A few hours later, within the Courtyard of the White Queen's Castle:

Morgana was half-enjoying herself and half-not, as she was told what she had become with her holding her tail within her hands, as Koneko was besides her Mate and gently rubbing her spine to ease the child, as they were now celebrating the victory over the Chessboard War, to what the Underlandians decided to call it for today of the Frabjous Day.

The Jabberwocky was currently with Xion to discuss something they refused to tell Morgana at all, as something did occur while Alice and The Hatter entered inside her dreams, from what she was told and barely recalled.

Everyone was rather surprised, despite enjoying themselves at the quickly and perfectly done party the White Queen herself ordered and with Morgana and everyone indeed seeing The Hatter at last do his interesting dance to which Morgana did try, thirty minutes prior, and impressed, perplexed, and even made others gawked at her easily doing it: Futterwacken.

Mirana was discussing things as well while partially enjoying herself at a large secluded table with Kuroka and Xion, which also included Bwonsandi as he was drinking his own personal brew of tea… At least that's what everyone thought it was, and Claudia and the others were sent back to where Morgana was eventually going to end up, via the Death Loa as Yidhian was also next to the child as well, recovering mainly from overspending her energy into the ritual, and drinking a potion the Death Loa made to replenish her reserves in an hour or two quicker then intended, despite it smelling like a skunk.

So all and all, everything was currently alright, but back to the current issue at hand, and only Yidhian, Koneko and her elder sibling, and Xion was left to return.

"What is it, Mary?" Yidhian decided to ask her Mistress with seeing she may have spooked Morgana slightly as the genie ignored Koneko's firm look as the child sighed before gazing at her free hands with her tail swaying side-to-side behind her, and the two gazed at each other in mute understanding at her quiet words, "Why is it that whenever I do the right thing, I lose something that means something to me?"

Seeing their looks, she tried to explain herself better, "I realize that I wasn't myself during that battle, and that how everyone feared me-" "No one feared you," Koneko stopped her Mate and then adding into her words as she made Morgana look to her with a gentle hand to turn her head to see eye-to-eye, "Impressive, yes, but not feared."

"The Hellcat has a point, Mary," Yidhian decided to speak as Morgana gazed to her genie with seeing eyes that showed past experiences as if she understood what Morgana was feeling, "You amazed us at actually saving our lives when you did. I was, truthfully, close to my reserve powers from facing that abomination of a Dark Beast, alongside everyone else."

Morgana blinked dumbly at her and didn't hear Koneko snort to herself at holding back laughter, and easily ducked from a random teacup thrown from the March Hare by accident, and stated to her in confusion then, "I thought you had endless power being a Genie?"

"True, but depends on how much I use at a time, I would need to recover a lot, hence this stinky stuff," which Yidhian saw both her Mistress and the Nekotama curl their noses at smelling the potion as she downed the last of three small vials, and shivers to feel her reserves back to normal, "Bleh, the taste is bitter but it works."

It was at this point Bwonsamdi materialized behind them with them turning, and ignored the glare both genie and Nekotama gave him at secretly startling them with a brief laugh, and told them in a way, he knew he did it on purpose, "Ah… Why be dat way to Ol' Bwonsamdi? I only be givin' da Wee One her last dose of da medicine required." Here he indeed held a vial to which Morgana reluctantly took.

She shivered from the sour taste as this brew was made to finish healing her wounds she had, and remove them at all from scaring to not worry Belle and the others over, and also to soothe her aching bones as Morgana was stiff after her first transformation into her Beast Forme.

Morgana blinked as her left-wing molded and reformed back as an actual wing when it took her used vial and threw it, as the others weren't still used to either her tail and wings, at times, acting as more hands, and the Death Loa gently patted her head before stating then, "Dere now. You finish da brew with less complaints dis time."

They thought it was cute as she shivered her wings slightly and shook briefly in place at now getting the aftertaste before sighing, and hid her confusion of her outfit shivering as well as The Death Loa placed an envelope in her hands.

