Unknown Location within Morgana's Dreamscape

The two landed with Alice being on top of Tarrant to make her blush before shortly getting off of him, and they both equally blinked at the surroundings of them being within a nightmarish setting of something similar to Detroit, Michigan (no offense to said location in real life and games), and so there were no signs of life at all.

In fact, the trees, the buildings, and even the streets themselves were somewhat oddly designed in a vibe of a mix between said city itself, mixed with those that would be seen within steam-punk franchises.

"To be honest… I thought a Child's Dream was somewhat more fantasy, then this." Alice eventually told Tarrant as they were randomly walking to what appeared to be buildings made for fast food and a large store, as he simply nodded before answering to what he understood was Alice's confused wonder, and made her look to him then, "Dreams or more, depends on the child at times, Alice. From what I was told about Mary, she is quite contrary to having this way of dreams."

Alice pondered for a moment while soon passing by what appeared to be a red and pulsating vines-covered elementary school with crimson and blackened leaves at most parts of it, and nearly made Tarrant for once faltering by her statement to herself aloud than as they resumed walking, and several more buildings further on as far as the eye can see also have these very strange vines rarely or plenty on their structures as well, "Well, at least I know now that I am in someone's Dream instead of my false beliefs of my own."

After some more walking and understanding that they had no leads as to where Morgana could be at all within her Dreaming Plain, sat on a bus bench with Alice tickled as she saw Tarrant dig into his hat and pull out two cups of tea. One for himself, and the other for her.

Wordlessly sipping their drinks, they didn't notice someone sneak up behind them and when they felt a gentle tapping on their shoulders, they turned to blink at seeing a monochrome version of Morgana, but Alice recognized the girl from the eyes she had and expressed to the slowly smiling girl herself at the blonde getting her name right, "Ami?"

Ami then did some wordless motions to puzzle Alice but not Tarrant himself as he hurled his cup and informed Alice than with a hand to his heart for a second to make Ami cease and stare at him for, "Allow me, as I do have some degrees when growing up, which include Signal Language."

Once The Hatter started watching Ami do some more movements with her hands and body, was translating to Alice then, "Seems that once Morgana was enraged, she was trying to convince her Other Half to settle down before something invaded during her rampage within her Mindscape and Heart. I guess that's where we are… And could explain the strange vines that are covering most of this modified location." Alice blinked at that in confusion yet Tarrant wasn't finished, "So the reason for Morgana to be knocked out, was Ami, here, alongside a Lass named Vanessa, and a floating weapon, tried and failed to stop an unusual force that has her hostage and is also trying to use her power to escape into the real world."

Now that worried Alice, as she had enough of evil doers for an entire day, but if this was true… "Can you take us to where Mary is?" The blonde woman asked determinedly to Ami who pause for a few moments and stared at her like she was crazy but silently sighed before she nodded as they followed the girl, and didn't see a pair of amber eyes hidden close by chuckle briefly before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

After traveling several blocks and avoiding the vines attempting to snatch them, they soon made it to what appeared to be an aged colosseum and was covered in not only those vines, but black as night thorns as well, and even some made the entrance to it be a thorned gateway.

They then heard a male voice ordering Morgana within the location about something, but they couldn't hear his words before looking for a way in, immediately, after hearing her scream in instant pain and eventually saw there was no way inside at all within the last few minutes of their searching.

"There must be a way to enter." Alice told the two as they were back at the thorn gate with Tarrant not helping matters as he was distracted by the vines oddly enough, waving at him before turning to her and eventually making Ami silently giggle, and Alice groaned by his words to the blonde, "Hmm? You say something, dear Alice?"

Alice shook her head before the three soon took a step back as the gate soon made a face that was close to a flowered oni of sorts with glowing amber eyes, and very sharp teeth as it laughed at them before replying in short words, "If you want to proceed, then you must answer a riddle or two to succeed. Then, and only then, may I take my leave."

Whatever this entity is, is troubling. Alice thought to herself with Tarrant calling once and was told by what they realized, was a Gate Guardian of sorts, to not also see the brief glint within the plant's face, "Oh! I love riddles! Tell us your riddles and we can enjoy tea after!"

The plant gave a brief look of being weirded out before blinking a few times and told them then, "What has roots as nobody sees, Is taller than trees, Up, up, up it goes and yet, never grows."

"Well that's very easy, my good sir: A Mountain." The Hatter told the plant guard in glee as Alice was amused by the scowl it developed on the oni-like face then.

"Then here is one that is harder: Alive without breath as cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, all in mail never clinking." The plant stated to him as Alice knew this one yet The Hatter beat her to it, and made a brief playful scowl show on her face at him then, and ignored the strange vibrations of her weapon and Ami, at that point, in equal yet strange laughter, "Again that is easy to tell. The answer is a Fish, yet I do wish we can never make it into a dish."

The guard 'Humphed' to them before thinking about something and soon told them then with a smirk, "You two mortals may not get this next one, as this is one of few last riddles that will allow access into the Nightmariam: Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues? There are two to the right of a king. A diamond will be found to the left of a spade. An ace is to the left of a heart. A heart is to the left of a spade. Now, identify all three cards."

Alice was rather stumped on this riddle yet to her fortune, Tarrant caused the guard to inwardly fume while placing a neutral face to them by his correct words, with a finger up, "Ah! This is rather simple, as they are the Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, Two of Spades."

This is time consuming, but we need to get passed to retrieve Morgana. Alice thought once again as the two prepared themselves while briefly wondering where Ami obtained a single cookie and cream ice cream and chocolate waffle cone, from, as the guard spoke another riddle to them. "This next one is third to last, and I hope this next riddle will fail your task: I am not alive, but I grow. I don't have lungs, but I need air. I don't have a mouth, but water kills me. What am I?"

"The riddle itself is to blame… Fire, sir, is the answer all the same." Tarrant told the guard to make the plant scowl once again.

"Fine. It seems you are worthy… These last two riddles are harder than I can think: I am something people love or hate. I change peoples appearances and thoughts. If a person takes care of themselves I will go up even higher. To some people I will fool them. To others I am a mystery. Some people might want to try and hide me but I will show. No matter how hard people try I will Never go down. What am I?" The plant told them with them seeing the vines were slowly withering away with each answer that Hatter got right, and made the plant scowl once again by his correct answer, "That would be the very riddle itself: Age, Mr. Plant, is the answer to that."

"Very well, you have me close to defeat… But this last riddle is no feat, as if you can solve this last one, you may go through yet more harm may be done unto you if you do," the guard stated raspily and creepily to the three to even make Ami gobble her treat she secretly summoned herself, and hid behind Alice, as the face was soon growing into a more demonic looking way and somewhat threatening as the very eyes it had glowed even more, "This thing all things devours: Birds, beasts, trees, flowers. Gnaws iron, bites steel. Grinds hard stones to meal. Slays kings, ruins town, And beats high mountains down."

