old man! I was thinking I was going to be stuck as a tokubetsu jonin forever!"

Hiruzen smiled, "now wouldn't that be a waste of talent. And I'm sure by now you have become mature enough to take on your own genin team." The last part was said in a very haunting voice, he took sick pleasure in reminding me off my new responsibilities.

I groaned, "damn you to hell you old fart."

"That's what you get for rejecting this hat brat."

"Hmph," I snorted, "whatever...but on a more serious note, I don't think that would be wise."

"Why so?"

"The Akatsuki are moving, and Madara probably heard what I did to Kisame and Pain. He'll be coming for me, if not outright labeling me a wanted target. Plus, there's a matter about the biju. We should prevent the Akatsuki from gaining them, or else who knows what the end result could be."

Hiruzen frowned, "I see. Very well, I'll send a team to Suna with a warning. If the Kazekage heads it or not is up to him. He's very dismissive when it comes to his son."

Oh, yeah, that's right. Gaara isn't the Kazekage, his father is still alive. "Send Naruto and his team," I suggested, "Naruto can get through to Rasa, and if there's another jinchuriki, no matter how untrained, the Akatsuki will think twice. And Sasuke's eyes will be helpful incase Shikaku ever tries to do something funny."

"Shikaku?" Hiruzen asked.

"The name of the one tails," I explained.

"Hm, I didn't realise they had names. Do you think the Kyuubi has one?"

I nodded, "he does. Probably."

"Shut your mouth." Kurama's voice from inside me called out. Hm, a psychic link, how interesting.

"Bite me Foxy," I replied back, but got no response in return, "oh, I didn't realise you were the shy type Kurama." But he didn't fall for my bait.

"I see, fine, your recommendation is sound. Although if you're going to act like the Hokage, you might as well take the damn hat while you're at it," Hiruzen smirked.

I chuckled, "trust me. The guy who I'm going to recommend is far more worthy than me."

"Hm, now I'm curious," Hiruzen sighed, "fine, the Ichibi is safe, what about the rest?"

"Since Yagura completed the mission as promised I offered to bring him back home to Kiri and explain the entire situation to them. Hopefully my good will with them and Yagura's action will gain some favour with them. Kiri will protect him...if not, we'll just have to do it instead."

"Agreed," Hiruzen nodded.

"And as for the two tails...I'm guessing I'll pay a visit to Kumo when I return from Kiri. I'll talk to A and B, tell them to keep an eye on Yugito, just in case."

"Why not a simple letter?"

"If I come there personally it might make much more of an impact."

"And I'm sure the chance to meet the beautiful Samui has nothing to do with this decision yes?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about her," I giggled, "I wonder how much she's grown….hehehe."

Hiruzen sighed, "you're just like Jiraiya."

"Oh, thanks!"

There was a knock at the door as Kakashi and Naruto walked in. "Lord Hokage," Kakashi nodded.

"Yo gramps!" Naruto grinned, "you wanted to see us? Hey Yami!"

"Actually Naruto, it was Yami here who requests your presence," Hiruzen motioned to me.

"Oh? Why is that?" Kakashi asked.

"Well...I suppose it would be easier to just show you," I formed the hand seals before slamming my hand on the ground, "summoning jutsu!"


There was a puff of smoke, Hiruzen and Kakashi grew alert while Naruto just grew curious. Slowly the smoke disappeared and standing in the middle of the Hokage office was a man everyone believed was dead.

"M-Minato?" Hiruzen gasped in shock.

"S-sensei?" Kakashi looked like someone just ripped his heart out of his body and then showed it to him.

"Wait, is that the Fourth?!" Naruto gasped in awe, "I thought he was dead!"

"H-he was," Kakashi nodded before he immediately drew a kunai and charged forward. Minato noticed this, and smiled.

He grabbed Kakashi's hand and twisted it around, perfectly countering the move before slamming him into the ground, a tri pronged kunai appeared in his hand as Minato pressed it against Kakashi's neck.

"You still lean too much into your attacks Kakashi," Minato smiled.

"H-how?" Kakashi asked as Minato removed his kunai and moved back, "how are you...how are you here?!"

"Orochimaru," I spoke, gaining everyone's attention, "he was planning on invading Konoha with an army, his army. And at the helm would be the First, Second and Fourth Hokage's, each revived using the Second's Impure World Resurrection jutsu."

"B-but this isn't a resurrection! I've seen the Second use that jutsu! This is flesh and blood!" Hiruzen argued.

"Yes," Minato nodded, "and that was thanks to the Rinnegan, which the leader of the Akatsuki has."

"Yami, is this the same one you mentioned?" Hiruzen asked.

I nodded, "yup. After I talked him out of trying to destroy the world he decided to reward me and brought back Minato as a gift...which I honestly think is kind of sweet."

"Woah! There's a guy out there who can bring back the dead? That's so cool!" Naruto blinked, "this is pretty cool huh sensei! You're old sensei is back!"

I blinked, "wait...Naruto...you do know who this guy is right?" I pointed at a similarly surprised Minato.

"Ah yeah I do! This is the Fourth right! He's the guy who sealed the kyuubi inside of me. Hey! Why did you do that anyway! That's such a shitty move man!"

Minato blinked, "well, you see-"

"-Hold up!" I cried out, "you're telling me...after all this time, you still haven't figured it out?"

Naruto blinked, "figured what out?"

"You….idiot!" I cried out, "it's been three fucking years and you still don't know who he is?! How stupid can one person be?! You basically look exactly the same!"

"Stop yelling at me you asshole! Just tell me what's so important!"

I grumbled face palming myself before drawing a paint brush, "Minato, come here."

The Fourth sighed, "is that really necessary?"

"He's a fuckign moron, I wouldn't be suprised if he still didn't get it," I quickly drew three whisker marks on either side of Minato's face before stepping back and presenting it to Naruto, "there, now do you get it?!"

Naruto blinked, five seconds, he blinked again, ten seconds, and…."ARGH!"

I sighed, "thank God."


Minato chuckled, "that's right...I'm your dad Naruto."

Naruto's eyes began to tear up, Kakashi, Hiruzen and I stepped back letting them have their privacy. We watched as Naruto cried, walking towards Minato slowly. The man smiled and moved to huge Naruto.

"You bastard!", the Uzumaki stopped mid step and launched a punch right at Minato's face, knocking him flat on his ass.

"Nice," I grinned.

"W-what?" Minato blinked, completely confused.

"Why did you put that damn fox inside of me?!" Naruto asked with tears in his eyes, "do you know how much I had to go through?! How much I had to suffer?! Why me?!"

Minato's eyes grew heavy as he slowly got on his feet, "I know...I'm a shitty dad. But...I'm also the Hokage, if I wasn't willing to sacrifice my own son, how could I possibly ask someone to sacrifice theirs."

Naruto sniffed, "I-I guess."

"Plus," Minato rubbed Naruto's hair playfully, "you're my son. I knew you could take it."

Naruto blinked as hope slowly melted into him. He smiled, "yeah!"

Turned to Hiruzen, "so...what do you say? Is he a good enough candidate for Hokage or what?"

In response Hiruzen just took out another bottle of sake and emptied it wholey.

It took a long time to convince Naruto that his father was really back. And then, Minato told the about 'Madara', the real reason why the kyuubi attacked and most importantly for Naruto, that he was really, truly back.

"Minato," Hiruzen spoke after the three hour long reunion ended, "I am glad that you've returned," he smacked the hat on Minato's head, "enjoy the paperwork. Because I am sure there will be a room full of it, once we tell everyone that you've returned."

Minato gulped, "ah, can't I-"

"-No," Hiruzen glared, "I've been Hokage well past my prime, no longer. You're the Fourth, you have a pulse. I'll take care of the legal documents and everything else, I'll even break the news to everyone else, but that will be my last act in this office. Congratulations, you got the job...again."

"What?! That's no fair! I was going to be the next Hokage!" Naruto cried out.

Minato chuckled, "if you want, you can help me with the paperwork."

"You mean it dad?! Deal!" Naruto said excitedly, eager to do Hokage work and spend time with his dad. However going through the mind of every other individual in the room was one thought, 'sucker'.

That night Minato came with us to my place, Naruto and him eagerly talking about Naruto's life and the happenings. I just stayed quiet, letting the father and son have their moment.