It was a plaid colored envelope with a strange trident-based sigil within the center, and was decorated in a way seafarers would use.

"I be told to give dat ta ya when ya be ready for it Mon, and I deem ya ready… But I may suggest ya wait til you arrival ta ya destination when dis venture is ovah, Little One, and have da time." Bwonsamdi told her then as Morgana tried grabbing it before her right-wing nabbed it and stored it away, and made her puff out her cheeks cutely to amuse them.

Eventually, Morgana was soon by herself as Mirana wanted Yidhian's aid in something and saw the child soon gained control over her wings in speedy time, as she was chewing on what the Death Loa gave her as a parting gift before he went back to where he ruled, of a endless jerky based off edible animals from his plane of existence (and flavored right as well) from a bonded pouch, as a late few gifts, and sighed as next to her was her weapon on her left as she later on one of the elder trees the White Queen had.

"It seems like you are close to this adventure's end, Maria." Morgana's weapon gently tells her to which the girl herself nodded as she gazed at the clear sky and saw some rare birds fly overhead that let out a colored mist based on their colors, as Rainbow Birds, and finished her last bite of a gator-based jerky coated in sweet and sour sauce, "Yes… But I have an unusual feeling that I might be coming back to this interesting place again."

Xal'atath didn't say anything to that before glancing to her right, blinked at saying nothing since the very Jabberwocky silently walked over and landed a gentle thump next to them to which Morgana herself didn't mind.

It was silent for a few moments before the drake spoke firstly to the child, "In all my times as my Beastial Forme, I never thought I would love to see another of your kind back within Underland."

Morgana gazed at the drake as it looked secretly amused by her curious question then with her weapon observing things before noticing that The Book came from the child's storage space and was on her lap, "You knew them?"

"Correct. I knew a select few individuals alongside one known as The Glory Maiden, back then, all those years ago as upon my cursed form, I became ageless and everlasting. Even if my head was cut off, I would regrow anew or my own body soon searching and reattaching it… As from what I was told, I may never die, even as I get lifted of my curse. I, however, have an inkling to realizing that I may falter in life if I was fully disposed of." The drake tells Morgana softly with eyes recalling precious and awful moments of the past.

Seeing that Morgana was somewhat confused after blinking to itself and shaking its head, the drake sighed with a small tongue flicker in small annoyance but sighed and explained its words more better, "I cannot simply die by any means except the true harm to thy heart, or full body."

It was then the Jabberwocky noticed with widened orbs the very book within Morgana's lap, and made her blink back her startled surprise at seeing the book as well. "That book… That is what caused the trouble in the first place! Where did you obtain it, Hatchling?"

Morgana didn't see how the book rolled his lone eye at the drake in recalling it, with Xal'atath also doing the same at the behavior of the drake itself, and the child replied hesitantly as the drake was right up her face and it's nostrils breathing on her in expectation, "B-Back in Salem… In America?"

Morgana realized the dragon was perplexed by the city name and country, and sighed before blinking as the book decided to do what must be done, right now, and opened itself and flipped his pages automatically to what she blinked in utter surprise at seeing, was a song-based spell to cure the single-formed… Of course there was more than just that, but that is what caught her eyes the most.

However, from quick-reading the spell, it comes with a cost to both the caster and person involved.

"What is the cursed book telling you, Youngling?" The Jabberwocky states out of mixed curiosity and being perplexed as to how a Hatchling like Morgana, obtained said book from this Salem from America, and Morgana informed the drake to make it blink once, twice, before narrowing its eyes at the book in suspicion before gazing at the child in mixed caution and hope, before sighing. "Fine. With beholding how powerful you are, Little One, then by all means… Go ahead and try."

With Xal'atath being intrigued at seeing the glow Morgana briefly had within her pupils that was golden to realize the child may have instantly memorized the spell, she began to spell-sing and with her eyes glowing an eerie glow of emerald as she did so, and the area going quiet with the sky around them, slowly darkening.

