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-Teacher vs Student-

-Fairy Tail Academy-

"The battle between teacher and student will now commence." Students from within the class just waited as the atmosphere was tense. Natsu just had his guard up seeing that he was facing a rather familiar red-head and white-haired demon. Erza just looked at him with a grin which sent shiver down his spine.

Mirajane could only look at him before letting her demon persona out. This of course, reminded people of the two mages who were renowned as the top students and the most frightening of them.

The Titania, Queen Of The Fairies. Her alias in Fairy Tail that's well known in Fiore and her academy name which strikes fear in the hearts of the students, the Scarlett Empress.

And the Demon of Fairy Tail or her other frightening alias, The White Empress.

Both females were considered so powerful and deadly that anyone who tried to go against them or defied them were in a world of pain or even worse.

Natsu wasn't discouraged whatsoever. In fact, he was ready to finally beat Erza and prove himself to be the stronger mage. Mirajane simply eyed Lucy who appeared rather displeased at fighting in a crowded area.

Of course, Lucy in her mind she could tell by Natsu's reaction and from her info on the two mages that they weren't push overs either. It didn't matter to her though because she was ready to show what she was capable of.

With both sides ready, the match was on. Natsu was the first one to charge as he lit himself up in flames. Erza charged him head on as she then requiped her Flame Empress sword and clashed. Mirajane just watched as Lucy grabbed her Celestial Spirit Key and began to chant.

"Open! Gate of the Lion: Leo!" A yellow magic circle appeared next to her as a figure appeared from it. The figure looked like a humanoid but with some animal like characteristics. The spirit's appearance consisted of a white undershirt, a fancy black suit and a pair of black shoes. The spirit had orange hair with glasses.

This spirit looked more like a rich owner than an actual celestial spirit.

He looked over to his master in a professional yet flirty manner. "My, my, Is there anyway I can be of service to you today Princess~?" Lucy looked over to him as she began to explain her situation. After a few moments, Loke understood.

Lucy then began to be engulfed in light as her appearance changed. "Star Dress!" The light surrounding her vanished as her new form was revealed. This time her appearance looked different seeing as her outfit was replaced with a fancy black dress.

Mirajane just raised an eyebrow in surprise at the transformation. She, of course that that spell wasn't just for show. In any case, she kept her guard up in case she hid any other tricks.

"I might as well get started now..." Mirajane challenged as she began to activate her magic. Dark energy swirled around her as her appearance began to change. Seconds later the energy dissipated revealing her new form. She had horns grown in her forehead, her entire body was covered in flame-like tattoos, a reptilian tail appeared below her back.

Lucy looked at Mirajane with a narrow expression. Sweat dripped from her face as she felt the amazing magic power emanating from the white haired girl.

"Satan Soul: She-Devil." Mirajane spoke as Lucy tensed up in anticipation. "That's what my magic is in case you were wondering.

"It looks similar to my Star Dress but let me guess... your magic... does it have anything to do with taking over demons?" Mirajane merely smiled before letting out a small chuckle.

"Bingo! Yes, you are correct. My magic focuses on taking over demons and absorbing their strength." Eyeing the blonde closely she paused then continued.

"Your someone who I think can give me a good fight. Now come on, show me what your made of!" Mirajane braced herself as Lucy flashed stepped. Locking her leg, she swung it with full force as Mirajane could only block the attack and was pushed back significantly.


Mirajane couldn't believe it. That attack was unlike anything else she had felt in awhile. The last time she had felt such an attack was when she fought Erza and Laxus.

"I didn't expect her to be able to push me back with just a mere kick. I should watch her movements carefully." The white haired girl spoke as Lucy then prepared her stance.

"Here I come. I'm not holding back." Mirajane charged meeting her head on, both females clenching their fist trying to overcome the other. "Your even stronger then I imagined. Jeez and I thought that red-head Erza was the only other strong one. I guess I was wrong."