Karin and Misu got along great, the old Uzumaki took great joy in telling Karin about her heritage, and the younger redhead enjoyed the fact that she wasn't alone anymore.

They were a little shocked to have Minato alive again. They asked for details, but the Third decided to rank it an S rank secret, so we couldn't give out any details. It was an awkward dinner that night, Naruto constantly chatting up a storm while Karin did her best to cozy up to me.

That night Minato and Naruto slept in my apartment, while Misu and Karin used Naruto's and Misu's apartment. It was a tight fit, but since I just kept to my lab, we managed to make it work.

While father and son spent the night chatting away, afraid to fall asleep incase something happened to the other before they woke up, I began working in my lab.

I had to modify it a little before it became similar to a meditation room, filled with incense and other such aromas. I placed a mat in the middle of the room and sat down.

I opened my inventory and took out the +60 REP scroll and used it on Kurama, turning it's REP score from -100, to -40. I then closed my eyes and entered my mindscape.

Once more I found myself in the park of chakra in my mind. I traveled to the giant mountain in the center and sat down by the entrance. Kurama opened a single eye and noticed me, scoffing, he said nothing before going right back to sleep.

I sighed, "I don't want a slave, I want a friend. So, I realised I have to earn that friendship. So," I took a deep breath and let it out, "tonight I'll tell you the story of Luke Skywalker, the orphan boy raised by farmers and the war he had to face."

Kurama opened one eye, "you're wasting your time boy."

I grinned, "maybe. But I have to try. Now, in a land far far away, there was a ship that was being chased by the naval vessel of the dreaded Empire, the ruthless army that conquered half the world through bloodshed and betrayal. And on this small little ship was a woman, a princess my the name of Lea, a woman who held in her hands the plans to the Empire's newest war machine, the Death Star…."

The next day:

The people gathered around the hokage tower quickly, they were eager and chattering up a storm. The Third had ordered an assembly of all the village's people, claiming it was a state emergency.

Everyone as here, form the civilians to the academy students to even even present ninja, on a hiatus period or on the active roster. Even the clan heads had been summoned, though they were allowed to be on the roof of the hokage tower instead of with everyone else on the ground.

"What do you think is about?" the head of the Yakama clan asked the jonin commander Shikaku Nara.

The man yawned with a shrug, "no clue, the old man was pretty tight lipped about it."

I stood off in the distance with my team by my side, each of us silent, though Anko was fidgeting in curiosity.

And then, the door to the roof opened as two figures dressed in white robes with red highlights walked through and following right behind them was Naruto and Kakashi.

People gasped at the sight of the person before them. Minato smiled, "hello, it's nice to see you all again."

"M-Minato?" Asuma asked before snapping to the Third, "father is it really-"

Hiruzen nodded, "yes Asuma, it is."

"B-but how?" the Hyuuga head, Hinata's father, asked.

"Orochimaru was planning on using the Second's impure world resurrection jutsu to bring him back," Hiruzen explained, "when I sent out Yami," he motioned to me causing everyone to pare me a glance, "he found Minato's body being ready for revival. Using an S ranked secret method Yami was able to bring Minato back. He isn't just a corpse anymore, he's alive. He's back."

The elders and clan head were in shock. Minato chuckled as he walked past them and walked to the edge of the roof. The people slowly began to notice him. And then, they lost it.

It took a whole day, but they finally began to understand what happened. That night thought, they celebrated.

And the next day, it was judgement day. I still remember it, Naruto and I were at a grocery store to buy something to eat, we had skipped breakfast that day, focusing on training, and I refused to have ramen constantly.

We brought our groceries for checking out when the manager charged us three times the asking price. And that was when Minato came in.

It was scary to say the least. The man was merciless with the shopkeeper. He had physically grabbed him and thrown him out of the shop for calling his son worthless and when people began to gather around and asked Minato why he protected the 'thing' that once killed him, well, let's just say a few pants had turned brown.

That night the village was hit with a second rumour, the one about Naruto being Minato's son. Immediately several people had come to our apartment on their knees begging for forgiveness, it had gotten so bad I used a minor fire release jutsu to light their behinds on fire, sending them running away, screaming at the top of their lungs.

Three days later:

I sighed as I stretched my arms and legs, "remind me again why I agreed to do this?"

Sasuke glared, "to show me how much stronger you've gotten."

"Right...can't we just like play rock paper scissors or something?"


"Hell no!" Naruto cried out, his smile brighter than normal, "I'm going to be the next hokage! And there's no way I can do that without defeating you first Yami! Isn't that right dad?!"

We were all standing in training field seven. I and team seven stood facing each other while Minato, Kakashi, Hiruzen, Tayuya and Karin stood off in the side lines.

Minato chuckled, "that's right."

"I still don't understand how that's possible," Sakura murmured, "isn't he dead?"

"In this world Sakura, you just kind of roll with it," I sighed, "now then, how are we going to do this? One at a time? Or all at once?"

"Don't underestimate us," Sasuke drew his blade as Sakura put on her fighting gloves and Naruto formed twenty clones.

"Well then...what are we waiting for?" I grinned as I drew a kunai, "come at me punks."

"Yosh! Take this!" Naruto charged along with his clones. They began attacking me with kunai and shuriken as they slipped into the Disturbance style, leaping all around me in quick successions, doing their best to distract me and get a hit in.

"Naruto!" Sakura called out as she charged forward.

"Right!" a few clones remained while the rest leaped away. They attacked my side, keeping me in place, defending against them while Sakura managed to get close enough to threw a fist back and launch it into the ground.

"SHANNARO!" she cried out as the entire battle field exploded, throwing huge piles of rocks into the air, with me along with them.

"Damn," I gasped as I leaped from rock to rock, going with the upward force, "that's one impressive-"

"Kenjutsu: Uchiha style, searing flames," Sasuke's blade moved in a flash of silver. I had just enough time to block it with a kunai before managing to land a kick on his side and push him back, the both of us landing on opposite sides of the field.

"Damn, not bad," I replied, "if I was anyone else that sword strike would have cut off my head."

"Tsck," Sasuke hissed, "he's too fast."

"And that's him without his Swift Release," Naruto replied as he eyed me.

"Those eyes, their serious huh little brother," I grinned as I cracked my neck, "fine then. Let's begin. The first lesson of today."

I vanished from their view, Sakura grew to a panic as she looked around desperately, only Sasuke seemed to notice me as he immediately turned around and drew his blade just in time to stop Kusanagi from cutting off his head.


The Uchiha gasped as slowly my blade cut into his, slicing it off millimeter by millimeter. He tried to move away, disengaging from the fight when I grabbed his arm and threw him over my shoulder and into a tree.

"You need to be quicker," I put away my blade and launched a kick into NAruto's gut, sending him into his clones, the force from the kick dispelling them all upon impact.

I turned to Sakura, she charged forward, fist ready. I grinned, if it was a test of strength she wanted, I would gladly give it to her.

Wonder Woman's Strength activated!

I charged up my fist and rushed forward, a fist drawn. We were about to clash when at the last moment I grabbed her right fist with my left arm and twisted, pushing her into the ground.


"GRAH!" Sakura cried out, her shoulder had been dislocated.

"Sakura!" NAruto cried out as he and Sasuke immediately charged at m. The Uchiha was faster as he slashed at my head with his blade. I held up a fist and caught the blade in my hand, squeezing hard enough to snap the blade in half.

"What the hell?" Sasuke asked, unbelieving at what just happened.

"Hands off!" Naruto charged in with ten clones. I immediately disengaged from Sakura and Sasuke and focused on the clones, allowing NAruto to take his team mates to safety.

It took me a minute to fight off all the clones, but by that time the three members of team 7 had vanished into the scenery, probably off planning their next step. I could easily track them with their chakra signatures, but I decided to allow the kids some breathing space, they would need it.

"He's not following them?" I heard Hiruzen ask allowed.

"He's giving them a chance to win," Kakashi observed.

"That's kind of stupid," Tayuya snorted, "isn't the point of this whole thing supposed to be who's stronger?"

"Well if that's the case I doubt those three would have lasted as long as they did," Minato noted, "no, I'm guessing Yami is more curious as to how far they have grown rather than who's stronger."

"Hm, from what you're saying you believe Yami there is stronger than Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura combined?" Hiruzen asked.

Minato nodded, "without a doubt."

"How strong?" Kakashi asked looking up from his book.

"He's the strongest ninja I have ever met," Minato declared, "definitely stronger than me."

