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Prologue Paradise Lost

Subtle changes in light intruded on Captain HM Murdock's fitful slumber. Opening his eyes, he drank in the vivid oranges and pinks of dawn over the Pacific Ocean. A gentle breeze wafted through the open French doors carrying the soft scent of salt and flowers. The entire scene was accompanied by a symphony of tropical birds and lapping waves.

Hawaii was utopia.

Rolling over, an expanse of cold sheets greeted him. No, it wasn't utopia. Not anymore. Not without Sydney.

"You're awake."

He sat up and turned to face the pretty, petite woman that entered from the veranda. With an effort, he forced his lips into a smile.

"Mornin', Katie. How ya doin' sweetie?"

Sighing, Kate sank onto the edge of the bed. "It just isn't the same now that they're gone."

"I know."

"Our last day in an island paradise and I can't even muster the energy to face it." Her gaze was sad as she looked at him. "Nothing's the same without Jak."

"I miss Syd too. But we'll see 'em again real soon."

Kate chuckled. "Seems strange. Who ever would have thought I'd want to leave Hawaii to go to Vietnam?"

With a rueful grin, Murdock said, "It is kinda funny how a single person can make hell seem like heaven."

Patting Murdock's face, Kate said, "That's because it isn't about the geography. It's about the people."

"When you're right, you're right, Katie."

Murdock laid back and stared at the ceiling. He'd be heading back to Vietnam quite willingly tomorrow morning. The Team – his family – was probably the biggest reason. Where they were going, he would follow. But there was no denying that the presence of a certain little CIA spook made the journey back to war-torn Vietnam seem less like an obligation. She could make any place feel like heaven to him.

Syd was his home.


Syd put her hands on Jak's shoulders as he lifted her down from the chopper. Scanning the visible area, she was disappointed to see only Kate and Lewis awaiting their arrival.

Where could the guys be? They were due back to Nha Trang at least a few hours ahead of Jak and her.

Kate ran up and wrapped her in a warm embrace. "I'm so glad to see you, Syd!" Then she hissed in Syd's ear, "Lew and Morrison ambushed the guys as soon as we landed."

Pulling back from the nurse, Syd said, "It's good to see you, Kate. How was Hawaii?"

"Absolutely gorgeous! How about Tokyo?"

Jak gave a disgruntled snort.

"Tokyo is big, noisy and fuckin' crowded." Casting a sour look at Lewis. "I'd've rather been in Hawaii."

"But we had fun on Okinawa," Syd said, giving Jak's waist a squeeze. "It wasn't so bad."

Pressing his lips to her forehead, Jak said, "Sweetheart, you make just 'bout anywhere tolerable."

Lewis had stepped forward, his emotionless countenance all too familiar, even after over a week away.

"Hey, Lew," Syd said with a smirk. "Miss me?"

"You could say that." An odd light entered Lew's leonine eyes. "Aren't you going to ask where they are?"

"Who?" Syd asked.

Lew actually smiled. "Very good, Sydney. Tell me, did you have fun with your new flyboy toy?"

Stepping up to Lew, Sydney intentionally encroached on his personal space. It didn't seem to bother him.

"As a matter of fact, I did."

Lew lifted an eyebrow. "Well, it's time to get back to work. The Team is in briefing two."

"I just need to take my bags to my hooch and change –"

"No time." Lew turned and began striding away.

Syd stared after him for a few seconds, then looked at Kate and Jak. "I guess… I have to go."

"I'll take yer bag back to your hooch, Syd," Jak said, leaning down to give her a peck on the lips. "Stop by 'n see me later?"

Smiling at him, Syd said, "I will."

"Let's go, Sydney," Lew said over his shoulder. "They're waiting for us."