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Key terms

Bancho = Term for a leader of delinquents/gang

Lin watched as soft pink petals descended in a whimsical fashion, swaying back and forth in the air as it fell to the ground. She took in the moment of tranquility as she looked at fluffy white clouds slowly make their way across the bright blue sky. The teen determined this was her favorite spot in Namimori, if she hadn't been so preoccupied with things today, she would have loved to just sit, stare at the sky, and watch the people walk across the Namimori bridge.

The Namimori bridge was iconic for the small town, well known for it's serene bypass underneath the bridge surrounded by rows of cherry blossom trees. It connected the town of Namimori and the neighboring town Kokuyo together over a narrow stream. It was a popular spot for romantic dates, morning walks, and short picnics.

Sheng, Lin (who was more commonly known as Rin because Japanese people always had difficulty pronouncing words beginning with L) always loved the Namimori bypass. The short trail was filled with fond memories of her playing tag with her cousin and sister, and in the present a spot where she would jog in the morning. She waved cheerfully as she spotted the usual visitors hurrying past her.

Mrs. Nakamura, a woman who often tended to the flower beds along the water stopped in her quick pacing as she faced Lin. The edges of her lips turned down and wrinkles formed on her forehead as she admonished the teenager, "Now I spent quite a bit of time on those marigolds, so make sure they don't get ruined young lady!"

The teenager smiled as she bowed slightly to the elder, "Of course ma'am".

Mrs. Nakamura only shook her head and with a quick tut of disappointment she continued on her way. The black haired girl gestured towards another high schooler, a male who towered over her 168cm frame, "Spread the word Hasaki, make sure the flowers are protected."

His droopy eyes met her russet orbs for a moment before the dark brown haired teen nodded curtly, shaggy hair bobbing up and down slightly in the process. He walked to the closest high schooler and relayed the message, who in turn ran to another high schooler and said the order. Soon all the male teenagers in the vicinity, from the ones escorting people out from under the bypass to the ones lounging near the top of the bridge scouting knew of the command.

Soon Lin was the only female standing on the dirt path. She flicked her wrist and pursed her lips as she snapped her cellphone shut.

She gave the droopy eyed boy from earlier a side glance who in turn thrust his hand in the air and bellowed, "IT'S TIME!"

Inhaling the crisp spring air, Lin could feel a chill rake her body as she stared at the sea of tan and white gather in front of her. The tell tale signs of anxiety could be seen coming from the young men as she could hear feet tapping the ground, flips of cellphones to check the time, and low murmurs.

One of the teens nervously ended a phone call, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead as he announced, "Toki said there's no sign of him yet, but it's close to the time they get off school..."

She nodded. Trying to project a calm demeanor, she planted her feet firmly on the ground. The long raven haired girl said, "You know the drill if it comes to that."

There was protest as the male high schoolers all started to complain at once.

"This is why we scheduled this earlier, why aren't they here yet!?"

"Do they think we're some kind of joke, disrespecting us like this?"

"We can't help it, if they come late then, are we gonna run like always?"

"They're gonna think we're sissies-"

"Rather be sissies than dead."

The statement was met with silence as Hasaki, who was standing next to her in front of the group, began rolling up the cuff of his sleeve. He kept rolling the white cotton till inky black spirals resembling dragons claws peeked out from underneath his sleeve. The others began to prepare as well, rolling up sleeves, dropping their book bags on the ground, and stretching their limbs.

Lin willed herself not to make the first move as she heard the steady crunch of grass, it helped that Hasaki had an iron grip on her wrist. A group of teens in army green clad uniforms emerged from over the bridge and made their way down the hill and onto the bypass's trail towards them.

They were led by a spiky bleach-blonde haired teen who raised his head and gave her a smug look, "The esteemed Namimori High doesn't look like much, right guys?"

Gritting her teeth the girl walked up to him, "You're late, we agreed to meet at 2:30".

As if talking to a baby, in a high pitched voice he taunted, "Why, does the little princess need to go and play with her dollies after school?"

She focused in on his next few words, deaf to the loud laughter behind him. "Ah sorry, sorry. I forgot the little baby likes to play with the big boys and be called a Bancho. Namimori has fallen if you had to hand over the title to a girl, Hasaki."

Hasaki only grinned, hand still gripped on his trigger happy bancho's wrist as he said, "She's a better bancho then you'll ever be."

