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Welcome to the Dragon's Den

The cat is out the bag.

Part I

Surprisingly for Issei, nobody immediately came to his parent's house after his little stunt against the devils back in school. Sure, he was under surveillance (if they could call the sloppy use of their familiars as stealthy), but his house was full of wards that nullified the effects of many types of search spells – one could never be too careful about their resting place after all. The wards were a courtesy of Kuroka, the black cat contenting herself with those, seeing as there was a lack of mischievous action in a while.

The hidden dragon returned to his parent's home right away after leaving the school grounds, molding a bit of magic into a particular manner that called the attention of his cat-girl lover. He went to his room straight away and closed the curtains, pulsing his magic like in a sonar-like manner to assure himself that no unknown presences had invaded his parent's home. His search done, Issei once more molded his magic, channeling it through the Mark of Domination that he left on Kuroka. A few seconds later, a magic circle appeared in the floor of his habitation, the lines something that he could easily read now.

Like she was in a dancing show, Kuroka spawned from the magic circle she had casted, her get up different from her usual. Instead of her fancy, decorated kimono and geta-sandals, the nekomata – nekoshou, he corrected his little mind slip – was dressed in tight jeans and a black woolen sweater, her hair done in a messy ponytail. Kuroka looked every part a uni-student, and her honey-colored pupils almost made the spy forget why he had called her back here.

Issei crossed his arms over his chest and nodded, agreeing with some unknown entity that uni-student Kuroka was indeed a blessed sight.

The cat girl rolled her eyes in good manner, approaching the male and hugging him, pressing her chest against his torso. Her lips lined up against his, her rough tongue already prodding for entrance in his mouth. He pulled back, huffing through his nose almost like a bull, warm brown eyes gaining a green tint.

"…~Nyah, the big and bad dragon wants something from this sweet and i-nyah-cent girl~?" Kuroka's voice was a purr that tickled Issei's perverse mind and beckoned him to act the lustful beast he could be, but the mercenary resisted her charms.

For now…


That, however, didn't mean that he was going to take her provocations without doing anything about it. His left hand grasped at her soft butt cheek, the fabric of the jeans only adding to the sensation to the girl.

"As much as I would love to just play around, I called you here for a reason." He said, kneading the soft flesh of his lover and being rewarded by soft mellows and coos.

Kuroka nuzzled against the crook of neck and released a heat breath of her own. "Spoilsport~…"

He chuckled at her remark, cupping her face with his right hand. His left would do the same, but the previously hidden-from-view two-tipped furry tail that belonged to her wrapped around his wrist, pulling his hand back to her rear. She lightly nipped at his thumb, almost taking the finger in her mouth, but Issei lowered it to her chin and lightly held it in his grip.

"I'll spoil you all you want later, but this is serious. I need your attention." His tone made clear that he wanted a serious conversation. The nekoshou did her best glare at him, but a soft knead of her buttocks broke through her.

"Mohh, fineeee…" Her complaints drew another set of chuckles from the Sekiryuutei, the dragon finally being released from her grasp. He walked to his bed and sat on the mattress, patting the closest spot available to him. Kuroka followed, sitting by his side and leaning against his arm. "Go on, Ise-chi, what is this oh so serious matter that nyouh can't wait to tell me?"

The Hyoudou youngster scratched the back of his head, musing how to break the news to the cat girl.

"I sort of blew my cover in school. The devils know that I'm not a common civie, so things might become troublesome in the future…" He figured it would be best to just lay down the truth. It wasn't like it would help for him to be trying to spin tales about how he simply let himself go after Sona pressed him. He could have tried to take the devil heiress for a spin and dodged the issue for another year until he finished his education, but he had a feeling that he wouldn't be left alone by them for that amount of time. All things considered, it took a surprisingly great deal of time for the devils to try and tempt him, so maybe he should consider himself lucky for the period of time he had to empower himself.

Kuroka quietly listened to him as he explained the events of the day, never interrupting him. As he finished with his detailed report, the girl hummed a quiet noise, content on nuzzling against his left arm as she digested the information.

Issei was a bit worried due to her silence. Normally she'd already teased him about his behavior or would have found something to lightly make fun of him, her mischievous side something he had grown accustomed too – it was something he honestly was expecting at this point – but this silence was something new.

Kuroka finished nuzzling against him, her honey orbs staring at him. "That's all?" She asked.

"Eh?" Isse couldn't help letting out a foolish sound.