I chuckled, "oh come on Minato, you're making me blush!"

"Doesn't mean it isn't true," Minato smiled.

Just then I felt them move. Naruto and a small clone army of his was heading towards me while Sasuke and Sakura were circling me in a pincer formation. This should be interesting enough.

Naruto exploded out of the tree lines and appeared before me. I smiled at the sight of him and his clones, "alright, did you guys form a plan yet?"

"You bet we did!" NAruto grinned as he made a hand seal, "it's time to show you the results of my hard work."

I smiled, "alright then, show me what you got!" I got ready to move in an instant, I was ready for whatever he had, whatever-

"Sexy Harem jutsu!" Naruto cried out as the entire forest was covered in a puff of smoke and standing in the army of clones was an army of large breasted blondes, smoke covering their privates and a lusty wanting look in their eyes.

"Master Yami," they moaned, "what do you think?"

I blinked, "disgusting."

"W-what?!" the real on cried out, "what do you mean?!"

"Did he actually grow up?" Sakura whispered to a surprised Sasuke.

"All this time...and you still have only learnt this much?" I snorted, "I'm disappointed in you NAruto. I thought you would have changed. Here, let me show you the true power of the sexy jutsu!" I created a hand seal, releasing a puff of smoke.

"What the fuck?!" Minato cried out.

"Oh my," Kakashi blinked.

Hiruzen said nothing as a single stream of blood flew down his nose. "T-that bastard!" Tayuya cried out.

Standing in my place was a woman with the combined forms of Sakura, Tayuya, Karin and Kushina. She had Kushina's face, Karin's eyes, Tayuya's hair and Sakura's body and wore nothing but a bikini.

"Woah," Naruto said as hearts grew on his eyes, "that's awesome!"

"You see big boy, being sexy just isn't enough," I pulled the string around my neck, teasing the pair of firm breasts underneath, "you need to make sure the form you pick is perfect for your victim. I made this one with the combined features of your mother, Karin, Tayuya and Sakura. So? What do you think?" I threw the top off making NAruto turn red.

"I-It's perfect!" Naruto cried out as his clone popped from shock, the henge dropping immediately, revealing the real Naruto with swirls in his eyes, "so sexy..."

"That boy has issues," Minato grumbled.

"Shannaro!" Sakura cried out as she leaped right at me, a fist colliding with the ground to destroy the landscape yet again.

"I haven't forgotten about you Sakura," I smiled as I jumped and landed away, quickly forming ten shadow clones before smoking, "in fact, I've been making this jutsu just for you! Reverse harem jutsu!"

There was a large puff of smoke as suddenly Sakura found herself surrounded by naked men, each comprised to look like versions of Sasuke or Naruto, and with a few of my features mixed in as well.

"Wha…." Sakura's eyes glossed over for a second, a single stream of blood dripping from her nose. And that moment was all I needed.

"Got you!" I hit her behind the neck knocking her out. I picked her up and tossed her over to NAruto who was still unconscious at this point.

"Now then," I turned to see Sasuke, "shall we dispel the stupid shadow clone act?"

Sasuke smirked, "I told him you wouldn't fall for it," Sakura and Naruto exploded into smoke as the real pair appeared next to Sasuke, both blushing red, but not worse for ware. "That's the problem when fighting a sensor," Sasuke explained as they got ready for the real fight, "you never can trick them."

"I have to admit big bro, you've taken the sexy jutsu to new heights!" Naruto grinned giving me a thumbs up.

"Stop complimenting him on that perverted jutsu idiot!" Sakura cried out.

"It was effective," Sasuke snicckered.

"See! Even Sasuke liked it!" Naruto smiled.

"Whatever," Sakura looked away, blushing up a storm.

"Right then," I drew my blade, "shall we fight for real now? Or are we just going to sit around and chat?"

"Right!" Naruto cried out as he moved through hand seals, "Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

I leaped up and allowed the wind to push me back, riding the wind as I was pushed further and further back.

"Fire Release: Great Annihilation."

"Fuck," I grumbled as Sasuke's own attack came forward, mixing with NAruto's, causing a wave of fire to come rushing right at me.

"Scorch Release: Helix dome!" I spat out a glob of fire which immediately spread around me like a ball of flames. Immediately the attacking flames were absorbed by my protective dome of fire, strengthening it it greater levels.

"You can't hide from me! Earth Release: Earth armour!" Sakura encapsed her fists with rocks and brought her fist down on top of the helix dome.


Helix Dome: 300/ 1,800

"Shannaro!" she punched the dome once more, this time shattering it, revealing a shadow clone I had left inside. The clone held Kusanagi up, Sakura's eyes widened as it instantly grow it stab her in the heart, only for NAruto to come in at the last moment in a flash of yellow light, gra her, and vanish, all in the time it took for one to clap their hands.

Naruto and Sakura appeared next to Sakura. I whistled, clapping my hands slowly, dismissing the clone that tried to kill Sakura, "I didn't realise you figured out that jutsu already Naruto."

"Grandma Misu helped," Naruto grinned as he healed up a tri pronged kunai.

Minato blinked, "h-he mastered the Flying Lighting God?"

"And he did it without realising it was his birthright," Kakashi added in, "he said since it was something Yami figured out, he should be able to do it too. Kid got through with pure determination."

"Chidori," Sasuke called out, sending out a blast of lightning through his blade right at me. It came like a blade of lighting, and if I had been just a moment slower he would have blow a hole through my head.

"Oh, so now it's time for ninjutsu huh?" I smirked forming five clones, one out of Earth, Water, Wood, Shadow and Ice, "let them have it boys!"

"Right!" the clones called out as they launched themselves at team seven, each going through hand seals.

"Look out!" Sasuke called out, but already each clone was in position around the three of them.

"Earth Release: Four Wall Prison!"the Earth clone cried out, summoning forth four hundred feet slabs of rock around team seven which then began moving closer to block them in.

"Shit!" Naruto cried out as he threw a kunai between the slabs, the kunai just managed to pass through the gaps between the closing walls when Naruto vanished in a flash of yellow with Sakura and Sasuke by his side.

"Water Release: Water Dragon jutsu!" the water clone sent a blast of water at the team seven in the form of a dragon.

"Fire Release: Great Annihilation!" Sasuke breathed out a large tsunami of flames, boiling away my water as it came towards them. In the end, he managed to burn away my dragon, though the action left him exhausted.

"Lighting Release: Thunder Strike!" the wood clone cried sending a blast of lightning form it's finger tips at the downed Sasuke.

"Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!" Naruto jumped forward, blasting the lighting away with his wind.

"Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere!" the ice clone cried out, sending blast of vacuum at the three, forcing them to doge, only for the shadow clone to come in their way.

"Fire Release: Great Annihilation!" he cried out, blasting them with the full force of the attack, forcing them to separate, which was when I made my move. I had another reason to use my clones besides showing off, and that was in order to gather enough senjutsu.


Sage mode activated!

Time limit- 1 hour if senjutsu chakra isn't active

I snuck up behind Sakura, she turned to launch I punch at me, but I easily caught it with my hand, her arms shaking in surprise. She gasped, "Y-Yami, your eyes."

I smiled, "yeah, it's another trick I managed to pick up along the way, now," a clone appeared behind her, knocking Sakura out. I left her body to the clone and took off, finding NAruto easily as he layed down a field of his special tri pronged kunai.

"Woah! What happened to your eyes big bro?" NAruto asked as he summoned several clones, each ready with a very sharp looking kunai.

"It's a special mode I discovered," my golden hued eyes looked around the battlefield, "so then, we going to do this or what?"

Naruto grinned as suddenly all his clone vanished. Thanks to sage mode and my own sensory abilities I could tell where he was going to show up, it was easy. The clones appeared all around me in a flash, but I was already moving far before that.




The clones kept coming, I kept blowing them away with my bare fists. My taijutsu style was made for multiple combat and while NAruto was trained in it as well, I did 'invent' the style first. His moves were choreographed, I could easily see through them.

I had to admit though, it was a perfect idea. A field of Flying Thunder God kunais and Naruto's shadow clones were the perfect combination. But he wasn't just against anyone, I was a sage. Against anyone else, it just might have worked.

"Those markings around his eyes," Hiruzen said in the distant as our watched continued observing the match "they are just like...but that's impossible."

"What is that?" Kakashi asked.