Alice saw Tarrant for once looked stumped and began to think about this for a moment, and knew they have little- She blinked to herself as Alice saw the guard was looking victorious to itself before it stared at her, with her and watching like they did, the vines withering even more by her correct answer, "It's Time."

The face vanished into black smoke alongside the vine-like gateway disintegrated into nothing and revealed the entrance was a small open tunnel that easily led to where Morgana might be, and took off in haste then with Alice and Tarrant brandishing out their weapons and Ami behind them in support at soon seeing a horrific sight.

The area was a nightmare for starters, as it was an open coliseum of sorts, but no stands, and even the ground was made of a strange substance with the walls adorned with those very thorny vines and even nightmarish plant life.

But within the center, was Morgana as her draconian self, but at her original height and covered in those very vines, especially her maw being covered as well to not speak as cuts and scrapes can be easily seen on her hide as if, continuing damage to not let it heal.

Before they could head to her, the area rumbled slightly before they became guarded by an unexpected male voice speaking out of nowhere, aloud, and was mainly within earshot. "So the Whelps aid finally comes at last… But you will never be able to rescue what I require to flee this place." At the end of the male's words, Morgana roared out in instant agony once they saw something was leaking from her draconian body and into the stranger looking vines she was wrapped in.

"Stop! Can you see your doing more harm than good?!" Alice declared to see that whoever was in control of the vines, made them stop sucking energy from Morgana, and with her glancing briefly at Ami to see she was indeed scared of whoever this male was, as if, she experienced torture, and seeing Tarrant narrowing his eyes in seriousness while gazing around the area.

"It matters not, as I have conquered those within the Dream, and bent them to my will… Even a powerful Drake of Dreams herself, as I was lucky to make a magical clone of my own being to the last of my life within the Nightmare to escape, and eventually wonder within the Dreamscape," the male voice echoed with the area being covered within an unexpected shield, alongside Morgana as well as a figure slowly materialized out of the shadows in a fiery-like black mist, "And found this Whelps' source to be more efficient enough to recharge myself, and better aid me to once again walk within the land of mortals."

He was very tall or around twelve feet, and with an elven grace, but hoofed goat's legs and a long, serpentine tail hunch him forward. Red eyes peer out from the face of a handsome night elf noble (if they knew said race that is), at them, as his long clawed fingers gather the ragged remains of what appeared to be a sorcerer's silk robes around his shoulders, to adjust. Though he appears to be a monstrous creature, he is also strangely alluring, and moving with a grace that seems almost supernatural.

This is Xavius (3), the Ruler of the Emerald Nightmare, Former Regent of the Highborne, and Former Leader of the Quel'Dorei Magi.

Alice was wary to which Tarrant sensed as the male before them, soon smirked as Xavius held a modified golden dagger of sorts that during his wanding within the Dreamscape, came across a rather interesting individual who took it, altered it, and more to which is a secretive tale to tell later on, and spoke while messing with the dagger with ease and tossing it back and forth, "So… Mortals of this Realm have come to take what can provide many means to myself? Especially since I am in control while the Whelp is under wraps?"

"Pray tell us then… Mage," The Hatter began cautiously to not at all see the glint within the Demon's eyes at the term, and the dagger briefly glowing once he firmly held it in his left clawed hand, "Why are you even here?" The way The Hatter said the word, here, made Alice on edge as if he figured something out.

Xavius simply let out a dark chuckle before gesturing to the area and soon motioning to himself, and with a wicked gleam in his eyes, "As I stated, to escape the Dreamscape Realms to further my newer agenda, as I and a select few others… Have more options paid for us for within all Realms to offer, and she," here Alice held herself back with Ami going wide eyed and Tarrant briefly had amberish-orange eyes and back when he went over to Morgana and casually used his dagger's tip as it was glowing, on her to only raise an eyebrow with secretive, inner, interest, when the curse simply went into her abdomen area and tapped her snout in a way, he can do so without setbacks, "Is the key to my escape, and possibly more."

It was then Xavius was even more peeked to Alice herself, and froze her over with Tarrant only raising an eyebrow in half-interest while getting into a stance, and Ami sensing things, wordlessly ran to try and hide within the area by his unexpected words, "Ah! So it is you then? I was informed by my own sources of a woman as this realm's so-called hero, and daughter to a Punished God… Your dreams back then were, to say… Delectable my dear." He paused and placed a clawed free hand to his chin before finishing his words with a smirk, "Even though your true past haunts you and your father mixed, I perhaps think I can use those very Nightmares… Your fears, to my advantage to further things along."

"You are making no sense! What do you mean?!" Alice demanded to the Demon after getting over her shock of him knowing her father, and he simply grinned in a way to wordlessly state, be patient, and both her and The Hatter became guarded when Xavius produced a reddish-black and pulsating orb out of nothing, and casually thrown it at an area nearby them and stated as he pointed his dagger at Morgana, and was soon siphoning energy from her truly impressive and immense magical core, "You shall find out for yourself, as after all… Nightmares are my speciality."

Once the Nightmarish Orb hit the ground, it burst immensely before reshaping itself from the blackened smoke and glowing ash into a creature of sorts that Alice backed-up from with Tarrant perplexed as it was at least the size of a large school bus, and resembled mostly to a mix of the Jabberwocky with hints of being a chimera as it had a two scorpion tails, a misting maw and ash-misted webbing within mantis-style wings, was charcoal in color, and the body was also covered in a broken metal of sorts with it being forcibly fused onto the scales as armor-like skeleton.

The Nightmare Creature let out a echoing yet garbled roar at the two and stomped a few times, and soon they were dodging blasts of watery-plasma fire that when hit, formed black ice in daggers for a few moments or two before dispersing, and Alice and Tarrant were moving away from being hit by not only that, but the extendable tails the beast had.

Without warning, the creature vanishes and appears right before them, and then smacks them away from each other before grabbing them both by two of it's tails, and looks ready to devour them… For only it to shriek and drop the two in a slight toss to which, impressingly, both Alice and Hatter landed on their feet at seeing Ami converted her hands into shadowy-like blades and saw she chopped one of the three tails off, and was soon running away from the raging shadowy nightmarish beast as it then sent pest-like fireballs that resemble a swarm of locusts at her, and with Alice giving Tarrant a wordless look of quick thanks before running over to Xavius.

She managed to cut him off as he was assured of sorts his summoned beast would handle them long enough to get what he craved, and scowled by seeing they had enchanted blades and gave her a look Alice was half-phased by.

