Sobek huffs softly as he spent the last few hours laying on his bed. Who thought GLaDOS, the hater of humans, and in his opinion,the most inhuman Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operations System he ever met be so...human? A beep,followed by the shifting of panels now met the young android's sound sensitive Audio sensors. "You may now go to the bathroom and do other small activities that i need no knowlage of." She said. Sobek got up and walked into the well furbished bathroom,"Damn. Talk about comfort." He said,removing his silion clothes.

"I do not wish to hear you compliment my skills while we are on limited supplies." GLaDOS purrs. "Damn,that sultry purr gets me every time." Sobek said,searching the bathroom for hidden cameras in his underwear. As soon as he called it safe,he turns on the shower to it's highest heat,and got his underwear off. He entered the shower,the thin layer of skin like material that covered his augments started to peel away. Sobek's deceased scientist Quartz regarded it as the "Aperture Science Augment Sofener Layer v 1.34.5.". It was a supposedly a layer of Silicon like material that retained age,and scars,though,when it makes contact with hot water,the layer peels off,leaving dye templates where the scars or freckles were placed on the body. The repetitive sound of water against metal filled Sobek's ears,as the liquid made contact with the plastoid metal that was Sobek's augments. The water suddenly went ice cold,Sobek yelps and leaps out of the shower," What the hell was that for?!" He yells. "I DID mention we were on limited supply,that includes hot water." GLaDOS scolded. Sobek rolls his eyes and goes to a drying fan. He hit the button,as the Relaxation Vault's personal generator's warm breeze rushed over his body,reminding Sobek of his short time on the surface as a toddler. "Having remembrances?" GLaDOS asked. If Sobek had any of his skin,he would have jumped out of it,he immediately covered his hip's crotch plate,not that it mattered much,Sobek's "parts" resided in a compartment behind that plate. "There's a thing called knocking." Sobek said. GLaDOS knocked on the counter,"There, better mister picky?" She asked. "Thank you for your valiant effort,how about i give you a medal of honor?" Sobek said with icy sarcasm. GLaDOS gave a golden eyed glare,"Im here to drop off your testing scedule for tomorrow. Please revise it. " she said,putting a massive,thick(and i mean THICK) Package of paper on the counter. The well made counter strained from the weight of the paper.

"The Enrichment center wishes to advise you,that you are Aperture property, and you must be included in all tasks in the name of science." She said,those words rolling off her tongue in a deep,yet joking manner. She left Sobek alone, leaving fresh clothes on his bed,and letting him get dressed in the privacy that he so deeply desired. Sobek was soon dressed and looking over the 1 foot thick packet of paper,usually, Sobek would've been able to read over 6,000 words per second,but the packet advised to be read twice. When he opened the packet,the scedule...per say,wasnt exactly large. It was quite small,45 tests over a normal day,but it seemed like everything after that was either complete and total nonsense,or GLaDOS rambling on and on in text form. It made Sobek grimace at the fact that this package, with quite possibly 700 million words,would probably mostly be rambling and 45 tests per day. He knew he would get sick of the testing,and rambling, but like GLaDOS said, he was Aperture property, he had to participate in the insane,and quite frankly useless tests. His parents said that he would be the future of prosthetic enhancement,and he did...that was until the Humans decided to pull a Doomsday's End stunt and nuke the entire earth clean of life,taking the infamous Combine within a nuclear radius of 1.67 Lightyears with them. Though it did save Earth,the only humans that remained were Chell and Sobek himself.

Gray's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the generator going on a fritz,its loud sparking and fizzing made it hard to concentrate on reading a 700 million word package of a 1 foot thick stack of paper. "God damn it." Sobek mutters under his breath,going to the generator room to see what looked like a soccer ball with an eye. The pale green optic shrinks at the sight of Sobek,"P-please put me back on my managment rail?" he asked,the tremor in his voice told Sobek that this was probably the generator's mechanical repairman. Sobek gently put the Personality Core on their rail,and gave them a nod as they immediately got to work,tending to the generator's needs. Sobek thought it was comical, the Personality Cores that restricted GLaDOS were now helping with tending to the lab and its every need,well,minus the moron Wheatley. Devilish core he was,not a single circuit in that core was evil,until he was put in charge,not only was he now a professional Frankenstein Scientist,but a damn idiot put in charge of a 10 billion dollar company that would take years to repair with Hunan hands alone.

