Author's Announcement:

I know you guys think I am going slightly crazy with the story ideas. But I had this one as well in my mind from re-watching the movie over, and over, and over again... From my nieces and nephews (As they are young) a lot of times: The cartoon "Beauty and the Beast" movie. It was an idea I had strongly popped into my own mind.

What if, to say, a female Harry Potter (A true female that is in this story, this time) was watching a movie with Dudley, as this movie as well as story is also an AU of said franchise slightly to go along with the year the movie just released, and things took a turn for the worst as well as ends-up a month before the true events began to play-out within the movie itself as a dire or needed wish (in which, if you guys read this chapter, would be slightly knowing I made my stories start out with said character in abusive homes, mostly with the Dursley's). I also saw that this type of crossover isn't that common as well while looking into it on the site… well some that weren't complete ones that is.

So I hope you guys enjoy this story I decided to make, by myself once again (wish I had aid on my own stories…), so I do hope you enjoy this as it will be the same slightly in the movie, but "AUish" as well to incorporate a female chip, not a male one. SO if you guys recall chip being young, I believe female Harry would match Chip's (Chipana's as Chip is merely what I think is a nickname) age, which I say around six or seven in the movie itself.

I would also like to state it would be in a year (as it is a separate yet different world as such to secretly involve most Disney Princesses that is (In what I believe to be the year in the 1880's or so.) I find acceptable as such. As well as an OC based town as in reference, no-one knows the actual name to the town from the cartoon movie. So if you get my hint, I will possibly include other movies as this would I think would be still considered a Xover with Harry Potter, but I think more-so to Disney-Harry Potter crossover. So also expect some OC last names to said Disney characters as well.

I plan to fix/add stuff into the story as such, since I personally read it and realized I didn't fix all the mistakes, so sorry about that (as the latest chapter, whenever it gets posted, mentions it as well).

Also Doctor / Dr. Brown looks like a cartooned version of Christopher Lloyd within that time period as well; if you see the name mentioned as he is also a OC-like doctor I decided to be in the story since villages back then have doctors, right? So do expect to see him from rare times.

So all in all: I do not own the Beauty and the Beast or Harry Potter franchises. I only own my ideas, plots, or possibly my OC's I tend to use (Yet let others if they ask, can use them in their own stories as long as they post it I let them). If I did so, the Enchantress would enchant Snape into a bat-like beast and stated in order to slowly change back, he had to be nice for a change to his students.

Warnings: Mentioning of blood and slightly awful abuse, mostly Normal POV.

Soulmates (Sorry to spoil but those that have read it, will know what they are: Death, Cassie, Mirage, Ariana, Chipana so far), So if anyone wants to suggest a paring with female Harry Potter, then either PM me, or state what you think as you get done reading it so far in review.

So let's start the new story.


(Chapters 1-22 Fixed for Year Periods and stuff; July 12th of 2021)

Normal POV:

In a surreal yet plainly normal neighborhood within Surrey, England, lived a family of three supposedly. Number Four Privet Drive to be precise, within the year of 1987.

The wife was a thin, blonde-haired woman with pale eyes and was also characterized as having nearly twice the usual amount of neck, like a giraffe. It is also spoken of that this female looked like a horse as well when she pursed her lips at times. Many times it was also noted that she also has horse-like front teeth. Her eye color is unknown, however, it is uncertain that from the long-late sister (for at least nearly seven years), Lily Maria Evans-Potter, at having green eyes yet she mainly shared their own father's. She, the wife herself, primarily wore common house-wife clothing or modern clothing that's acceptable to the norm.

This was Petunia Dursley.

The husband was depicted as a big, beefy man with a large purple face (if he gets angry that is). He has thick, dark hair, a bushy black mustache (half of which he tore out through frustration on two occasions), with hardly any neck and small, blue, mean eyes. He too, like the wife, wore mostly male clothes that fit with normal society.

This was Vernon Dursley.

The supposed final subject was their child, a boy named Dudley Dursley. He too mainly wore clothing for normal people like his parents, as he is an only child. Dudley also has watery blue eyes and thick blond hair, and is also fat slightly like his father as well as in secret, places an act like his mother at times due to his own father's rage at the hidden family member.

But let's not get to ahead of ourselves as of yet everyone. Let's per se… give an introduction to the hidden member in a different way. A pre-past tense term as to why she, yes she, was placed within their home.

For you see, the person who has yet to be acquainted, was placed due to a prophecy upon her own head at the time, of her nearly one year old life. A fake prophecy that was made-up by a corrupt old man, and not the one you all think but an unusual old man of sorts who didn't realize it at the time he was played as the true prophecy was foretold afterwards, at night, by the same person whom he forced to be made.

It was made up by an influenced spell of sorts that also informed the headmaster yet also cast upon her, a currently employed Professor of Divination at Hogwarts: A school for growing witches and wizards that go from eleven to seventeen, to learn everything the male of the house fears, yet beats- Opps going off topic.

Anyways as it stands: A war broke out that caused the death of both her parents, Lily and James Potter as such via the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort, or in true terms was known as Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr., and it all due to the Not-So-True Prophecy as spoken of. Yet with fear of her life as the Hogwarts' Headmaster: Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, privately loved Lily as if she was his own child.

He placed, however, by Lily's donated blood due to a spell in which he was forced to also make the child a heroine for, as the Girl-Who-Lived that is, at the current home for protecting by anything harmful within the outer boundaries of being magical. A blood protection of sorts, that was thought-up by Lily herself before her passing.

But sad to explain as the years go by since The wards also empower the spell by love, from all, and exactly all of the family members... it didn't go so well at all in terms to that, as all but one did, as such.

So now we come to the position as we see Dudley Dursley wearing his school uniform alongside his cousin while they watched a famously new movie that is currently popular by Disney, as well as children, around or so their age. The movie itself was called Beauty and the Beast. In front of an average living room for a supposed normal family, was a TV and VHS player also hooked-up into it, in said families modern living room.