"Persistent as most mortals are." Xavius firmly told her with the blonde woman wincing at seeing Tarrant slicing a tail off the beast and easily skip-running away from the creature, and making her get into a stance with the Vorpal Blade dimly glowing to catch his notice, and recognized the weapon then, "So… Calistra's Weapon ended up here from all those years ago. The blade blessed by both Elune and few others, alongside several others… The Chosen of God's Hope, she and her group were once called."

Alice briefly faltered at that yet held in place as the demon 'Humphed', and told her then while making his weapon gleam slightly and also pointed the tip right at her position, "Matters not, as I siphoned enough energy to retest my own power against you: Calistra's Heir, and perhaps oversee how strong you can face me."

Alice took a step backwards as she saw Xavius glowing a reddish yet darkly aura that felt wrong, and saw brief intrigue forming on his face at the secondary weapon made within his other clawed hand, secretly, from his darkness brought forth before getting into a dueling bladed stance.

It was mainly a curved yet jagged, medium-sized scimitar with demonic neon-green runes on the sides of the tarnished silver metal, a black handle with ashen colored scale wrappings, and a small chain with a blood-red orb connected at the end.

(Listen: /41O60Fhs1Uc)

Xavius gave Alice no warning as he vanished and appeared right before her as he kicked her a few feet away from him before they were exchanging blows with their weapons, and the blonde woman barely having any recovering time to avoid a few hits from him as he sent her further away, and both ducked from the creature leaping over their heads with Tarrant trying to tame the beast, and tossed Alice his weapon for a better chance of dueling.

Soon both the demon and Alice herself were exchanging blow after blow with their duel weapons, with wisps of magic and sparking occurred as by the aid of both blades the blonde held, was able to block most of Xavius' hits against her.

"Let the Nightmare consume you!" Xavius shouted with him channeling crimson energy into his palms, and sent it right at at Alice for her to only dodge, and nearly blanched when she saw the blast brought forth a pair of large yet human-sized squid-like entities with them soon crawling to her in black and burning-crimson colors, and maws that were saturated with teeth.

Xavius jumped into the air and was slowly channeling his weapon as by sheer fighting instinct, Alice was hacking the best she could while trying to sense her surroundings, and luckily Tarrant forced the tiring creature he was riding to ram into one of them to make it somewhat easier on her, and soon was behind the strange entity as Xavius was sending falling ashen orbs from his weapons at them both, and they dodged as best as they could while noticing that it was causing the summoned squid-thing to how in pain with each hit before it dispersed after seven hits, into dust.

Tarrant then forced the creature to leap into the air, open it's maw to catch Xavius off guard, and moved before using his new weapon to easily slice into the beast to make it yowl in agony, and burst into ashened-like dust with Tarrant fallen to his doom… If it wasn't for Ami deciding to be brave and used the shadows of the area to her advantage, and made a temporary slide of sorts for him to slide down.

Once he was on the ground, Alice tossed him his sword as once he caught it, they both swerved away with Ami moving away from the area as well when Xavius forcibly landed in a small aura of sorts, and almost stabbed them with his one dagger.

Xavius then snarled at the three before swirling in a ashened and crimson-black mixed mist of sorts before seeing him summon more of those entities while he was right back at Morgana, and began to drain her of her power.

Alice held back her own surprise as the Vorpal Blade was soon glowing a pure white before shifting into a flaming blade of pure holy energy, and made her yelp with Tarrant keeping Ami safe as her body was forced to move via the power of the weapon itself, in speedy movements as one by one, the entities were bitten to dust and ash. She was then sent right into Xavius to bodyslam him, and stop channeling a quarter of Morgana's energy being absorbed into him, and making the demon jump into the air before landing hooves first on a large enough boulder with a look of irritation on his face.

"So the blade itself has a Will of its own? Very well… If it is a fight between Nightmares and Light, then so be it!" Xavius exclaimed as he slammed both his dagger and the new blade together out of sheer instinct as they merged into a golden yet ashen-looking katana of sorts that was demonic in nature, and those very glowing runes on the metal still.

Xavius then sent a wave of strange blackness that sent away both The Hatter and Ami as it made both Alice and the demon himself, trapped within a large enough realm-like dome of sorts that was, well, even more nightmarish than ever, and with them at the ends of said barrier within opposite sides.

"I have to hand it to you, Demi-Human… You are worthy of sorts to wield that unique blade from the thousands I sensed was beforehand," Xavius began with him admiring his new and improved, fused weapon, and Alice warily yet in determination, got into a swordstance once more as he casually tossed his weapon between hands before pointing the improved weapon right at her from the otherside of the domed barrier he made, "But if I have to destroy you with not only yours but the Whelps own Fears… So accept your fate and die!" With a wave of his weapon, he conjured to what appeared to be illusions of Morgana's fears made into creatures based on nightmarish elementals based of water, rock, and flame to be in front of him, and a barrier was then produced around the demon himself as he told her with patented glee, "But firstly, I would desire entertainment of how you fare against Nightmares based on Fear itself."

Alice was fearful to which Xavius cherished at the sheer sight of these very nightmares made into as before her, and was soon cornered by the three and was closing her eyes for the end, due to her inexperienced and partial training- Without warning, an unexpected flash of pure radiant light sent the three Nightmare Elementals away and right behind Xavius to make him scowl at seeing the blade glowed and summoned to what appeared to be a glowing orb that quickly shattered, and made Alice open her eyes and gap at what was forming right before her very eyes.

It was a pure white drake with glowing blue eyes, and resembled that of a large eastern drake mainly and with a silvery mist trailing from the head, and forelimbs it has.

The summoned entity roared before going after the Nightmare Elementals, as Xavius within moments caught her off guard and nicked her abdomen area with his blade that, secretly, sent a tiny energy pulse into her there as she, after that, kicked him harshly away from her and they began to fight one on one once again, and within the background it was the summoned drake versus the three Nightmare Elementals.

While dodging fire, thrown rocks and water blasts from the Nightmarish Elementals alongside beams of plasma-based light from the drake, Xavius and Alice were blade-to-blade and holding their ground against each other, and with them staring at each other's eyes with the demon himself seeing within Alice's orbs that she wasn't going to give up.

(Pause: /41O60Fhs1Uc)

On the outside of the barrier, was a different story, as a cloaked person showed up and both Ami and Tarrant were protecting Morgana from this person's attempts at trying to snatch her spiritual heart. The person strangely wielded a blackened key of sorts resembling a blade, and had a cyan slit eye within it.