Morgana: "From one path to another~, you were cursed to and thro~. Let this song heal you, and let you woes go~. Free the soul~, free the will~, free the one before me still. Allow the one before me to be free~, to be free~, to be free of the curse of one form to be free as you once were~... As you once were!"

As Morgana was singing her spell, the clouds were darkening further and further before a large golden bolt of lightning fully struck by its entirety of the Jabberwocky as once she finished singing, the drake began to grunt and moan to itself, even clawing at the very ground to make Morgana move to a hiding spot.

In the distance at an established dueling grounds, Koneko's body froze at sparring with her elder sister as the others were watching them, and ignored the fist Kuroka did to her little sister's face as her head was at the direction of where Morgana was.

Once they followed the Nekotama to the location, they saw a dome that was covering something as ancient runes and more was gradually going into a circle with Morgana being passed out from parts of her power, aiding whatever was going on before they were blasted onto their feet and behinds and stared at a stranger being revealed to them all as the enchanted dome, vaporized and vanished.

She, yes she, was at least eight feet tall, looked to be in her late twenties, and was gorgeous, and with a toned hourglass figure and an angular face. Her wide draconian eyes, webbed ears, and the grey pallor to her skin revealed her true nature, but it was easily ignored when taken in with her button nose, the little fangs poking from behind delicate lips, and her shoulder length ashen-ivory hair. She wore a black leather tunic with steel scale mail that hugged her body, as well as a mesh bodysuit that went to just below her elbows and knees, black leather boots with a steel cap that looked like dragon toes, and a cape that resembled the Jabberwocky's wings.

The freed female blinked and gazed at herself in brief shock before schooling her emotions at noticing the others before her orbs gazed at Morgana in secret concern, as despite only knowing the child, she was young and despite her power as well, hardly trained… Especially since the Young Chaosarinian can barely control her True Form.

The woman let out a growl of irritation when she was aimed at by the group's weapons and Alice blinked in utter shock as the woman casually dusted herself off with a familiar voice that was now more majestic and feminine in tone to herself, "Mortals and others barely recognize an ally when they see it."

The woman walked over to Morgana though and ignored Koneko to flabbergast not only the Nekotama as she was easily shoved in unexpected power right into a nearby rock formation to try and pounce the stranger, but easily picked up Morgana and checked her over with mixed gratitude and hidden concern in her orbs, as the Book himself, dismissed and went back into the child's storage along with Xal'atath inside her.

"Jabberwocky?" Alice warily asked in a statement to baffle everyone as the woman nodded with a hidden smirk at the blonde to be the one to recognize her, "Indeed… And I need to thank this child in due time of freeing me of my curse. Though I have forgotten my true name, she has earned the right to at least call me of any name to her pleasing."

It was then Morgana spoke for her rare times sleeping, a name the Jabberwocky didn't mind as in honesty, despite not recalling her true name, she would have fathered stuck to being labeled as her kindred race, "Janna." Though her wording was as if by instinct, to the Jabberwocky christened as Janna.

Janna calmly walked over and placed the child carefully into Yidhian's arms with giving the Nekotama a brief stare at her feeling a rivalry forming between them yet they were startled by her cape shifting into cloth wings of her draconian formed self, and around eight and a half feet in length.

She gazed at them all, but her words Yidhian and the others knew, was concern about Morgana, and more hidden emotions while flexing her left hand a few times before puncturing it as blood began to spill, and inwardly held herself being perplexed at summoning a small vial to pour it in, cap it, and tossed it at Alice as the blonde caught it. "I owe a debt to her and hope at some point, I shall repay that… But for the Vorpal's Wielder, I hope that suffices your way back as this will be, in terms, even to each other."

Mirana understood what Janna meant as the dragon shifter herself braced herself to take off, and told them before flying away, "I have unfinished business to see after so long of becoming fully a drake, and if I return… I will go through the Protection Trail for the child, as her years will be interesting if she is the Chosen."

