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My Sister is Marrying a Mafioso!

Chapter Two

Lin sat up and lackadaisically rubbed the crust out of her sleepy eyes. She hopped up and slowly parted the curtain near the window, squinting as light illuminated the streets outside her apartment. The girl began her morning routine starting with a large stretch, falling to the floor in a split careful not to hit the table or couch she had been sleeping on. The younger Sheng slept in the living room, while her sister occupied the bedroom just big enough to fit a twin bed and small closet. Lin didn't particularly mind the arrangements, it had been difficult enough finding an apartment close enough to the hotel where Mei worked, with enough space to house the two of them.

It was a struggle as the sisters lived off of Mei's income, the condition their father set for them for leaving China. Lin supposed she got her passive aggressiveness from him. He had strongly opposed the sisters leaving his side, however he would not disobey the clan head's approval of Mei's request to return to Japan. So as someone kilometers away from the girls, he decided to make them as uncomfortable as possible.

While Lin inherited her father's passive aggressiveness, Mei was as stubborn as her father. The prideful woman worked herself to the bone, rarely coming back unless it was to eat, shower, and sleep. The younger sister gladly gave up some comfort to ensure her sister remained somewhat healthy and comfortable in her hectic life, but mainly it was to ensure her sister was still sane by the end of the day. This was one of many reasons Lin sacrificed little things for Mei.

The Chinese girl quickly prepared her sister's breakfast and lunch box, setting the items on the counter quietly as to not disturb Mei's much loved beauty sleep. Lin changed into a simple hoodie and sweats before heaving a 4 tiered bento box outside and making her way across town to the more historical neighborhoods in Namimori. She smiled contently as she traveled across town, enjoying the streets to herself early in the morning.


Lin touched the stone, grazing her fingers over the bumpy surface as she walked along the outskirts of the Hibari compound. The Hibari's were a long line of descendants of Japanese soldiers and guards who had served as shoguns to the emperor. After time had passed in the early 1900s, the Hibaris had relocated to Namimori, a gift from the last royal family that commanded them. Although the family of skylarks had been relieved with their duties, their ethics of order and fighting prowess was ingrained in every descendant to protect the town they had been bestowed. It was a wonder how the previous Hibari head, Kyoya's father, had gotten involved with a woman hailing from the Sheng family, her father's sister.

She slowly approached the gate, large wooden oak doors that were old and historical, with a hint of a modern lock and key. Lin unlocked the door with her spare key and paused as she marveled at how Kyoya had kept the compound pristine and elegant. The ground was swept, the flowers still growing, and the wooden floors still polished to a distinct shine.

The raven haired teen took off her shoes and shuffled her feet across the engawa, enjoying the way her socks glided across smooth wood. She slid her feet back and forth in childish fondness as she hummed, before she spotted an open shoji door. The Chinese girl halted quickly as she set her box of food down and edged towards the open room.

She side-stepped, as a fist appeared grazing her sleeve. A low grumble could be heard emitting from the girl's throat as she yanked the boy's arm forward, using his momentum, to throw him out of the tatami room and onto the porch.

"You need to stabilize your stance Kyo-chan."

The steely gray eyes he pinned her with, would make most grown men wet their pants. But growing up with Kyoya, made you immune to things.

"I'll bite you to death."

The female rolled her russet eyes, she hadn't heard the damned phrase for more than three years and wasn't pleased by her cousin's weird verbal tics.

There were enough eccentric habits her family had, at least this was the least harmful one.

Lin spun, as she aimed a kick at the younger teen. Rapid strikes and jabs, accelerating in speed as a tonfa less Kyoya used his arms to deflect every hit. The roles were reversed from yesterday as the higher schooler let out an onslaught of attacks whereas the middle schooler defended.