"Sage mode," Minato informed him.

The copy nin's visible eye widened, "w-what? Sage mode? H-he's gone that far?"

"What's the big deal?" Tayuya asked, "so his eyes got a little golden and he has those weird red markings."

"It's not just that," Karin adjusted her specs, "it's...it's like he's one with the world around him, it's like he's a beacon of power."

"Alright! Back off!" the real Naruto cried out, the clones moving away. There was a flash of yellow behind me, I smiled, I guessed Jiraiya did finally teach him that jutsu.

He moved, a spiralling blue ball of energy in his hand as he moved to slam it into my back. It's too bad he was just so slow.

I grabbed his arm stopping him half way before kicking him in the gut so hard he was sent flying away into a tree, knocked out from the impact. I used a clone to retrieve his unconscious form before turning around to face the last member of team seven.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, the sharingan blazing brightly, "you've gotten even stronger Yami."

"That I have little cousin," I smiled as I activated the sharingan, the three tomoes spiralling alive in my golden red iris, "and so have you and your team mates. Naruto especially, I didn't think he was capable of learning the Flying Thunder god jutsu."

"Neither did I," Sasuke snorted, "but that just goes to show you he's called the unpredictable ninja for a reason."

"Yeah, I guess so," I nodded, we waited for a second before we both vanished. We clashed blades in the middle of the field, Sasuke had replaced his broken one for an newer model, guess that's why he couldn't help Naruto.


Sparks flew as we began exchanging hits, his sword wavering from the strength behind my strikes. And then suddenly, I felt a flash of chakra enter my system.

I grinned, "sorry Sasuke, but genjutsu doesn't work on me."

The Uchiha's eyes went wide, "what?!"

"Yeah, sorry about that!" I pushed him away before kicking his gut, sending him flying back into a tree.

"Damn it!" Sasuke spun in mid air, I could see the pain was there, but he was ignoring it as he moved through single hand seals, landing in a squat before exhaling a stream of lighting, "Lighting Release: Quick Breath!"


You have copied a new jutsu!

Lighting Release: Quick-

I dismissed the notification and jumped away just in time to avoid the single piercing stream of lighting coming at me. I pointed Kusanagi at Sasuke and channeled chakra into it, expanding the blade to strike his shoulder.

The Uchiha managed to dodge it before he created a single hand seal channeling a stream of lighting along his blade, pointing it at me and shooting several blasts of lighting out from the tip.

It was almost child's play to dodge each blast. I moved closer and closer, Sasuke growing more desperate by the second before finally I decided to end this.

"Sage art: Swift Release: Speed up times 10,000!" and I vanished in a blur, appearing behind Sasuke with Kusanagi pressed against his neck, drawing a single line of blood.

He paused, slowly looking behind me with narrowed eyes, "we never stood a chance did we?"

I sighed, "sorry little cousin, but you didn't. But, you nearly got me, so-"

-Don't patronize me," Sasuke snapped, "all this time, all this time while we fought...you smiled," I didn't realise I was doing it, but yes, he was right, I was just having too much fun.

"This wasn't even a serious fight for you was it?" Sasuke asked.

I sighed, "no...sorry, but it wasn't," I removed the blade and put it away, "but I didn't lie, for your age Sasuke, you're probably stronger than anyone else in this village barring a few jounin."

"Would I...would I be strong enough to face him?" he asked, I didn't need to know who he was.

"No….not yet," I patted his head ruffling his hair, "but you will be, one day. Don't worry, Itachi isn't going anywhere, in fact, he's just as eager to fight you."

"I see..."Sasuke looked away.

"Well, that was something else," Minato said as he, Hiruzen and Kakashi appeared before us in a blur.

"So I'm guessing I lost my title as Konoha's strongest then?" Kakashi joked.

Hiruzen snorted, "you lost that the moment this boy decided to become his generation's greatest ninja."

Tayuya, Karin and my clone carrying the unconscious members of team seven on their back appeared next.

"Don't make us wait next time!" Tayuya grumbled, "I'm hungry as hell Yami!"

I chuckled, "alright then, let's eat shall we? Oh, and wake those two up," I pointed at Naruto and Sakura, "after all it's their treat!"

One hour later:

"It's not fair!" Naruto pouted, "I worked so hard, but you didn't even break a sweat!"

I chuckled as I eat from my pile of pork kebabs, "to be fair, you all did amazing as a team, so much so I had to forcefully separate you three. If you had stuck together, I might have been in trouble!"

"How serious were you?" Sasuke asked as he sipped his drink.

"Hm, around 40% I think?" I shrugged, "you guys did force me to use sage mode."

"Hey Yami, what's sage mode?" NAruto asked curiously.

"It's kind of hard to explain," I chuckled, "but you know, if you want you could ask Jiraiya and your dad, they both know it."

"What? So cool!" Naruto had sparkles in his eyes, "hey, do you think I can learn it?! You got really strong when you used it."

I smiled, "you could learn it, but it'll be hard. You won't be able to learn it the same way I did though."

"Why not?" NAruto asked.

"It requires you to be able to use wood release," I shrugged, "but, you can learn it from the toads, I'm assuming Jiraiya allowed you to use the toad summoning contract right?"

"Oh? Really? I can? That's so cool!" Naruto's eyes shimmered.

"Could we learn it as well?" Sakura asked as she finished her meal quickly, she was eating a lot more now, which was good.

"You? No chance," I shrugged, "it requires the user to have insane amounts of chakra. If you can't even use a shadow clone, you can forget about using sage mode. And that goes double for you Tayuya, so don't even think it."

The redhead snorted, "whatever," though I could sense her disappointment. Karin laughed besides here while Anko just smirked.

After another hour of eating and answering random questions team seven had, like what we did and how many new jutsus I could use. I got them to turn their attention to my companions as well, Karin and Sakura got along great as both had an interest in medicine while Tayuya and Naruto got into a screaming match pretty quickly.

Anko and Sasuke didn't really have much to say to each other, though the Uchiha did ask her a lot about the different ways to interrogate someone….it got graphic fast.

After the meal we all went our separate ways, I headed off to the library intent on meeting Misa again, I hadn't gotten a chance to say more than a few words to her when I first came back. But then I felt a chakra signature approach me from above.

I looked up to see an ANBU member looking down at me. I sighed, "Minato?" he nodded, "I'll be there," and then I took off, vanishing before the ANBU's eyes.

I appeared in the hokage's office in a gust of wind, startling Minato and pushing down a stack of paperwork to the ground.

"Watch it!" Minato cried out as he immediately began picking it up, "do you know how long it took me to finish that?!"

I chuckled, "a long time I'm guessing."

"Damn straight! And I don't need you messing it up! Coming back to life is such a pain in the ass! Argh!" he cried out, flopping onto his desk. He took a deep breath before letting it out. "Sorry," he mumbled as he sat up straight, "it's just been so much work. I shouldn't have yelled."

"It's fine," I shrugged, "I'm guessing you have a lot on your mind. The paperwork is one of the reasons I refused the damn hat."

Minato snorted, "I don't' think Hiruzen was serious when he offered i to you."

"Oh I beg to differ," I smiled, "anyway, what's up?"

"We've just gotten a report," he threw a scroll at me, "the Akatsuki have made their move. And...it's worse than I thought."

"What happened?" I asked, opening up the scroll to read the contents, my eyes widening as I did.

"Jiraiya sensei's spies say they were last seen heading for Konoha," Minato replied, "more specifically, you."

Sasori and Deidara were seen crossing the land of Rivers, heading into Konoha from the West. Hidan and Kakuzu were coming in from the south and there were rumors of Itachi moving in from the East. All of this...and I can only assume it's because Obito heard the message I had asked Nagato to deliver.

"How long?" I asked.

"A week before they arrive at our door steps," Minato replied with a sigh, "all the paperwork is for a pseudo-war army I'm asking the council to form. You're a member of this village, we aren't-"

"-No," I shot back, "no one interferes."

"There are five, possibly six S rank ninjas coming after you Yami, I can't just-"

"-I'm prepared to face them," I replied, "that's what these two years of training with you and the First and Second have been about. I'm ready Minato, trust me. It's time….it's time to end this."

Two days before Akatsuki attacks Konoha:

Kakashi walked into his apartment placing his bag of groceries on the counter before picking up two glasses out of his cabinet, "what something to drink?"