Privately though, she also watched movies that her cousin also didn't know about, which unknown to even her as they were modified for her timelines viewing, was a mischievous god of sorts... Ok a team-up with a few as such, felt she needed to know them, as they were part of her deceased parents past they done to which, cannot be spoken of at this time.

Now to our subject however: They had decided to home-raise her as such, and the choice was mostly the uncle's to not allow her existence to be known; to the ire of her biological aunt of the little girl, to be well known around their normal town of sorts. Yet only lately, they or mainly the uncle himself agreed on to let her go to school.

The child as recounted, wore the school uniform presently, but also wore an outfit under that in which was also considered "Second-hand" at best for little girls. She wore a pale-jade shirt with old tannish jeans, along with a skirt-shirt under the t-shirt that matched little in color to the shirt itself. She also wore old sneakers that are suggested for girls (around this time and age), with silver shoelaces as they are plain, basic shoes at best. The girl, largely to Petunia's confidential guilt at personal times, looked nearly like her mother when Lily was younger, but more delicate yet cute looking for even Lily herself was and yet, the little girl also has a round face, decently fair skin, short with a fringe, jet-black colored hair just like her biological father, but she also has startlingly green, large eyes that truly were identical to those of her own mother, however. The child also wore a necklace that was left via in the letter that was also discreetly placed upon her arrival, which was made for her personally by Lily herself. The necklace was made of some-type of bronze and yet, the locket that held their picture within it to when it was taken on her first birthday (as a family), was pure-silver with a jade-star pendant in the center. Yet in secret, underneath her clothing, you would see faint yellowish bruises due to her uncle.

This everyone, is a little girl with many titles in a world she is not knowledgeable of and yet she is also bright, yet plays it down to not get her uncle angry by doing better than his son. The little girl that was christened as the Girl-Who-Lived, as well as other things eventually that will come, as she is older. This everyone is Morgana Jasmine Potter.

Now per say Morgana has lived a somewhat happy childhood, despite the fact her sneaking out with the consent by her aunt that is, to the local library at secret times when her uncle, Vernon that is, isn't at home to better learn about things and yet sadly, she is in fact abused like they are: Physically, mixed with harsh beatings that is from the man to when something wrong or even the word, Magic, is involved at best times to the little girl herself.

The family within itself could do nothing as he, Vernon is currently recognized as the Head of Grunnings for the past few years. As such, he nowadays has sway over the local police or schools that both children go to.

So no matter how hard they try, they cannot ever leave as well besides that, the protection both adults knew too well would fade away for the supposed Death Eaters as such, to easily locate and find them.

Now let's return to the two, six-year-old children, shall we?

It was nearing the end of the movie now with the two familiar couples within the story itself: Prince Adam or Formerly known as The Beast, and the now deemed Princess Belle, were in the castle's ballroom with mostly a lot of people to which also includes the de-cursed staff of the castle itself, as they saw them both dancing to the end-ballroom song based on the movie itself.

"Dudley, you think we can sometime see a castle for ourselves?" Morgana glanced briefly to her cousin from their spot on the floor while on their stomachs as they both presently saw the scene changed to the mural of the couple, as well as the humanized staff in it upon the castle with rose-like vines before the credits finally begin to roll.

Dudley shrugged to himself and answered back in honesty and knowing his father wouldn't be home till later-on the day so he can truly be himself, for now, around his cousin. "Not sure father would let us Mary, as long as he doesn't know I used the allowance he gave me to get the latest movie for us to watch today, we may never get a chance to." Currently, it was just the two as Petunia for once decided to look for a job for some odd reason, to even confuse the two children that are fully aware, at most times, they had plenty of money thanks to Vernon working as a hand to his company.

Morgana consented silently to her male cousin, knowing she preferred 'Mary' then her original name to those she is close to. Particularly as she previously found out from reading within books at the local library, that the name was used by a dark fey-like witch during medieval ages alongside Merlin himself. She did, however, discreetly marveled why her own parents named her that even though Morgana scarcely recalled them as well, at most times. Yet despite this, history in secret, isn't always written truly at most times in books.

Dudley was about to get up but froze as well as she did, at hearing a familiar car coming into the drive. He went to see if it was who he thought it was, and to his hidden horror as he glimpsed and saw his cousin's face briefly, their fears were confirmed: It was Vernon, and he was home early-on then he said their father/uncle was going to be.

"Quick, Dudley! Get the movie out!" Morgana now proclaimed to him fearfully while realizing fully well she would take the blame if she or him was caught, mostly since he didn't even want Dudley at all to be influenced as such, by her weird doings.

She now hurried to aid him hastily as Dudley was in their panicked state, to get the movie out shortly yet safely as they wanted to watch it again sometime, but froze as the door opened.

Once Vernon was inside, fully aware of his wife going to look for a job to simply let her get more money for shopping and things, Vernon froze at seeing both his son, and the child he confidentially hated on letting his wife without his wisdom, to take in as such. He also saw the specific movie that he declared to not ever watch in his house alongside other movies based of the thing he hated the most due to Morgana's parents being magical, and merely wanted to get that part out of her.

"Girl," Vernon snarled in sudden anger, as he also got the wrong idea this time to think she influenced his own son to watch the blasted movie, giving rise to make Morgana jump in fearful fright as well as gulp to fully understand what might be coming.

Vernon now approached the little girl and Morgana winced in sudden pain, as her hair was gripped firmly by him. "Did you force my Dudders to watch that horrid movie, of all the things I stated to not at all to be watched in my house? Isn't it bad enough we took you into our home without my say-so, as we put up with your freakish ways?" Morgana almost yelled yet promptly kept her silence, as her hair was also being pulled harsher then he usually does.

