Welcome to The Dragon's Den

The cool wind of the night went by, calming and refreshing as it passed by the streets on the east side of the city of Kuoh.

Various neon lights shone in a cacophony of letters and sounds as people loudly spoke in hopes of attracting customers to their business. Bars, night clubs, hostesses clubs, and various other activities that were only procured during the silent night when it was time for misdeeds and trickery.

The seventh street was one of the most well kept locations and one of the most visited by those who wished for the finer things money could buy in life. It was were no matter who you were, as long as you had the money and obeyed the local rules, you could enjoy yourself freely without shame.

Succubus' Embrace, Devil May Cry, The Hostess of Fertility, The Fine Brothers, and many more "establishments" stood out as being the pinnacle of their respective service. From personal bodyguards, hostel, Love Hotel, Restaurants and many more where available there and these were the top of the pyramid.

And among those those a particular bar. Not the most ostentatious or calling of the bunch, but the bar had a "aura" which seemed to be able to call all those who had power. Not especially physical power, as there existed endless forms of power, but it seemed as the place called out to those who stood out in any sort of way.

Maybe it was the the luminous black front decorated with drawings of various powerful beings that seemed to be paint in pure gold. Maybe it was the soft Jazz that could be heard inside. Or maybe it was the plate that stood above the place in golden letters that were surrounded by two golden dragons in which could be read "The Dragon's Den".

Whatever it was, the place exulted a aura that pulled at your curiosity and made you drag yourself inside the bar.

That almost hypnotic feeling is what attracted the young teen towards the place which he clearly wasn't allowed. The people in the street around him did not seem to care that a young person such as him as there. In fact the people around there did not seem to care much about anything except themselves. Men and women of all sorts walked around him and went inside the establishments around. It was sort of amazing to glance around and see beautiful women in colorful kimonos, man who seemed to stand at the peak of society and were able to just throw around money. From the average looking joe, to the most ostentatious man in a pink suit and golden shoes, all seemed to walk here in search of some sort of personal pleasure, and were able to find it.

Issei Hyoudou himself didn't know why the commonly called Red Light District of Kuoh had appealed to him as much as it did, but ,alas, there he was and no one seemed interested in stopping him.

Walking slowly inside the black and golden bar, the sound of soft Jazz increasing ever so slightly as the aroma of fruit punch juice and alcohol mixed.

Passing a simple hall in which stood a elder man dressed as a butler, Issei found himself inside a great area. The soft glow of yellow lights illuminated the beige insides. A couple of billiard tables stood in the center with small gray colored lamps that shone upon the table. To the sides many other formal tables were placed diligently. At the right upper corner was a raised platform in which stood a band, giving him the answer as to what produced such a soothing melody. issei wasn't a avid music listener, but he could he himself at one of the tables just listening to the soft music.

A good part of the left corner was dedicated to the bar in which was a woman. She was tall and stunningly beautiful. Her brownish hair was long and put in a ponytail for practical purposes. Her face had a constant mocking smile as she attended her client. A man in what Issei could only say was his 30's, had the whole playboy persona and the clothes to match. Brown shoes, dark pants and a red trench coat open in the chest area, while he had a easygoing face, a mostly black hair with the exception of the front which had probably been dyed golden.

If Issei hadn't been stunned with the ambience the whole places gave, he would have cursed the man, "Raijuu should go and explode!".

The teen was put out of his stunned state by the touch in his shoulder. Looking back and feeling a bit of dread by the possibility of being kicked out of such fancy and calming place, Issei found the old man that was at the front squeezing him shoulder and using the other free hand to guide the teen to a stool in the bar.

Issei could only nod slowly as the old man gave a small satisfied smile and went back to what he could only assume was the reception. Feeling a bit out of place due to his simple clothing, black sneakers, blue pants, a red undershirt and a simple black and blue jacket. He sat quietly and closed his eyes to appreciate the music that slowly took his mind for a ride until a feminine voice spoke.

"You like the music? I could only select the best after all!" Issei opened his eyes and say the pretty lady that probably was the bartender.

"Y-yeah" Real smooth Issei, real smooth. "It is relaxing. Was never a music person, but it pulled me here and..." He stopped as he saw the lady looking at him with a growing interest in her eyes.

"Go on, I'm just listening here!" She spoke, a smile growing in her lips as she grabbed a cup and started polishing it.

It was quite difficult trying to speak something being stared down by the amused amber eyes of this lady, and her boobs were quite big too!

A big laugh interrupted whatever perverted thoughts the brunette could have as the man who was talking to the lady before approached them. Issei felt a bit intimidated as the man could be this girl's boyfriend. Issei could only cower as the prospect of trouble seemed to hang around him.