"Nah, I'm good," I replied as I leaned back on his couch.

"So...why exactly are you here?" Kakashi asked.

"Can't I just meet a respected colleague?"

"Not if you come without warning and I come to find you sitting on my couch without a care in the world," Kakashi said as he sat down besides me.

"Tru," I shrugged, "I'll get right down to business then Kakashi. Obito is alive."

The man was in shock, "w-what?"

"When I fought with the Akatsuki there was a masked ninja with a sharingan. His chakra signature is the exact same one as the left eye you now posses," I sighed, "so, unless someone found Obito's body and ripped his right eye off his body, which is possible, then that means this masked man is Obito Uchiha."

Kakashi looked like he was about to have a heart attack, "w-what?! Are you sure Yami?!"

I nodded, "as sure as I can ever be."

"We have to talk to him! I have to talk to him!" Kakashi got up, already ready to move.

"We will," I nodded, "or rather I will. He and the other members of the Akatsuki are coming to Konoha for me. It's an unofficial mission...are you in?"


"Good, then that means I don't have to feel guilty about doing this," he clone vanished in a poff of smoke. Kakashi immediately turned around but wasn't fast enough as I managed to hit him in the back of the neck, knocking him out.

He dropped like a bag of bones, I sighed, "I'm sorry about this Kakashi," I replied as I grabbed him and vanished in a blur of lighting reappearing inside my lab.

I propped Kakashi onto the table and took out a syringe. I used clamps to keep his left eye open as I took a syringe and extracted the optical fluid from inside his sharingan eye. I then took another syringe with my blood and began to replace the removed fluid with my own cells, using cellular manipulation to make it as if nothing had even been taken in the first place.

I then had a clone take Kakashi back to his apartment and erase his memory, replacing it with one of a long nap. The moment the clone left, I got to work. Using one of the spare sharingan eyes I stole of Danzo as a base, I began to experiment with it.

I worked all day, but in the end, nothing. I couldn't manipulate the eye like I wanted, I couldn't' clone an eye with Obito's DNA and more specifically, I couldn't activate the mangekyou sharingan. It just didn't work.

I thought I could fake it, I thought I could just gain the Kumai and then have an advantage over Obito without killing but...it would seem that isn't the case.

I had one more way to gain access to the Kamui but...I didn't like it.

The one day before the Akatsuki arrive:

I sat on a rooftop overlooking the village as the sun slowly raised off in the horizon. It was a beautiful day, and the fact that I could just sit here and notice this was a gift of itself.

I felt Holo's chakra approach me, I turned just as she landed behind me, "what are you doing out here Yami?" she asked sitting next to me, "it's late you know..."

I smiled, "it's too nice a day to spend it asleep Holo," I sighed rolling my shoulders, "what's up with you? What are you up so early?"

"You mean late," she snorted, "I had a mission, the ANBU seem to be on edge lately, with what you bringing a Hokage back from the dead and all."

"I see..." I mumbled looking off in the distance.

"What's on your mind?" she asked.

"I'm just wondering how I'm going to kill six S rank ninjas. No, scratch that, five," I grumbled.

"Five?!" she gasped, "b-but why?! What's going on?"

"The remaining members of the Akatsuki are coming for me," I told her, "and this time I don't think it's going to be a hit and run tactic. This time, they mean business."

"When?" she asked, sounding ready for a fight.

"You're not coming," I told her.

"What?! Why?!"

"Because you're not strong enough," I shrugged.

"But I can still-"

"-No Holo," I glared, "and that's final." She looked down, disappointment radiating off of her. I sighed, now was my chance, I had to do this, "but," she looked up, "you can help me with something."

"Anything," she replied.

I nodded as I stood up, "follow me," we took off, I lead her to the park, before the entrance to the natural dungeons. I asked her hand, she gave it freely. I activated the first dungeon and we were drawn inside immediately.

"Woah, what is this place?" she asked in wonder looking around surprised, "where are we? This doesn't feel like-"

"-Human path," I whispered placing my hand on her head, ripping her soul from her body. She dropped down like a sack of potatoes. My heart reached, I told myself I would never do this, but desperate times, desperate situations. I needed the mangekyo sharingan, I needed them to make sure no one else died.


You have unlocked the Mangekyo sharingan!


Conditions have been met!

Unlock the Mangekyo sharingan

Posses access to senjutsu!


You have unlocked secret dojutsu! The Rinnegan!

I was shocked, I took out a kunai and looked at my eyes. The system was telling the truth, instead of the mangekyo I had unlocked the rinnegan.

What the fuck was going on?! I didn't understand?! How did this happen?! I knew the sharingan came from the rinnegan but….oh fuck.

Hagoromo, the sage of six paths….the sage of six paths! He had the sharingan as well, but when he killed his brother, temporarily, instead of gaining the mangekyou, he gained the Rinnegan! I remember the filler episode about this!

That means every shargian has the option to become the rinnegan, provided they also have mastered senjutsu! That's why he was called a sage, he combined senjutsu and his sharingan, which unlocked his rinnegan!

No, I can't waste any time on this, immediately I formed a wood clone and began turning him into a living being. Even the clone looked eager to do this. The moment I was done he moved through hand seals, ending with the final seal I grew familiar with, "Samsara of Heavenly Life!"

Immediately the King of Hell appeared behind the clone and released a soul that entered Holo's body. She gasped as she immediately began to breath, all at the cost of the clones death, though by the satisfying grin on his face he didn't mind.

I burnt the body and immediately carried Holo in my arms. I created a few clones to kill the pokemon in the forest, allowing us to leave the dungeon.

I carried her home and tucked her into my bed, leaving a note explaining how our training was so intense she knocked herself out, planting a few fake memories in her mind and removing the ones that happened after we entered the natural dungeon.

I then locked myself in my lab and curled up, I can't believe I just did that. Yes, there were no lasting consequences but was my value of a human soul just that much? I vowed to never do that again, not to anyone I cared about, never again.

And even then, the sacrifice I had made...was it even worth it? I didn't get the mangekyou in the end, I ended up with the rinnegan, which I already fucking hard!

I needed to see this for myself, understand what was happening to me. So I opened my skill list, and what I saw was a shock;

Mangekyou sharingan (Rinnegan form), Lv- MAX

This is an advanced form of the Sharingan that has only been activated by a handful of Uchiha. Only this form posses the form of the Rinnegan, giving the users it's abilities as well.

Cost- 1,000 CP per minute

NOTE: The blindness handicap has been removed.


Left eye- Nothing

Right eye- Jikanteido

Both eyes- Susanoo

Jikanteido, S rank

A mangekyou sharingan skill unique to Yami. Causes time around a limited area around the user's body to stop, allowing only the sharingan user to move freely.

Note: Once range is fixed it cannot be altered

Cost- 100 CP per second

Limit- 50 feet

A skill only unique to me? Cool! And it involved time control! This would definitely be useful! And then the customary skill available to all mangekyou sharingan user.

Susanoo, S rank

Susanoo is a gigantic, humanoid avatar made of the user's chakra which surrounds them and fights on their behalf. When activated, Susanoo forms around the user and becomes an extension of their will, acting and attacking on their behalf.

Cost- 500 CP per second

Limit- Skeletal form

Durability- 100,000

This would be kind of useful, hm. Very useful indeed.

And just below all of this was my rinnegan skill, still active, meaning the rinnegan I have right now are the true form of the mangekyou sharingan, everything else serving as a cheap imitation or a copy.

I was simply fascinated by this new change, but I didn't have time to focus on it, I needed to look into something else. The reason I did all of this in the first place was to in the end gain Kamui, and since I couldn't gain it through Kakashi, I would have to use the perk menu.

I opened it up, and sure enough because I gained the mangekyou, I gained a few new options.

Kamui (Kakashi style)- A space-time related dojutsu skill that allows the transportation of objects into a pocket dimension. (Conditions to unlock- Gain over 80 REP with Kakashi.) Cost- 20 PP

I had 27 PP to spend. I used the 20 on the perk, gaining the ability immediately.


You have obtained a new dojutsu!

Kamui, S rank

A dōjutsu that creates a unique and specialised form of space–time ninjutsu. It allows the user to teleport an object by surrounding it with a barrier space and draws everything within into another dimension.

