After about 20 minutes of lying crying in cribs while it was locked her phone started ringing looking down, she saw it was the camp's payphone she answered it quickly,

Olivia said, "Hey baby."

Nick replied "hey honey what's wrong",

Olivia replied "nothing much just missing you that's all" and started crying again

Nick said, "Hey sweetie I won't be gone forever and ill write and call you and the time will fly by anyway arrived safely, and I have to go now I love you always bye honey."

Olivia said "I know baby it is just hard, I will ring you and write to you and I love you always to baby bye keep safe" before hanging up.

She waited a few minutes to stop crying and went and got herself washed up and with a small smile which appeared on her face while talking to Nick even though she was upset she went back downstairs and sat down as she was about to apologise for snapping,

Captain Cragen came out and shouted, "Olivia my office now."

Olivia said, "Yea Capt." sighed and got up and went into his office.

Captain Cragen said, "What was that about Olivia."

Olivia just sighed and said "sorry Capt it's been a rough few days its fine now though"

Captain Cragen said, "Liv you know if you need to talk you can talk to any one of us."

Olivia said, "Yeh I know Capt I'll be fine there is nothing to talk about."

Captain Cragen replied, "Ok Liv just remember that you can go back to work."

Olivia replied "thanks, Capt." and went back to her desk, "guys I'm sorry if I've snapped it's been a rough few days I'm fine now and don't want to talk about it."

Elliot and Munch said, "Its ok Liv if you need to talk we are here."

While Fin hugged her, and whispered, "I'm here for you if you want to talk baby girl" just as he finished a case come in, so they went off to work.

A few days later they were all in the bar, with Alex having a few drinks when Olivia went up to get a few rounds in, While the bartender was getting the drinks,

Brian Cassidy stepped up to her and said "hey Livie, how about we get out of here and get something to eat"

Olivia glared at him and said, "it is detective Benson to you, and no I'm not interested."

Brian who had been trying to get her to agree to a date for a few days said: " Oh come on you can't resist me forever, so come on let's go."

He went to grab her hand she moved it out the way punched him in the face, and said "yes can, no leave me alone" with this she took the drinks to the table.

Everyone at the table said, "what was that Liv."

She replied " he wouldn't take no for an answer, think he will now" they all laughed.

It had been three weeks from that phone call when Olivia got home to find a letter waiting for her from Nick saying

Dear Livie

I miss you, I'm not sleeping well without having you laying in my arms, but I'm getting ok with it even though I hate it, I miss seeing your beautiful face and cuddling with you and hearing you laugh, I miss waking up with you in my arms with your hair spread out on the pillow.

Work is very stressful at the moment we've lost a few men and had a few explosions don't worry I am fine I was nowhere near any of them were, I can't say too much about work apart from the heat is very stifling.

I love you forever and always keep safe

You Nicky


Olivia re-read it five times and then held it to her chest then she decided to write back saying

Dear Nicky

I miss you tooI'm not sleeping well without being in your arms either, I miss your handsome face and feeling safe in your arms weather were sleeping or cuddling. And I miss hearing you laugh too.

Work is ok I snapped at them the first two days till I spoke to you it helped a bit but I was still down capt then called me into his office to ask what's wrong I just said nothing, but he said if I need to talk I can which is nice the lads said the same. But am getting used to it and when I'm struggling, I bury myself in work, so I don't have to go home and miss you more.

We all went out to the bar at the end of the week, where this guy who wouldn't take no for an answer tried hitting on me again I ended up punching him, my hand was sore for a few days but fine now.

While at work or out with the gang I put my rings on my necklace and tuck it into my top and then they are close to my heart as you have my heart and I love you with it all.

I love you forever and always keep safe

You're Livie


With that, she wrote the envelope placed the letter in it and sealed it, and posted it on her way to work.