I've been reading a lot of Pokémon fanfiction lately and got this idea so thought why not upload something after almost a decade of silence! Pokémon and its characters are not owned by me.

It had been just an ordinary, bordering on a boring day for the Team Rocket Trio as they made their way through the Kalos region. They had been trailing after the twerps towards Snowbelle City where Ash needed to go to earn his final gym badge. The travelling had been all on foot as the twerps were currently making their way through a dense patch of forest which meant that even if they managed to spot them from their trusty Meowth shaped hot air balloon there would be nowhere to land.

"Man, I hate all dis walking!" grumbled Meowth kicking a pebble along the path with his foot. "We've been walking all day and haven't so much as caught a glimpse of those pesky twerps!"

" Well, at least we know they're headed towards Snowbelle City. We're certainly going in the right direction," said James who was currently at the head of the group studying his map of the area while attempting to keep up a brisk pace.

"Admit it James, you've got us lost haven't you?!" Jessie snapped, stopping and stomping her foot in frustration. Walking in high heeled boots for long distances was about as fun as it looked and although she well practised at this she had well and truly had enough at this point.

"It's not my fault the woods so dense here," whined James defensively.

"The trees aren't the only ones who are dense out here," muttered Meowth, which James simply rolled his eyes at before continuing " the twerps are probably the ones who went off course, not me. Sense of direction has never been lead Twerp's strong suit no matter who he's travelling with."

"Can't argue with dat," agreed Meowth.

"Whatever," huffed Jessie, slumping down on a nearby rock. "What a waste of a day, not a solitary twerp sighting and I'm pretty sure my blisters are growing blisters. That's it, I'm calling it, we're setting up camp here."

"But…" began James, who although exhausted himself thought they should probably keep going just a little further.

Jessie just glared at him and started taking off her boots before he could argue her decision. "Tomorrow I get the map," she declared.

"Oh well, it's going to be dark here soon enough anyway," relented James as he slumped down next to her on the rock. Meowth happily followed suit, as he was more than ready to call it quits for the day. The three of them let out an exhausted sign in unison. It was indeed a relief to sit down after such a long day of walking the rough uphill forest trail.

After resting for what seemed like an hour, they walked off the path where there was thankfully small clearing. James and Meowth set up the tent that the lavender-haired man had been lugging around in his backpack. Although it was not yet snowing the nights seemed to be getting colder and colder as they neared Snowbelle City so sleeping under the stars in just their sleeping bags was no longer a pleasant experience.

Jessie found a nearby stream to wash herself in. The water was boarding on freezing here but after walking all day she didn't have much choice if she didn't want to feel sweaty and gross. After washing and slipping on some cosy bright pink wintery pyjamas covered in little images of lickitongues, as she didn't fancy putting her uniform back on, she then proceeded to fill their now empty water flasks.

Once returning she saw James and Meowth had thankfully finished setting up the tent and were trying to sort out a fire and logs to sit on. James dragged a rather large log next to the stack of sticks which formed the bones of their campfire. Meowth, after a few goes at scraping two stones together briskly was finally able to get a spark which started the fire.

"Ready for bed are we?" smirked Meowth seeing Jessie coming back into camp in her PJs.

"Well at least I don't smell, unlike certain other people and pokémon whose names shall not be mentioned!" teased Jessie handing James and Meowth their water flasks and perching on the log to warm herself by the newly started fire.

After a quick drink, James got the hint and went down to the river to wash himself, while Meowth settled for licking his fur as cats do. He hated water and as a rule would avoid it whenever possible. Jessie always found him amusing and kind of cute to watch when he acted more like a pokémon and less like a small fur-covered human. Meowth noticed her watching and turned his back to her slightly embarrassed before continuing to preen.

Down by the river, James finished washing in the unpleasantly cold river and decided to follow Jessie's example and put on his pale blue pyjamas, which had a little picture of a koffing on the front pocket. He made his way back to camp and sat next to his long-term companions.

They decided to use the rest of the evening warming up by the fire discussing ways to capture Pikachu and were actually looking forward to getting an early nights sleep as tomorrow was sure to promise even more hiking through the woods. Little did they know, their night would be anything but restful.