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Lucy (15 years old)

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-Welcome to Fairy Tail-

-The Town of Hargeon-

"Man, how could I have gotten lost in a place like this." The blond haired mage said in annoyance seeing that her map was complete trash. Frustrated, she threw the map into the water and walked away hoping to put her mind somewhere else.

Lucy was busy walking to a nearby shops as the people waved at her with their fellow greetings. Lucy was busy trying to find a good map with some rather good directions so that way she won't waste her time just wandering around.

Before making her way through she returned the gesture to the town folk around her.

She sat by a nearby bench as she began drinking out of her canteen of water. She then took out a sandwich and began to munch on it hungrily.

"(Gulp), (gulp), ahh that hit the spot!" Lucy finished drinking out of her canteen and put it away. She patted her stomach in delight as she then began thinking to herself.

"I wonder if I can find any magic shops here?" She wondered to herself as she caught the attention of a group of guys who happen to be hanging around the one of the shops that Lucy was sitting near.

Lucy then got up and went to one of the restrooms to clean her hands. Humming to herself, she then left the restroom and headed down the road before coming to a stop. She caught sight of a what appeared to be magic thrift shop and made her way in.

"Lets check this place out..." She said to herself before forgetting something.

Before we go anywhere, allow me to introduce myself.

Hi my name is Lucy Heartfilia. I'm 15 years old and I happen to be an aspiring mage. My dream is to join the number 1 guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail. Though I might not look the part of a mage, I do happen to be a brilliant mind. Well enough of my introduction for now, since I have things I need to do.

Her inner monologue finished...

Now back to the task at hand.

Entering the store she ended up encountering the clerk who looked like he was bored out of his mid. She slowly went up to him as he greeted her.

"Well hello there miss, how is your day going so far?" The clerk asked as she greeted him with a fellow wave.

"It's going well to say the least. But right now I'm sort of lost at the moment." She frowned as he looked at her with sympathy. Is not like this has happened before, many people who end up here in Hargeon end up getting lost one way or the other. It's just that it takes not having a sense of direction to wander aimlessly.

"Tell you what, since your my first customer, here I'll give you this map free of charge. Is that alright with you?" The clerk merely pulled a map from his bag and handed it to Lucy who smiled in happiness seeing that she was now able to travel without getting lost.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask. Is this a magic store by any chance?" The clerk had a simple grin which made her tilt her head. The clerk then smiled before answering her question.

"Yes, this is a magic shop. But to tell you the truth this just so happens to be the only magic shop in all of Hargeon." He said as Lucy realized. That explains why there weren't any magic shops here. Man was she slow at this realization. But whatever she was here and she would see if she could find something of use.

She looked around as something caught her eye. it was an opened box with a key inside. A silver key to be exact! Lucy was now in luck. She checked it and to her surprise it just so happened to be a key she was looking for!

It read "The White Doggie"

"I've been looking for this key for awhile now!" Lucy exclaimed in joy.

"Uh... that spirit isn't strong you know.."

"I don't care. I still really want it." Lucy said as she was excited to finally get another key.

"Okay that will be 20,000 Jewel." The clerk said as Lucy had a smile that looked similar to Mirajane. She had to remain cool and collected so she asked again.

"Um, how much is this key?"

"Like I said before it's 20,000 jewel." The clerk repeated himself.

Lucy then moved forward to the desk with her zipper slightly unzipped showing some of her impressive cleavage.

"How much is this key really worth?" She said in a sultry tone "You nice old man."

5 minutes later she stormed out of the shop completely annoyed and pissed.

"That old fart only knocked off 1000 jewels." She said puffing her cheeks in annoyance as she looked at her breast before sighing. "What good are these things for, if they can't give me some free stuff every now. Man this was such a waste of time."

Lucy was so angry that she dented a nearby sign with a hard kick.

"Is my sex appeal really only worth knocking off 1000 jewels." She sighed before looking at the map she was given. She should at least be thankful that she got anything out of that store.




Meanwhile at the train station.