After a few hours with Morgana being roused, comically that is, by food presented to her as she gobbled it up in a way, someone sneezed at eating a large meal in their realm, as Morgana was with Kuroka, Koneko, Xion, and Yidhian with watching things unfold before them.

Mirana managed to lead them to a familiar waygate Morgana was stunned, secretly that is, at her castle grounds secretly having as it was colored in white marble and flower accents.

They were told that once active from them touching the outer rim and saying their destination, they would return as she empowered it with homemade Elixir of sorts, and they wanted to wait until they could see Alice off.

Alice still held the drake's blood in the vial, and gazed at the White Queen as she told her in a way she was grateful, "You have our everlasting gratitude… Both you and the child, and allies we have made as of this day."

"Will this truly take me home?" Alice asked her warily as she thought she saw the vial glow and dim a few times, and Mirana nodded with a small gentle smile in reply, "If that is what you choose."

Alice lifts the vial after uncorking it, and waved at the others and before she could drink it… The Hatter puts his hand on hers and gently stops her with a look that made her heart flutter, "You could stay."

"What an idea... A crazy, mad, wonderful idea." She once again looks at the strange and wonderful beings she's met in this strange and wonderful place, especially knowing this place was truly a marvelous yet mysterious land... But then, thoughts of her mother and sister, and the unfinished business intrude her mind. "But I cannot. There are questions I have to answer. And things I still must do." She drinks the potion. "I'll be back again before you know it."

"You won't remember me." The Hatter states as to her, she felt strange yet her necklace let out a soundless vibration and gentle warmth filled her as the blood and that, combined, "Of course I will! How could I forget?" His face starts to shimmer as he whispers in her ear. "Fairfarren, Alice."

To Morgana's shock and sadness, and a strange sense she would see her friend again, Alice vanished before the child blinked at getting a long vision that, time-wise, took only a few moments to view.

Morgana's Vision of Alice, The Ascot Estate:

Alice finds herself face down in the field, clinging to the edge of the Rabbit hole, legs dangling precariously. She then pulls herself up and looks around, blinking in the bright sun. She shakes her head.

All memories of Underland gone once again… Before they quickly rushed right back to her after touching her gifted necklace, and looking up as to her small struggle to stand in place, caught the unusual bag she forgot about back at that land as it materialized above her head a few feet within the air.

She soon looks down at her clothes, and sighed by their ragged, torn, filthy condition, and then She looks at the rabbit hole.

Alice was torn about going through with this, but she decided to see this through and with determination, walked to where the party is.

Once there, she secretly was stunned as it seems she was only gone for at least twenty or so minutes as the party is still going on although a bit subdued.

(So you know, all the others are based on movie parts, sorry for the minor inconvenience of this message)

Hamish speaks to the confused guests. "She left me standing there without an answer." Fiona decided to comfort the young man then, "A case of nerves, no doubt."

People fall silent as Alice wanders back onto the lawn, looking like she's been through a war.

"Alice?" Hamish asked in utter surprise by her ruined outfit as Lord Ascot stated to her in concern, "Good Lord. Are you alright?"

Her mother, Helen Kingsley, goes to Alice then and checks her over, "What happened to you?"

Alice felt that at this point, no one would believe her and decided to lie, against her better judgement on this to not only her but to everyone, "I fell down a hole and hit my head."

Lady Ascot decided to state to her, "You look a frightful mess."

Alice turns to Hamish at that point with her mother satisfied she was alright, as her adventure has given her the unwavering confidence and self-awareness. "I'm sorry Hamish, I can't marry you. You're not the right man for me. And there's that trouble with your digestion." She turned to her sister, "I love you, Margaret. But this is my life. I'll decide what to do with it." She then turned to Lowell, "You're lucky to have my sister for your wife, Lowell. I know you'll be good to her. I'll be watching, very closely." He blanches at the veiled threat before Alice turns to Imogene, "There is no prince, Aunt Imogene. You need to talk to someone about these delusions." She then addresses Lady Ascot as she wanted to get her words out before her meekness left her, "I happen to love rabbits, especially white ones." She turns to her mother and kisses her on the cheek. "Don't worry, Mother. I'll find something useful to do with my life." Lastly she turned to the Chattaways, "You two remind me of some funny boys I met in a dream." Alice then looks around. "Anyone else?"

