Five years later

At 9:00 Jessica ran and jumped onto Olivia and Nick's bed,

And said, "Mommy, Daddy, wake up it's my birthday."

Olivia smiled and pulled her into her for a hug and said "happy birthday Princess."

Nick pulled them both into a hug and said: "happy birthday Princess, go wash your hands and I'll go start your birthday pancakes."

Jessica went and got washed up, while Nick and Olivia, got up and went and made her birthday pancakes, after that, they opened her presents and cards, before they all showered and got dressed before heading over to Don and Liz's house, where Jessica's party was going to be held.

When they arrived at Don and Liz's, they wished Jessica a happy birthday, while waiting for the other guests to turn up, first was Sarah, Luke, Emmie and two year old Alfie, then it was Casey, Charlie and four year old Abigail. Fin, Jamie-Lee and their year old twins, Tiffany and Alexis, with Mikey and seven months pregnant Amanda who all turned up together, Then a few of Jessica's friends from school, Last to arrive was Munch and Alex who was Five months pregnant.

They all wished the birthday Princess, a happy birthday, then sat in the garden watching the kids play together. An hour later they decided to do the food, then let them play again, the twins and Alfie was put down for a nap. Nick then decided to start a water fight, so everyone got involved, half an hour later, they were all sat drying in the sun, still laughing.

Once everyone was almost dry, they decided to do presents, once that was finished, they did her birthday cake, Olivia and Liz went in the kitchen, and cut the cake into pieces, for them, Around 14:00 Jessica's friends went home, but they continued the party with, everyone that was still there.

Later that night, the children bar Emmie was all asleep in one of the spare rooms and the adults were sat talking in the living room

Olivia said "to think this time six years ago, I was in labour, and now we have a beautiful six-year-old,"

Nick smiled and said, "It does seem like yesterday she was born."

Luke said "It doesn't seem that long ago since I first held Emmie in my arms and now she is 26,"

Liz and Don smiled, and Liz said: "it's been almost 43 years since we held Liv for the first time, and now look, she's been married 20 years, and has a beautiful daughter."

Everyone smiled and sat talking before going to bed in either a spare room or on the sofa.

Two months later Amanda gave birth to a 7lb 2 oz baby boy called Nathan, and two months after that Alex gave birth to an 8lb 4oz baby boy called, Adam.