"Dad, it's not what-" Dudley started to truly confess to his father this time, and hoping whatever he does to his cousin wouldn't be worse than he does most of the time... But he was wrong as he was interrupted by his father, since Vernon now gazed to him while anger still was shown in his father's eyes as he and Morgana, gulped lightly at his words. "You don't have to explain at all Dudders: The Freak herself most likely stole money from us once again to do this to you, my son. So I think it is time to get it threw her thick skull," he yanked her hair to make Morgana wince in pain once more, to the pale yet guilty look on Dudley's face at his father's finished words now while also making Morgana wide eyed at him in shock, as well, "And teach her a painful lesson the Freak would never forget."

He hit Morgana in front of his son briefly and made her whimper as she was shortly and internally struggling in her fear, truly, to what he tends to do to her and stated firmly to his son as in turn to follow his dad's orders while also giving his cousin a glance, to which Morgana hardly saw due to her fear, a look of regret on his face. "Go outside or possibly go to your friend's home for a while. I will possibly send for your mother to get you or pick you up, when I am done with the Freak, herself."

Once the front door was closed, and shut firmly that is, Vernon was tugging Morgana by her hair with pleas also coming out of her mouth, to the man, to the kitchen, as to the little girl's feared turmoil as to what he was going to do, but froze stiff as to what he grabbed off the knife set on the counter itself.

Morgana commenced to struggle even more now, as her little-yet-smart mind was indeed telling her to what he possibly planned to do to her, and Morgana was right as before she could shout, placed a cloth within moments into her mouth he grabbed from the counter as well, and then jabbed her with a large-yet-odd-looking kitchen knife to her sides, as well as also began cutting her arms and legs.

He then afterwards beat her a few times, hard, with his balled-up hands to both her stomach and chest.

Blood soon began to stain her outfit though as he simply jabbed that knife painfully in swift a motion into her left-side of her, one more time, and cuts through Morgana within the cloth itself, moaned in agony and pain during all of this to which privately made him pleased since Vernon began to drag her by the hair once again, and then shoved her into the wall near a heavy cabinet that made her dizzy, as her head was hit by it.

He also wanted to do something to scare her further yet within moments, to forget as not realizing that spell that was placed to prevent this, worked.

At this time, she was gradually bleeding as despite it also being abrupt, her own magic was making sure Morgana didn't die due to blood-loss, was once again forced to stand as the little girl fell onto her knees in utter pain, bleeding within her own clothes as well, and was then shoved into her cupboard or room in terms by him while fully aware she has a room upstairs due to the insistence of his wife.

"You will stay in this closet all day and night for at least two days, with just water, Freak. So don't get any funny ideas of using your freakish ways to burst out of this cupboard, as you will be staying in here from now on. I'll also going to be locking your former room so you cannot even think of obtaining anything of yours, due to your blasted aunt." Vernon gave her a vicious smirk at the end of his words as she winced now in both pain and her hearing due to her being dizzy as the closet door shut hard, and Morgana also heard it lock from the outside.

Morgana was then, at this point, crying silently to herself as she knew this closet was hearable, primarily since she heard him stomping up the stairs to do as he stated. She then soon held her injured side in utter pain as she instantly cried to herself over the way he handled her abuse still, as it was worse than before.

Mostly it was just hitting for the past few years, and the years before that, was name-calling her either Girl or Freak.

Not known there was more that would be revealed, but not now, yet in true terms she couldn't help it at all, as Morgana's own magic was forced to be accidental just like most young magical children presently tend to happen at times as such as these, even in this type of home.

Morgana, as it has been hours, was also tired yet once again silently sobbing to herself, and also in pain as the blood on her clothing dyed sometime to a faded brown barely from being exposed to the air within the closet itself, and her wound she also got from her uncle was feeling numb as the little girl attempted at the same time to remain awake. Morgana also knew if she collapsed, something bad would happen to her, and her magic also sensed it as well, not known to her of course.

"I wi-wish I could leave this place sometimes… Maybe ha-have Belle as my... Older sister and go with her on the journey, like… Like in the movie." Morgana sobbed yet spoken silently to her own self softly, mixed with pain as well as failing to keep her eyes opened. She then after nearly ten minutes gave-up, and went to sleep.

Morgana at this point, her magical core was working overtime while the very magic of things herself, heard the child's plea and decided to aid her as of now.

The entity of magic knowing fully well she, is she, should have done so to her champion back then, but from her innocent-like desire or wish, she could do so at this point.

A young yet mature looking female materialized at the outside of the now unlocked cupboard with her also around or being in her early twenties (once Vernon left that is to go pick-up his son at that Piers household that was a mile down the street), and she was beautiful in robes. She also has silver-hair that reached to the back of her shoulders, and bronze-like colored eyes with a hint of green in them. She would furthermore, however, looked like Lily's own twin if it wasn't for the female's own bodily frame being doll-like mixed with minor muscle underneath, as well as briefly shown from the robes themselves in which were dark-grey in color.

This everyone was Hecate: The Goddess of Magic herself, and the one who secretly blessed Lily also from complications long ago on the magical couple's pregnancy with the child, Morgana herself, while also being her Champion as per her own personal deal she made to Lily, at the time... Well primarily her as Hecate also had others in hidden interest as well since they also aided said minor magical ritual she mostly performed, that donated some of their powers unknowingly, or blood in hidden means, to the little girl that Hecate now saw bleeding, to her hidden yet well-placed fury.

Yet the goddess sighed inwardly to herself as without words, and by her godly powers, she was soon able to gather everything the child cherished… as well as confidentially made library filled with all kinds of fantasy to horror books Hecate knew the child will secretly enjoy from both herself and her mother as she too, loved to read books on her free time, into a bond by both magic and blood, to Morgana.

The chest however was about the size of an average trunk, with a mixture of red and green painting; with symbols secretly hidden as such to protect it from thieves as well as those with a lot of things in mind, for her champion's future, and Hecate may possibly leave a note for Morgana to have at to how it works… eventually, once she settles in and manages to unlock to what she tends to do with it.

The goddess then shrunk the trunk as it finished collecting everything that was inside Morgana's room at last, which included the movies that were then changed into a small orb of sorts as they all combined, into a jeweled orb (like the trunk now), as it was in both the colors of the trunk itself, and used her godly magic in small amounts to attach it to Morgana's necklace.