Lord Ascot lifts a finger as despite everyone shaking their heads to amuse the man at denying the blonde woman, she gazed at him then. "You've left me out."

"No I haven't, sir. You and I have business to discuss." Alice tells him with a light in her eyes he recognized before his wife began to speak in being offended, "The impertinence! The ata-" "I'd like to hear what she has to say. Shall we speak in the study?" He starts to lead her off, but she turns back to the crowd. "Oh, and one more thing…" She lifts her skirt, revealing her bare legs and does a brisk Futterwacken to the shock of some and delight of others.

Later on within the study in the Ascot Mansion, Alice studies a map of the world on the table. "My father told me he planned to expand his trade route to Sumatra and Borneo. But I don't think he was looking far enough."

"Not far enough?" Lord Ascot asked her in small surprise as she nodded and showed him her words while explaining, with the aid of the map, "Why not go all the way to China? It's vast, the culture is rich and we have a foothold in Hong Kong. To be the first to trade with China. Can you imagine it?" She looks at him. Her eyes indeed shine just like her father's did.

"If you were anyone else, I would say you've lost your senses. But I've seen that look before…" Lord Ascot began with Alice secretly nervous but was soon surprised by his offer as she shook her hand after his words, "Since you're not going to be my daughter-in-law, perhaps you would consider an apprenticeship with the company?"

Six months later… A crowd has gathered to see the "China Trading Company's" ship off.

Alice stands on the deck, waving to her mother, sister and Lord Ascot.

As the ship pulls away, a beautiful Monarch butterfly with blue tinged wings lands on her shoulder. She smiles. "Hello, Absolem." The butterfly takes wing, as Alice watches it soar skyward… And she soon touched her stomach as she felt a soft yet gentle kick, and knew that the first stop within the trip would be within England of some place before going to China for a few years and back, and was stunned long before she was told that she was pregnant, about one-night stands being a thing as to the truth, only Lord Ascot, her mother, and her sister knew and agreed to keep it quiet.

Alice though felt like she was being watched by someone familiar to her and even felt the same touch her friend, Morgana, had within her left hand in a gentle grip before the feeling faded, and set sail.

It was later on as she entered her cabin that she sighed before freezing up at seeing a cloaked man sitting in her swirling chair and stated casually to her and sipping some wine, "It is fancy as to the travels to the sea, is it not?"

Seeing her guarded expression, the man softened his look as he lowered it to shock her as to who it is… "Father?!"

Mr. Kingsley or rather in surprising turn of events after he lowered his hood and removed his cloak, Apollo: The Greek God of the Sun, simply smiled at her as he was in odd coincidence, resembled the Percy Jackson (5) version from the movies, sat the glass of wine down on her desk as he stood up and let his daughter embrace him as she crumbled into a small mess of sorts as he gently rubbed her back.

"I… I thought you died." Alice states as Apollo gave her a signature handkerchief with a decorative sun shown in the lower-left corner to allow her to wipe her face, and the blonde woman definitely glad she soundproofed her Captain's Quarters as she was soon perplexed in moments by his unexpected words, "I did."

Seeing her look, he made her jump as he materialized a bronze and golden chair for her to sit alongside himself, and reluctantly did so as he began to explain to her then.

"Firstly, Alice. I am actually called Apollo," Alice was wide-eyed at this as she thought the letter she opened once she was home all those months ago, was a small fabrication yet here her father was, even dressed in a fancier outfit in Greek design for a business man for this age period, and he continued, "I was delayed. I wanted to approach you years ago and tell you that despite being born from a godly-trapped mortal that I previously was, but your grandfather in godly terms, refused until I and they were sure that you were worthy enough for being given the rights to approach you… Especially since I had to face a Tainted Kraken that was possessed to do it, without powers."