Natsu was currently suffering from a near death experience that he had to endure for the past few hours. Fortunately Wendy had nothing better to do and tagged alongside him. The two exceeds as well came along due to Natsu hearing a rumor about a "Salamander". Even though most rumors tend to be at least 90% false most of the time, Natsu always wanted to check them out Because to him he had hope that one of these rumors would sooner or later lead him to Igneel.

"H-Help me I'm dying h-" He clamped his hand over his mouth to prevent the bile from escaping his mouth.

Wendy looked at the pinkette in worry, as much as she wanted to help him, she couldn't now due to how her spell was limited in strength. If she were to cast Troia on him continually then the spell would be completely nullified meaning that even if she were to go with him he would have no way to relieve himself of his motion sickness.

The pinkette was tossing and turning trying to keep his lunch from leaving his mouth. After a few minutes of terrible motion sickness Wendy looked over to Carla who pretty much just gave her a simple nod before going over to him. She put her hands together as a blueish glow emanated revealing her magic aura. She then proceeded to place her hands on Natsu's head before chanted her magic.

"Troia!" The magic flowed into Natsu's body as he began to feel his pain lessen. His body stopped thrashing about now feeling brand new. He then looked over to the bluenette who was sweating slightly and thanked her for her help.

"Thanks Wendy, having you here makes traveling way more easier." Wendy merely gave him a smile as Carla just looked ahead and saw that they had arrived. Looking at the sign it read "Hargeon Train Station".

"Well it looks like we're here now so we'd better get going before it gets late." Carla warned as the two slayers grabbed their respected belongings and headed out of the train. Natsu merely kissed the ground in joy now feeling happy that he was no longer on that death trap.

"Oh sweet land! I will never take another ride on those death traps for as long as I live!" Wendy could only sympathize with him knowing how it feels to get motion sickness. Heck even though she doesn't show it, she as well has terrible motion sickness and tends to cast Troia when the situation calls for it.

"Get up already. And stop kissing the ground already! Your making us look bad in front of all these people!" Carla reprimanded him. Happy on the other hand simply looked over to the white snowy exceed before telling her.

"Um Carla... as much as I agree with you there, telling Natsu would just be a waste of time. Besides it's not like he ever listens... well at least half of the time anyways." The blue cat reasoned with the white cat. Carla could only sigh knowing that what the blue exceed say's is true. When it come to giving Natsu advice it more or less just a vain attempt.

He does things sometimes out of proportion or for really stupid reasons. Before they would get off topic Wendy then pointed to the station's exit.

"Hey guys, the faster we check this rumor the earlier we can leave." Natsu and the two exceeds simply followed Wendy leaving the station behind. Natsu and Wendy then entered the town of Hargeon to see if the rumors were true. The exceeds then followed them to make sure that they wouldn't get into any trouble.

Lucy was busy walking through the town as she was looking for a place to relax her feet. As she was making her way she heard some girls squealing in excitement. Even though she wanted to rest herself she couldn't help but want to check what all the fuss was about. Making her way to the crowd of overly excited fan girls, she heard some interesting things.





Lucy then widened her eyes in disbelief. She couldn't believe it. The 'Salamander' was here! The mage who was so popular because he had fire magic that you couldn't get anywhere else.

She was about to meet one of the most mages in Fiore! Steeling herself she made her way through the crowd of girls as she saw him. He was dressed in a blue robe that reached his past his knees, purple pants and a white shirt. He was currently flicking his hair while looking at the crowd before in before speaking.

"Now~ now~ there is more than enough of me to go around~" He said with a sultry yet arrogant tone as he flicked his hair. The girls could only get more excited as they wrestled against themselves to be the first ones. Lucy suddenly felt her heart beat faster, The pupils in her eyes turned to hearts. She didn't know what it was but she started to walk closer to him.

"Is my heart beating fast because he's a famous wizard?!" She was talking to herself in her mind as she neared him "Is this excitement I feel... or is this what they call... Love at first sight?!" She was now a few centimeters before him.

Natsu and Wendy walked along the side streets as they overheard lots commotion in the street on their left. Making their way, they heard some girls making noise. One spoke the word "Salamander" this got Natsu excited.

