Three years later

everyone had met at Kate and AJ's house for their daughters second birthday they had had a daughter less than a year after she was shot called Sophia- Marie Chegwidden who is now two then when she was 18 months old they had a baby boy Michael Thomas Chegwidden, who is now six months old

Bud and Harriet had had a little girl who they lost last year called Sarah, AJ was now 4, and they were 12 weeks pregnant with twins

Sarah and harm had got married a year later and after a few problems had finally just had a little girl who was now two weeks old called Lilly-Ann Rabb.

Jenny and Jethro had adopted a little girl three months later from a case they had one night where they couldn't get hold of either of their team's. She looked so similar to them that no one would've guessed that she wasn't there's she was called Jessica rose Gibbs she is 6, and they have a three-month-old little girl called Amelia-Mae Gibbs.

Abby and her husband had just enjoyed being married neither wanted children yet

While Heather had got engaged to Tony they had a son who is 18 months old called Jamie-Lee DiNozzo and McGee had been introduced to a petty officer who worked at Jag called petty officer Jenifer Coates, and they have been married six months.