The older teen looked down with a tight smile as her cousin fell to the ground, impressed as he had held her off longer than the previous time she had arrived at the compound. The three years that she had been gone, Lin had received continued and extensive training from her father in hand to hand combat. Kyoya who had opted to stay in Namimori had been practicing on his own, exercising brute force and failing to work on his speed and defensive skills due to the lack of worthy opponents.

But all the same, Lin had been so focused on learning martial arts and enhancing her speed, she was unprepared to fight against Kyoya who's attacks were reinforced with steel.

In a battle of hand to hand combat Lin would continue to win, at least for now. However, if she were to match with her cousin with him holding his tonfa's she couldn't be sure of her victory.

The raven haired male stood up, ready to engage in another strike. Lin shook her head, "You fell, the match is over. Those are the rules."

He didn't move, eyes unwavering, "You owe me from yesterday."

The girl bowed indifferently and ignored him, as she heaved the box in the kitchen that adjoined the tatami room he had been in, unsure if he was referring to her throwing the fight yesterday or for not arriving with his dinner.

"Breakfast first, what did you eat last night?"

The chinese girl was greeted with silence, she glanced outside the kitchen doors and saw Kyoya sitting on the tatami mat in the adjoining room and staring at the shishi-odoshi. The sound of the steady stream of water filling up the bamboo then dumping it's contents into the small pond outside, was the noise that greeted her.

Lin sighed knowing what the silence meant, she set the kettle on the burner and filled some mugs with tea leaves. She hated to take on the parental role, but if her sister wasn't around then it was her job as the older teen, "Kyoya you have to have a balanced meal, or you'll stop growing."

Again the boy's lips remained closed, but he gave her a stare filled with ire between narrowed eyes.

His expression was accusing, but Lin rolled her eyes and began to pack food into his fridge.

The girl shook her head, and waited for the water to boil. She wasn't the best conversationalist, she usually let Mei handle that. But it didn't matter as they both enojoyed the tranquility the mornings provided, and remained quiet. Lin knew her baby cousin wasn't incredibly mad at her, as he gave her a slight nod and still accepted the tea she brewed for him. At last the girl flexed her fingers, tied her hair in a tight bun and got to work.


"When are you going to leave Namimori middle?"

Meal time was sacred and silent, it was also the only time Kyoya unwinded into a calm demeanor. Lin dropped the bomb the moment he set his chopsticks down, hoping he would remain respectful and not throw a fist at her in response.

The raven haired boy cooly stared at her, "There are too many hebrivores there."

Kyoya may have been a Hibari but that was Sheng logic right there, something Lin hated about her family.

"You have to graduate eventually Kyoya." One of the main reasons why Mei, bless her soul as the most rational person she was related to, had been so adamant about returning to Namimori, was because Kyoya had not graduated middle school like he was supposed to last year.

Not because he failed any classes - because Shengs do not fail, but because he decided to sit out during his tests resulting in zeros for all his subjects.

A crease was starting to form above his brow, as his eyes narrowed slightly. Being around her the gray eyed teen for the majority of her life, she knew the signs of an incoming temper tantrum which always resulted with someone in the hospital. The high schooler had to become attuned and observant, coming from a family who easily flew off the handle. As there was a big difference between fighting due to rage and fighting in a match with boundaries.

She jumped to her feet, doing the only thing she knew would put her cousin out of his bad mood.

"Come on, let's go spar."


Lin ignored the thrumming sensation in her arms, that would turn a blotchy black and blue by the end of the night. Lin repeated to herself in a mantra, "I'm not a masochist, I am normal, this is just a product of growing up with a messed up family." She was attempting to squash the familiar feeling of euphoria as her heart beat faster, heat emitting from her body, and sweat dripping down her neck. But she couldn't forget how exhilarating it was to dodge Kyoya's tonfas, how quickly the blood pumped through her body, and how wonderful it felt to focus on the fight with no distractions. No liabilities.

She shook her head rapidly, trying to rid herself of the thought of fighting, raven hair loosening out of her bun. She closed the gate in an audible click, patting the familiar wood she had missed so much.