He was about to see his dad or so he thinks...

Making his way to the crowd of girls, he then made is way to meet the Salamander but when he made it to the center, all he saw was some guy posing making the girls swoon over him. As Lucy saw the pinkette, her excitement disappeared and her pupils returned to normal.

"Igneel!" Natsu then looked at the guy as his excitement vanished. He took a look at the guy in confusion.

"Huh, who the hell are you?" The guy could only look at him before he posed again trying to look cool.

"Well if you haven't heard of me before then I'll tell you. My name is Salamander!" He said as the girls squealed once more. Natsu could only look at him in disbelief before trying to make his way back.

"Yeah... I don't think so..." The girls looked at him in anger as they surrounded Natsu and beat him up. Wendy covered her eyes as the two exceeds just cringed at sight of their friend taking a beating. The girls then let the pinkette go and returned to complementing "Salamander".

The guy then looked at Natsu who was recovering and merely looked at him. Then he took out a piece of paper and a marker before writing something. He then handed it to Natsu before flicking his air and winked at him. Natsu then grabbed the paper before crumpling it and tossing away. The girls took notice of this action and swarmed him giving him yet another beating.

After that the "Salamander" then took his leave as he began activating his magic. Snapping his finger he then rose into the air using his spell.

"Red Carpet!" Purple flames then appeared below 'Salamander' whisking him off elsewhere, Well not before looking back at the crowd of females below him. "I'm having a party at my yacht later tonight and your all invited!" He announced as he flew away in the distance.

The girls then left the street doing whatever business they had. Lucy was busy recovering from whatever magic that was that had affected her. Natsu then got up from the ground with Wendy healing him. Happy and Carla who witnessed the whole event merely put their hands on their chest before sighing in disappointment... well one of them anyways.

"I knew that this was going to be a waste of time... we came all this way only to see that this supposed "Salamander" was nothing but a fake..." Carla spoke seeing that the rumor turned out to be false. Happy just looked at Natsu who had his face shadowed by his pink locks. However he was snapped out of his daze when a voice called out to them.

"Um thank you for earlier." Natsu, Wendy and the two exceeds turned around only to see the blonde haired girl from before. She looked like she a part of the group so Natsu had his guard up. Wendy looked relaxed seeing that she wasn't tense at all. Natsu noticed this and decided to drop his guard... at least for now.

"Uh.. thanks for what?" The blond could only look at them before explaining her reason for thanks.

"I wanted to thank you for stepping in earlier when you did. It turns out that when you came walking through my line of sight, it snapped me out of some sort of charm spell that he was using." She said before she continued.

"Is there any way that I can repay you?" She said as Wendy shrugged it off shaking her head telling her that it was no problem.

Natsu stomach though had other thoughts as it rumbled signifying the pinkette's hunger. Wendy and the exceeds could only sweat drop at the noise. Natsu was hungry again and they had eaten before they left. They sighed once again. Wendy looked at The blonde before accepting her offer.

"On second thought, we'll take you up on your offer."

"Okay, lets go." They headed off to eat.

-Inside a restaurant-

"Man, thanks for the food. I really appreciate it." Natsu continued stuffing his face as the two exceeds simply moved away from his seat. Wendy was eating her food slowly, showing her manners. Lucy at the same time sweatdropped seeing the amount of food that the pinkette was devouring.

"Well, there's goes the 2000 jewels that I had. By the way I know this is sudden but we never introduced ourselves." She cleared her throat before speaking.

"My name is Lucy Heartfilia and it's nice to meet you." Natsu and Wendy stopped eating as he looked at her before giving his introduction.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel. Nice to meet you here Lucy." He gave smile before taking another bite out of his food.

"And I'm Wendy Marvell. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She said giving Lucy a smile. The blonde girl now known as Lucy simply returned the gesture before starting their conversation.

"So what brought you two here to this town?" Lucy questioned as the two mages looked at each other. They looked back at Lucy and replied.

"Well, we came here to Hargeon because we heard rumors that the "Salamander" was going to be here so we decided to check to see if it was true. But from what we saw, the rumor turned out to be false." She said as Natsu clenched his hands in annoyance.