The high schoolers of both Kokuyo and Namimori High approached each other, knuckles cracking and insults brewing in their mouths.

Lifting her other hand, that wasn't still in an iron-like grip, she signaled them to stop advancing. Lin didn't want anyone too close to her when they began and it was hard to ignore the pent up tension from her crew, as underneath the excitement of starting a fight, there was a hint of anxiety lingering. She sucked the inside of her cheek hard and quickly stopped to make a show of her eye-roll at the bancho of Kokuyo. "Please you really should stop trying to project your-" she grinned as she saw him clench his jaw, "desires onto me. I'm sure no one would be surprised if you played with dolls, you're name is after all Haruka~"

Instantaneously three things happened. Hasaki dropped his hold on Lin and dove to the side. Lin crouched down low to the ground and swung her leg outwards as a fist met the area her head was a few seconds earlier. Haruka flew backwards as his butt met the ground, wide eyes staring at the quick movement.

Lin stood up and swept her long black hair over her shoulder as she towered over the fallen boy and relished the silence as everyone watched her. She pursed her lips as she checked her phone. No missed calls yet.

Fantastic, but they weren't out of the clear yet.

In a sugar sweet voice she mocked, "Sorry Haruka. Gotta make this quick, so I can go home and play with my dollies."

She dodged the wet projectile of spit heading her way. How uncouth, the black haired girl thought as she stared at the now enraged Haruka. However the way his red face contorted after he missed, secretly delighted the girl.

Beaming she pumped her fist in the air as she said loudly, "Let's finish this quickly, boys! The one with the least take-downs buys steamed buns for everyone!"

With a roar both schools clashed.


Yamada, Haruka ignored the developing aches in his body as he stared in quiet fury at the bancho of Namimori high. She was only a second year and had usurped his long term rival Hasaki within a few weeks of her transfer. He had to admit, she was a good fighter. He attempted to track her fast movements as she took down another one of his men in a matter of seconds, but couldn't predict her advances. There was triple the amount of Kokuyo students than Namimori in the battle, but Namimori's skill in fighting had improved drastically since the last time he fought with them. Their learning curve was probably attributed to the girl's presence.

He gripped his fist tightly as he heard a light and teasing feminine voice say, "Fifteenth guy down! You gotta catch up Hasaki!"

With clenched jaws Haruka jabbed a Namimori student in the gut and was getting ready to advance towards the other bancho.

He was caught off guard as he heard a loud yell from over the bypass.

In a panicked screech a teenager sporting chestnut hair running along the streets of Namimori screamed over the hill, "RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"

The Namimori students froze, some even failing to dodge a punch thrown at them in their stupor. The Kokuyo students halted momentarily, bewildered and a little freaked out as the students wearing tan and white in unison broke out in a panic.

"Shit that was Toki! Wasn't it?"

"Bastard's already running after the message!"

"He was supposed to call us!"

"That means he's close, crap!"

Hasaki and Lin shared a quick glance, a mute message passed between them that Haruka couldn't decipher. The droopy eyed teen quickly unrolled his sleeve as Lin took down a teen about to punch Hasaki. Grabbing his backpack the tall brown haired teen yelled, "PLAN BETA, PLAN BETA, GO GO GO!"

In a scramble of quick farewells the Namimori students grabbed their bags before dispersing in groups in different directions. Haruka stared with wide eyes as his rival, left the battle. Hasaki never ran from battles! The sole Namimori high student left was Lin. The black haired girl's fingers moved quickly as she tied her long black hair in a tight bun.

She wasn't really focusing on him as she stared at the clearing where the panicked voice had been heard. She spared him a glance, no longer using a mocking voice, she said to him steadily "You and your guys should leave now, don't say I didn't warn you."

Haruka looked on in fury, eyes narrowed and body feeling hot as he ground out. "Namimori is filled with wimps, leaving in the middle of the fight like that. They were never cowardly until you showed up."

Lin rolled her eyes, but didn't reply as she continued stretching and walking out of the bypass and over the hill. He spotted her reaching into her pocket and pulling out metal, he made a face as he realized she was placing arm guards on. Who the heck even wears those, he thought.

"Hey don't ignore me!" He demanded as he followed her.

He halted in his tracks as he heard a familiar yell. Ignoring the female, he sprinted past her till his feet were hitting pavement,traveling across the streets of Namimori.