"Come on Tia-chan, don't scare the boy like that, your stares can be quite scary." Even his voice seemed to be easygoing, as the man presented his hand to Issei in the best non-threatening way he could muster.

"Do not let her get to you or you will be in for the ride of your life sonny boy! The name is Azazel by the way." His words flowed easily and his attitude was quite friendly.

"Issei" The brunette answered back, "a pleasure to meet you Azazel-san."

"Back off Azazel, I was talking with him first." The girl's voice was sharp this time as her lips were lifted in a amused smile. She crossed her arms, which brought her big breasts higher, making Issei have to look at the counter least he embarrass himself by having a nose bleed.

"Okay, okay, your place your rules Tia-chan, but me and my boy Issei here were just hitting it together like man." Azazel said, the smug expression never leaving his face.

"Whatever you say Azazel! But one thing I need to ask boyo..." Tia, or however Azazel called her focused again in the brunette. "You do not look nearly old enough to be at a bar, so what are you doing here?"

It was Issei's time to flinch at the question and turn his face away in search of some excuse. When none came his away, he simply let his shoulders down with a defeated sigh.

"W-well...my parents and I were out commemorating me entering high school, and I managed to get in this fancy academy that just became Co-ed so we went out so some dinner, and then they gave me some money and let me have the rest of the night by myself saying they had some sort of business to attend at home" How lame was that, to get dumped by your parents because they wanted to have some "private" time. They could have dropped some hints and he would have gone out by himself to give them privacy.

"So correct me if I'm wrong, but you got kicked out from home for the night because your parents wanted to mate over your achievement?" Tia amused expression almost became full on laughter and she tried to avoid laughing in his face.

Issei just sagged down even more in his sit as Azazel put a hand in his shoulders. Issei looked up hoping to see the charismatic smile of the man, only to see that his shoulder was being used as Azazel laugh was only suppressed by his other hand. Azazel's drink almost spilled as his hand left Issei's shoulder and grabbed the drink, only to put it back on the table and laugh again.

Issei would protest but then a tall glass was put down in front of him, filled to the brim with what Issei could only assume was strawberry juice?

"Do not worry kid, I did not put any alcohol in it. Unless you want some?" Offered Tia as she approached him sexily.

"N-no I'm g-good..."

As he sipped from his drink to put away his shame, Issei's expression lit up as soon as the flavor of his drink touched his tongue.

"Woah...Tia-san this drink is really good." The brunette could only stare at his glass that was almost empty already. He gave another look at the woman who had her confident grin as she continued polishing another glass cup. "May I ask what was it?"

"Dragon blood!" She responded


Even Azazel eyebrows frowned from the words.

"It is a mix of juices I recently have been trying, it has been quite the success among the men." Tia simply said as she grabbed another bottle of whiskey and put some on Azazel's cup together with a well rounded ball of ice she took from a container hidden in her side of the counter.

Isse pulled out his cellphone and checked the time. Putting it back, he downed the rest of his drink and pulled his wallet.

"Thanks Tia-san, Azazel-san, I had fun talking with you, but I need to go. Still can get the bus to go home if I go out now." The brunette dropped a 5000-yen bill in the counter and went towards the exit. The night had been great and he enjoyed, but by now his parents had probably finish whatever they were doing and Issei wouldn't have to listen to the noises. And people called him the pervert!

"Hey Issei boy!" The masculine voice of Azazel called, making him turn around to see the reason.

Issei had little time to catch what was thrown in his direction, but he managed to get card that was thrown towards him. It was a black business card with the same engraved with the same design of the entrance.

"Drop by some other day boyo, I saw the way you looked a these, maybe next time I will serve you more than a drink!" Tia's voice was heard as Issei felt a blush come to his face when she crossed her arms, making her impressive chest even bigger. He rushed out of the bar and felt the fresh air of the night bare down on his head. He was Soo coming here the next chance he could get.

As Issei went in his way to the bus stop he could not stop thinking about Tia-san the Sexy Bartender. Maybe he was finally getting to his popular phase?

As these thoughts came and went, Issei could feel his blood start to heat up. Maybe he could finally get himself laid and stop having to commit to peeking with his friends to only get beat up by the end of their endeavors.


He almost lost the bus, so lost as he in his teenager hormone filled lust. As the brunette entered the empty, save for the driver, bus Issei couldn't ignore the pressure forming in his pants as his breathing became audible to himself. He wasn't tired, no, it felt more like he had limitless energy now. He sat at the closest seat, trying to calm himself and to avoid embarrassment as his "happiness" was more apparent now, and seemed to rage on as he went on his way. Even thinking about Tia-san made lust invade his mind. He felt the need the posses her, to consume her, to make her his own, to fuc...