"Even though it turned out to be fake we just have to keep searching."

Lucy then took notice of something shiny. Looking closer, she saw what appeared to be a pendant or neckless wrapped around his neck.

"Wow it looks so pretty..." She marveled as they looked at her confused. It took a moment for them to register what Lucy was looking at. She was looking at the pendant that Natsu had wrapped around his neck.

"Oh, you mean this?" Natsu pulled the pendant from under his scarf. He showed it off to Lucy who was just in awe at the beauty. Lucy has never seen such a marvelous piece of work like that before. But before she could continue looking at it any further, Natsu then put it back in place. Lucy was slightly disappointed that he put it away, but for now it was Natsu and Wendy's turn to ask.

"So what brings you to a town like this anyways Lucy-san?" The bluenette asked as the blonde girl was merely thinking. She then grabbed her bag which held several keys. These keys were both gold and silver.

"Well I came here because I was looking for a certain key. You may not notice but I happen to be a mage. A celestial spirit mage to be exact ." She opened her bag and revealed her keys. Wendy was in awe at the different keys that she saw. Some were golden while others were silver. Lucy could tell how Wendy was taking this so she put them away.

"That's what I was looking for earlier but it looks like there's nothing here."

"But whatever it means that I have to search elsewhere."

"Oh yeah before I forget. I really want to get into a guild, but the guild I want to get into is the most famous! Well maybe I should explain, you see guilds are-"

"There's no reason to explain, we know what guilds are." Natsu interrupted as Wendy slightly nudged him to be more polite.

"Well listen I hope you get into the guild of your dreams. We have to go now so thank you for the food." Natsu got up with Wendy and the two exceeds following him.

"Thank you Lucy-san we really appreciate it." Wendy bowed quickly before grabbing her bag and left. Lucy could only think in her mind two words.

"Fairy Tail" She thought as she packed up her supplies and left the restaurant.

-Sometime later-

Natsu and Wendy were busy walking around ready to head back before they noticed something in the distance. It was a yacht. Wendy then remembered what that guy said earlier. Looking at Natsu, she noticed his expression was hardened. Natsu eyes were focused like that of a hawk ready to hunt and catch it's prey. Wendy then broke the silence.

"Hey Natsu-san, I have a feeling something bad is going to happen. I don't know how to explain it but I feel that we should check it out." Wendy said slightly worried. Natsu then looked at her and nodded.

"Well it wouldn't hurt to check it out. Besides I need to pay that guy back for using my alias like that." Natsu said as he clenched his hand in anger.

"The only question is why is the boat heading out?" Carla wondered out loud. Natsu and Wendy could only stare at the boat as it continued to fade out in the distance.

-On the boat-

"You guys aren't members of Fairy Tail!"

"Hm, of course not. I only said that to get you to come aboard." He said as the other girls on the ship were drugged. There were a dozen men who were looking at her. They looked as if they were about to swarm her.

"Now, Now Don't fight back. You know that you can't win. So just come with us. Quit-" A loud noise resounded through the ship as they heard a crash from behind them. They looked back and saw Natsu who landed on the table looking pissed. Wendy was busy be carried by Carla and Happy was next to her.

"What the- how did you get here?!" Bora was dumbfounded at the pinkette's arrival.

"I need to pay you b-" He suddenly felt sick as he covered his mouth trying to hold it in. Wendy could only face palm along with happy realizing that Natsu made a mistake. He was a dragon slayer and being one made it hard for Natsu due to the magic giving him terrible motion sickness.

"That was so lame!" Lucy comically yelled at her supposed rescuer. She sweatdropped seeing that he was having a struggle trying to keep from barfing.

"Hey Bora we got trouble!" A member on the boat said. "I told you not to call me that you fool!" The guy now known as Bora said as he looked back at the member. "What's the problem?!"

"A giant wave is heading our way! We can't stop it!"

"Wait, why are you telling me this right now?! Who's steering the ship?!"