The goddess then healed the major knife injury Morgana had, yet knew intimately to Hecate's own ire from Vernon's secret dealings that is, that the knife he himself used was unknowingly cursed to slowly heal within the provided time frame the goddess herself, may be sending the child to before Morgana's wish takes full effect that is, or even more-so then that.

Hecate then cleaned, as the last thing to do, Morgana's clothing to the way it was before. Yet she was also angry at whoever discreetly left that knife for the man, still made Morgana's clothes still be stained by her old, dyed blood. Hecate then used her own magic to lift the child gently into her arms with ease, and then kissed her forehead to where the unique cursed scar was carefully hidden by the child herself, as Hecate now gave her own blessing into it in secret, and Morgana then glowed before vanishing to her destination.

"I hope you know what you are doing to my future Mistress," a random yet silky/smooth voice sounded from behind the Goddess of Magic, making her quickly turn with a hand to her heart as Hecate saw a female only a few inches taller than her, with a drop-gorgeous body; with this female also wearing a decent yet clearly showing off her own curves, dress. The dress like most of her assembled choice as such, was either black or dark grey in color that went well with her pure-white skin as if, she was a skeleton. Her eyes, however, were, unlike the Goddess of Magic, were blood-red irises with navy-blue sclera. In fact she looks just like the Goddess of Magic if she had more curves yet she also has a more pale-based color from the very exact hair color Hecate has, as well as hair length.

"Death, I figured you be here as such to my sudden interference, fraternal twin sibling." Hecate now expressed plainly to Death, whom only gave her a mixed gaze alongside with a shrug while grinning with her delicate lips as she also dark-misted over to a recliner nearby and then sat in it, to Hecate's immediate twitching right-eye at her sibling's teleport-based skills.

"I felt Morgana might have needed me, but I felt you would have handled the situation better than I would." Death acknowledged in honesty with a minor confession, to make Hecate raise an eyebrow at this as if she truly didn't expect her godly twin sibling to admit something so easily. "Yet I could possibly guess you would have killed her uncle and let your Mistress and my champion, as well as others, to be raised still at a warded home." Hecate also implied to make Death shrug her shoulders once more to her twin sibling, yet sighed with a pointed yet also hidden worried-look to her sister-goddess. "Do you think she would be comfortable for some time at the worldly-realm she wished to head to?"

Hecate paused as she knew secretly her sibling, unlike her, was soul-bonded to the child due to what title the last line of both Potter and another would inherit someday in later years, and just gave her sibling a smile that she was inwardly satisfied at seeing Death slightly relieved, at the same time. "Yes without a doubt… In truth if I can recall, you can go as you want into any world or dimension as such. Correct sister?" Hecate when acknowledged this, paced only slightly while placing her left-hand to her chin with a fake-thinking pose to her sibling, while eyeing her as well.

Death nodded with realization on her face, and was intimately happy as from her twin's tone, she got her personal blessing to observe or interfere anything harmful with the child herself, and vanished and leaving a minor dark-like mist behind before that also faded.

Hecate now sighed as she began to wait for the family of three to return home.

Eventually three hours later, the three came into the house and they froze at seeing the Magical Goddess in Vernon's recliner along with the closet purposely left open to make him angry in secret.

Vernon's face then went purple slightly in rage as he motioned to Hecate and expressed firmly in anger as well, his wife and son moving away due to not wanting to feel his wrath at all. "I don't know who you are woman, but you are trespassing on my property. If you don't leave I will-" "You will do nothing mortal, as I had enough of your abusive ways." Hecate stopped the man to make him angrier than ever, yet Vernon now paled at what she just stated to him as if she wasn't at all human, yet still was angry of her trespassing.

Petunia gulped as she now saw an aura she was familiar with when her sister was angry back then, was around the goddess's frame slightly before vanishing to tell that she was someone with not only magic, but powerful.

Dudley, however, blushed as she thought the goddess was beautiful, which Hecate smirking at the young boy by his innocent thoughts.

"Now listen here missy! You have no right-" Hecate was confidentially amused as his faced change back to purple in hidden rage at her interrupting the man once more, as she also at the time firmly declared with narrowed eyes as her left-hand was motioned upwards to silence the fool, "I don't have the right? You mortal foolery has cost me do something drastic to let My Champion to survive at a better life. Somewhere she wished to be, instead of here, within your walrus-like presence."

Petunia froze as she now gave her husband who at the same time, wilted at her now sudden glare on her face as she firmly accused him while Hecate was also privately enjoying the way things are about to turn for the mortal man, "What do you do Vernon? Where is Morgana?" Vernon came to be fearful of his wife yet still was angry at the goddess though by positioning him into this situation he was hoping to avoid, for a few days or so, "I don't know what she is talking about, and I don't care what happens to the Freak, as long she is gone. Doesn't matter if she lives or dies."

The area abruptly got colder within the household as they all stared at Hecate as she during this time hearing the man, had a dark stare on her face, compelling them to gulp as Petunia got her son to another part of the room as Hecate was immediate with impressive speed, had Vernon by his throat with her eyes now glowing a dark-amber color, in utterly cold fury at him. "You have no idea as to what you have done? As long as My Champion: Morgana Jasmine Potter isn't within your home, as well? You miserable excuse of a mortal just succumbed your own home to a fate worse than death... A fate due to the wards privately placed within your own 'supposed property' that was loaned to you, by the Potter's themselves." He froze as well as Petunia since they knew that, but didn't let others know.

Hecate now grinned coldly at the man as she then casually dropped him and began to move, yet unexpectedly stopped to state without looking as she was about to head out of the home since the goddess also didn't think the man even deserve her true godly wrath, gently to the two other two family members. "It wasn't at all your fault you know, including to what you stated to cause Lily to doubt you most times, in the past. She truly forgave you as well as those Lily didn't get a chance to at all. At her end of her life, Petunia Evans-Dursley. Just leave and never return to this home, and take your son with you otherwise... You both would be abused by the man you once adored truly, back then."