He looked on in horror as he saw several of his guys, who followed after the Namimori students, on the ground. The stench of iron permeated the air and he could now hear the groans and whimpers of his classmates. His second in command, wobbly walked up towards him and wheezed as he tried to catch his breath. "Bancho run, he's a monster!"

The bleach blonde haired male grabbed his friend's shoulder's and felt a sticky wet liquid matting his uniform. "Who did this to you?"

His eyes trailed to the outskirts of the bridge as the sound of footsteps became louder.

"Oh? Why are there herbivores crowding around in a place like this?"

Haruka stepped back as he was pinned with vicious gray eyes belonging to a raven haired teenager. The older boy stared as red droplets fell from the other teenager's metal weapon in hand and hit the ground in a splat. Regaining his bearings and remembering his men who were immobile he hissed, "You did this, shorty?"

The Kokuyo student liked to think he was a good fighter and had fast reflexes, after all he wasn't bancho for nothing, but this boy-

No this monster, disguised as a boy, lunged faster than Haruka could let out a yell.

Before metal could connect with his face a foot lashed out from next to him, aimed at where the head of the monster would have been.

Steel grey eyes met dark russet orbs as the boy transformed from being nonchalant to a fighting stance.

"So it was because of you."

Lin grinned as she planted her right foot forward, angled her body sideways, and positioned her fists in front of her.

"What's up? Haven't seen you in awhile. Where's Kusa-"

She could hear the high pitched zing of his tonfa slice downwards, centimeters from where her shoulder had been.

Frowning slightly, and gathering her breath she began to say, "I'm getting sick of this whole gotta-"

She crouched down and stared up at the boy as he swung his arm across, missing her head.

"Fight when we see each other thing."

Gray eyes narrowed as he looked down at her.

"Fight me."

She sighed, trying hard to not break eye contact. Out of her peripheral vision she spotted Hasaki and a few Namimori students dragging Kokuyo students across the bridge.

Hibari's eyes followed the quick shift in her gaze and she blurted out, "What happened to your favorite catchphrase? Wasn't it like-"

She was too late, as the Namimori middle school student turned his head and watched as all of the students wearing army green had been transported more than half way across the bridge. Lin could spot his knuckles turning white as he gripped his tonfas as he turned his murderous gaze upon her.

"I don't like being deceived, even if it's you..."

"Pretty sure that's a trait that runs-"

Kyoya slammed both of his tonfas down and she grimaced as the grating sound of metal met her ears. Forgot that was a touchy subject, she thought as she shifted her weight to the sides, letting his weapon slide across her arm guards as she put some space in between them.

Lin forgot how long it had been since she had been in a good fight, and tried to squash the wave of euphoria that she was starting to feel before it overwhelmed her. But she couldn't stop the silly lopsided grin from making it's way onto her face as she felt the blood thrumming quickly in her veins, skin flushing with excitment. Centering herself she focused on her opponent and welcomed his glower, "All right, bring it on Kyo-chan."

In a flurry of quick movements the two began to clash, Kyoya attacking with aggressive slashes and Lin focusing solely on dodging. The girl could see the raven haired boy's ire grow as he furrowed his eyebrows and quickened the pace of his strikes. Lin's grin grew, as in turn her feet moved faster and her limbs more fluid as she matched his pace. She may have been one of the few people on earth who enjoyed teasing the teenager, fighting back a smile as he failed to land a blow.

But it was only fun and games until he landed a hit, which usually happened about...now.

She held back a wince as she partially dodged a strike, a pink jagged line already forming on her forearm.

Lin attempted to take a few steps back, to create a distance to recover from the blow. If there was anything she's learned from fighting him in the past few weeks after her return, it was Kyoya had gotten physically stronger than her. She could no longer take consecutive hits from the sixteen year old boy, especially if it was reinforced with metal, before a bone got fractured. But as each time she stepped back, he would advance just as quick.

Just as she was getting out of his tonfa range, an infuriated voice yelled, "HEY, I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET."

The raven haired female cursed as Hisaki barged into the fight with fists raised.

Her feet moved quicker than her brain could process the stupid idea, as she planted herself in between the males. She felt her arms quake from the brute force Kyoya put into his strike, her bare knee scrapping gravel and drawing beads of blood. In a battle of strength, he now overpowered her easily.

The bancho of Namimori High ground out with a reddened face, "I concede."

Steel gray eyes narrowed, and Lin fought back her temper as her arms shook. He was applying more force, more pressure in outrage at her as she grounded out again.