Before they could continue a massive wave appeared and slammed the ship on it's side pushing it back onto the shore. Natsu was busy trying to recover as he was going through the worst ride of his life. Lucy had summoned one of her spirits. The spirit had navy blue hair, she had a long blue tail, and she appeared to be holding what looks like a vase.

"Thanks for the help Aquarius." She said as the aquatic spirit just looked back at her before saying something.

"Just make sure to stay out of trouble from now on. Okay?" She then vanished back to the Celestial Spirit World.

Lucy could only look at the wreckage that remained seeing that the ship was destroyed. The other girls that were captured and ran as far as their legs could take them. She looked up and saw Natsu standing on top of the wreckage with a shadowed expression. Wendy, Carla along with Happy were standing a few feet from where their friend was.

Looking at Natsu she noticed that he had a hardened expression. Bora and his men were busy recovering seeing that they had come out with a few scratches. They looked over to him as Natsu began to speak.

"So you guy's say that your from the Fairy Tail guild?" Bora looked at pinkette in annoyance.

"So? What's it to you? Get him men."

"Let me take a closer look." He removed his coat as the men neared him. Then with one motion he backhanded them as he looked at Bora in anger.

"My name is Natsu Dragneel and I'm a Fairy Tail wizard. And I've never seen you before." Bora, Lucy and the others looked at him in shock.

"Wait so Natsu's a Fairy Tail wizard?!" They looked closer and saw his right shoulder. The insignia looked as clear as day.

"That mark! There's no doubts about it. He's the real deal." Another member then looked the pinkette before recognizing him.

"Wait Bora! I've seen this guy before. The pink hair, the scaly looking scar. There's no doubt about it?! He has to be the real deal."

"Wait, you mean that Your the Salamander?!" Lucy was completely amazed. She couldn't believe it. She was looking at one of the most famous mages in Fiore.

"Now look I don't care if your a good guy, a bad guy or not. I'm not going to let you tarnish Fairy Tail's name." Bora could only smirk at him as he began to activate his magic.

"Oh, and your going to stop me? Well think again." A purple magic circle appeared in front of him as it glowed.

"Prominence Typhoon!" A blast of purple flames came out and headed to Natsu who was engulfed in the magic.

"Oh no Natsu!" Lucy cried out in worry as she saw the pinkette engulfed by the magic.

Slurp* Slurp*

A slurping sound resounded within the flames as they were then spiraling upwards into a single point. The flames then spiraled downwards into the pinkette's mouth as if they were going into a black hole. Bora and the others were completely dumbfounded as they saw the pinkette consume the flames as if they were nothing.

"Uh, these flames are so gross. Are you really a fire mage? Cause these are the nastiest flames I've ever tasted." Lucy was at a loss for words after seeing what occurred.

"I've never seen anything like this." Lucy thought as she witnessed that action. Natsu then walked towards bora who on the other hand was nervous.

"Hehe, fire magic doesn't work on Natsu." Happy had a dark smirk.

"Now I have a fire in my belly that's raging to get out!" He slowly opened his mouth as fire began to pour into his lungs. He bent backwards as his cheeks were puffed.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" A red magic circle appeared as the flames erupted out of the pinkette's mouth as it made it's way to Bora and his goons. A large explosion was emitted destroying most of the dock. The smoke cleared as Natsu came out, flames were engulfing his hands.

"I'm flaring up! I'm gonna show what a Fairy Tail wizard can do! Here I go!" Bora tried to run as he let out another attack.

"Hell Provenance!" Bora threw a big ball of purple flames at the pinkette who just held it back before he absorbed it completely.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Natsu shouted as his fist connected to Bora's face sending him through multiple buildings and then into the town bell.

"Wow...that was amazing. But you overdid it!"


"Oh my... how will we explain this to the master?" Carla simply shrugged her head in annoyance. The entire dock was destroyed without question. Hopefully the master doesn't throw a fit. That would be bad. Natsu then grabbed Lucy's hand and began to run. Wendy and the two followed closely behind.

"Oh crap we got to go! The army is here!"

"Wait where are we going?" Natsu merely turned to her in confusion.

"What do you mean? You said that you wanted to join Fairy Tail didn't you?" Lucy looked at him in shock and wonder.