Hecate then left the family to their own devices as the unknown curse began to take effect on the man himself when she held him, making the two others follow her soft instructions as they too left with most of their things in Vernon's car, no less, to a nearby friend of the family in another town over.

If you all are wondering, Vernon would indeed meet his end… negligibly that is due to the curse, and both Petunia and Dudley themselves will be involved further onwards as time comes, but at this point it is not their lives being mentioned, but the life of the main person as such, Morgana.

1587 (Year Depends on Location; Originally 1987), Disney Universe for Europe, within a small town known as Bela'Verre, France, October 17th:

In this small and quiet town resided happy denizens that were in the countryside. Homes made for this year as well as shops for clothing, personal items as well as professions like a small library, was also located here, even a bar-like lounge of sorts.

However, it was presently still daylight as the weather was currently clear, alongside a wonderful blue sky with a few stray clouds, and currently all the citizens of this little village, were busy doing their own things.

While most residents do their own thing, two certain town folk, a female teenager nearing adulthood and an old man, were currently in the basement part of their lovely farm-like home since the old man was an inventor of sorts.

The female in the topic, has long brown hair that was mainly or often tied back in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon, and possesses captivating hazel eyes, full lips, rosy cheeks, a heart-shaped face, and a sculpted figure. One of her more distinct features, however, are the strands of hair that is often slipping loose from her ponytail and falling in front of her face in which, she is often seen brushing them back into place when nervous or trying to be polite. The older teen also wore a medium-length blue sleeveless dress with a white long-sleeved button-up shirt underneath, a white apron on her waist, a white petticoat, and lastly brown ballet flats on both of her feet.

The old man or in this case, the young soon-to-be aged female's father, presently wore goggles of sorts around his white head that was half-bald, and the man also had a thick-white mustache due to his age as well. He was in terms due to age as well while obese along with being short, yet he has an imaginative mind for inventions… If they work that is at most times, he has little accomplishments during the years within the town. He also has thick-grey eyebrows and pure-green eyes. He too, due to the year of this area they live in, wore primarily a single dull-white shirt with a golden-tarnished button, a thin blue shirt-made-overcoat on top, and a regular old fashioned belt-buckle with dark-blue trousers and brown boots.

These two were well known by the town for certain things: The female for her love of reading and natural beauty, and the man for his… Well, what they dubbed him due to his inventions, Crazy-Old Man. The man was known as Maurice Jameson Evergreen, and the older teen female, his only child and daughter, was also known as Belle Maria Evergreen.

Currently, they are working on a new machine Maurice himself was under, as his daughter without any grease stains merely kept handing him his custom-made tools that were successful in this large location of their world. "Belle, you mind handing me that screw-driver next?" Belle as she was daydreaming was soon out of it, and handed over her father the tool before sighing to herself, resuming her seat on a stool.

Confidentially to the new-adult female, due to the age within the town or so around their part of the world, seventeen and up was considered adulthood, she wanted at least something to change within her life. More-so for something new and thrilling to happen as the town, despite her enjoying her life infrequently, was rather… boring at times for the bright young woman.

Hearing his child sigh, Maurice halted in his work in awareness yet he was mostly clueless at times as he concentrates on his inventions, decided to scoot back since presently as well, the goggles were on-top of his eyeballs to protect him from anything harmful, and then he gently expressed in concern to his daughter, "You alright Belle?"

Seeing her father respond to her sigh, Belle shrugged gently to him while also expressing with attention as she seemed to be bored at the moment, yet still also wanted to aid him on this invention he stated and quoted months earlier, would change their lives for the better, "Well Papa... I just feel something should happen to bring more excitement to the town we still live in."

Belle saw her father simply raised a half-amused eyebrow at her with concern still on his features to his only child, and she now gently gave him a pointed gaze to then see a clear understanding on his face, at the same time. "I mean… Don't get me wrong Papa. I just feel even though there are things to do here, it is too… too..." "Too boring for a rarely busy yet quiet town we live in, Belle?" Maurice gently noted in half-question to her, and she simply nodded in wordless agreement.

They both then saw it was nearing dusk within a few hours soon, from the opened double-wooden doors that lead to the workshop/basement, and Maurice sighed softly to himself.

Maurice then gently got out of the scooter (from being under his invention he himself made), and began to clean alongside his daughter. Seeing as it might also be late soon, Maurice had a sudden idea and went to the money stash he has been saving still, and thankfully still had enough money, once he double-counted to make sure for a small feast for them both and still had enough to enter himself in the fair, when it is time, and then handed a hesitant Belle part of the currency now.

"Now Belle," Maurice started as his daughter understood he was sending her out in the town before dark as the town itself is safe and sound at any given time due to it being a peaceful one, "Why don't you get some supper for us as I finish cleaning up, and get changed into better clothing for the night." Belle looked unwilling yet wanted to make sure as she then placed her father's latest device that recently sold by hundreds to blacksmiths, as well as their local one, a rubber-hammer (he decided to call it), with a mixture of reluctance and also wanting to know as well, "Are you sure we could afford it, Papa?"

Belle saw her father nod his head gently at her and expressed in kindness, "Yes I do Belle, so don't worry about anything now as I have enough still for the fair, and if the blacksmith does give me the money: Groceries by the morrow as well." Nodding slightly without a choice, Belle then grabbed a weaved-basket for their picnics during the summer season, and started to head into town on their dirt-path, the one of two paths that are, and went to the short one.

Sighing to herself, Belle decided to enjoy her walk to the town while humming a song her father told her she somehow recollected her own mother singing it, at night, while she was just a mere babe.

As it was still light out when she got there, and the sun was not set yet she was lucky enough to get a few things of bread and cheese, as well as meat before heading back to the library before it could close for the night to get her a new book to borrow, and then read. Belle also met a lot of bystanders as the young woman passed to get to her way home, and she was also in minor humor to some folks yet most wondered on how she can still walk without falling down while, at the same time, read any kind of book.