Cost- 10,000 CP per use

Limit- 10 square feet of barrier space

Mangekyou sharingan:

Left eye- Kamui

Right eye- Jikanteido

Both eyes- Susanoo

I grinned. I looked at perk list, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi were both available to me thanks to my +60 REP with Sasuke and Itachi. They both costed 20 PP each. But since I as currently fresh out of PP it was pointless.

I closed the menu and sighed. Now that both my real eyes were rinnegan, real ones that I unlocked, meaning they were wholly mine, did I really need a third eye?

To be honest with myself I was kind of used to seeing with three eyes, though I had to admit, the chakra cost of 10 CP per second, per eye was a bit steep, even for me. So I might as well get rid of it. Although...that did leave me with a third eye socket just waiting to be filled...and I did have a very valuable sharingan that once belonge to Shisui….

I stood up and formed five wood clones. Immediately we began the operation, putting me under and taking out the red rinnegan I had implanted into my forehead. When I woke up I found that the now familiar third all seeing viewpoint I once had was replaced with a more limited view, though I knew this one had it's own advantages.


You have gained a third mangekyou eye!


You have gained a new dojutsu!

Kotoamatsukami, SS rank

The technique allows the user to enter the mind of any individual within their field of view, and manipulate them by giving them false experiences, making it seem as if they were doing things of their own free will.

Cost- 10,000 CP per use

Limit- 1 time per day

This time, even my Mangekyou eyes were updated;

Mangekyou sharingan:

Left eye- Kamui

Right eye- Jikanteido

Third eye- Koto Amatsukami

Both eyes- Susanoo

I looked at a mirror and found my appearance a little odd now to say the least. I had two purple hued rinnegan in my right and left eye and a red four star shuriken like red eye in the center. It was...odd, but needed to say the least.

I took a few genetic samples from Shisui's eye, just in case it ever gets damaged I would need to form a spare. Hopefully by that time I will be decent enough at the process to form a spare, unlike my failure with Kakashi's eye.

And right now, I needed to get used to using these new eyes of mine. Even if that meant training like never before.

The day of the attack:

It was four in the morning when I snuck out of my home dressed in the same armour I wore during my two year mission, minus the Oni mask.

I had almost succeeded in sneaking out through the main gates when I felt several chakra signatures approach me. They cut me off just as I exited the village, standing before me, refusing to let me pass.

I landed before them and smirked, "I thought I was being sneaky." Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Karin, Tayuya, Holo, Yagura and Anko stood before me blocking my path.

"Not sneaky enough," Naruto stepped forward, "dad told us what you were planning on doing bro...it's suicide."

I chuckled, "believe me Naruto, I'll be fine."

"You may be strong, but you can't fight six S class ninjas on your own!" Sakura cried out as Kakashi and Karin nodded from behind her.

I sighed, "Sakura, trust me, I'll be fine," I flashed her a smile, "I'm the shadow of the future Hokage aren't I?" I said winking at Naruto, "It's my job to make sure the village is safe. Which is exactly what I'm going to do."

"Then let us help you," Kakashi stepped forward, "you don't have to do this alone."

"Itachi is coming after you," Sasuke readied his blade, "I won't let him take the only family I have left."

"You're our friend," Holo spoke with a fierce determination, "we won't let you die like a dog."

I flinched at the sound of her voice, but I slowly let it go. I sighed. "Fine," I smiled, "you all can come," the smiled, Naruto grinning excitedly. Immediately my eyes morphed into the purple hued rippled pattern of the Rinnegan shocking them all, "just as soon as you wake up. Jikanteido!"

-100 CP!

There was a pulse of purple chakra that flashed out from my body that covered the surrounding area, catching them all inside the field.

Time came to a stop inside this field, Sasuke had tried to jump away, he almost made it, but I was just faster. I moved quickly, the jutsu taking a lot out of me. I quickly knocked them all out, a quick strike to the neck helped with that.

I looked at Naruto and Sasuke, these two...I was robbing them of their destiny, but if it meant they would be safe I...I didn't care. But...they would need the power to take care of themselves, just in case somthing worse than Kaguya ever reared it's ugly head.

So I enacted the last gifts I would ever give these two boys. I lowered myself down and plucked out Sasuke's left eye, sealing it in a jar. I then took out the red rinnegan I had made for myself and transplanted it inside him.

And for Naruto, I took out a book, detailing how to master senjutsu and fighting Kurama and stored it on his person. No one other than him would ever be able to use it...hopefully, this would be enough.

After I was done I cancelled the dojutsu and formed ten shadow clones with 20 CP each and had them gathered my unconscious friends and take them back to Konoha.

I was about to take off again when I felt two more chakra signatures reveal themselves. I sighed, "are the two of you also going to try and stop me?"

Hiruzen smirked, "I doubt I could Yami."

Minato sighed, "I doubt either of us could."

I smiled, "finally, someone sees reason."

"Do you think you can win?" Minato asked.

I nodded, "yes, I can."

Hiruzen looked up, blinking in surprise, "those eyes...how?"

I grinned, "the combination of sage chakra allowed me to evolve my sharingan to their proper form. The Rinnegan is the true next stage of evolution for the sharingan, not the mangekyou, at least not in it's present state."

Minato frowned, "I see...well...if you're ready then...here," he tossed a scroll at me. I opened it up, my eyes pausing at the very first words, "I heard from Naruto about your dream. And...since you might most certainly die from this...I wanted to do what I could to fulfill it."

This document hereby grants Yami of Konoha the title of ;Shadow of the village', the hero of Konoha and the interior of the will of fire. This grants him free access to the board, allowing him to pass through Konoha's lands and act as a representative of Konoha to any of it's allies in times of crisis.


Minato Namikaze

"I know it's not much, just a stupid piece of paper, but it's what I could do," Minato sighed, "so, what do you think? Yami Kage?"


Quest Completed!

Become the Shadow's shadow!


+2,000,000 EXP

Gain a new title!

5 X +100 REP scrolls

10 X level 10 skill scroll


You have gained a new title!

Yami Kage- This is the title you have earned, serving as your true name! +100 REP to everyone who knows of your true identity.




You have leveled up thrice!

Yami, Vanquisher of Orochimaru

Level- 103 (62,300/1,200,000)

HP- 88,500/88,500 (+20) (+20% regeneration = 76% per minute)

SP- 36,775/36,775

CP- 106,175/106,175 (+20% regeneration= 185% every 30 seconds)


Allegiance- Konoha

STR- 230 (+5)

VIT- 180

DEX- 190

INT- 120 (+2)

CHA- 400

CC- 250

LUC- 103 (+5)

Points- 0

Perk Points- 7

I looked up at Minato, "this….this is amazing...thank you." Minato and Hiruzen smiled. I put the scroll away and began to walk, "tell Naruto and Sasuke I'm sorry, but I have to do this...it's time to end this."

They didn't say a thing, they understood. I took off, rushing towards the Valley of the End. The best place to finish this where it was supposed to have began. Sasuke never left, Naruto didn't almost died, but this would be the best place to end this war before it began.

As I left I opened my menu and looked at the REP scrolls inside, I needed to use it but...if Kurama found out, it would ruin what little trust he had in me. I will just have to do this without him.

An hour later:

I waited, standing in the middle of the lake before the waterfall, Madar to my left Hashirama to my right. I felt a chakra signature suddenly appear behind me. I turned and there he was, hiding behind that organe mask of his, a single red eye shining behind it.

Obito Uchiha, The inheritor of Madara's will

Lv- 104

REP- 100

"Hello...Obito," I nodded.

"Yami Uchiha," the man replied simply.

"I'm not an Uchiha," I told him, "my name, is Yami Kage."

He snorted, "a dark shadow? How...quaint….how did you know?"

"I'm a sensor," I shrugged, "you have the exact signature as Kakashi's left eye. It wasn't too hard a guess."

"I see...once again Kakashi goes and ruins everything without even trying," Obito snorted as he removed his mask, revealing his asymmetrical face, his right looking crushed while his left looked whole.

"So then….what's the plan?" I asked, looking at the corner of the valley, feeling four chakra signatures coming closer to me, "Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Hidan coming to kill me while you watch?"

"Yes, something like that," Obito smiled, "you won't be leaving this valley alive."

"No Obito, I think I will," my eyes turned into the Rinnegan, startling the man.

"Shit!" he warped, vanishing into himself, disappearing from reality. I smiled, just as I planned.

In the Kamui world:

Obito appeared in a whirl, landing on his feet and panting, "damn! How did he get those eyes?! Only Nagato should have access to them! Did he steal them?!"