"So let's go." He smiled as the group now with the addition of Lucy made their way through the town leaving chaos in it's wake.

-The town of Magnolia-

A few hours have passed since Lucy joined the group. Morning had now begun grace the world as the sun showed itself to the citizens of Earthland with it burning brightly in the sky. The people of Magnolia were out and about with shop owners opening their stores to signify their normal routine of business. People from all over filled the streets hoping to get their daily tasks over with. Children swarmed the parks in order to play with others to have fun while others just carried on simply minding their business.

They had finally made it back home to Fairy Tail. Lucy was so excited. She couldn't help feeling scared though. After all, she was about to enter the most popular guild in Fiore. They slowly made their way through the town of Magnolia and found themselves in front of the guild.

"Well here we are. So Lucy are you ready to join?" He asked her while she simply looked at the guild in fright. She was frozen in fear. Natsu figured this would happen so he snapped her out of her daze.

"Oh my bad. I must have been spacing out... but I'm ready. So let's do this!" She opened the doors only to see chaos in her sight.

"What is going on here?! Why does the guild look wrecked?!" Wendy quickly answered her.

"The guild's brawling. This happens every day in case you were wondering." Lucy was simply at a loss for words not knowing if she should accept what her eyes were seeing. Meanwhile Natsu just walked up to Mirajane who in return gave Natsu a smile before asking.

"So how did it go with the rumor? Did you find any leads?" Natsu simply scratched his head before speaking.

"Nope, turns out that the "Salamander" was just some guy posing as me so he could get some attention. But I gave him a thrashing. Now that guy will be behind bars most likely. But for the meantime it looks like I'll have to search somewhere else now." Mirajane gave Natsu a faint smile before telling him something.

"Don't worry about it go for now. Just focus on getting stronger. If I hear anything then I'll let you know."

"Okay thanks Mira. By the way how does graduation feel right now? Are you happy?" Mira gave a small smile before telling him.

"To be honest. I'm a little sad but you may be surprised this year." She said as Natsu looked confused. He tilted his head as a question mark appeared over his head.

"What do you mean by that?" Natsu asked as Mira suddenly remembered something important that she had to do. Turning around she yelled. "Sorry but I just remembered that I have to do something important. But we'll talk later on. Bye!"

Natsu wondered what she meant by "something surprising". He tried to understand the meaning of her words but he just decided to leave it at that. Since Mirajane and Erza graduated a year ago, things kind of changed though he wasn't one to stay sad, after all they were starting their last year of school and he wanted it to be the best one yet.

Meanwhile Lucy and Lisanna were busy talking about certain things. Lucy had explained what happened to her back in Hargeon while Lisanna opened her eyes wide in shock. Lisanna then giggled lightly before speaking.

"Well if there anyone who can cause that much chaos in a single hour then it's Natsu. There's no doubt." Lisanna had a smile before going back to the task at hand. "By the way Lucy you said that you wanted to join right? Tell me where you want it at and which color would you prefer?" Lucy was thinking for a few moments before deciding.

"I want it pink and place if on my right hand if you could."

"Okay then, wait just a moment and we'll get you mark started." Lisanna had the guild stamper ready with Lucy holding out her right hand. Lisanna them placed the stamper in the color coating and then proceeded to stamp Lucy's hand. Lucy looked at her hand in happiness. She couldn't believe it. She was now a member of Fairy Tail.

"Welcome to the guild Lucy-san. We're happy to have you." Wendy simply gave her a warm smile with Lucy hugging both girls. Before they could continue, a body flew right by them just barely missing them by a few centimeters. they saw that Natsu, Elfman, Gray, and a few others were busy throwing down. They sweatdropped at the sight.

"Hehe, bring it on! I'll take all you guys myself!" Natsu ignited his fists in excitement.

"Raaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I'm gonna show you the power of a man!" Elman's arm glowed as it was engulfed in a white magic circle before taking the form of a metal arm.

"Bring it, I'll freeze you all in no time flat!" Gray then placed his right fist onto his open palm before a blue magic circle appeared.