The black haired cat girl purred at him, pressing her cheek against his own, appreciating the prickling feeling of her soft skin upon the stubble of his beard. "So what if they know that you aren't common? It is not like they could do something about it, Ise-chi…What's got nyou so riled up?" Her question to him made him lean back until his back hit the mattress of his bed, Kuroka following suit and laying her head on his chest.

"Aren't you worried about…you know…" He mumbled, intent on letting the girl fill in the void of his statement with the obvious question he was avoiding.

The cat girl's answer was to raise her head from his chest and straddle him. One hand playfully swatted him on his chest, the other busy propping her breasts up. "How cute, Ise-chi~…there is no need to worry. I've already been blessed; knowing that Shirone is living well is enough for me. I can protect her from afar, and she doesn't need to burden herself with much."

Issei rested his hands over the girl's hips, lightly rubbing the area. "Are you really content with just that? Don't you want to tell her the truth about the situation? Hating Senjutsu her entire life and denying herself…that's no life." He commented on it, a light emerald circle of light lighting up on his hand as the weakest manifestation of the [Boosted Gear] showed up, sage energy being taken in.

Kuroka lightly shook her hips atop him, also taking in sage energy within herself and synchronizing her wavelength with Issei. Since they had already had been intimate while using senjutsu (meaning they had performed Bochujutsu (Bedroom arts)), doing things like this had become quite the usual affair; besides the benefit of fortifying Touki and life energy, it felt damn good. "It can't be helped. I don't want to let Shirone hurt herself."

"If one day she figures out the truth, it will hurt even more, you know?"

She decided to counter his argument with one of her own: another wet kiss. He was quite convinced for now of her persuasion. They would have continued fooling around like this for a while, but an annoying tingle began to bother him, the sensation being the alert that one of the sensing wards around his parent's home had been triggered. He cut their kissing session short, rolling while lightly pushing Kuroka on the bed.

She whined, pouting her lips as he left her on the bed. "Okay, I will get annoyed if this becomes a habit…" Her complaints earned a chuckle out of the brunette Sekiryuutei. He left the room and sighed a bit, shifting the bulge in his pants to make it seem less obvious. The hidden dragon descended the stairs with heavy steps, his presence alerting the housewife in the living room.

"Issei? When did you arrive, sweetie?" Hyoudou Miki's voice soothed a bit the annoyance the Hyoudou youngster felt.

"You were busy watching that soap opera playing, so I just snuck in." He jokingly replied.

"Why are you sneaking in home, boy?" The matriarch's tone was easy and jovial, Miki not really scolding her son. If she imagined it correctly, he might have brought home his girlfriend and both were in the room…He was apparently going out now too…

"I'm going out for a bit mom, my friends were passing by and invited me to hang out; I might go straight to my apartment from there, so is there anything you want?" He offered, already by the door, putting on his shoes.

The housewife made a shooing gesture with her hands. "No, there is nothing I need. Just don't forget to buy condoms." Miki's casual remark reached Issei's ears, but it wasn't until he had finished putting his shoes on and was grasping the door handle that he understood the phrase.

He slowly turned his head back, his vision capturing his mother giving him a grinning side-eye look, one hand raised up and giving him a thumbs-up gesture. "I want grandchildren, but not this soon, okay?"

Issei blushed a bit, releasing a groaning noise of embarrassment as he opened the door. He did, however, return his mother's gesture with one thumbs-up of his own. "Sure thing, mom…"

The brunette exited his parent's home and closed the door behind him, shaking his head lightly and going out. He had a guest to greet, and it would be rude to allow his guest to wait.



Part II

Kiba Yuuto was many things.

A knight; a zealous student; a man of many talents; a pretty boy; an avenger; a devil

Let it never be said that he underestimated his opponents; that would be a dangerous line of thought to follow as life was full of surprises and he one wasn't looking forward to surprises. He had enough of those for a life time.

When his master informed him that he would be scouting a potentially dangerous person, Kiba diligently prepared himself for his tailing job. He made use of his power and even asked for help from Akeno-senpai to cast a subterfuge spell on him. All things indicated that his scouting job would be a pretty standard mission, nothing more exciting than that.

He called upon his familiar to help locate the target, one Hyoudou Issei. It seemed that that he wasn't so innocent as they all were led to believe, thus an investigation was in order. According to the information relayed by Sona-senpai, Hyoudou's skill and power was something in a great need of an update; he seemingly had blitzed the School President and Vice-president and had released enough aura to make the remaining of Sona's peerage to pass out.

