This – sadly – is not an update to this story. I regret to inform that this one will not be updated again, the reasons for it are as follows:

I was rather immature and poor with my writing skills and consistency. There are quite a few holes in logic and progression with that and even a few entirely rewritten chapters. That by itself ain't the problem, but the story is wonky and does mix a few elements that I either laid aside or forgot entirely.

I'm way busier IRL now than I was at the time I had written that, specially considering that I also am writing Blood God and sometimes take time to write on an original work (that I'm doing with a friend); there is also my cyberpunk-FarCry3 story that needs more attention as well as the Bloodborne-EldenRing one that needs work too. There was also that one Pokemon story I had slotted out with more mature elements, but that the newer animes took my steam off due to being way too childish and the recent games have been quite the disappointment in both terms of design, story and themes. Essentially, too much to do on my hobby, without mentioning my IRL issues that no one really wants to hear about, so let's skip the boring talk.

Does this mean I will never write something lighter like this again? Incorrect!

I do plan on reworking the entire story, cleaning it up and presenting it much more cohesively than I did in my previous attempt. High School DxD was one of the animes that truly got me into the Harem-genre, and the novels give details that the Anime doesn't truly dish out. It is light-hearted fun, but it also knows when to get serious and present issues as they are. That it worked out a rather interesting and niche world that gives thought to its world-building and isn't just horny fantasy for weebs.

All in All, since I don't want this statement to become a rant/chapter due to my special skill of once starting something with fuel in the tank I ride or die, I'll stop here.

Thanks for the support and be on the lookout for more.

Ryujin Maou out!