"Why don't you just ask me?" a wood clone brought down the power release great blade Okina onto Obito's body. A blast of power release chakra came exploding outwards to cover Obito's entire body.

Acting on instinct Obito's powers activated, phasing him out of this world and into the real one. Where the original was waiting.

In the real world:

Obito appeared suddenly, but I was ready. I felt around for Minato's seal, the one he placed on Obito so many years ago during the day the Kyuubi attack. I found it immediately, and my clone flashed over with a Rasen Nova Blast in hand.

"Die," the shadow clone hissed, Obito's eyes widening in shock.



Critical hit!

-400,000 HP!

Obito Uchiha: 1,100,000/ 1,500,000

A darkened figure launched himself out of the dust and landed on the water, his hands already moving through seals, "Fire Release: Great An-"

"Water Release: Water Mirror jutsu!" I called out, summoning a mirror of water, reflecting the fire tsunami Obito sent my way, canceling out the attack.

"Damn it!" Obito cried out as once again he vanished. I formed ten clones and waited. It took a few seconds, but then I saw it, Obito's left arm clearly visible, it had phased back into our world.

"Go!" I cried out, ordering the clones to move, each possessing a rasengan in their hand. They hit the arm several times over, destroying the artificial body part into spatters of white goo.

Obito reappeared before me, now missing an arm, panting. "How did you get a clone into my Kamui space?"

"Did you honestly think you were the only one who could use space time ninjutsu Obito?" my Rinnegan flashing alive as my clones began to form the Rasen Nova Blast in their hands, drawing Obito's attention.

He began swirling away, but on the other side, my clone in the Kamui world also had a Rasen Nova Blast heading for him. He was stuck, and he knew it.




Double impact!

-800,000 HP!

Obito Uchiha: 300,000/ 1,500,000

He flew away, and I didn't want to let him get away that easily. I quickly formed twenty shadow clones and sent half of them away with kamui;

-100,000 CP!

It was time to end this.

"You know what to do," I replied. The clones nodded and moved. Obito was struggling to get on his feet, he kept looking around for backup as my clones surrounded him.

"If you're waiting for your allies, I wouldn't hold your breath," I told him.

With Sasori and Deidara:

"Damn it!" Deidara cried out as a glaze of ice hit his exploding clay, freezing it whole, "Sasori! Do something!"

"A little busy right now!" the puppet master cried out as he maneuvered his hundred clones before another wood clone of Yami, who was currently using sage mode to ripe through the puppets one per second. He was done to 54 puppets. It was getting so bad he was entertaining the idea of using the Third Kazekage puppet.

"Ice Release: Fang of the White Dragon!" the clone fighting Deidra called out, appearing behind the blonde by using the marker he had placed on him during the beginning of the fight.

The clone thrusted his hand forward like a spear, coating it with Ice chakra, piercing Deirdre's heart before he could even react. Slowly ice began to spread throughout the explosion experts body, freezing him on a cellular level.

"H-how many damn release do you know?" Deidara asked as his body began to freeze.

"All of them," the clone replied forming the ram seal and a tiger seal in quick succession, causing Deidara to explode into a shower of frozen flesh.


You have gained 150,000 EXP! (Half of total due to clone usage)

Sasori knew he had to escape, he couldn't fight this thing, he was much too strong! And if that meant sacrificing his puppets, then so be it!

"Puppet master art: Thread jungle!" Sasori called out pulling his puppets together to trap the wood clone, before exploding into a whirl of threads that bound him together.

Immediately Sasori turned and ran, fully focused on running away for his dear life. But then the clone that defeated Deidara appeared behind him, swiping down at him with a katana that swept out blue flames.

"Summoning jutsu!" Sasori called out, bringing forth his Third Kazekage puppet and manipulating it to create a sea of iron sand before him to block the flames.


The sage clone from before exploded out of the thread jungle and leaped behind Sasori, blocking his path of escape, trapping him between two clones.

The puppet master gulped, his mind going through ways to live, when suddenly the two clones began to use a jutsu he had no idea they could.

"Magnet Release: Demagnetisation!" they cried out, thrusting open palms outwards, sending a blast of chakra that immediately demagnetized all the iron in the surrounding area, making Sasori's puppet useless.

"I see," the missing nin sighed, "it would seem….this is the end for me…."

The clones didn't say a thing. The one with the flaming katana came forward and punctured his body, skewering his heart with the flaming blade, burning the last part of him that was still truly alive.


You have gained 175,000 EXP! (Half of total due to clone usage)

With Kakuzu and Hidan:

The two clones of Yami looked at Hidan and Kakuzu, the members of Akatsuki looking intrigued.

"Yami of Konoha, bounty, 20 million from Iwa, 5 million alive from Kumo. He's the one who managed to kill Orochimaru and Kisame," Kakuzu noted.

"Eh? So he's pretty strong eh?" Hidan grinned, "then it's going to be a pleasure killing him!"

"Kakuzu," a clone called out, "why do you fight for the Akatsuki?"

Kakuzu raised an eyebrow, "why? Because I get to fight and kill powerful people and gain money from their bounties."

"Couldn't you do that without them?" the other one asked.

Kakuzu shrugged, "I can take down tougher opponents with their help."

"I see... we'll pay you 10 million ryou to leave this battle and never step foot in Konoha ever again," the clone called out.

Hidan blinked, "are you seriously trying to bribe him?"

"Fifty million," Kakuzu battered.



"Twenty five, and we'll even kill Hidan for you."

Kakuzu looked at his partner in hate, "deal."

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Hidan cried out.

One clone opened their shared inventory and took out twenty five million ryou in cash, constant grinding and killing tends to have it's upsides. He sealed it inside a scroll and tossed it to Kakuzu who turned around and walked away, "he's all yours."

"You bastard! You can't just fucking leave! We have to fucking-"

"-Human path," the second clone snuck up behind Hidan and placed a hand on his shoulder, ripping the soul out of his body.


You have gained +100,000 EXP! (Half of total due to clone useage)


Please select information to learn!

There was a list, the clone dismissed it, there wasn't a thing anyone needed to know about this guy.

With the original:


You have made progress in your quest!

Defeat the Akatsuki! (8/9)

I raised an eyebrow, it seems Nagato and Konan decided to stop fighting as members of Akatsuki, meaning they were 'defeated'. Meaning there was just one member left.

I dismissed the box and nodded to my clones, "do it."

Obito's eyes widened he tried to teleport away, only to find my clone on the other side moving to attack him as well.

I used the shared sight that the Rinnegan granted us to observe what was happening. The clones moved to attack him at once, using the strongest elemental jutsu they knew.

"Water Release: Water dragon bullet!" a clone blasted him with several water bullet. The moment Obito's body phased into our world, the clones here moved.

"Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!" the fire burnt him, sending him back into the Kamui world.

"Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere!" the blobs of wind punctured his body, and the parts that were phased out, the clone here attacked.

"Earth Release: Gae's gift!" a giant boulder came flying up into the air and came down onto of Obito's body like a hammer, smashing him into the ground.

"Lighting Release: Thunder strike!"

"Scorch Release: Dragon's Breath!"

"Lave Release: Erupting Volcano!"

"Boil Release: Acidic Rain!"

"Magnet Release: Iron Death!"

"Ice Release: Avalanche!"

"Storm Release: Giga hit!"

"Plasma Release: Beast Fang!"

"Explosion Release: One hundred TNT!"

Obito's body vanished into the Kamui realm. I used the dojutsu to transport myself into the world, finding his body beaten and broken, laying down in his own blood. I walked over to him, and I saw him closing his left eye.

My eyes widened in shock, "shit!" I ducked just in time to avoid a chakra covered fist from cleaving my head off.

Obito Uchiha: 1,500,000/1,500,000

"So you used Izanagi," I grumbled, "fuckign hacks," and then, I exploded, forcing Obito to disengage and vanish back into the real world where once again he was surrounded by my clones.

I then appeared, using Kamui to return myself to the proper world. Obito panted, "exploding shadow clone?"

I nodded, "indeed. This is the end Obito...I suggest you give up and come quietly...I'm sure Kakashi will have plenty to say to you."

Obito snorted, "I have nothing to say to him."

"I know...I just thought I should offer," I flashed my rinnegan, activating it's Deva path, I held my hand out and called out, "Chibaku Tensei."