Alice blinked at that before he gently placed a hand onto hers and stared into her eyes solemnly as indeed he began to tell her things.

Turns out that he has been born at least several times (closer to three times) as a mortal with one being a woman from offending Aphrodite and his twin/her aunt: Artemis. The latest death of his third mortal form, although, was a sheer accident by the seas being moved by both Poseidon and his son arguing over something back then, and caused her grand-uncle, Hades, to at least pull him out of the wreckage alongside souls that another god and a servant of death, reluctantly let them go.

At that point, he was forbidden until Alice proved herself that she would be able to handle herself as Underland was her destiny, and more, and he then gave her a few things with him admitting he was the one who sent Discord's sister to her as a favor, which it was a treat he shared with her: Sun Cakes or warm and soothing golden yellow holding cakes that warm you to the belief, that of a cozy fire with the sins warmth, and very sweet and moist inside that was filled with Bavarian Cream and lemon frosting mixed.

He now told her after his explanation in small warning as Alice touched her womb area of her body in worry, then, "My grandchild will be a hybrid due to that Demonic Mage's Weapon of both Light and Demon, but as still both yours and The Hatter's child. Especially since the Francis of those two creatures that cursed in your battle against Xavius, added into the equation for her."

At the word he used, Alice stilled and he softly chucked at her stunned expression as he held her face briefly with a warm smile, "I was told only minor information about my granddaughter, and only about her status as a hybrid and her gender, nothing more… I fear that in due time, she, alongside one particular child and few others she knows, will be personally tested in due course."

Alice furrowed her eyebrows as her father leaned into his summoned chair and sat fully into it to allow her to think, and she blinked before gazing to him in worry as he nodded the name mentioned, "Morgana?"

"Without a doubt. I even met her before long ago, as her adventures also detail our worlds past to current by her very actions alone." Apollo told his daughter then to make her nod in half-shock and understanding wordlessly as he got up and paused as if he heard something, and sighed to soon see sadness return to his child's eyes, "It seems that I have to leave for now, but I will try and visit now and then whenever I can, as you and all children I can sire, are important to me."

She gave him one last hug before he vanished, and Alice sighed before blinking at seeing he left her a few things on her desk with one being a recipe for those very cakes, in mortal ways.

July 2nd of 1582 (1992) in The Castle, in Morgana's Room, a few days later:

Morgana was mixed on her vision a few days ago that she kept to herself, but was glad and also rather surprised by what she ended up looking forward to, despite everyone reacting to her new look that when Loki showed, along with both Lucifer and Ophis, was informed it was due to her Royal Race mixed with Ophis' Blood.

They indeed celebrated a party with Dani and her family rather surprised by being within the very castle Belle and The Beast (Adam) owned.

In fact, they decided that during the holidays that the strange man that went by the name of Aeroza, told them all that the castle will eventually be placed within Salem at some point, but as a modern castle-like home that would be linked to the current castle via a unusual door that would be finished during the upcoming holidays.

So for now, they can use the one portal that was set up for them to go back and forth to what they were stunned, was a shared year period of both this timed world and Morgana's true time, as the secretive materials for the eventual modern home of a castle, will be made from the same ingredients the way gate was made from, mixed with modern and magical structured elements as well.

Besides that, Morgana got to hang out with her paired girls while also giving a funeral for both the former females that was lost within Underland, and even made two statues of the two to accommodate it in the garden.

Chaos when he was there was mixed, of course, but he and the others were at least helpful at bringing Morgana out of her nightmares about savage deaths of not only the two recently deceased, but others of her other girls and even family, mixed with the one set of nightmares she previously hoped never to return, returned.

As of now, however, everyone was either gone or doing their own thing as she was checking herself with the mirror over with a sigh, as she was soon taught by Ophis on concealing her looks into a better version of her old self… But the spell would only last for at least ten or so minutes before it failed, and realized that without much choice, she was stuck with her current appearance forevermore.