Not known to them or even her, it was a personal trait her own mother possessed that some people said, as she was a bright female as well, and just like Belle was.

Belle was on the middle-part of a sword-fight since the book itself was mostly about pirates, when she bumped into something solid and almost knocked-over the food within the wicker basket, as well as the book out of her hand.

Belle was about to greet whoever she bumped into and eventually apologize, but then she was now aggravated somewhat at whom it was.

It was a man a year or two older than her slightly, and he also maintained an extremely athletic build, a double chin, and also possessed a handsome appearance. His black hair was long and tied into a ponytail. This man also retained icy blue eyes as well. He generally wore yellow hunting gloves and a red tunic with black tights, alongside boots. This man (to Belle's ire), was Gaston Jacque Anderson. He is a well-known hunter that was famous to this town for selling skins and meat, and confidentially a man with few secrets that everyone doesn't know about.

"Why hello Belle, how are you on this fine evening to be?" He questioned to her with him also inwardly cringing at the sight of the books as like a few others, from an agreement that females shouldn't be reading at all.

Belle, however, briefly rolled her eyes and then gently expressed firmly to him, as Gaston has been insistent he either date or marry her at most times and making sure her wares were secure before giving him a stare, "Gaston, can you please move so I can go home and get supper started, for me and my father?"

Before he could reply, the two and mostly everyone watching this instantly occurring within the sky now as the weather suddenlybringing not only cold air but warm, at the same time, froze, as the sky suddenly in minutes became cloud-like storms with purple and blue lighting to all those outside's amazement, flashing within the clouds as well, and not even at all striking the ground.

"Have you seen this before at all Joe?" The baker stated to the barber nearby him as they were playing a game of chess. With Belle and mostly everyone gazing in wonder at what was currently happening within the sky as instead of booming sounds that thunder always make, it was a strangely... wonderful yet sad-sounding melody of sorts that echoed all throughout the town, and it was an oddly familiar one to Belle, yet she couldn't quite place it. "Can't reckon I have, Bob. It is rather extraordinary, as the last time something odd occurred… Was nearly seventy years ago, I reckon."

Belle was abruptly interested since all her time living here, she never did go through the town's own history and yet, Belle as well as most everyone, even Gaston was wide-eyed from them all catching a glimpse of a hole of sorts nearly the size of seven wagons soon formed inside the clouds and with the hole oddly glowing an aurora within it, and within moments as well, the melody unexpectedly ended as something bright-green shot directly from the hole, and swiftly steered into the woods as the storm was then gradually fading away as a result by the energy ironically, to then get Belle moving, was near her and her father's property-line in the wheat field near it.

Gaston though agreed to be one to remain behind and calm everyone in town, as the sky was now back to the way it was before this unexpected event and ignoring Belle for once.

Luckily for Belle, however, she was able to place the things for supper at home and make her father question why she was in a hurry since Maurice missed the very odd event, but decided to follow his child on foot, to his huffing ire, to their wheat field.

Discerning plopped-like scorch marks now in their field without also causing a fire, made both of them curious yet at the same time... cautious, as they, from what Belle was explaining him of what occurred recently in town, was near them as they also got closer. The two ignored the way this felt all strange, yet hidden excitement though within Belle secretly, as something new or strange might finally be happening to the quiet town side. Though they froze as they also saw some knocked-over trees with them also being slightly sweaty; more-so to Maurice for being overweight as he also wiped his forehead with his sleeve, "My word…" Maurice trailed off in shock, as Belle promptly went over to a child that came off to be in the center of all this.

It was a currently a comatose Morgana, with not only injuries due to her fall, but her cuts were also bleeding once again. And due to Hectate as well, accidentally, her hair regrew to a perfect state to be used or played with.

"Father, this girl needs help!" Belle cried out in sudden alarm to make Maurice shake his head to wonder all this later, and decided to aid Belle on lifting and also carrying the unconscious child back to their house.

If they stayed a few more minutes, they would have seen a pair of red eyes within the woods looking pleased at the end of outcome, and vanished to merely watch the child unless she, the onlooker, was needed.

It took them almost thirty or so minutes later while making sure any injuries the child had, wouldn't get worse due to them carrying her as Belle was holding her arms while Maurice held the child's legs. Yet they were curious about a few things: The clothes she was wearing and the truly odd necklace, but their more-important concern was getting the six-year-old child, they can tell, into the home as well as situated for quick comfort. "Belle, get the door while I hold the girl here." Maurice remarked gently to Belle, who at this point hastily nodded as she then opened the door, and resumed helping her father.

"Do you think she might be the cause of the storm Papa?" Belle inquired twelve minutes later, after all but silence as she currently had a washcloth with lukewarm water on the child's forehead as she was now on a blanket or two for comfort on the floor, with a pillow to prop the little girl up.

Maurice gently took the cloth now from his daughter though, and then carefully wiped the child's face down slightly since she was also dirty due to the rough landing she gotten, and states unsurely while briefly glancing at Belle, as well, "I am really not sure at all Belle, but I may need to go to town and get aid. She seems to be running a fever of sorts."

Now this worried Belle as she secretly, unknown to her father, fell quickly in love (sibling love that is), to the child as Belle despite the way the little girl came into their lives at this moment, was cute enough to be loved by anyone. But Maurice too felt the same, but as a daughter yet he also narrowed his eyes briefly at the bruise-like marks that weren't part of the impact, he guessed, on the girl's body that was viewed from under her odd clothing when moved, as well as knife-like cuts to make him truly suspicious.

They both jumped briefly as their front door that was closed, was banged now, and Belle nodded to her father without words to allow him to answer it, and when he did, he was slightly surprised to see not only a few townsfolk, but Gaston himself, in fake worry that is, as he asked kindly to Maurice since the mentioned male also saw Belle tending to his inward surprise, a little girl as cute slightly as Belle was, and still is, back then. "Are you ok Maurice?"