"You aren't too bad yourself. I've never seen anyone who can match me in terms of physical strength before." Mirajane and Lucy merely smirked at each other while trying gain some ground. It seemed that the two have now started a new rivalry although the difference in strength is hard to determine.

"Regulus Impact!" Lucy hand glowed in bright light as she locked her fist. Then swung it as Mirajane caught the attack. The force applied to the attack managed to graze her just slightly. Mirajane then leaped out of the way avoiding a light empowered kick from the blonde girl's spirit.

While the two girls were fighting, it peaked the interest of the rest of the students. "Wow... this is the first time I've seen anyone match Mirajane." Levy couldn't keep her eyes off the blonde. Cana felt a similar feeling as she was left in awe.

"I'm surprised that she can take on someone like Mira-nee without fear." Lisanna spoke while eyeing her sister. Elfman couldn't keep his eyes from the match as he studied the movement's of the blonde.

Meanwhile Erza and Natsu were going all out trying to overwhelm the other as the pinkette let out a blast of fire from his mouth. Erza dodged the pinkette's attack as he prepared another spell in conjunction. A red magic circle appeared on his hand.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" Shouting his spell briefly, Natsu slammed his fist into Erza's sword pushing her back and proceeded by using a joint spell.

"Fire Dragon's Raging Strike!" He then slammed his flame empowered fist into the ground creating a minor tremor due to amount of force put into the fist. Erza's feet were wobbling due to the minor quack and leaped into the air preparing for her next move. Natsu not wanting Erza to get the upper hand then began to dash towards her, with another spell.

"Fire Dragon's Talon!" Wrapping his leg in flames, he quickly tried striking her to get some damage in.

Erza dodged the pinkette's attack and sidestepped quickly then with one swift motion, she swung her blade. Without much time to dodge, Natsu simply anticipated the attack and caught the sword if just barely. Erza was surprised at the pinkette's sudden action to catch her weapon.

"Hoh, now this is a first. I've never expected you to try and stop my strike..." Erza remarked with slight praise as Natsu held it in place.

"Well you said so yourself a while back. There is a first to everything or so you said."

"Don't count yourself out of the woods yet besides... I still haven't gone all out yet." Erza confidently spoke as Natsu was being pushed back. "I see... Well then take this!" He opened his mouth as flames began to build up. Erza seeing this tried to break away but was being held in place by Natsu.

Due to the range it would take to get away Erza knew her only options were either block the attack or try to divert the attack. After a few seconds, Natsu released his attack.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" The breath attack made contact as Erza could widen her eyes before being engulfed in the flames.


A large explosion was seen as smoke covered the battlefield. The smoke was so dense that no one could see anything. After a few seconds the smoke had begun to clear. Everyone focused on the two figures that were barely visible, Natsu and Erza stood apart from each other with the red-head holding a shield in her left arm. Natsu on the other hand had several scratches and some dirt on his body.

"My, Natsu that was a bit excessive don't you think?" Erza questioned him as Natsu could only smack his fist into his palm.

"Tch! I thought I had you this time." He clicked his tongue in irritation.

"Well then Natsu is there anything else you want to try before I beat you?" She smirked slightly as her aura began to emit from her body. Natsu tensed up seeing that the scarlet knight was finally done playing around.

"Oh man and I thought he actually had this time. Man, what a bummer." Elfman spoke with the group watching in anticipation. "Flame-brain is as good as dead. Erza going to give him the lesson of his life." Gray muttered as he hid a chuckle. Some of the others like Lisanna and Wendy or even Cana still thought that he had a chance to turn it around.

"Now get ready!" Erza shouted briefly before she charged at him in high speed. She threw her sword at him but he managed to narrowly dodge the sword but then-


Natsu suddenly felt weak and couldn't move. He looked down and saw Erza with her fist imbedded deep in his stomach. He then tried looking at her while jerking his head upwards trying to remain conscious. She then whispered something in his ear as he began to pass out.

