Chapter III

The team finds an abandoned house. Michael kicks the door in, and Charles, and Jake drag the unconscious fox and rabbit in.

"What are we gonna do with them?" Jacob asks.

"We're going to take 'em and drop 'em outside of the alley where we knocked them out." Charles replies.

"I'd rather just kill them." Jake says with no expression.

"We're with Charlie!" The rest say.

Jake looks out of the window and sees no one. They get out of the house. Chlaco(Charlie) hears a siren. They quickly get into defensive positions.

"I count at least thirteen cars!" Michael says.

The cars all stop in front of the house. The cops see that they outnumber them.

"Oh shit." Says Chlaco.

The cops also get into defensive positions. A cop fires a dart them but misses Jack.



"WHAT THE HELL?! HOW DO THEY HAVE GUNS!?" An officer yells to another.

They stop firing at the cops, at least twenty lay dead or bleeding out. The surviving cops get into their cars and drive away.

"I say we try and capture the town, sounds stupid when I say it out loud." Chlaco says.

"It's the only chance we got." Mike says

"Look, the van!" Someone says


The van explodes and shrapnel flies everywhere. A tire hits Mike in the head, knocking him unconscious. They drag Mike in and head out to attempt to take the town.

"Where are we going first?" Jake asks Chlaco.

"We're going to take the precincts. Without them they won't stand a chance unless they have a modern army." Chlaco answers.

"I can't wait to get shot in the ass!" Says Jake.

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