Chapter II

They see an assortment of charred limbs from the explosion. "Holy shit. Did that just happen? Is he really dead?" Michael asks. "Yeah, that just happened." Judd responds. Michael sees a grenade. "SHIT! MOVE!" The grenade explodes. The crew gets away just in time.

'Three days later'

The taliban attack them again, with more force than the last three times combined. They think the group of thirty won't stand a chance against their five hundred. "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The attackers yell while charging over the hill. The crew quickly prepares. Caleb calls HQ. "I count at least five hundred. Send in a few a-10s. Also how long is it gonna take for you to get our asses outta here?" "Affirmative, a-10s are on their way. As for getting you guys out, we'll send in some chinooks once the fighting's done. We'll see you then." HQ responds. Caleb then joins the thirty on the line. BLAM! KAPOW! POP! KABOOM! "The a-10s are here! WOOHOO!" Judd yells. The chinooks soon arrive. "Out-fucking-standing!" Charles yells. WHIRRRRRRRRRR! The helo takes off. Caleb sees a puff of smoke. "Fuck." The chinook is downed. When the S&R search the wreckage, they find nothing but the mangled corpses of our heroes.

'Meanwhile in Zootopia'

The crew fall out of a tree. They then stand up and see animals walking around. They quickly run into an alleyway. "ZPD! COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP!" An idiotic little rabbit yells. "Dammit Judy! Now they know we're here!" A fox yells. They are knocked out and tied up.