"That was a good match, now go to sleep." She spoke softly as Natsu slowly fell forward hitting the ground face first with a dud. The other students could only look at him in awe before sighing in the process.

Of course this match was one-sided. Natsu never stood a chance against the red-head. After all, she is an S-Class mage and mages of those calibre tend to be tenacious.

At the same time Lucy fell forward with both hands restrained by Mirajane who was busy smirking, feeling satisfied after downing the blonde celestial spirit mage. Both teacher assistants looked over to the instructor who then moved into the destroyed battlefield.

"This match concludes with Ms. Scarlet and Ms. Strauss's victory." The students however merely clapped and begun to cheer well mainly to the blonde celestial spirit mage who was busy getting up.

"Damn it. I lost..." Lucy whispered to herself as she clenched her fist in frustration at being defeated. Other students merely gathered around her applauding her for such an interesting and joyful spar.

"Well, that was fun. You caught me off guard there for a bit. I can't remember the last time I fought like that." Mirajane remarked as she held her hand up to look Lucy who was a bit hesitant, but nonetheless took her hand in good sportsmanship.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail Academy Lucy. I can't wait for us to be friends." Mirajane smiled as Lucy could look away being slightly embarrassed but happy. The others came forward with looks of awe and bewilderment. The first to speak was Cana.

"Man, you had me on the edge of my seat with that fight. I can't believe that you actually stood toe to toe with Mira."

"It is. There's no doubt about it... You made Mirajane take you seriously and that's an accomplishment in its own." Gray remarked before looking at the pinkette's unmoving body. He made a small chuckle before looking at the two formal students.

"Um, Erza-san shouldn't we get Natsu-san to the nurses office?"

"Go ahead and take him there. Since classes are barely starting, I'll let them know that you'll be a little late."

"Thank you Erza-san. Well then I'll be back." Wendy grabbed Natsu's unconscious body and leaned him over her shoulder and left. Lisanna wanted to go as well to make sure that Natsu would be alright but was stopped as Elfman put his hand on her shoulder and merely shook his head.

"Sis, just leave him to Wendy. For now we should get ready for class." Lisanna wanted to object and follow the bluenette but then just decided to listen to him and leave it to Wendy even though a small part of her wanted to go.

"Okay then lets go." She followed as the group went to their respective lockers and grabbed their things. Then, they left the building.


Meanwhile at the nurses office, Wendy was seen sitting down next to the bed which was currently being occupied by the recovering pinkette who was being treated for his recent injuries.

The pink haired elderly woman just mixed in different herbs and applied them to the pinkette. While this was something Wendy was used to seeing, she couldn't help but always worry especially knowing that since this was Natsu that Porlyusica was healing, even though his injuries are light to an extent she can't help but think about what would happen if he were to be in an actual fight. He would be in an even worse state then he is right now.

"Are you worried about him?"

"Eh?" Wendy suddenly perked up and turned to the woman. Porlyusica then walked over to the bed in which Natsu was laying in.

"If your worried about him then just leave him to me. I'll help him recover."

"Besides you have a class don't you? For now, just return to your studies and if he wakes up I'll let him know where you are." She reassured the bluenette as Wendy then got up before heading to the door. "I'll be back as soon if possible."

Porlyusica could only faintly smile before turning around and applying more medicine to his wounds.

"This boy... He sure loves to cause me trouble."



While classes were short, everyone was eager to get ready. After all, with the Grand Magic Festival coming up most people wanted to enjoy it while others wanted to compete in the main event. The Grand Magic Tournament was something only powerful and experienced Mages could participate in.

With that in mind, let's say these next few weeks would be hectic.

"Okay now that the matter is settled... for the next few weeks, you will all be given the choice of whether to participate or not. And those that do will be given two choices but instead of simply telling you all... the school has decided to post the information on the bulletin board outside the hall. and for those who have no interest in partaking in the tournament, you will still be allowed to watch the other schools in action." She looked over to the clock and noticed the class was almost over.