All things led them to believe he was a speed-type with high power. Thus, Kiba was the one best suited to snoop around, and if things were to end up in a clash, he would fight and eliminate the threat.

Yuuto had some initial difficulty locating the brunette, his familiar also being unable to find anything resembling a magical signature or remains. It was like the man had disappeared out of thin air. Yuuto did locate a few other things he had to report to Rias, the remains of corrupted holy light magic circles in a few parts of town, but so far nothing that could indicate a direction of Hyoudou's location.

The knight stopped his search for a few moments and pulled out his phone to request a few details about the teen. Receiving a forwarded profile with a few personal details, Kiba searched only for the useful bit, the home address. Surprisingly, it was quite close to school grounds, in a calm neighborhood that housed many other common families. Was he using the place as a hideout due to the population? Whatever the case may be, now Kiba had a lead.

The short while that took for the knight to reach close to the address was spent musing what type of person Hyoudou was and why he would come out now. Sona and Rias had tried to guess, but so far nothing truly conclusive was established; what the two kings needed to know, however, was what the brunette was truly capable off.

Since Yuuto found himself in a residential area, his hiding spots were somewhat limited. He stuck to alleys and tried to keep as low a profile as possible, his uniformed figure barely calling attention and the subterfuge spell cast upon him further aiding his efforts. He spotted out the Hyoudou residence, one of the many houses in the area and wondered what he could report.

The place did not stood out, the knight not sensing any traps close by. It looked to be your standard Japanese family home, with two floors and painted in tasteful white and light grey. The knight used his familiar to have a higher sight of the building, still finding nothing out of the ordinary. He knew he had to be careful, but nothing had indicated that he was doing anything more than wasting his time. Still, Kiba didn't carelessly approach the house and kept his guard up.

He pulled out his phone from his blazer and began typing a message to his master to inform her of his short findings.

/Buchou, I have reached the location, but nothing seems to be out of ordinary./

He sent the text and waited a reply, his attuned senses hearing the front door opening. He hid behind a wall on the corner of the street, spotting Hyoudou exiting his home with a casual gait away from Kiba's current position.

For a moment I thought he had spotted me. Kiba killed his presence the best he could and hid once more, checking out the message Rias sent back.

/ -Alright, Kiba. Please, keep your guard up and report anything of note.

He began to type an answer back, leaning out to peek from the corner and spot his target once more. He could barely see the silhouette of the brunette turning a corner, heading to what Kiba guessed would be downtown. Maybe he is regrouping with someone or relaying the information that his cover has blown. The knight mused, returning to cover and directing a message to his familiar to follow Issei.

He sent an affirmation back to his master and closed the phone, pocketing it in his blazer. The knight began to lean from the corner again to confirm his surroundings when it happened.


Killing Intent!

Kiba immediately drew his sword out, the blade meeting air as nothing had been struck down. The teen scanned his surroundings, spotting nothing more than residential alleys and houses, nothing out of place for the neighborhood. Still…what he felt was no joke; something must have caused it…

He sheathed his weapon, making it disappear in motes of light.

He once more pulled his phone out to report the happening, but suddenly he could not type the right letters. What?

Breathing also became a chore; it was like Kiba was choking on something. Or better yet, something was choking him. His lungs felt like they were on fire, almost like smoke and sulfur were being shoved up his nose with no regard for his consent, a brutality worthy of a tyrant.

Kiba tried to resist, to deploy an emergency magic circle to warn Rias or anyone for that matter, but his magic felt wildly out of his control, his own vision darkening almost like a drunken stupor. He grasped at air around his throat, trying to find out what was choking him and he managed to land his hands around an arm, which was invisible. Before Kiba could try to summon one of his swords to slice at the offending limb, he was slammed against the wall that he used before as cover and then on the pavement, the tarmac becoming his resting place as the devil passed out.

A few moments went by, only the body of the student laid on the ground almost like a corpse. Seeing no other magic circles spawning or anything else that might attack him, the figure dispelled the magic, revealing it to be the very person the knight had been looking for, Hyoudou Issei.

The hidden dragon picked the body of the devil, throwing him over one shoulder like the teen was a potato bag. Another buzzing echoed in his head, this time the detection ward triggered being one of the many set around his personal apartment.

Issei supposed that he should truly greet the "guardians" of Kuoh and talk with them about boundaries. He couldn't terribly find fault in them, the devil heiresses were merely doing their occupation. That – however – didn't mean that he had to enjoy being stalked and having his private time interrupted; even a good dragon like him would get angry if you went poking around his nest without permission. He might as well settle a few rules himself, since he technically was the leading authority here.