Maurice simply nodded and stated to stun not only the man, but the few villagers as one of them quickly went to get the town's doctor to see to the child, "Yes, yes I'm fine. But the child we found at the site seems to have a sudden fever. Also she was injured as to whatever transpired over there, as well."

Belle saw Gaston now as he entered their house and inwardly was also trying to keep her own emotions in check as she at the same time, dismissed him as well as kept tending to the child still. "So you know who she is?" Gaston questioned to primarily Maurice while making Belle inwardly face palm to the hunter's stupidity sometimes, and Maurice simply shrugged his shoulders as the towns doctor came into the home now, panting as he ran on foot once he heard a sick child was involved, and he also privately gave approval to Belle at her minor medical skills, and continued on from there by also gently carrying the child that is, into a spare room to also check her.

Since there was nothing they could do, they had little choice at the matter as they also (to Belle's inward ire once again), also fed Gaston as she cooked some meat he still carried in that bag of his: A duck recently shot.

Foreign to the two family members, the town was discreetly in wonder as to how a child of all things, came to be at an odd situation as to a random yet unknown event, within the Evergreen Property, nonetheless.

As time went by since it was dark slightly out right now, the door to the spare room finally opened as they also ate their fill yet there was leftovers to who wants anything as well, and with the doctor gently closing it while showing mixed emotions on the old man's face, the three now saw.

"How is she Doctor Brown?" Belle elected to ask gently to the doctor that always helped children and other folk, at best of times, and he turned to look at her warily as he also decided along with a look discreetly of permission to Maurice, and sat down as the doctor within moments though, got a handkerchief from his own pocket and wiped the sweat off his own brow while proclaiming, to stun the three in the room, by his words. "I did the best as I can do since the fever if it wasn't at all treated, would have been fatal to the child. But luckily I had the right amount of medicine to give her for it, as well as finding out a few things... Including her name as the child briefly woken in delirium, in which I was thankful your door was soundproofed for, Maurice." Dr. Brown's tone was warily still yet also had a hint of both sadness and strangely, all-knowing, to them.

"So the girl has a name? Out with it man!" Gaston declared aloud to the doctor in his usual way, but soon stilled by the unexpected firm look, that also inwardly made Belle laugh slightly to herself inside yet she only kept a pleasant look on her face to not rouse any suspicions.

"I would watch your tone as I did heal that scar with ease with that balm I got from the country of India, Gaston, from your bear hunt last Fall. Vastly I also made sure your own mother was comfortable at the time of her passing as well." The man mentioned simply nodded as Dr. Brown sighed, and then stated to them firmly yet also sadly as they within moments, quickly looked to the room the child is resting when he spoke. "The child when I asked... After coercing something I promised I would say unless she does so, is Morgana Jasmine Potter: Six-years-old, and also had to treat the child with stabbed wounds with the same balm. Along with her wrappings negligibly when I inspected the child also." Dr. Brown sighed as he then saw the glances on the two family member's faces with Belle having her hands to her mouth in shock while Maurice a look of immediate knowing, and yet knew Gaston was only acting at the moment, poor deluded boy that one was.

"So was she-" "Yes, without a doubt, Miss Evergreen," Dr. Brown gently informed the young woman before him as he got up and began to leave, comprehending he truly did all he could and it was up-to the child, Morgana, to get better now. "Now if she gets worse in the fever, do contact me right away as I have a few more supplies left to treat fevers before I also have to go to the large city's market as I have to get more ingredients to do so." He remarked at the end to the two, with them nodding as the old man bid them a gentle goodbye without words, and headed back to his office in-town.

Gaston did the same but attempted to kiss Belle's hand in parting, but she let him for once to inwardly please the man, and once he left, Belle shortly wiped her hand as if it was muck or something onto her clothing, and that nonetheless, got a raised eyebrow by her father.

"I take it you're likely going to stay up for a while longer, Belle?" Maurice warily inquired while not saying to what he saw, by his daughter's actions. Maurice was also tired from all the running as well as inventing today, he was bone-tired at the moment to which he was grateful to see his daughter nod kindly with a mixture of emotions he didn't see, within her orbs, as she glanced once again to the room Morgana was in. "Just let me know if you need help and I will do my best, alright?" He noted now to only get a nod from his only child, and sighed as he then headed upstairs to his room to bed.

Belle decided to go into the child's room with the book she was reading, alongside a candle as she sat in a small yet comfy chair that the doctor must have placed to sit and check her over, and sat in it. However, seeing Morgana was breathing easily in a deep-like sleep since the medicine must be working as the little girl's face wasn't flushed as before, decided to quietly yet gently read her book to the child while she is slept. Morgana though, if Belle saw this, unknowingly smiled while sleeping from hearing the gentle words coming from Belle's mouth when the young woman did this.

Later on that night or a mere few hours later as the candle was faintly burning on the nearby stand to give light, Belle presently was deep-asleep in a way to truly care of others: She was partially on the bed with the book on the end, closed, and Belle had her arms crossed while her head was also on-top of her own arms, sleeping.

She was currently dreaming of something odd that Belle never dreamed of before, but before she could remember it, she was rudely woken up by a startling, child-like scream that made her confused a few moments until the young woman realized within sudden moments, it was Morgana as her eyes were glazed over while the little girl also muttered in repeated words that Belle also quickly got up, and now comforted the poor child.

Eventually after Morgana was done crying, the child went back to a deep sleep that made Belle's heart twist slightly in sadness at also knowing this child by the confirmation to the doctor, was abused as well as slightly tortured, since Belle also saw the cuts and bruises Morgana had briefly, on her arms and neck. The cuts on her arms and slight bruising on her neck, also on her chest when Belle was changing the bandages while the child slept, from experience.

Belle then decided to remain within the room in case it would happen again. She would be in for a long night, as it occurred only two more times.

Back in Morgana's original worldly-realm; At night within a school hidden in Scotland:

Dumbledore was currently wary while he also sighed, since the old man just came back after meeting with the Wizard Council, as well as Ministry of Magic, on the issue of finding out Morgana: The child that was dubbed the British Savior to all England as well as others, was missing in action or cannot be located, as such.