Ami was struggling with her own personal shadowy-like barrier to try and protect both her "Sister" and The Hatter, as his arm was injured from this stranger's assault, and knew she wouldn't be up to the task of keeping the barrier up for much longer with each dark-like firaga blast this stranger sent.

Tarrant while hearing the clashing of Alice and Xavius within the barrier, and watching a shadowy-like child (Ami) struggling to defend him, decided to aid her and attack with only one arm and his weapon against the person.

It was the sounds of clashing of both Alice and Tarrant's own weapons that began to rouse Morgana from her slumber within her Dreamscape, and blinked blearily by not knowing what was going on but sensed those she cared for was in trouble, and she let out a weak roar before passing out once again, as by her call… A specific person began to aid The Hatter.

At Tarrant's place, he was about to be sliced at the neck before the person turned and avoided a blast of ice and held their ground with Tarrant hearing myths of this type of person, but never thought he would see the entity before him at all within his lifetime: It was Shiva, aka, Elsa's own mother herself.

"I have not come for you, Madness Warrior," Shiva began with her forming a icicle-based fancy javelin and swirled it a few times before banging it onto the ground and resumed speaking as they saw the stranger was tensed in place, "I was called upon my own child's request and plea to her Destined One's desired aid and need, as she has yet to pass to obtain my younger sister as agreed long ago, to summon and aid her in times as the rare Outer Summons… And it seems I was just in the right chosen ways to see two foes working together."

The stranger at this point lowered his hood of the unusual pitch-black cloak to reveal, shockingly, a young man. He has mildly tanned skin with pointed ears, golden eyes, and silver hair. His hair slightly spikes and falls past his shoulders in the back, and he has four bangs framing his face.

He then tossed his weapon as it glown a dark-like light before shifting into another weapon he easily caught, and got into a stance with his eyes narrowed slightly at them.

The weapon was predominantly colored in different shades of blue and is decorated with elaborate, spiked shapes. The tip of the blade itself appears to be a stopwatch, while the teeth are diamond shape spikes that are connected by a black web structure similar to the design on the base of the top spire of a specific building. has a spiky, black guard resembling demonic wings, a horned, demonic head just above the handle, two barbed shafts, and teeth resembling a battle axe split into three almost claw-like protrusions. Its shaft and head are also adorned with several twisting, silver patterns as it also contains two demonic, blue eyes with one on the Keychain and the other one on the head.

The Keychain shares the time theme represented in the blade, as the charm on the Keychain appears to be an hourglass.

"I am merely here to see how well this so-called child is, as I merely heard rumors about her. And by sheer power of my no-longer allied comrade, the deal with the demon is off…" The young man told them before he paused with the tip of his unusual blade showing a dark orb of sorts that he aimed into the sky, and told them before leaving then into a vortex to observe things elsewhere, "However, that doesn't mean I can't produce a Test of sorts for the child and those within, now can't I?"

The orb then pulsed and grew gradually in size and shape before shifting within a dense amount of darkness, into a beastly creature as it shrilled-like roared at them all.

It was a large, draconian creature with predominantly dark green skin, save for its belly, which is tan, and its wings, feet, and the tip of its tail, all of which are brown. Its body is rather thin, while its three-toed feet are quite large, each sporting yellow talons. Its wings seem rather short and bulky when compared to its feet and tail, and it's wingtips are vaguely reminiscent of a strange splintered upside-down shape of a heart. The Tailbunker's tail ends in a large, misshapen club with three conical, yellow spikes on it, and its head is V-shaped and flat. It has beady yellow eyes on either side of its head, and has a strange crossed-out, of sorts, heart-like emblem on its chest.

The creature roared at them before flying higher into the air, and several more of the exact one came through shadowy vortexes all around them to make it up to at least four new ones.

The first one, however, shrieked into the barrier and entered it with the other newer ones, snarling at Shiva, Tarrant, and even Ami.

"Protect Morgana, mortal, while I handle these three beasts of darkness." Shiva firmly told him in a way, it was an order, and not a favored request as he nodded while grabbing Ami, and noticed that Morgana was indeed awoken once again, but in fear and didn't even recognize the two to get The Hatter to think for only a moment, got an idea, and pulled out random things to make even Ami for once to raise a bewildered eyebrow in being perplexed by the random objects as Shiva was engaging the three drakes.

"Simply finding the right thing to get her aware is all," Tarrant told her as he tried an onion firstly, and ducked as Morgana while not coherent, still sneezed as in reality, that sneeze bounced all the way to the outerlands within Underland, and burnt a random large thing of raw meat to perfection for a wild group of thugs.

Then he began to try other things as back within the barrier, moments beforehand, Alice was still struggling to face the male demon before her.

(Listen/Resume: /41O60Fhs1Uc)

Xavius knocked Alice over and she rolled on the ground in time to not get sliced by his sword to her head, and only made the male demon wince by her kicking him in the one place all male's were sensitive, before hastily getting up and running from his unexpected black and crimson firebolts he started sending at her with a free hand, all around the barrier, and vanished before reappearing before her and sent her a few feet away from him.

Alice struggled to get up, before gasping wordlessly as he was, within moments, grabbing her by the neck and with her struggling to breath before he actually yowled in unexpected and surprise pain from her blade going and slicing part of his side and tossed her away, and to her utter shock while getting up, the wound healed up and scarred over within moments and with black and red misty energy seeping during that.

Xavius scowled at her before sending more of those firebolts at random spots near her location as she moved once again, before they paused as the barrier reacted to something and a drake (as mentioned) came into the place, and roared at them and with Xavius seeing an opportunity, send a glowing crimson dagger at the creature to get it to roar in shock before gowling as it's main color went from a dark green, to crimson and black and remains of its original coloring, and it's glowing eyes shifted from amber to glowing sky-blue.

Alice was immediately glad she summoned the strange drake from her weapon, as it defeated the male demon's nightmares, but charged and body slammed right into the modified beast and those two began to tangle with each other.

"Now that both beasts are occupied," Xavius began as Alice didn't like the way he had a dark-like aura around his frame and with him giving her a evil look, "Let's see if you can handle facing you darkest fear…" he was right up in Alice's face at those words, grabbed her and made her forcibly breath in a musty and shadow-like gas from his mouth, and tossed her before stating to himself then as Alice stood up but looked like she was about to barf, and she puked a mass of darkness that, to startle her as he was casually waiting on the sidelines, finished his words by what formed, "Yourself."

It was indeed Alice… But not quite like her at all, as for starters, the skin was deathly pale with chaos runes on the cheeks, silvery hair, glowing amber slitted eyes, and was wearing demonic-looking version of her own armor in grey, black, and crimson colors and with instead of a sword, was a reversed yet twisted looking katana, and to make her slightly envious of sorts… A better figure to make this entity, have an hourglass with a slightly bigger bust then she has (D-Cup).

