The idea for this came from watching old episodes of NCIS and Jag,

And also reading Curiosity by Raindrops on Roses

I hope you enjoy this


Kate had just arrived in the bullpen and sat down at her desk and started thinking. She had been at NCIS for three months now, it also had been three months since her ex Tim Kerry was killed, but she couldn't feel sad, as since then she turned to an old friend Admiral AJ Chegwidden. She had known him for five years before she joined the secret service, via her previous job, he was now a JAG lawyer, and she was now an NCIS agent, she only turned to him for comfort but quickly something developed, they knew they shouldn't be together especially with her being at NCIS.

But they had decided it was worth the risk to be together and now spent their time between their places. Hers was in between the two workplaces which meant they left at the same time while his house was close to his work which meant she had to leave earlier than him. She looked at the time and knew he would be getting up around now and would ring her once he was settled in work.

Just then Tim McGee came in and said "morning Kate."

She replied "morning Tim."

He had just sat down when Jethro Gibbs came in and said "morning Kate, McGee."

McGee replied "morning boss."

While Kate replied "morning Gibbs."

They sat down to work, ten minutes later Tony DiNozzo turned up late again,

Tony said "morning boss, Katie, Probie."

McGee said "morning Tony."

Kate snapped and said, "Tony I've told you not to call me that."

Tony went to reply before he felt a head slap and a "you're late" from Gibbs,

Tony said "sorry boss" and sat down to work.

It was about 09.20 when Kate's phone rang she answered "Kate Todd",

On the other end, AJ replied: "I don't like being left alone in an empty bed Lieutenant."

She smiled and said "well Admiral if we stayed at my place you wouldn't be, and also I've told you not to call me that and was that all you called for"

He replied, "well it's your rank and no I just wanted to say 'good morning beautiful have a good day at work I love you' I've said it now."

She smiled wider and said "it was, it isn't now and well good morning handsome, have a good day at work to, I will see you tonight, I've got to go know, but I love you",

He replied "bye" and they both hang up.

Gibbs McGee and DiNozzo was shocked they didn't know she was seeing someone,

Tony decided to try to find out more and said: "who's that Katie?"

She replied, "That's classified DiNozzo and stop calling me Katie."

Kate went back to work as did McGee and Gibbs but Tony kept trying to find out, he kept asking Kate, she tried telling him it was none of his business and ignoring him, but he continued in the end,

She snapped and said, "Tony what the hell has my private life got to do with you?"

He replied, "whoa Katie was only asking for the benefit of the team so."

He was cut off then by Kate saying "no it's not for the benefit of the team, you just want to know and it has nothing to do with you."

She then turned to Gibbs and said: "Gibbs I'm going for coffee and to cool down, I have my cell on me if you need me if that's ok."

He replied, "Kate go and DiNozzoshut up and get back to work".

With that the other three went back to work while Kate went and got coffee she texted AJ telling him what happened he replied with 'oh sweetie, hope you're ok just remember I love you x' she smiled and sent back 'I love you too x'.

She had been in the office ten minutes when they got called to a dead petty office in Alexandria,

Gibbs said "gear up a dead petty officer in Alexandria Tony gas the truck, McGee get ducky, and you're to go in the truck, Kate you're with me in my car", With that, they were gone.

Kate was glad to be in Gibbs car rather than the truck for Tony to start,

Gibbs turned to her and said, " look, Kate, I know when you're ready you will let us know who you're seeing, and I'm happy as long as it doesn't interfere with your work and your happy and he treat's you right."

Kate smiled Gibbs had been like a father to her and Abby she replied: "Thanks, Gibbs it won't, and I am happy, he treats me like a princess."

He replied "good."

they arrived at the crime scene sorted everything out and went back to the office, Kate took the evidence down to Abby, when she arrived upstairs she spotted the flowers on her desk and smiled but then saw Tony trying to find the card.