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1. The Skywalkers

Niobé Skywalker was taller than both her parents, with long and flowing strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes that reminded Cas of Tani's. There were definite Kenobi features in her face, but also the Skywalker demeanour, certainly due to the fact that she had basically lived alone with her father for fifteen years.

Cas was staring at the older woman – seven years was quite the difference – and vaguely remembered her as a teenager in the Temple. She was studious and disciplined, everything that Cas – and Ben Solo – hadn't been. She remembered looking upon Niobé with envy, something that her Master had always tried to mute.

Now, as Niobé was reuniting with her family – first her mother and now her Aunt Leia – Cas felt equally as envious as she had then.

Rey, who had up until then stood apart from the group, smiled kindly at her, and Cas tried to direct one of her own smiles to the young girl.

Tani, upon seeing her still standing there, gestured for her to join her little bubble, and Cas' steps faltered as she saw the look in Master Luke's eyes. Severe, cold. Unforgiving.

"Luke, Niobé, this is Cas Andé. My Padawan and adopted daughter. Cas, these are my husband, Luke, and daughter, Niobé."

Cas tried – and failed – to look unphased by all this, and said in a shaky voice, "I remember them."

Niobé smiled at her, but there was something in that smile that was cautious, and probably followed the trail of thought of her father, who by then openly glared at her. "No! No, Tani, I refuse! This girl will not be trained!"

Tani's blue eyes widened and she stared in awe at her estranged husband. "What do you mean 'she won't be trained'? Have I asked that of you?"

"I know it's what you wish! For me to train this…girl-" he gestured sharply at Rey beside them, who flinched back in hurt, "-and her-" another sharp gestured towards Cas this time, "but it will not be! I refuse!" He turned away, taking Niobé with him, and his daughter looked apologetically at Tani before she followed him out of the room.

Cas released the breath she had been holding, and stared at the door that had just slid close. Leia then sighed and shook her head. "Well… It seems my brother has not lost his temper in all these years…"

Tani shook her head in response, and followed Luke and Niobé out, leaving Cas, Rey, and Leia, alone in the com room.

Rey was shaking from head to toe, and Leia, upon seeing this, went to embrace her, gently murmuring "Don't worry, he'll change his mind" while staring at Cas to let her know she was conveying the same message.

Cas merely left the room the same way her mother had. Without a word or a look back.

She wandered along the halls of the base until she found Poe and Finn in the hangar. Both were deep in conversation, and if their regular pointing at the X-Wings behind them was any clue, they were talking about flying.

She tried – and failed again – to look her normal flirtatious self when both men noticed her, but Poe furrowed his brow immediately, and came to stand by her.

"Is something wrong?"

She shrugged. "My mother's family is even weirder than what I had expected, that's all…"

He looked about to ask her more, but then his dark eyes settled upon something, or someone, behind Cas, and a brilliant grin appeared on his lips. "Ni!" he exclaimed before getting pass Cas.

She followed his gaze and saw him hurry to join Niobé, who had appeared in the hangar. She sported another grin to match his own, and a pang of deep hurt and jealousy settled in her stomach. Niobé Skywalker had obviously been close to Poe Dameron once upon a time.

They embraced tightly, Poe making Niobé twirl in the air as she laughed for the first time since landing on D'Qar. Cas felt her hands closing into fists, and she was very close to leaving the room again when Poe took Niobé by the hand and lead her to where she and Finn were standing.

"Ni, I think you know Cas already," one polite nod headed her way, "and this is my friend Finn."

Said Finn smiled widely and outstretched a hand, but Niobé took a sharp pace back, eyes flashing in fear and something else as she outstretched her own hand, though not to shake Finn's. The former Stormtrooper gasped and placed his hands at his throat, looking at Poe for help.

"Ni! Stop, he's a friend!"

She hissed, pushing him back. "He's a traitor."

"A traitor to the First Order, perhaps," Poe said, still trying to push her arm back down. "He defected. He was a Trooper, but now he's one of us."

Finn was turning an odd shade of purple, and Cas felt herself instinctively try to push against Niobé's power, feeling the strength of it that was far too powerful for her own. Her eyes widened when she realised she was doing it, as she had never been able to do much before, but it was enough to distract the crazy Skywalker, who dropped her hand. Finn flew back a few meters before dropping unconscious to the ground.

Poe, unlike what Cas would have thought, did not hurry to his fallen friend's side, but hugged Niobé tightly, placing her head on his shoulder at the same time as he silently asked Cas to check on their companion.

She launched him a severe gaze but went by Finn's side anyway. BB-8, who had been happily bleeping nearby with R2-D2, came by her and bleeped a question.

"He's breathing, but barely," Cas whispered. She did not look at Poe, angry as she was of his and Niobé's behaviour, and looked at the droid. "Go and fetch a medic for me BB." He bleeped once and rolled out of her sight.

"It's alright Ni, it wasn't your fault…"

Once Cas heard those words, she felt a bubble of anger rise in her veins and she stood, turning to face the still entangled couple. "And whose fault was it then? Whose fault was it that Finn is now half-dead?"

Niobé raised her head from Poe's shoulder, eyes red and filled with tears. She looked eerily like her mother like this. "I am sorry. I…I saw it again… That night…"

Something in the woman's tone made Cas understand what she was referring to. Kylo Ren had come to the Temple with Troopers that fateful night, and the white-clad bastards had had an equal hand in the novices' deaths as he had.

Still, she hissed "Don't get near him again" before the medic hurried inside with BB-8 in tow. She glared at Poe, who looked surprised at her vehemence, and followed Finn's stretcher out.