The child jumped before sighing at feeling a clawed hand and a head slap after by another, as both Chaos and Discord was now in the room.

"You're still not happy with your appearance, then, Spitfire?" Discord comments before Chaos could, as said entity poured in the air next to his comrade that had mirthful orbs briefly before fully gazing at Morgana clutching her tail and told them truthfully, "I've already accepted that I can never look normal at all, but at least I can have a chance to relax and simply get over…" she turned away with them glancing at each other in understanding.

Morgana turned to Chaos then as he tried to cheer her up in moments, "Perhaps we can provide a distraction for a moment or two to free your mind of your woes?"

Seeing her confused look with a cute head tilt, and her no longer holding her tail as it swayed back and forth in ease from looking at their reflections the mirror before gazing at the two, and Discord understood as Morgana soon perked up at them, "Perhaps we can play a few innocent pranks on a few others, and maybe go get some chocolate after."

After a while, Morgana did prank slightly in a rookie way that still impressed the two entities, and even those that stayed for the moment as Belle was with Loki's recently dubbed wife (aka, the living harem girl from the Aladdin Arc) as Belle was scheduled to be due in due time, and Helen were talking about things and it was then the child's birthday came up, they were talking about what to do about that before shushing when the child entered the library's lounge area they provided for the guests to have recently, and sat next to her with a giggle to herself.

"Now what has you in a good mood Mary?" Belle asked her little sister gently before holding her amusement with Helen simply shaking her head at the child, and secretly, the one that brought her into existence by sheer accident, at her happy words to her eldest sister, "We managed to finally prank Adam as I placed a hair color potion that Uncle Frost recently taught me, into his tea…" at the precise time, Adam indeed came into the room and looking at him, both woman laughed at seeing his hair was naturally dyed to a royal pink color, and Morgana yelped cutely as she was soon being chased by him in a playful manner back into the halls.

"She sure seems to have improved over the past few days," Helen decided to state to Belle as she nodded in wordless agreement with her sipping honey earl tea to settle her stomach, and informed Loki's wife then, "Indeed she has, but I am rather glad she is safe and sound as by her last adventure she had in this 'Underland', gets me to think about her safety still."

Helen understood as from her time with Loki, she gained enough intelligence to equal Belle at least, and sipped her own tea quietly before responded back to her friend, "Yes, but the thing is she has to finish when she does start, otherwise from what Sarah secretly told you about the consequences of she doesn't do so."

Belle frowned as she personally kept the information from everyone except for Helen, and a select few others that she learned the true price of Morgana's adventures.

It turns out that Sarah was truthful, but she forgot to fully admit that if the child failed at all of her own tasks at hand, it would cost her by any means, even to be in a temporary coma or other. In fact, Sarah herself told Belle one experience she had as the previous status of what Morgana has, and showed the scars that wouldn't heal from it.

"Yes, but as you said Helen, there isn't anything we can do to stop this from happening at all, and simply hope she successfully completes each one as Mary has been doing." Belle decided to reply in agreement with her soon shivering in place and glanced behind her to make Helen confused and asked in immediate concern, "Is everything alright?"

Belle shook her head before looking at Helen as not seen by them, an invisible floating demonic eye fled the room at that precise moment, as she responded unsurely to Helen, "I think so… I just felt like we were being watched."

Meanwhile with Elsa and Cassie, they were talking about what to gift Morgana and with the Ice Princess herself happy that Anna was coming to visit during that time to hang out with her for a week at least, and for her Soulmate's upcoming birthday party until they watched as Morgana zoomed by with Adam running on all fours to playfully chase after her and saw his hair color, and hid laughing before continuing.

Past that in another room, Ophis and those she selected were discussing things in a meeting room with the door open, and paused with amused eyes like they, Claudia, Lucifer, and Loki did at seeing Morgana casting ice to make Adam trip yet he jumped over each one with some of the servants and even Lumiere and his girlfriend as well, mirthful at their antics of play, and then continued their discussions of things and the plans of Claudia training Morgana in armed combat with the aid of Xion and Larxene, when the two females eventually return from their trip.