Alice managed to dodge in time as to her mind, this Anti-Alice, sent bolts of dark lightning at her before vanishing and appearing with a side-kick to her face, and made Alice fly momentarily into the air and landed on her side while briefly dropping the Vorpal Blade in easy reach distance.

Soon, she hastily moved just in time to avoid Anti-Alice slicing her head off, and clashing blades with her as with each hit, sent both holy and dark-like energy bursts from their respective blades.

Xavius wickedly watched both Alice's fight each other to the extent with him easily side-stepping the two beasts that by a hair, almost crashed into him, and watched on with interest, as Alice managed to kick her counterpart into the gut, and making the Anti-Alice wordlessly gasp to herself and was blinded and sent to the floor by an unexpected flash attack that made the demon lose his smirk he was showing, and scowled before yelling at the Anti-Alice, and making Alice to sweatdrop to herself alongside an angreewing counter, by his ordered words, "Hurry up and finish her! As an embodiment of her Darkness, you can easily defeat her with the power of fear bestowed upon you!"

Alice didn't like the look Anti-Alice had on her face then in being reminded, and yelped while dodging even more lightning as secretly, she was shocked by a thunderbolt when she was little and was scared of thunder itself, as such, before holding back a scream as the last hit Anti-Alice caused, froze her body to be still and tensed, and was soon kicked away to the ground and once again dropping her Vorpal Blade on the ground.

Alice was soon face-to-weapon by Anti-Alice's own blade.

"What are you waiting for… Finish her!" Xavius told the dark counterpart of Alice, and Alice saw hesitation within the eyes Anti-Alice had before sending lightning right back at Xavius with her face hinting the wordless look of "No", before he appeared to be enraged by the unexpected betrayal itself.

Once she was helped up, Alice was stunned as Anti-Alice looked downwards to see a dagger pierced right in the center of her chest, and vanished into a puff of black smoke entirely and was reabsorbed into Alice herself, and secretly, didn't know yet but her body was now going through small yet soon-to-be-big changes, and even protecting a secret she has yet to know, within her.

"So let's see if you can have even more desirable fear by my true form!" Xavius declared out as he yelled with raw energy that eveaportated both drakes as they were sent right into Alice, and secretly, into the one place within her body to add further on to what Xavius has done, and saw to her utter horror while backing up, he did change… Into a monster with his weapon enlarged to her size and floating around next the the empowered demonic male.

(Just so you all know, idk how to describe his true look, so go with this: "Emerald Nightmare Final Boss, Xavius, World of Warcraft", within Google Search)

Xavius now roared within moments at Alice then as he began to stomp the ground and caused waves of energy she had to actually jump over to not get harmed, several times while running, before avoiding swipes of his even more demonic looking hands and rolled left, right, and even sideways by sheer instinct from the Vorpal Blade guiding her.

Alice managed to side-roll Xavius' blade by mere inches before being perplexed as to why he roared at her and sent her a few feet away, and began running from nightmarish spikes quickly erupting and chasing her all around the barriered area.

The blonde then got an instant idea of sorts and made Xavius bewildered as she managed to low-dive under him to only make him get sent into the air by the large spike that stopped producing more and landed on his back with him struggling, and his weapon simply floating around the area as Alice hacked and slashed his weak spots that, thanks to the blade once again within her hands, saw as green spots, and soon ducked as he lifted himself up into the air and began to speed-fall where Alice previously was… And began to do this again and again.

Once it was the fourth time, he snarled before getting a wicked idea, and chuckled in a way Alice didn't like to guard herself as with a loud clawed snap of his enlarged fingers, he was covered in a dark aura-based barrier as his weapon finally began to be of use, alongside him summoning strange, mutant-like creatures.

To us, they are the Nightmare Versions of Human-Sized Cthulhu People in cloaks, up to three, within the air and each one represented Fire, Ice, and Lightning based on their cloak colors and sigils.

"Let's see how you fare against the elements themselves, and my blade as I watch." Xavius told her in a deep, raspy voice then his previous as Alice began to dodge ice balls made of tainted snow that gave off a sickly smell, purple lightning that felt static to the point it would slow her down if it, and black-purplish flames that felt like they would have been able to burn easily as whenever she tried to intercept the entities, the blade blocked her holy balls she sent at them.

As the three chased her, she blinked at seeing a fireball bounce off the sword and blasted the ice entity by accident, and caused it to burst into flames, and after that, she began using the constant entities to blast each other via the sword until one that fell, was slashed by her blade and became a black mist the sword was absorbing, and saw once again those green markers and began blasting it with effective balls of holy energy.

After what seemed like forever, but in this Mindscape, two minutes later, she managed to cause the sword to convulse before it disintegrated and went right into Xavius.

Xavius snarled before making Alice pant while running as she was dodging speedy balls of crimson flames aimed at her spots for at least four times until he began to pant, and Alice yelped as her blade pulled her so fast it she had to go along with the swings at his thick legs, and caused him to fall over and cough up an orb that began floating as he was immobile.

It then began spewing blobs of black ooze randomly everywhere that began to slowly head to Xavius, and she used her one blasing attack and her weapon to slice most of them up until the orb hastily retreated back into the demonic male's mouth before he swiftly moved, jumped, and began to do this over and over again.

After the fifth time, Xavius snarled out with the area warping here and there by how much rage he was emitting, "ENOUGH! IF I WANT TO PREVAIL AND BE FREE, THEN I WILL HAVE TO RESORT TO DEADLY MEANS!"The large demonic male was soon warping Morgana's Mindscape while breaking the barrier, and sucked not only her, but the recently freed yet still passed-out-but-waking Morgana, Tarrant, and Ami into a small yet very large area with them all realizing, after they stood shakily up, that they were on a stained platform of sorts with Morgana as her old human self, within the center and holding a heart of light and darkness in both hands.

To mention this, Shiva was sent into a random vortex that, later on, would lead to events in the near future for Morgana, as they used a rare emerald rose to awake the child that's mentioned, but not in time.

Back to matters at hand, they panicked though when both Ami and Morgana were magically sucked into the platform to now show on the sides, Morgana's draconian look on the left, and Ami reaching out to her, and Morgana's human self slowly going blank and was no longer there, but then shifted to another detail with the hearts going into her, and at the outer edge of the platform, blank circles with silhouettes were formed as well, and connected to the outer edge and to the large image on said stained platform that was about the size (to mention this) of a large arena.

Alice jumped while Tarrant held her in place as Xavius' massive clawed that was twice his size, revealed itself from behind them as they backed up and saw he was twice his normal size as a monster, and wickedly smirked at them before fiery walls of purplish flames emitted from the outer rim of the entire platform itself, and he lept into the air with demonic webbed wings and floated in mere moments above their head.