"I said," she murmured viciously with a slight growl, "I concede."

Instantaneously the weight lifted, both teens still glaring at each other. "Stop bringing filth into Namimori."

She rolled her eyes as she stood up, "I'll go into the dumps of Kokuyo next time."

Lin raised her arms, placing her fist in the palm of her other hand she bowed slightly. Hibari's glare remained, and he inclined his head slightly before leaving with his jacket fluttering in the breeze.

Slightly miffed at his disrespect, the raven haired girl turned around to look exasperated at the Kokuyo Bancho yelling.

"HEY, I SAID I'M-" Haruka's baritone voice was silenced as Hasaki covered his mouth. There were no longer any students lingering on the floor near the entrance of Namimori, Hasaki and her crew moving them quickly during her fight with Kyoya. Her second in command shot her a thumbs up. Although that didn't go as planned, at least no one would end up in the hospital for too long.

Lin sighed as she mock saluted the rest of the teens, "I'm out." Too much social time for me in one day, went unspoken.


Lin groaned, performed a neck roll and heard little pops ring in her apartment. She threw her arm guards in the trash, the pieces of metal dented from Kyoya's last strike and fought back the grimace making it's way onto her face, as she applied disinfectant on her arm,

She spared a glance as she heard the high pitched jingle of keys near the entranceway. The door opened with a bang revealing a Chinese beauty. Her older sister Mei entered, kicking off her heels as she made a beeline for the bedroom down the hall.

"How was work?"

Her sister retorted halfheartedly, "How was the fight?"

Lin winced as she watched her sister struggle with ripping her stockings off and getting into sweats, then replied, "Oh rough day, huh?"

Mei huffed, black bangs fluttering in the air as she made her way to the kitchen table. The younger girl stared enviously at her sister. Even worn out and looking like she was about to pass out, Mei was a beauty with big almond eyes accompanied by long eyelashes. Her skin was a milky white, a contrast to her tan sister who's body was littered with scars from fights and being outdoor for too long.

The younger Sheng continued to apply the creamy white liquid on her arm, feeling a wave of relief as her hot skin felt cool. She looked up to stare at her sister who was noisily packing rice into a bowl, "Stuff is still warm, I'll heat it up if it's not warm enough though."

In contrast to their looks, the rough and tumble Lin was in charge of chores and cooking as her sister worked long hours as a manager at a hotel. For all Mei's grace and beauty in the workplace, she did not have a domestic bone in her body, as she accidentally washed rice with soap or ruined a pan while boiling water.

"No it's fine. Good as always," Mei opened the fridge and paused. "Why is Kyo-kun's food still in the fridge?"

The teenager tried not to roll her eyes in front of her sister at the mention of the boy, as she stared intently at her arm and murmured, "I'll give it to him tomorrow."

Mei closed the door as she cocked her head to the side. She frowned slightly as she watched her sister slowly bandaging her arm.

"Lin, look at me."

Obediently the teenager turned towards her sister and looked her in the eye. Lin knew what was coming, and tried to hide her annoyance as she watched her sister adopt a parental tone with her.

"You're older and should know better. Don't forget the reason why we moved back here."

"I know, I know." It was hard to forget deaths in the family and leaving a 13 year old boy to fend for himself. But really Kyoya seemed to be doing fine in the three years since their absence and was managing quite well by himself. Probably to prove he wouldn't have to leave his beloved town and move in with the main family in China. But unlike the rest of the Sheng family, Mei who was rather nurturing did not believe Kyouya was fit to stay in Japan with no supervision. The woman always had a way with words and convinced the elder Shengs that she and Lin should be able to return to their hometown to watch over their baby cousin grow.

But after coming back to what Lin thought would be a happy family reunion, Kyoya had given them the cold shoulder. Mei had also been too preoccupied with her new job to make enough time for the youngest family member, as she had promised too. Thus the responsibility of checking up on Hibari fell onto Lin. A responsibility she wasn't too keen with.

Lin was trying with difficulty not to scowl as she watched her sister's arched eyebrow, full and always well maintained, raise. The teen mumbled, "I swear I'll give it to him tomorrow. First thing in the morning, I promise."


Lin couldn't fight back the grimace this time, as she knew that sound could only mean a promise of incoming doom if she didn't listen to her sister.

But, two fights with Kyouya in one day? Lin might've liked fighting but she wasn't a masochist, so no thanks.

She would deliver his food to him.


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