With this thought in her mind she looked over to the class before announcing one last thing.

"Oh yes now before I forget... for the remainder of these next few weeks, you all will simply hand the assignments into the Fairy Tail guild in which they will give us the information on every job that you've done in order to show us how much you've progressed."

"And with that announcement, Class is dismissed." The teacher left the room as other students began to talk amongst themselves. Wendy and the remainder of their group were no exception as they talked about their plans about the upcoming festival. Though they were excited it seemed like those who want to compete in the tournament had a lot of work to do if they want to have a spot in the competition.

Gray, Elfman, Jet, Droy, Natsu and many others wanted to have a spot so that meant it will be entirely up to them whether they enter or not. with that in mind they continued on as suddenly the door opened revealing Natsu Dragneel as he looked over to his desk and noticed the group chatting away.

"Hey guys, what'd I miss?" He spoke as Cana then called out to him. Wendy just turned around and saw the pinkette he looked completely fine seeing that he had regained consciences.

"Hey Natsu, you didn't really miss anything. In fact, all that really happened was that we got some announcements about the next few weeks. We can talk all about the details later for now let's just leave and get to Fairy Tail so we can start with some jobs." Jet suggested as Natsu walked over to his desk and grabbed his bag that had apparently been left there.

"I left your bag there." Elfman spoke as Natsu just looked over to him and thanked him for the kind gesture. Natsu and Elfman were considered the best of friends even among the members of Fairy Tail.

In a way, you could say that they are blood brothers.

Afterwards the group just decided to head out as they left the school grounds. While walking near the fence, Natsu suddenly had an idea.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna head on ahead to see what kind of missions we can get." He said before sprinting ahead while the others ran after him.

-Fairy Tail-

The walk to Fairy Tail was only five minutes as the doors opened revealing a bunch of people sitting on the benches, near the bar, and others throwing down in the center. Natsu didn't waste any time as he quickly made his way to the bulletin board checking all the potential jobs layed in front of him.

"Hm... what to pick?" Natsu put his hand under his chin as he scanned every possible job hoping to find something more meant for the group. But before he could do anything else a voice called out to him.

"Having trouble, Natsu?" a strong stoic voice prompted him to turn around as he saw Erza wearing her usual armor. Of course seeing her meant that she left the academy grounds early which to him at this point wouldn't be surprising since he knew how much the school schedule has changed.

But for him at least he can stay at the guild for a couple of days to get some jewels in that way he can enjoy the festival alongside his friends. Right on cue the doors open again as Wendy, Lucy, Lisanna, Levy and the rest of the group show up with the girls going over to a nearby table and sitting down while Gray and the rest of the boys just went over to the bar for a little drink.

"Hey guys, I found a job that we can do." He walked over to the table and layed the request down for the girls to see. The request itself was pretty simple. All they had to do was to go to a nearby village and clear the place from bandits that are raiding the area. What made the job more desirable was the amount that was promised.

1,000,000 jewels.

Well, that's rather strange. An A class quest with 1,000,000 jewels. That's something many mages don't see everyday. But they don't really care. All that matters is that if they complete this job, they could get a massive amount of money from it. When Erza saw this request she questioned it, wanting to verify if the job was legit or not.

"Hm, for an A class job to offer 1,000,000 jewels... That's rather strange. I'd better stick with them just to make sure they don't get into any trouble." She thought to herself as she looked at the group who were ready to go.

"Alright then, let's go guys." Natsu cheered as the others just went to Mirajane before handing her the request. As Mirajane approved the request, the group gathered their things and started heading out.

"We'll be back in a soon guys." Natsu spoke as they left the guild hall. Makarov just stared at the fleeting group as a single thought entered his mind.

"It looks like things are going to get interesting..."

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