Sobek hums softly,his room returned to its beloved silence,as he continued to read over the massive stack of paper. 'How did GLaDOS staple this thing anyways? Did she use girders as the staples?' Sobek pondered,imaging GLaDOS using a van sized stapler that used hydraulics to make the damn so-called booklet. If anything,it was a 700 million word ramble,among arguments with a testing droid and various other useless bits of info. Around the middle of the booklet,Sobek caught a read of something he shouldnt be concerned about. The separator page directly told Sobek to skip the next 500 pages,but being an AI that was ment for testinng and exploring,what harm could come if he read it through. His curiosity took over,and he turn ed the pager,and read the very first page he would allow himself to see.

Triggering Euphoric centers in TS-76

In order to activate the euphoric centers in TS-76,there are 3 requirements. Arousal,Masturbation,and [Redacted Information]. As a reward for completing tests,TS-76 will receive said pleasure via Emancipation Fields. Though this reward must be activated manually by a Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operations System,manually,or remotely,via a code that only TS-76 knows. This code is a 7 character password,and one other thing must be noted,once activated,the unit will undergo a temporary 'heat',where during this time,the subject will think only of the Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operations System,and her pleasure.

For GLaDOS only

In order to stop the reprogramming,you must say exactly whats below:

Upload cancel,Authorization Tango Nemisis Alpha,GLaDOS unit 67-A.

"Interesting..." Sobek said,accessing his systems,and looking for the Euphoric Center Controls/options. He found it at the very bottom of his Applications list,under the "Brain" section. He opens it,and exactly as he expected from someone who designed him,it was a 7 character game of Hangman Extreme. "Pick a letter,PLAYER 1." Said the game's narrator. As a kid,he used to ace this game,though he wasnt so sure about now,because for all he knew,GLaDOS edited the program to be impossible to solve without her around. Sobek growls,and tries answering,"Be Human." He said. Sobek was rewarded access to the program,and he reached out to touch "start upload". His finger touched the button,and he was met with a sudden forced shutdown.


Alarms blared loudly,i growl and went to see what the issue was. I pulled up a listing of all androids in my facility,to see White was undergoing an unauthorized upgrade sequence. It didnt take my processors long to figure it out,his Euphoric Centers had been activated. That damn moron didnt know what he was in for,if P-Body doesnt get to him first,i will,and more than likely ill rip that euphoric center from his skull,and force him to do tests that will kill him,if i dont. Though it had to happen eventually,even though he'd get his genitals fucked raw,id probably keep his form for my- wait what am i thinking?! I shake myself clear of that thought,and started to storm down the halls at terrifying speeds,every android did their best to dodge me and my magnetic field of rage. The magnetism i put off began to tear the walls from their pistons,and slowly drag themselves towards me. I reached White's quarters,and found myself buckling at my knees,a small sensation invaded my body,a small flicker,which turned to sparks,then fireworks,then nukes,and finally supernovas. I felt myself shaking violently,my hand could barely hold the doorknob without shaking its locks and other pointless components loose.

I step away,and i immediately calm,as an experiment,i take one step closer,and the feeling started again,quickly getting violent as i made long strides to the door. I take a deep,simulated breath,and open the door,to see White still updating,thousands of pages were scattered about the floor,the circuit diagrams having white globs of slime all over them. My facial sensors imitated a truly terrified flush. Quietly,i tried backing out of the room,i knew the slightest crinkle of paper would wake the slumbering,updating AI. I slipped on a paper that may as well have been deep fried in lubricant oil and baby oil. My 798 pound body made loud contact with the floor,while my attempt at grabbing the shelf ultimately failed,creating a loud crash noise that could be heard clear across the faucility. White jolted awake,his eyes glazed over,and dull,having a buffering symbol in them,I remained still,hoping he'd overlook me and go back to sleep. and he did,fortunately for my little pump.

About 3 hours later,he finally regained awakeness,and control over his body. I wasted no time calling him in.

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