He stopped at that. Since when did he had such thoughts toward someone he barely knew? Maybe he had gone too long without some fun and it was time to get a girlfriend or watch some porn. Yeah! That seemed like a great idea now!


"That wasn't only juice was it Tia-chan?" Azazel's tone was more of a statement than a question as he turned to talk to the brunette in front of him who was still polishing some cups.

"Whatever might you be taking about Azazel? I think you had one too many drinks, maybe you should follow the boy's example and go home." Tia's tone was sharp, but her lips still had the mocking smile she had present the entire time.

"Ohh, and why would I do that Tia-chan? Issei was so kind as to pay for his drink, give you a tip and leave some drinks for me." His smile was of a fool, but he had his way with words. His hand snakes towards the bill...


Azazel had to retract his hand fast, less he lose a perfect and healthy limb to the scaled hand that had crashed on top of the counter, coming close but not harming the bill.

"Even if for fun, You must remember,Azazel, that you are inside my domain. Everything here is my treasure and as such, not for the taking. It would be smart of you to not forget that no matter how small or insignificant it appears to be, a dragon's property is untouchable!" Tia's tone now was harsh and dangerous. Her smile mischievous before, now had aggressiveness and a whole row of sharp teeth, or better yet fangs, that promised pain to the being in front of her.

"My bad, my bad. I guess I got a little bit carried away with my pranks. But the same could be said about you huh?" Azazel smiled smugly and hung back, focused in his drink.

"The lad struck well with me so you could say I gave him a little..."boost", nothing really special, I just gave him my newest drink. You wouldn't try it so I gave it to him." As fast as the anger came, it left the woman, as she went back to mixing some drinks for the next costumers who sat a bit away from Azazel.

"Your new mixes can have quite the effects Tia-chan, I feel a bit bad now about poor Issei-kun." Azazel dropped the subject as poking around could only get him in trouble from the dragon in front of him. Instead he went to do what was one of his favorite hobbies: annoying another people.

Going towards the old man who had sat in the end of the counter, Azazel brought his drink and sat at next to him.

The old man smiled as his hand moved to slap the butt of the woman who stood next to him, earning a loud "Yep!" From the woman and a roaring laugh from Azazel.

"Ya should get yaself a man already Rossweisse, or ya might become a the first virgin granny in Valhalla, the Greeks already 'ave three of those!"

"O-Odin-sama you should behave yourself! As the Leader of the Valkyries, and your personal bodyguard, it is my job to make sure you do your job and conduct yourself in stellar man and..." Her speech was cut short as the sound of flesh hitting flesh was heard loudly again, together with another "yep!".

"How are you doing Odin, you old fart?"

"Probably doing much better then ya sorry pale ass Azazel. Since when do crows have the time to be drinking around?" The old man named Odin talked with a thick accent,swinging a cane at Azazel, and grabbing a large mug filled with a dark colored, creamy beer.

"Well you old fart, since the Great War things have been troublesome for sure, but if a man can't drink a bit in his free-time, then he is no longer a man but a slave of the system!"

While both men insulted each other but strangely enough seemed quite in friendly terms, the platinum haired woman who moments before stood at the side of Odin was now crying while hitting softly the wood of the counter which she was found. Soon a drink hit her hand, and he lifted her head that was buried between her arms and found a glass filled with a transparent liquid. Looking for her giver, she found Tia not too far from her polishing a glass mug.

"...E-excuse me but I did not order..."

"It's on the house kid, drink!" Tia's voice left the Valkyrie no choice but to drink.

"Well, old fart have I introduced you to my buddy here?" Said Azazel as he pointed to Tia who growled annoyed at his antics.

"Well now ya crow bastard, since when do ya know Tiamat?" Odin said as soon as he finished draining his mug of beer.

"...everybody just shouts commands at me, what am I suppose to do...WAIT, WHAT!?" Rossweisse seemed down for some moments before her spirit lifted her up.

"Keep ir down lassie, less you want to anger the Chaos Karma Dragon hahaha" Azazel said while putting his cup on the counter and putting some money under it. "It was fun seeing you old timer, but duty calls me and so I must answer!"

"Azazel ye crow bastard droppin' news like that and hoppin' someone make it due with ya craziness!" Odin said as he fixed his eyepatch in place. Infinite wisdom would not be capable of understanding what makes the Fallen Angel's tick.

Tia or Tiamat hissed low for herself and put the image of a brunette in her mind. Azazel was already into the trail but he wasn't a dragon. Only a dragon was able to fully recognize another, even a dormant one. So this Issei was this generation's current [Red Dragon Emperor] huh? Maybe the current years would be fun.