He was now in his office as to get his mind slightly off this, he began to look into the reports his professors gave him, as well as the current seventh year exams that just began for the first term.

I didn't foresee your child suffering as well as partial to your sister and nephew, Lily. I do hope you can forgive a foolish old man as such as me. Dumbledore sadly thought as he placed his favorite treat, Sherbet Lemons, into his mouth and then sucked on it as he continued to grade the last parts of the exam papers.

He unexpectedly froze as well as his familiar while unknowingly spitting said treat out due to the power he felt. Fawkes in which the bird was otherwise known as a phoenix, squawked quietly as the two felt an abrupt and unknown presence began to soon fill the entire room. The paintings he noticed also froze in place like regular paintings, to his sudden surprise as the air still felt the way it currently now is.

"Do not fret, Albus, as the child will be well taken care of from where she is presently at… Until she comes back at eleven to fulfill my Niece's Prophecy that was placed on her." A soothing yet gentle female voice expressed, making him look to his right and nearly jumped in minor surprise as Hecate was sitting in-air, giving him a pity-like yet understanding gaze.

Dumbledore instantly got the Elder Wand to which he within moments, stilled by the sudden light chuckle the female in the air also gave him at his actions, and he now lowered after the goddess spoke as he was in half-uneased feelings yet small acceptance of her presence, as she currently seemed to be friendly... for now. "I am no threat to you mortal, even comprehending your past deeds as such. I merely here to tell you a few things that will occur as of now, and to also let you fully know your unofficial grandchild. Since you thought of Lily, still, as a daughter you have never had as such, will be fine."

"May I ask whom you are My Lady?" The goddess chuckled lightly once more to Dumbledore's question, and he now stilled in true shock that his familiar also felt with, if you all saw, a gaping beak in a non-bird way in disbelieve. "I am Hecate: A Greek Goddess, as well as others of Magic, itself." She bowed her head in half-respect as this old man to her did do some things in the past to get things done, but still let her champion to be abused by the male she cursed a while ago.

"So prey tell me now: Why do I have the presence of your time, Lady Hecate, now, and about Morgana as well?" He now asked curiously yet warily as well, fully knowing how powerful gods or goddesses are in which included children to them are as such, from personal past experience during his own youth.

Hecate gave him a half-amused look mixed with a roll of her eyes, as she now gently landed onto her feet; with ease, and also conjured without anything, a true chair that was placed nearby the headmaster of this school she let her four former champions, alongside Merlin and Morgana as such, to make. "I came here to solely tell you a few things that will be presently going on as of now, Dumbledore, and I anticipate you to be patient, as the Chosen Child of Prophecy to your country, will indeed return as I stated."

Hecate now paused in minor thought as she decided to tilt her head, and with a half-curious glance, made his own eyes widen in true shocked surprise to what she was going to be offering him that was something he intimately wanted in return more than anything in the world. "How would you like to have your sibling returned to you, Dumbledore... Your half-younger sibling, Ariana?"

"You can do this my Lady? Wouldn't Hades be-" "He would be angry, yes, but in an understandable position as to whose child it is that in order for her to live, be soul-bonded to as such." Hecate stopped him with a hand raised, and stated before he could finish the question.

Dumbledore's eyes now faintly twinkled in realization and noted in understanding now to her, as to whom Hecate is currently mentioning, "You mean Morgana, correct?"

Hecate simply nodded as she then changed the subject to also inform him before making the deal itself, about what will be going on with the child. He understood that if she was her champion as to not mention it until Morgana herself, figures it out, due to her having some… quirks as such like her, and due to the blessing back then, he would accept the way things are.

"Now as I told you of her situation, Albus, I will now mention the deal to bring your sister back to life." Hecate finally stated gently to the old man and knowing this may hopefully cure the man of the illness he unknowingly has, that was placed secretly upon his mind only a week ago.

"Morgana will be able to go and come as she pleases. Including breaks within the school itself as she goes here. The child will eventually have… unique soulmates as such that I know you would accept her as, but others would see it blasphemy... Including that female, Molly Weasley that is, in your Order of the Phoenix." Hecate worded Molly's name firmly when she spoke, and also making Dumbledore understand yet the Goddess of Magic continued her deal to him, still, "She will also allow herself to bring anything: People, objects or possibly creatures from the realm she was sent to for her to live in, here, without any problems. So it would be unto your mortal's own heads if that does happen, as well as consequences. And finally, Morgana will not, and I repeat, will not be influenced by any means to interfere with her growing up like an average witch: A powerful one as such, during her time here."

Hecate then got a strange yet partially glowing contract out for him to sign that stated her deal and terms she mentioned, and even more-so when he read it, and also acknowledged as this is non-breakable, would also allow (despite anything that occurs) his younger half-sister to live without any punishment to him or her, mostly to those that are causing problems to her champion (true ones that is), and not bullying or small ones like that, as such.

When Dumbledore signed the contract, it turned quickly into a silver mist and then went into from his own surprise, into the goddess' mouth as she moreover swallowed it with a gentle gaze on her face, and decided to add one more thing before she left in a puff of silvery smoke, alongside her chair she made, "Your sister within the contract will be free of that very spell, and immune to mind and potions related to it as such, magic. Yet as equal terms: She will be de-aged to Morgana's current age of six, and grow on from there naturally while your Half-Sister will remember everything of her entire life without problems. So good luck old man, and see to it that Death won't be angered by taking her gift to her Mistress that you currently hold in your hands... My twin would love to prank you one of these days."

Once she was gone, Dumbledore sighed as a orb now was left behind on his desk along with a number to countdown to when he needs to secretly be at the Veil of Death, to reclaim his sibling, the number 5 as per contract-deal he made with the goddess herself, thought in true relieved amusement as he also now finished his work and headed off to bed within the quarters. I have a feeling things will be amusing when Morgana Potter comes to Hogwarts.

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