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Anyway though, this story is actually back up and going to be updated (and eventually finished!) thanks to one fan reaching out and asking about it. I've had this story stuck in my head for so long and it was actually a story I was super excited to write. For the longest time I couldn't write, but now I'm going to try to see this story through to the end even if it takes a while. I hope you guys enjoy it and if not, you know where the back button is ;)

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She loved the feel of music swirling around her, the heat of the spotlights on her as she danced, the familiar ache in her throat after singing for two hours straight.

Her thin black dress showed off her curves in a sexy, yet classy way, and as she moved she could feel some of the creatures watching her with a kind of awe. She was as beautiful as she was a talented singer; she was smart, but she was also incredibly sweet, a woman of true perfection that the regulars of Horrorland knew simply as 'the siren of Horrorland.'

Amanda's voice floated throughout the club, ranging from soft, high notes to a voice filled with power and raw emotion. The crowd was as responsive as ever, pumping their fists—or whatever appendages they had—into the air with vigor in time with the bass.

The attention, the music, the vibrant energy; this was her scene. Once a quiet, meek girl, Amanda was now a woman who owned her beauty and shone with confidence.

It had become routine these past few weeks to spend her Friday nights and occasional weekends singing for Horrorland's regulars and it was a routine the brunette had come to enjoy. At the end of the night, most of the monsters would leave and the clean-up crew would take over to help clear out the club for the next night. Amanda would head backstage, receive her paycheck, and be on her merry way back home.

But then he would find her amidst the remaining crowds, and she'd forget all about going home and instead secure a seat right next to him in the bar area where they usually enjoyed each other's company amidst a potion or two. He was someone she used to know, someone she once feared and tried to avoid, but she came to understand that things were different now. He was still as gentle, mature, and level-headed as she remembered, but now he was a handsome young man that seemed to make her weak in the knees with just a glance in her direction. There was a certain power he had over her now and he knew it, even though he had no idea who she was beneath the mask. Little did she know that she had power over him as well; the undead young man couldn't seem to get her out of his mind.

Amanda often wondered what he would think if he knew her true identity behind the mask. Would he hate her after all this time? Would he renounce their friendship and take his revenge on her?

Only time would tell, she supposed.