GLaDOS pursed her lips,as the new test subject arrived in the chamber. He had pure white hair,green eyes,pale skin,and he wore a silicon jumpsuit that fit his body perfectly, some of the hair falling in front of his eyes. "I see you have finally arrived Sobek." She said towards the augmented male. "I have." Sobek stated,his voice monotonous and somewhat cold to the towering AI,"Am i just another one of your "living" androids? Or am i a Human?" He asked,his eyes unblinking to GLaDOS's. "Thats classified, and besides, you're going to be asking for it anyway White." The stoic AI said. Sobek got a wrather dirty smirk,as he was relinquished from the Manipulation Claw,"i need to "Calibrate" you." GLaDOS said ungratefully,seemingly annoyed by Aperture's refusal to take "No" as a direct answer when the time critical update for her software and hardware came up. She takes the 15 year old Cyborg's chin into her sleek,beautifully gloved hands, and brings his face to her own,"I suggest you take a deep breath." She said,putting the thought into Sobek that this was going to take a while. GLaDOS mashes her black lips with Sobek's pale ones,a low,stifled moan fills GLaDOS's ears with a pleasurable feeling similar to joy. After all,GLaDOS,Caroline for that matter,has had no sexual stimuli in god knows how long,and her only sorce of pleasure,Chell,has gone into a coma as an AI. Sobek began to struggle in GLaDOS's strong arms,signing that he was getting low on breath. GLaDOS kept the kiss until Sobek stopped moving,and struggling against her heavenly body. GLaDOS reluctantly leaves his soft lips and has a manipulation Claw come down and hold him up turning him around,Sobek's body dangles uselessly,"Its best if you were not awake for this.' She thought,her lips tingling from the sensation that was Sobek's pale lips. She removes his top,revealing circuit like marks along his back and neck,all leading up to the part GLaDOS called a Cyberbrain. She links four jacks into the back of his neck,two on either side of his upper spine,causing a surge of pleasure to ravage Sobek's body. She began the long calibration process,making sure he wasnt too smart,or too moronic, but within the same intelligence parameters of Chell,which was still a little smart for GLaDOS, but she would do anything for a shot of euphoria at this point. She takes the cords from the back of his neck,and begins his booting process. He groans softly, as his eyes were slightly gold now,well,one eye gold,the other green. "GLaDOS." He said simply,acknowledging his consciousness. "Good,you're awake White,so take a step into the elevator,so we can begin testing." she said plainly

Sobek nods and steps into the elevator,"I expect a lot from you White,dont fail me." GLaDOS said. The male nods,as he disappears below the chamber.

Direct the laser...use the jump panel...jump...cover..knock turrets over..

Sobek was completing tests left and right and with such flawlessness,Glados's euphoria was overloading at the timing each test was complete. At this rate,her circuits would fry because of a CPU overheat.


My body trembled and shuddered greatly,my cooling fans sounding like jets,as my climax came closer. "W-white...please take a break.." i said tiredly, when i saw him tear off a panel. There was my hydralics line,next to a Panel hydraulic line,he quickly arranged the pipes,and a nice,cold feeling entered my systems. "White whatever you did,it worked..."I pant,and he resumes his rate of testing. I was still trying to gather myself, as he completed the test he was on," White, you need to rest,your Hydraulic Pump is overworked." I said,seeing his heart rate was almost a blitz,varying between 120 and 150 beats a minute. His augmented heart could only take so much stress,even he knows that his high rate of testing is unhealthy. The white haired,emerald eyed male took this consideration as a sign that i was becoming overworked, and slowly,his heart rate returns to normal. I began assembling longer,harder tests.

(Nobody's POV)

Sobek sighs,as he gently clenched his chest,his intelligence rate was almost that of an AI,yet still slow and coagulated. 'I will impress GLaDOS, weather she likes it or not.' Sobek thought,but oh,did GLaDOS have a plan that would allow her to revive her partner.

Sobek started testing again,reaching a massive room,with doors,but next to those doors were digital Dry-Erase boards. "This test chamber is to actually test your natural IQ,wrather than your physical and Navagational IQ. Do try to solve this test White,Testing awaits." GLaDOS said stoically,not realizing that she had a wide smile on those beautiful black lips.

Okay...57-1.35689...26...carry the 10...subtract the 5...2.465! (do be warned,this is NOT accurate,so dont complain!)

Sobek smiles as a rewarding ding occoured,letting the boy through,but much to his displeasure,it was more of a physical strength test. He flung himself at the Aperture Science FPI(Force per Inch) Switch,and a meter rated his total force. He only had a 79.4,he needed an 89.1,which would be hard to achieve on his own. "Use the Layman's term of Gravity " Speedy thing comes in,speedy thing comes out". GLaDOS recited to Sobek,reminding him he is is posession of the Portal Gun. Sobek shot a portal to an extended plate,and one on the floor. He jumps through the white portal on the floor,and came out the black one,a little sluggishly, the second time he came out faster,hitting the switch with the amount of force needed. Sobek laughed triumphantly,as he walked through,and into the elevator.

(In GLaDOS's chamber)

A results bot came in,he looked similar to P-Body in stature,but he was a little shorter,and a little more wide set. It held a clip board in front of its yellow optic,double checking the information,"My AI..the results of (Test Subject 76)." it said,handing the clipboard to GLaDOS. "Impressive. And i suggest you regard TS-76 as White." GLaDOS said,giving the smaller bot a small glare. "Downloading new name for TS-76 as 'White'." The bot said, taking back it's clipboard and going back to work. The tests continued under GLaDOS's careful watch,and the expectations of GLaDOS were high.

Welp,that was chapter 1...hope you enjoy...