"Prepare your Fears for oblivion!" Xavius exclaimed as he vanished from sight and appeared to the upper right of the platform and was sending a fiery beam at their location, which they split and dodged that before he did so again and again, randomly, around the entirety of the platform, and then appeared within the center of it and summoned his blade.

Alice was the one to grab Tarrant in time as he conjured several versions of his main weapon, and sent them, one by one, at their previous spots before appearing in his original sized form and laughed… Until he was knocked on the head by Tarrant throwing a rune stone at his head to make him temporarily knocked out into place, and was soon being blasted by Alice and an impressed Hatter as they were in-sync of blasting and hacking at the stunned Xavius for at least a few hits, before it began again by him vanishing and reappearing back as his twice-in-size self and laughing wickedly at them.

After he did this strange attack three times, he roared with the demonic male sending a small shockwave at them, and was back onto the stained platform as his actual self and with him now wielding two matching blades he clinked together, and charged at them.

Alice and Tarrant managed to block several hits with barely dodging in time by the speedy movements Xavius performed to try and exhaust his foes, and he managed to trip thanks to The Hatter placing a random object in his path and fell off the platform's edge with him getting slightly harmed by the flames themselves.

They were then dodging fireballs he sent from the depths of the void, randomly, at them, and after the twelve flameball landed and imploded, he appeared and tried to slice in half Alice, but Tarrant blocked the attack with madness showing on his features briefly, and sent him back to do this tactic all over again and again.

(Stop Video for Music)

After what seemed like forever for the fourth time, he bewildered them as he wickedly smirked and grabbed a black orb that rose from the platform, and devoured it… And then stuck his blades hinto himself as he absorbed them and grew thrice his size, and began to do one final act of vengeance against the two.

He sent a large beam right at them from his opened mouth that was sickly-green in color, and would have been keeping his smirk… If it wasn't for a particular someone stopping said attack and devouring it all within seconds to empower herself, as it was Morgana, humanized and no longer a dragon, and she was angry at to what both Alice and Tarrant saw, and also saw the child looked different then before while wielding an equally angered Xal'atath.

Morgana was still petite yet was showing development of slight growing curves with at least her now attaining a basic C-Cup sized chest as she wore a black blazer with thin gold trim over a white shirt and black tie, a pair of tan short shorts, black pantyhose and brown ankle boots with gold trimming, and a green bow on the front. From her lower back, two bat/dragon wings with a shimmering dulled rainbow membrane, except connected and maybe even around eight feet in size to either side of her before becoming three, to make it easier to move. Her skin was paler or even close to white as snow with a slight shimmer to realize it was mainly smooth scaled-skin, but her cheeks had obvious diamond scales rising up them. Two brown horns curved across her forehead like a crown, and all this only served to frame her slitted yet brilliant emerald eyes. She was taller by a few inches to the point, she was around an average thirteen year old's height as of now, and her tail was changed and resembled a spaded-heart succubus version that matched her tone of skin. Her previous arm, however, was normal looking except her hands misted after shaking them from raw energy.

Her weapon to mention, Xal'atath that is, was slightly larger and resembled more to a sword then before, but still within the same design, then a dagger.

The mural within the platform soon revealed Morgana's older self with her eyes closed in tranquility, and made Alice tint before focusing at the matter at hand, as the mural showed (as people wanted to know via DM) that "Mural Morgana" was tall or around eight feet evenly from her perfectly slenderized yet slim-curved figure with some lean muscle to her large K-Cup sized soft yet perked-supple breasts, supple thighs with a decent gap and slightly bubbly behind… Though they or others will not realize it, this is the future for her, at a specific age.

But let's get back to the matter at hand, shall we?

Morgana, as mentioned, was defiantly glaring right at the enraged demonic male before her as her tail swayed in agitation, and even her wings trembled a few times as she got into a stance, and both Alice and Tarrant doing the same by her words for once being furious, "I will not let you harm those I consider friends, not you, or anyone else… Ever!"

"Hmph! For a Royal Child of your Race, you can hardly back that up and prove to me that I have more power all thanks to you, and can easily defeat you pathetic mortals at this point." Xavius told her in retort before he and both Alice and The Hatter was startled by Morgana herself, laughing at this for a brief moment as not seen by them, the platform showed Ami on Morgana's future self behind her and holding a dark heart with a smile on her face, and a blank on her left holding the light heart, had brief slitted amber eyes at him as she retorted back in words he scowled at, "More than I can say to you, as you tend to cause fear and destruction to those you encounter, and fear can be defeated by being brave, and facing it head-on… You're nothing more than an invader within me, and it needs to be squashed."

"Fine, I do admit that aspect, Youngling Whelp," Xavius agreed and began to perplex the three then, before seeing him summoning a red nightmarish vortex and left as he snapped his fingers to summon something for them to face, "But I had enough of this Mindscape and Realm, and have enough energy as of now, to find the exit… Enjoy my gift of thanks on that."

Once he was gone with Morgana sending a blast of energy from her hand to his previous spot, they stilled as the flames died down, and began falling as they landed onto an even larger platform with the design resembling Belle with the others as their cursed selves, and ducked in time as a green fireball nearly roasted them, and saw that when it finally showed up… It was a demon that came from a vanishing vortex landed at the edge in front of them, and roared.

It was a winged, greenish and crimson mixed inflamed reptilian demon wearing mainly full-bodied tarnished-dull armor with demonic runes on them, and was at least sixteen or so feet tall, and had a large webbed yet fiery wingspan close to six or so feet long while wielding a large blackened blade that was emitting darkness with each swing of it. It was also four-legged as well, and connected to it's demonic-yet-humanized torso.

It was a demon dubbed as an Annihilan, and it looked like it was angry or more, at the three.

"Miss Alice," Morgana began to make the blonde woman look at the child as to both of the adults, they saw determination mixed with being wary and brave in the child's posture as Xal'atath narrowed her eye in challenge at the demon before them, "I may be scared and other things… But I think that with those I cherish with me, in my heart and more, I can face anything. Even though I'm truly scared of this reptile thingy before us."

Alice thought Morgana was brave at this with them not seeing the instant glare the demon sent right at the Young Chaossarinian herself by what she dubbed it as, and roared while swinging it's blade for several moments and soon got into a fighting stance, and stated momentarily as The Hatter also agreed, wordlessly, since they stood side-by-side with the child, "I feel the same, and let's hope we can send this ruffian out and awaken you."

