Nemo swam fast as he could to get away from home. He wanted to run away, he wanted to run away so badly, to get away what was happening. He wanted to go somewhere far away until he heard,"Nemo!"

Nemo quickly spun around. There was Dory. She was trying to catch up to him,but, he quickly turned away.

"What does she want from him anyway? Dory swam faster to stop him. She finally caught up to him.

"Alright, what do you want?",First Nemo, I just want to know what's wrong you're behaving off lately. I want to know what's wrong.", Dory trying to speak softly to him making Nemo groan.

"Ugh,you sound like a Mom when you talk to me.",said Nemo. He kept trying to get past her till Dory stopped him.

"You're not going anywhere until I know what's going on.", said Dory.

"Alright!", shouted Nemo as he looked down out of shame and groaned. Then,looks up at Dory who looks like she was waiting for an

"Alright, you know about the whole story about my Mom being eaten by a shark when I was a egg right?", asked Nemo.

Dory responded with a nod, "Of course your Dad told me that story."said Dory ".I wa worry that you..." Before Nemo could say anything he tried to avoid what was he wwwwwwgoing to say to Dory.

"I what?" Asked Dory as she swam closer to Nemo "That you will become my new mom." Finished Nemo there was a moment of silence to Dory of what Nemo just said until she let out a burst of laughter which made Nemo look at her speechless without saying a word "Wow Nemo that's the funniest thing I heard.",Laughed Dory as she looked over at Nemo "You know me and your Dad are just friends, .and if we are together

then we can be like a family you've always wanted Nemo a mom,a dad, a son and I know I'm not as intelligent as your Mom was but I could try." Explained Dory Nemo was quiet at first before he ran into Dory's fins and starts hugging her "I'm sorry." Sobbed Nemo, with tears in his eyes as Dory hugs back saying sweetly "It's okay." As the broke up the hug.,łNow come on your Dad's waiting." Said Dory as she swam off as Nemo follows her while she hums to herself Just Keep Swimming.

The End.