Once there was an ugly barnacle. His name was Darren and he was so ugly. But he had a crush. A crush on a barnacle named Alex. He was the most handsome barnacle in all the land. And Darren wanted Alex to be his.

One day he approached Alex and whispered in his ear

"Notice me, barnacle-senpai. Please notice me."

The ugliness began to infect Alex and seeped through his skin. Because his ugliness was an infectious fungus spread through the vocal cords, Alex turned into a vegetable barnacle. Pleased with his work, Darren took Alex to his basement. He grabbed the chair that sat by his desk and sat the handsome veggie-barnacle in it. Tying him up, he proceeded to remove Alex's shirt and fondle it while staring at his sculpted, manly, barnacle abs.

"Barnacle-senpai….he is all mine," Darren hissed happily as he sniffed Alex's shirt. It smelled of the most handsome barnacle. Darren ecstatically undressed and rubbed the shirt all over his body in a suggestive manner.

He then took out a knife from his desk drawer and pointed the tip at his face.

"Do not worry, my sweet barnacle-senpai," he whispered as he caressed his precious toy, now maddened with infatuation.

"This will not hurt you one bit."

He then proceeded to stab around the side of his face and carve it out. As blood rushed out of the open wounds, Darren scraped the bits of gunk from the back of Alex's face.

"Now barnacle-senpai and I will become one."

He found a screw driver and stuck two small holes into Alex's face-one on each side. Then he got a rope and threaded it through the holes, tying a knot in each.

As he placed the mask on himself, he then removed Alex's pants and underwear, shielding himself as the underwear came off. He then took the now-dead barnacle and stuffed it in his freezer.

"He will make a handsome meal," he laughed maddened with power.

The next day, Darren, wearing Alex's face, proceeded to do the exact same with another barnacle. And then another. And another. Until due to his ugliness, and mad lust for beauty and power, everyone died.

The End