Once again further down to the left, Chipana was with her mother and with Bowsette, as they were doing her request of trimming her hair to look decent, as it overgrown from a previous prank by Chaos, and held their ground as Morgana used wind to speed herself up to avoid Adam als not catching her, and resumed working with Chipana snorting and wilting by her mother's look.

In another part of the castle as the duo was soon close to reaching it, was everyone else within the Ballroom at planning as to place their ideas for Morgana's Surprise Birthday Party, and held their laughter and amusement until the duo left as in the halls, Adam panted as he finally caught and tickled his Soon-To-Be Sister-In-Law as she giggled before sneezing a fireball that bounced all around the castle and went outside and burnt the cabbage man's carriage fully to hear a yell on that.

Meanwhile within the one place, Sarah was browsing the collection before she paused, sighed, and turned to see a familiar face that appeared from a vortex made of light energy.

She is a girl who hides her face under a white fox mask that has a blue trim. She dons pink garments including a light pink hooded cape with gold trims, lavender top over a off pink-white robe and a dark pink sash coming out the back of her cape with small blue crystals adorn the edges.

"Ava, it seems ages since we faced each other, hasn't it?" Sarah decided to speak first with soft eyes as the female simply nodded before speaking with a voice similar to Isabela Moner, sat down with a sigh of sorts in the provided seat, "It has fellow Dandelion. It has… But I have come to bring news that the others I left in charge, are soon to be freed eventually from their stasis placed upon them. Those that joined the Dandelions and even some from the Unions long forgotten, would seek life for another start. Especially one who I found out, was tricked and als not slammed by Darkness themself, but was saved by a man we all know has yet to release her."

Sarah only nodded by whom Ava meant, and made the girl blink yet still took the offered food and drink from food she was perplexed by with the bag and cup branding McDonald's on it, and was rather pleased by the fancy chicken sandwich meal made for her as she soon told to intrigue Ava then, "I have a promising person that is doing better than I ever did in the Tasks at hand, and I have a feeling she will be worthy enough to obtain something I didn't as The Keeper of The Realm Books."

"So she is here then, from what I was told by Merlin who met her centuries ago, in Camelot?" Ava states in utter surprise after sipping her Coca-Cola, and Sarah nodded with a warm smile, "Yes. And I have a feeling once again that things will be altered unlike the Book told us and you about, after you handed it to that one boy… I forgot his name."

Ava held back a sweatdrop at recalling whom Sarah mentioned before nodding and replied then, "Yes, as I sense he is also at work trying to regain my previous efforts back then, to prevent… And I cannot interfere at all but guide at times, to aid the Chosen few Children Princesses of Twilight, Light, and Pure Darkness as intended. The prophecy labeled as such."

Sarah nodded before making Ava think as she bagged the rest of her food and stood up like Sarah did from their chairs, as she informed the fox-missed girl then, "I do know my replacement is the Twilight Princess, and a Royal of the Chaossarinian Race by her adventures into the Books. But she isn't fully ready to face him or anything further onward, but I know that she will prevail over anything."

Ava nodded before she paused and tossed Sarah a wrapped box in a fox-themed wrapping based on her outfit before telling her as she left into the light vortex once again with Sarah's offering, "Give that to her when she has her official eleventh birthday, as I was able to find that item during my travels and figured it fully belonged to the child we mentioned. I will, as most likely our other allies and enemies, will be watching the child and her previous ones. She must not fall as when she does, The Taint will have the advantage as Mr. Kap said to enter and try to do what they have wanted all those years ago back within mine."

Sarah nodded with a understanding look before sighing and heading over to a secret part of the area, and opened up a secret compartment and stored the gift into it, and is die was other things alongside gemstones that dimmed every second in anticipation of being freed of their curse, up to eleven, and closed it and grabbed the book she previously had and resumed reading.

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