Tia was gone from the Seventh Street and so were the majority of the higher powers that once resided there. There was still supernatural activity there, but now it was just a punch of upstarts that were carving out their beginnings there. Maybe it was time for him to make his own Den there. Kuoh was his hometown, and if two youngster devils could be "promoted" ownership of the city, then he might as well stake his own claim now.

He had waited enough time for Tia to return, but she went up and vanished, not explaining anything and simply taking everything with her.

But first…He mused, turning his head towards the direction where his apartment was…I have to get that curious cat before she enters home. Who knows what might happen if she…if she…fuck! She barged in! He immediately forgot about subtlety, his magic crest lighting up the street in emerald light before he teleported away with Kiba on his shoulders.



Part III

Koneko was panicking. Her breathing was labored, the young girl gasping for air as she sat on the ground, desperately trying to get a hold of herself.

The mission was simple. So simple that she had split from Yuuto-senpai to follow on the second lead that Rias-buchou had found for them: apparently Hyoudou owned an apartment in one of the building blocks owned and managed by the Gremory Corporation. They could have gone together to both his parent's home (the address written in his student profile) and soon after to the apartment, but she had insisted with her senpai to split up and cover more ground faster.

Akeno-senpai had teased her back in the clubhouse, saying that she had developed a little crush on Issei, but Koneko ignored the remark. She knew him to be dangerous, to be hiding something beneath the nice-guy façade and pleasant behavior. His smell was powerful, but it was hard for her to put a definitive label on it. Koneko knew that he might be using that forbidden power, but she couldn't bring herself to tell her master that.

She had to make sure, and to confirm it, she had to enter his dwelling.

Trying to enter his home was surprisingly troublesome, many wards and spells protected the place. It wasn't anything too grand, else he would have aroused suspicion long ago, but it was work that she couldn't get around without alerting him. She pondered getting help from Akeno-senpai, but as she analyzed the door, one of the tags called her attention.

Youjutsu-based youkai warding tags. Stuff from Kyoto that shouldn't be in Devil controlled-territory of Kuoh. A focused look revealed that behind those tags there were a few Senjutsu based tags. Koneko could barely read them, but once she noticed the sage energy it was too late. Before she knew it she had barreled into the door, blue-ish flames surrounding her charge as she demolished the door, the remaining other spells muffling the sound.

Breaking the door, however, had been a dire mistake. The smell that she so thoroughly tried to identify before hit her full force, still an unknown for her, but becoming ever so clearer. It smelled of smoke and fire, the scent becoming stronger the deeper she went into the house, almost in a trance.

She knew not where she was going, but when the fog on her mind cleared, she was right in front of the bedroom. Her dainty fingers grasped the doorknob, Koneko gulping air as she slowly turned knob and opened the door;

Here, the scent was the strongest. It spoke of everything she had felt before, and more! Tears immediately welled up on her eyes. Something that she had sealed with all her heart came out oh so easily, the furry appendage dangling from her behind and tickling at her legs.

Scenes replayed terribly fast in her mind, the events she wished to forget coming to the forefront of her mind without her permission.





Before she knew it, her legs had lost their strength and she was on the ground, trying to put some oxygen in her lungs, grasping at her chest like there was a blade running through it. The musky scent that clung to the room was the last thing on her mind, her buried trauma racking her mind in a raging storm.

Someone is here!

Her sharp senses detected someone nearby. Koneko barely moved her head to see the figure, her flight instincts telling her to run immediately. Death had come for her! The more animalistic part of her mind told her that she had committed a crime invading this creature's nest. Her head was too high, her intent too arrogant, her behavior unacceptable.

Prostate yourself and you might live. Rang the animal in her that she had sealed.

Offer no words, act accordingly and we will live.

Your life is yours no more. Beg for mercy.

She could not even see the man, but she intrinsically knew who it was. His smell permeated every room in the apartment, the bedroom absolutely chockfull of his scent. Fire and sulfur, domination and command. There was also the familiar scent of her old days also clinging to him, almost like it was provoking her.

Shironyah, relax~

Shironyah, let big sis spoil you!

Shirone! Let me explain!

Salamander and nekomata…


No, it was much stronger than that.

Dragon and Nekoshou.

"Well, fuck…this isn't good." Issei stated, seeing one catatonic Tojou Koneko crying silently while staring at him from her seat on the floor.