(Play: /WmNcxw2sjIA)

The trio dodged unexpected waves of energy that was sent randomly at them, and went over the edge of the stained platform before The Hatter reached into his hat and pulled out miniature bombs he hurled at the demon, and exploded right into its face.

As the Annihilan managed to try and remove the soot the explosion caused to its face, with a free hand Alice and Morgana, as one, moved quickly and made the demon roar in unexpected surprise as with their weapons, they managed to slice some parts of it before dodging heavy slices of its large weapon.

After missing or even nearly cutting a few stray hairs from both Alice and Tarrant, and Morgana ducking when Xal'atath warned her to, the demon roared before giving a dark chuckle and perplexed the trio as to why it slammed the tip of the weapon into the ground, before being wary as it turned it the opposite way with the blade glowing sickly, and were soon dodging green flames that would have left fourth degree burns and after it brought back the blade, the platform shook before shattering.

As they fell with Morgana being surprised that her wings were elevating her fall as the other two weren't so lucky and barely managed to land on their feet onto another stained platform, but with a stained glass mural of Moana and the others within an ocean-themed style, and made both The Hatter and Alice blink at Morgana watching the growling face of the demon stare in a way, would have caused others to tense up or run, as she managed to land on it's winged back and accidently sliced some of the membrane and was soon grabbed, and tossed into the air.

Luckily Morgana was caught within moments by Alice sending a white mist in her direction, and gazed at her free hand for a moment before they were once again dodging the same attacks upon the following platforms for a total of three: Ariel, Elsa, and even Jasmine.

Once they landed on one last platform to make Morgana blink at thinking she knew the girl below her, yet didn't have time to think as she was suddenly yanked away from the others and was stabbing Xal'atath a few times before being shaken, and the demon itself summoning imps for the two with the child, to fight and distract them as she was screaming at the demon trying to siphon her energy.

Alice was worried after slicing and watching her fiftieth imp that was sent at her, vanish into green smoke, at noticing this and knew there was nothing she could do until she finished helping Tarrant, and inwardly was praying for a miracle to finally defeat this foe… And her inner plee was answered by the unexpected purplish-flame-like blast aimed at the backside to cause Morgana to drop and run away from the Annihilan itself, as they saw something unexpected: A strange dark-looking demon male.

He is a large humanoid, devilish creature. His skin is mostly black and red, and with large red webbed yet draconian wings with daggered-like tips about the size of a basic sword on the sides, and a long, black tail. As mentioned due to how large he was, he was close to fifteen feet tall, and glowing-fiery eyes with them being slitted reptilian ones, secretly. He also had side-based blackened demonic horns and two smaller ones around the forehead.

The entity roared as the Annihilan roared back before defending itself and summoning more imps and this time, armored imps in demonic black knight gear, as both it and the arrived demonic entity faced each other with large weapon versus a summoned, pulsating, demonic looking sickle-like scythe.

Alice was getting overwhelmed as Tarrant ran from cackling imps tossing fireballs at him and with his running making his weapon block said attacks, and blinked at seeing something zoom past her face and hid the urge to gawk at seeing Morgana's wings were folded and the tips looked sharp at stabbing right into several demon imps, all at once, as she even blinked at seeing she could use her wings as extra hands as the stabbed imps poofed into green wisps of smoke.

Morgana ducked like Alice did within moments as they avoided a sword-swipe by the larger demon that was swinging widely its weapon, and the other entity gave a look before slicing its weapon in half… And caused a minor explosion to happen as the entity, The Hatter, Alice and Morgana were sent a few inches close to the edge of the stained platform as the demon was enraged and sent the weapon over the edge.

The Annihilan soon made Alice jab her weapon, like Morgana did with her wings and Tarrant with his own weapon as it was sucking severely the surroundings and devouring the leftover imps to empower itself as it gained two demonic broadswords similar to the previous, swung them, and both Alice and Tarrant hid being startled as they were soon entrapped within a fel-like bubble, and leaving Morgana and this entity to face the demon itself.

(Pause Music)

Morgana was inwardly in fear, to which she saw the demon itself smirk right at her for as she gripped Xal'atath slightly hard with the blade sending wordless waves of encouragement, and hid jumping in place by the clawed digits of the entity and was stunned, like the blade, it was that very voice from before at the shrine, and didn't see the brief glare he sent at the demon to which scowled right at the Aeon of Demons of being dissatisfied of how things went to most other demonic races, from what he sensed, of his absence, and gently placed his clawed hands on her shoulders with his weapon floating besides them. "Do not let fear settle into your heart and mind, Little One, as despite being a Demon Summon, I can tell this disgrace is on its hind legs. Prevail as you indeed passed my test as while your one beast self, you prevented others being harmed… Despite not being yourself, and have yet to meet in due course your beastial side."

Morgana blinked at the Aeon of Demons in utter confusion to which she only received a knowing yet gentle look briefly from the younger brother to the King of Aeon Demons, before gazing right at the Annihilan firmly with him stating encouraging words as he grabbed his weapon with his right clawed hand and flapped his deadly wings in challenge to the corrupt demon before them, and even giving Morgana to be brave and determined, "Let's end this foolish demon, once and for all, Summoner."

(Resume/Restart Music)

Morgana hid a yelp when she was grabbed by him and was perplexed at the Aeon of Demons easily placing her onto his back and her wings without harming him, fastened herself as if a seatbelt of sorts or straps, as the Aeon: Diablos, swung his weapon a few times in challenge and she held on for the ride as it was now Aeon Demon Vs. a Demon to what she has yet to learn, of a particular Legion (4) of sorts.

Alice could only watch on like Tarrant was as Diablos was actually matching and even slightly stronger then the Annihilan itself, as they easily moved within the stained platform while clashing with their weapons, sending sparks here and there with Morgana, unknown to her, was ledning her energy to the Aeon himself.

The corrupt demon itself then roared and Diablos dodged a wave of negative energy it sent out into the voided abyss of this area, and began to repeatedly do so within a complete 360 degree circle with Morgana with mixed feelings, was enjoying herself at how fast the Aeon easily glided without the use of wind, and made Alice and even the child herself gap at him sending a wave of energetic blades from his wings right at the Annihilan itself.

The fiery blades struck true on the hide the demon had, and made it howl in shock pain as if it wasn't expecting this, and was soon sent a few feet away by Diablos when he rammed into the demon while slicing it with his sharp wings.

After a stalemate occurred for the last several minutes, the corrupt demon growled out something within it's language before using energy to send away Diablos off the platform and Morgana holding back the urge to scream as the demon shattered the stained platform, and it, both the Aeon and the child, and the free-floating Alice and Tarrant, were soon gliding downwards or even falling slowly to another stained platform.