"If you guy's don't stop now, then I'll shut you up by force." Cana held a card in her hand as it began to glow. A green magic circle appeared as she looked at the others in annoyance.

"Is there really any way to stop them?" Happy merely shook his head as they saw the sight. Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Cana and a few other wizards were preparing their attacks as their aura's suddenly glowed in color. Before they could even think about causing another ruckus a loud voice boomed in anger.

"WHAT IS ALL THIS RUCKUS?! CAN'T YOU ALL BEHAVE FOR ONE MINUTE WITHOUT WRECKING THE PLACE?!" Makarov merely sighed in annoyance before talking aloud.

"There are so many complaints from the magic council that I don't even know where to start. Gray, you did fine on the last job but there are reports of you stripping and stealing people's clothes."

"Elfman, you retrieved the requested item as promised but you were scaring the client."

"Cana, you ended up stealing from the sweets caravan that you were supposed be guarding. And the list goes on!"

He then held up the papers in his hands before setting them on fire. "But I'll say this. To hell with the council." He threw the flames in the air as Natsu leaped and caught them. Lucy was surprised as Makarov began to clear his throat before looking at everyone below.

"Listen well, no matter what obstacles may lie in your way, you must continue to move forward. Even if you fall down constantly, continue to get up every time. You must constantly put your practice of magic to good use. It must take over your entire being and pour out of your soul, if we're constantly hiding from the council then our magic will never progress. Follow the path you believe in. Because that's what makes Fairy Tail number one!" Cheers reverberated through the guild as Natsu, Gray, Elfman, Cana and other members just smiled.

Makarov then looked over to Lucy before going over to her and introducing himself. "Hello there, are you new here by any chance?" Lucy nodded as she looked over to Natsu and the others. Natsu, Wendy and the others left to the changing room as Lucy was slightly confused at what they were doing. Then a few minutes later they came out of the room with what appeared to be school uniforms.

"Where are they going? And what are they wearing right now?" Makarov looked at Lucy before looking back at the group.

"They are going to school right now. And if I remember correctly this is their final year so there is bound to be some commotion today especially since some things are going to change." Lucy was intrigued by the information provided to her. Makarov saw the look in her eye's. Seeing her get excited made him wonder. He then spoke catching her attention.

"Let me ask you something. Would you like to enroll within the school?" Lucy could only wonder at why he was asking. It wasn't like she wanted to go but what would she do to pass the time? There wasn't anyone her age who would spend time with her due to most of them being adults.

And for one thing she most definitely would not want too wait 2-3 hours for everyone to get out. Well it's like the master had asked, if she wanted to go she could go but then there was that question. How would she get in? And who would let her enroll for that matter? With so many question in her mind she couldn't think. Before she could continue, he spoke interrupting her thoughts.

"I can tell what your thinking and let me reassure you... I can call the head master and let him know that you'll be enrolling this year. But I won't do it if you don't want me too. Is that alright with you?" Lucy was taken aback at the proposal. Was the master really going to go through all that trouble just for her? I mean its that she figured since she was technically still just a newcomer and member of the guild but she wanted to know.

That why would he want to help someone that he just barely met? Looking at him she noticed that he was waiting for her answer. She turned around and faced him.

"Are you sure about helping me enroll? It's not that I don't want to but shouldn't I get accustomed to the guild first?" Makarov simply waved it off before closing his eyes.

"Believe me when I say this... Natsu and Wendy went through the exact same thing as your going through right now. I understand if you feel a little tense or nervous. Everyone is when they join... but remember this. We treat our Fairy Tail members like our own family... we would never abandon or leave anyone behind. We will always help no matter what." He then looked at Lucy who was contemplating. After 5 minutes of waiting she gave her answer.

"You know what... I'm gonna join besides if Natsu, Wendy are there right now then I'm in." She smiled with determination as Makarov simply chuckled. "Very well then I'll let the headmaster know of your arrival right now."

"Thank you very much master. I won't let your kindness go to waste." Lucy then ran out of the guild.



"I have a feeling that this year will be especially interesting." He smiled as he watched Lucy leave.

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