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Chapter 3: Progression

Icekit opened her eyes. She saw that she was still beside Squirrelflight and Emberkit. "I saw a kit's ear impaled on an icicle. We managed to free the kit but there was blood that we couldn't do much about."

"Why does this keep happening to you?" Emberkit asked.

"I don't know. I just want to be normal, is that too much to ask?"

"I'm going to talk to Jayfeather again. We need StarClan's help," Squirrelflight said.

Icekit remained beside Emberkit after the grueling nightmare. She hoped that StarClan would finally have answers despite them not doing anything before. They waited for Jayfeather to return as he left for the Moonpool immediately.

Jayfeather came back with shocking news. "StarClan wants to see the kits. I've told them everything that had happened. They want you to bring them to the Moonpool."

"They want us to bring Icekit and Emberkit there?" Bramblestar mewed in disbelief.

"Yes, the kits are hidden from StarClan's sight. They hope the Moonpool will allow them to be seen."

"Of course."

They decided that they would bring the kits to the Moonpool. Graystripe was left in charge of the camp. Icekit and Emberkit walked with their parents as they left for the Moonpool. It was the first time they were both out of camp. Icekit and Emberkit rushed towards the vague destination of the Moonpool.

"Oww," Icekit said as she tripped over a branch.

"You should have listened to mother," Emberkit meowed. He rushed alongside her sibling to make sure she would be okay. "You have trouble sleeping. Should you really be rushing ahead like this?"

Squirrelflight caught up shortly afterward. "Now, will you stop rushing ahead?" She didn't stop Icekit initially because she wanted Icekit to learn for herself.

"Fine," Icekit grumbled but complied.

It took a few hours before they arrived at the Moonpool. It was just a pool of water at the bottom of a slope.

"Lick the water or touch your nose with the water to communicate with StarClan," Bramblestar instructed. His fur was bristling as he spoke. "We'll be there with you."

The kits followed the instructions eagerly.

The world vanished around her. She saw a peaceful forest filled with cats that had starlight in their fur. Emberkit was beside her but her parents were missing. She saw Bluestar and Firestar together.

"Welcome," Bluestar stared at the kits. "We have been expecting you. You have been hidden from our sight. We hope we can help you, Icekit."

"I just want the nightmares to stop," Icekit wailed.

"We cannot see you in your dreams. Icekit, we request that you sleep with the aid of the Moonpool to see if it can lead towards pleasant dreams. Emberkit, we cannot do anything for you, unfortunately. Does anything feel off ever since that incident?"

"No," Emberkit replied. "I'm simply concerned for my sibling."

"We will do all that we can. We ask that Icekit remains with us for the entire day."

"Where are my parents?" Icekit asked at last. This place was peaceful but she still wanted her parents.

"They are catching up with lost friends. They aren't needed here," Firestar replied. "I am your grandfather."

Icekit accepted the response. She watched as Emberkit departed, leaving her alone with StarClan. This place felt so peaceful. It was a stark contrast to the waking world and her eternal nightmare.

"We would like you to remain here for the rest of the day to see if we can make sense of your condition. Every day you try to sleep, you end up in the Dark Forest, is that correct?" Bluestar asked.

Icekit started walking around with Bluestar and Firestar.

"Yes," Icekit replied.

"We StarClan have the power to control dreams, we would like to be able to control yours. We should have the power to repel your nightmares."

"Please, make the nightmares end. I'm scared to even sleep. I had to save an injured kit from an icicle just yesterday. His ear was bleeding afterward when I pulled the icicle free."

"We understand. We hope that spending time with us will make the nightmares go away. Some cats visit this place unknowingly even if they aren't called upon."

"What do you mean?"

"Come and see," Firestar said.

They walked around the forest until she saw Graystripe in the middle of a forest seemingly confused.. "What's Graystripe doing here?"

"Sleeping," Firestar said.

"Graystripe!" Icekit called out excitedly.

"Icekit?" Graystripe asked with despair. "What happened?"

"Don't worry," Firestar said. "It isn't her time yet. We're just helping her with her problems. She has trouble sleeping at night and her dreams are hidden from us. Shouldn't you be awake right now?"

"Oh, that's right... I accidentally fell asleep, bye!" Graystripe said. He vanished from their sight shortly afterwards.

"StarClan should have the power to control all dreams for cats that believe in us. I wonder…." Firestar trailed off before continuing. "What happens if we go to the Dark Forest now?"

"Are you out of your mind, Firestar?" Bluestar asked. "We're supposed to keep Icekit away from that place. Not remind or bring her to it."

"I just want the nightmares to end… I will do anything for a peaceful night's rest," Icekit mewed.

"We should go there once again," Firestar said.

"You've only recently joined us, this is something even experienced cats are hesitant to do," Bluestar said.

"Jayfeather did mention other kits. Maybe, we'll find others," Firestar said.

"I'm scared, I don't want to go back," Icekit said.

"We don't need you to come along with us. We'll lead you to other cats while Bluestar and I go to the Dark Forest to see what we can find there."

"There's no stopping you, is there?" Bluestar said.

They led Icekit towards the ThunderClan camp in StarClan. She saw more cats than she thought was possible. It was massive and filled with prey for leafbare never truly touched StarClan. She saw a grey tomcat that she didn't recognize. It filled her with unnatural anger. She whispered, "Who is that?"

"That is Ashfur," Bluestar said. "He was once in love with your mother." She omitted Ashfur's crimes just before his death. "We'll leave you with him until it's time for you to wake up again."

Icekit was too distracted to protest. It took everything she had to keep her anger in check. The next thing she knew was that Ashfur was right next to her. "Hello," Ashfur said.

"Hi," Icekit said through clenched teeth. Her body wanted to attack Ashfur unprovoked.

A golden tabby charged at Ashfur knocking him away from Icekit. "Bluestar really wanted to go through with his?" Lionheart said.

The other cats in the camp heard the commotion but only glanced at them, then continued on with their day as if it wasn't anything important.

"I was just trying to be friendly," Ashfur retorted.

"You know why. Bluestar isn't here right now. I will accompany Icekit until it's time for her to leave. Go away now." Ashfur reluctantly backed away. "He won't trouble you anymore now."

Despite the unnatural anger she felt towards Ashfur. She was more enraged at the golden tabby's unwanted intrusion. "I'm going to find him," Icekit said.

"Wait –" Icekit ran off before Lionheart could finish.

She chased after Ashfur trying to find where he went. None of the other cats within the camp paid her any mind at all. It was as if she didn't exist towards them. Before she could find Ashfur she woke up. She felt refreshed as if she had a good night's sleep.

"Feeling better?" Squirrelflight asked.

Icekit felt the warmth of her mother's fur wrapped around her. "Yes," Icekit said. "I feel as if I had a good night's sleep for once." It was as if she spent an entire day with StarClan. It was sunrise once more.

"Emberkit already went back to camp. Bramblestar and I took turns watching over you once StarClan explained to us what they wanted to do. Come on, let's get back to camp."

Icekit wasn't sure what happened today. Her memories of the incident were hazy but she felt as if she actually slept. "Can every day be like this?" she asked.

"StarClan hopes that today was enough. We hope it is too."

"But if my nightmares come back, can we do this again?"

"Of course," Squirrelflight said reassuringly.

They walked back to the ThunderClan camp. Icekit felt energetic much more than usual. "Let's explore!" she shouted to Emberkit who was currently waking up.

"You seem better," Emberkit purred.

"That was wonderful. I've never felt better."

This was the first time Icekit had a peaceful night's rest and it was only achieved because she visited StarClan.

A/N: With the aid of StarClan, Icekit finally had a good night's rest.