Dory was swimming with Nemo to school. When they got there,Nemo saw his friends and swam towards them.

"Have fun!" waved Dory.

"Hi Nemo!" his friends shouted hello.

"Hey guys." said Nemo.

"One of Nemo's friends ,Sheldon ,looked up and see Dory swimming away.

"Is that your Mom?" asked turned around to see what Sheldon was talking about. He turned back to Sheldon.

"No." chuckled Nemo.

"Are you sure? I mean she lives with you and your Dad all the time." said Tad.

"Yeah!" said Pearl.

"Are they planning to get married!?" joked Sheldon

"I said no Sheldon!" steamed Nemo as he looked at him.

Nemo laughed a little ,but then wondered , will Dory ever replace the mother he lost when he was an egg?