Russet eyes blinked as she spotted a familiar guy wearing a pompadour walking towards the compound.

Shoving her hands in her pockets, to stop her fingers from twitching, she walked up to the tall teen and asked "What's up, Kusakabe?"

The teen looked up and gripped the papers in his hands, startled he yelled. "Rin-san!"

She cocked her head to the side, "What's up with that reaction?"

"No reason!" Her former classmate was waving his hand wildly in the air, avoiding looking at her face.

She rolled her eyes, displeased at his reaction towards her. You'd think after standing by her for a majority of her freshmen middle school life, he'd have a more heart warming reunion with her. But the first time they saw each other after her return, he had ran the moment she had said hi to him.

She could hear the crisp paper crinkling in the air, as he once again made large arm gestures, "I have to give these to Hibari-san!"

"Hey wait but I wanted to-"

He was already running.

"Say thanks for looking after him..."


"Good afternoon, Miss Sheng!"

She was greeted by a chorus of baritone voices as she slipped into the dojo. She stared and blinked, as several men lowered their heads towards her.

"Good afternoon," she said, unphased as she was met with nervous looks.

The men clad in white uniforms glanced at each other as they heard audible cracks as Lin pressed her fist into her hand, "I need to cool down."

Lin liked to think she had excellent coping skills and wasn't easily offended, like the rest of her crazy family. Except it was a big fat lie, the raven haired female's default to any extreme emotional reaction was tightened muscles and an urge to hit something. But with heavy denial, the teenager liked to pretend she was stopping by to ensure the students weren't slacking while her father was elsewhere, instead of using it as her personal emotional outlet.

Which is why, 15 panting dojo disciplines on the floor later, Lin was starting to feel a little bit better.

"Miss Sheng, I have- I have your favorite steamed buns!"

She blinked, before beaming, "What? Oh that's awesome! I think i'll take a little break now. Thank you."

The males collectively hit the ground, exhausted, as Lin hummed happily with her favorite snack in hand.


Nursing her ice-pack against her bruise, Lin was slowly starting to lose her mind at the incessant high pitched ringing in the room.

"Jiejie, your cell keeps ringing!"

Her call was deaf to her sister's ears, as Mei had entered her "quiet" time of tranquility in the shower.

Lin respected her sister's privacy, let alone her sister was scary when it came to her cellphone, but the high pitched ringing was grating her ears.

Maybe she could just take a walk outside and hopefully by the time she came back Mei would be finished with her shower, and Lin would be safe from her sister's wrath. Yes that sounded good, the high schooler decided as she began to walk towards the door. The teenager did a double-take as she swore she saw a new picture flash across her sister's home screen.

Lin shook as she stared, grabbing the phone with her hands.

She inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. Did Kyoya hit her in the head? Was that why she was seeing things?

She peeked at the device in her hands and promptly dropped it.

Lin would never admit she had a sister complex - because really that term existed for males who were overprotective concerning their sister's well-being. The connotations weren't very nice. She was just very concerned when it came to the woman who raised her with the emotional support her father should have done, furthermore she idolized her sister.

Thus, Lin respected her sister, sometimes that equated to Mei's word's meaning law.

But she couldn't stop herself from grabbing the phone again and staring at the screensaver. A caucasian male with blonde hair and brown eyes was on the screen, and Lin probably would have remained calm if it wasn't for the arm around her sister's waist and the kiss pressed against Mei's forehead.

Her sister was dating a westerner...and the Sheng family, abhorred westerners.

Westerners had ruined her family, and Lin was not going to let a repeat of her childhood happen again.

Lin snapped the phone shut and attempted to breathe in deeply, with a resolve burning in her heart.

She was going to destroy him.

AN: Lotsa angst and lotsa hate for poor Dino (whom I obviously adore as a character hence my work Parallel Fate). This fic with have occasional Chinese and Japanese words.

Jiejie = sister in chinese