This one was based on Dani and her family, and even both Binx and his sister within a halloween-like vibe of Salem itself, and the girl mentioned dressed as a fancy magical girl-like witch in light-red and navy blue colors, and silver and gold accents within the fabric.

Once both the demon and the Aeon touched down, they resumed fighting as while sped-circling each other, they sent spells with the Aeon of Demons being dark-based fire spells that actually caused damage to its hide, and soon made the Annihilan roar in pain as one of the spelled fire blasts, hit its left eye, and was soon rampaging wildly.

After dodging seven rampaging strikes, Diablos saw an opportunity he took and used his weapon as the blade began glowing a dark-crimson color, and sent x-like waves right at the blinded and raging demon itself, and sent it into the void of this area.

Though it wasn't to last long, as they saw an explosion of sorts and was soon dodging hellfire and brimstone balls of flames that exploded upon impact upon the platform itself, and with Alice gapping at Tarrant to see if he was concerned, but saw that he was enjoying some Earl-Grey Tea while they watched the Annihilan reappear with a huge leap, and landed upon the platform as a energy-like ripple of power fled from the demon and almost struck Diablos if he didn't leap in time.

They, the Annihilan and the Aeon of Demons himself, performed this outcome a few more times before they all didn't like how the corrupt demon began glowing a dark aura, and roared as it was soon fully covered within a dense, dark-like greenish and hellish flames before it burst to see it was now a darkened version of itself with fire covering most of its body that was melting away to reveal parts of it's blackened skeleton, and the weapons it had vanishing away as well.

"The foe before us is nearly defeated, and will recklessly strike without abandon," Diablos told Morgana to get her fear of seeing that demon's appearance to be soon confused when she gazed to the Aeon's glanced look to her and told her then as she felt Xal'atath dismissed herself, after she heard she would be sick if she continued, "That is when we will strike hard, together."

Morgana wasn't sure yet she yelped when Diablos was gliding away from the speedy Annihilan as indeed it was acting out of sheer rage and randomness by sending wave after wave of hellish fire at them, in a pillared line.

After the fifth overpowered pillar Diablos dodged, Morgana blinked with still thankfully fastened to his back as he vanished, reappeared, and sliced repeatedly at the tired corrupt demon with severe blows until a barrier came up, and was soon going back and forth in equal 180 degree half-circles on the platform from waves of flames coming out of the Annihilan's entire body and tried to strike them in a fiery wave to burn them alive.

After the second wave, the demon roared aloud and proceeded to stomp in place and began to charge once more, and things repeated at least three more times before it roared once again and held out both hands up into the air as a hellish vortex was summoned… And Diablos projecting a barrier for him, Morgana, and both Alice and The Hatter's own bubble's as it rained down everywhere hellfire and brimstone, as a desperate act.

After several rounds, Diablos gritted his teeth at soon holding his ground at the corrupt demon as it was soon sending a heated gust of wind from quickly and fully exhaling air at their spot, and once done, panted before being blasted in the face by a dense dark energy ball from Diablos.

Soon, the demon itself was getting pelted by dozens of smaller matching orbs from Diablos free-throwing randomly at its direction before charging and slicing one of its wings off, and making Morgana hold her ears by the screech it let out before hopping into the air, and landing an energetic wave that shattered the stained platform and making them once again land on another one.

This time, this one was Ariel with her sisters around the outer rim alongside her father and family, and her friends within the center in their own personal circles, and within the center was a side-by-side of the female herself as both a human and mermaid.

The Annihilan stomped in an enraging few moments and made Morgana hold back her yelps as Diablos jerkily moved left and right from the corrupt demon sending fireballs from its maw in a rapid fire motion as after the ninth large ball missed, it panted and Diablos did the same attack as before while taking out the other wing.

And once again, the Annihilan stomped an energy wave and shattered the platform as the next one was to personally stun Alice and Tarrant, was Alice herself and it was bizarre.

Her own stained platform was Alice in three corner images within the center within a large circle, and the outer rim held her allies and friends on their own. The first part showed Alice as is, the second showed Anti-Alice, and the third was blank and at times, thought she saw a fusion of both of her and the darker side within.

Alice soon shouted Morgana's name once she saw she got detached from Diablos as the Annihilan stomped and grew three times as big, and began to easily defeat Diablos by grabbing his left leg, and sending him back and forth onto the platform with staticky debris showing, and the child herself struggling to get up.

Morgana though had to quickly face plant herself as Diablos nearly knocked her over from the Annihilan's random toss at her direction and made her grow in fear by the corrupt demon gazing at her direction with a wicked grin.

The self-empowered and corrupt demon itself dodged the thrown weapon Diablos sent it, and Morgana saw the Aeon of Demons struggled to stand and sent a massive energy ball at the demon as the Annihilan, in turn, sent a hellish green one back, and exploded upon colliding.

Morgana held her left arm and was shocked at seeing how rapidly it was healing, as she got a third degree burn all over it, and was staring at it in mystified shock and wariness before being picked up by Diablos then.

It was then that Diablos was comically panicking to stop the Annihilan in its tracks as he held Morgana in a way she looked like she was going to barf, as that's what it looked like to both The Hatter and Alice… Until she let out an immense beam they gaped at as it fully engulfed the Annihilan and soon, blinded the area itself.

(Stop Music or Finish)

Alice and Tarrant were rather surprised to see they were within a large garden or sorts with a large pond close by, then the platform or other, and saw Morgana was passed out on a stone bench.

Alice decided to head over there before The Hatter stopped her as Diablos appeared and blocked the blonde woman and stared at her a few moments, and nodded his head only once as he let her pass while keeping Tarrant at bay with ease.

"She is rather fragile but acceptable to be awakened to true life, Lady of Vorpal Light and Shade," Diablos tells Alice firmly in a way, he was informing her and not seeing her stare or even Tarrant's own gaze of being stunned for once, at her new title. "But she is far from ordinary as of now… Her heritage slowly begins and continues as she lives."

Alice gave Tarrant one last look before heading over to Morgana and saw she was at least breathing to relieve the blonde woman and hesitated, and was soon gently brushing her hands once again within Morgana's hair to which she was amused as before from hearing the child let out low humming of purrs.

Alice blinked with Tarrant as Morgana soon vanished in a mixture of emerald dust and minor light from the spot to be barren, and turned to the Aeon of Demons as he merely shook his head with a hidden smirk on his face, "She is at ease, and whatever has come from this encounter, has transferred to life… Though, she may be intrigued on the gift her outfit is, as it will be of use for future endeavours."

After Alice was gently raised by The Hatter, with Diablos allowing him to pass, the area shook and trembled to which they saw him sigh before making a shadowy vortex, and they were soon sucked into it.