-100,000 CP!

The black sphere formed in my hand and came flying upwards, slowly suckign everythign insde, water, rocks, and even the very air around it.

Obito moved, trying his best to get away, teleporting into his Kamui world. But the moment he arrived there the clones I had stashed away came after him, move towards his right eye, forcing Obito to teleport away again.

Only this time, when he came to the real world, I had my fingers reached for his right eye. Before he even realised what was happening I severed his optical nerve with wind chakra applied to my fingertips, ripping it out of his face.

"ARGH!" Obito cried out, stumbling back, now completely blind. My clones then grabbed him in this dazed state and threw him upwards into the Chibaku Tensei.

He hit the core and immediately piles upon piles of rocks covered his body, sealing him away inside a slowly bigger and bigger satellite that grew to the side of a small village before I banished it skywards, moving into the heavens to act as a smaller satellite for the day time.

Obito Uchiha- 0/1,500,000


You have gained 500,000 EXP!

I'm sure the entire world will be shitting their pants right about now. An extra moon just doesn't pop up out of nowhere like that. And I'm sure people will be curious how that happened, guess they're just going to have to live with that suspense.


Quest completed!

Defeat the Akatsuki! (9/9)


Itachi returns to Konoha!

Game Over option

Meet Hagoromo

I blinked, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. And then, before I could even comprehend the words before me, I felt an incredibly powerful chakra signature behind me. I turned around, and there, floating on ten black orbs was a man with eyes like mine dressed in white robes.

Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, The Sage of Six Paths

Lv- Incalculable

REP- 100

I blinked, "so...you finally show yourself. I'll admit though, this is kind of surprising..."

"I suppose it is Yami Kage," he nodded, "it is sudden, I'll admit. But when the course of destiny itself alters itself and the cause is one person with the same eyes as mine, I knew this situation demanded all my focus."

"I see...so...are you here to tell me what the fuck is going on?" I asked, "what is this world? Why am I here? Who...who am I?"

The Sage raised an eyebrow, "do you wish to know?"

I nodded, "yes."

He waved his hand as suddenly the world around my shifted. The nature around my was replaced with darkness, the same darkness I named myself after.


You have completed the main Naruto story mode!


Scoring will now commence!

Level- 103 = 10 points

Elements mastered- 24 = 10 points

Positive influence on people = 8 points

Chances for world peace - 45% = 4 points

Skills/Jutsus mastered = 9 points

Lives spared= 7 points

Fame = 9 points

Completing your goal in life= 10 points

People you have a good REP with = 7 points

And for the final parameter;

Did you have fun?


I blinked I turned to Hagoromo who simply pointed at the menu option. With a shrug I pressed yes. Immediately a new menu came up.


You gain 10 points for final parameter!

Total points earned = 84/100

Rank: A!

You have completed the game!

Would you like to leave?

I looked at Hagoromo, "what is going on?"

He smiled, "you didn't think this was all real...did you?" his form flickered and in the place of the mystical sage was a man wearing jeans, a black t shirt under a red overcoat with the leaf symbol on his breath, "come now Jackson, you're not that stupid."

My eyes went wide, "J-Jackson? That's my...that's my name?"

The figure nodded, "indeed. And this is how you really look," he pointed at his form, "come, it's time to leave."



I opened my eyes for the first time in fifteen years and I find myself lying down, the door to the capsule opening up above me as the helmet on my head was slowly removed.

Immediately, I was flooded with memories, my name, my phone number, my life. And standing before me was a girl with red hair and blue eyes smiling as she held a stick of cotton candy in one hand and a box of popcorn in another.

There was no name over her head, but I knew it anyway. Her name was Joanne Sears, she was my girlfriend.

"There we go," the man working the attraction came up to me, smiling, "did you have fun?"

I blinked, "w-what?"

"Did you have fun sir?" the man asked as he pushed a button, the entire capsule I was in raised up to stand vertically, I stepped out, my legs shaking.

"Tony? You okay?" Jo-jo asked, rushing to my side, she turned to the man, "what's wrong with him?"

"Oh don't worry, it's just a temporary effect of the virtual reality immersion game," the man patted the pod. I looked at it, displayed on it's side were the words, 'Have the full Naruto experience' with the picture of Naruto and Sasuke on the sides.

The sounds of a carnival rang in my ears, we were inside a giant tent, outside I could see people going about on rides and eating exotic looking food.

"That was all a game?" I asked, slowly realising the truth of the matter.

"Yes," the man smiled, "it's the retro virtual simulation game from the 2020's."

"B-but I was gone for so long..."

"Time works differently in the mind. For you it was years, when in reality it was just a few seconds," he smiled.

"I...I was in there for only a few seconds?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah...you okay babe? Should be go to the doctor?" Jo-jo asked worried, shooting a glare at the equipment handler.

"No….no, I'm fine," I turned around and touched the pod, those memories...now of the them were real. None of it...none of it was real.

"Come on, let's go," Jo-jo muttered taking my hand, "I knew using the old junk ride was a stupid idea," she dragged me out into the carnival.

I looked around the rest of his tent, there was a game pod for other worlds, Bleach, Marvel, DC comics, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Highschool DXD, Dragon Ball and even Game of Thrones just to name a few.

Slowly my memories came back, virtual reality games were all the rage twenty years ago, but people slowly began to get bored of them, now they were reduced to the status of the arcade games of old, cheap novelty items you see in pawn shops or in carnivals.

We left the camp, Jo-jo going on and on about the next ride she wanted to try. But my attention was elsewhere. I looked back at the light blue tent we exited, the man inside waved at me, smiling. Then the tent flap closed, and I felt the hair on my arms stick up.


My pocket vibrated, I looked down and blinked. What was that? Oh...my phone….phones are real...damn.

I reached in and took it out, the phone displayed my mother's picture on the screen.

"Who's that babe?" Jo-jo asked.

"My mom," I told her.

"Oh, you better pick it up," Jo-jo shrugged, munching on her popcorn.

I did and placed the phone to my ear,the action feeling foreign to me, "hello?"

"Tony! I'm just calling to ask what you want for dinner honey!" I heard my mother's voice on the other end, she sound happy, cheerful even.

"Ah, anyting is fine," I replied.

"Great! Are you having fun with Jo-jo at the carnival?"

I looked over, the girl smiling at me, "yeah, we're great."

"That's nice dear! Alright then, make sure you're home by night! Have a great time!" she cut the call.

"Your mom's so cool," Jo-jo smiled, "I wish mine was like that. She's such a control queen," the girl grumbled, walking ahead.

I looked at the phone screen, the time was 5 in the evening, the date made this the middle of July, 2039. I sighed as I locked my phone screen and moved to put it away when I caught my reflection on the screen.

My face was thinner than the one I saw every day for nearly half a decade. But...it felt familiar. And as I was about to put my phone away, I saw my brown eyes ripple, changing as suddenly, they morphed.

Purple ripples with black comma marks appeared for a moment before vanishing. I was shocked still. I looked up, Jo-jo was talking to a street food vendor, the people were all happy and cheerful, but something was off.

I turned around, the blue tent from before was gone, it had vanished, whole, I gasped in surprise.

"What's wrong?" Jo-jo asked, appearing at my side.

"T-the virtual reality tent, it's gone," I pointed, "where did he go?"

She looked confused, "tent? What tent? Babe, what are you talking about?"

"The tent Jo-jo! The tent where that man put me into that Naruto virtual reality game! We were literally just there!" I cried out, panic slowly setting in.

"Babe...what are you talking about? The last thing we did was go on the rollercoaster," she raised an eyebrow, now worried that I was going insane. And to be honest, I wasn't quite sure she was wrong.

The End

There we go, the end of the story. I know, I know, lots of lose threads to tie up, like what's going to happen with Kiri and all that, but to be honest, I just wasn't feeling it. Yami was at the point where he was strong enough to end the threat and knowing the kind of guy he is, he did it before anyone else got in trouble.

So yeah, his battle didn't have any world ending or surface changing battles, it was a ninja battle, swift and deady, and a proper ending for this story. Sasuke has his red eye, Naruto has the knowledge of senjutsu and other items Yami left behind.

I hope you all enjoyed the story, maybe the begining of next year I'll start somthing else to occupy this time slot in the bi-weekly updates, who knows, could be fun. If you have any suggestions or ideas, leave them in a review, if I like them I might write them.