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The Rockets and Bonnie had worked out all the details of Bonnie's plan and practised to the point where they were confident they could pull it off.

After this, unfortunately, Ash and crew were still not at the meeting place.

"If getting lost was a skill the twerps have mastered it," sighed James as he out of boredom drew circles in the dirt with a stick.

"This bush is kind of itchy, will they hurry up?!" grumbled an increasingly impatient Jessie while scratching her upper arm.

"Dey can take all da time dey want so far as I'm concerned," purred Meowth, who was presently cured up on Bonnie's lap getting his fur brushed.

" Your fur is so soft Meowth," commented Bonnie who always loved to brush and pamper Pokémon. She then put the bush away and scratched him behind the ears.

"I could get used to dis," said the feline while stretching his front two legs and then curling up once again up in the girl's lap. " Yous two should take notes," continued the scratch cat glaring at Jessie and James "I can't remember da last time someone brushed poor Meowth."

" Awe, you poor mistreated little kitten! My heart bleeds for you" said a sarcastic Jessie, moving her finger from just under her eye down her face to signal a tear.

"Shhhh!," James suddenly said with his finger to his mouth. "The twerps just got out of the forest."

"It's about time," sighed Jessie.

"Yay time to put our plan into action," Bonnie enthusiastically cheered gaining her a paw over her mouth for forgetting to be quiet.

"Did you guys just hear something?" asked Serena, glancing in the direction of the team rocket hiding place but seeing nothing but bushes.

"No," said Clemont, distracted by his disappointment that Bonnie and Team Rocket weren't there yet.

"Maybe it was a pokémon?" offered Ash also looking around for any signs of Team Rocket.

"I can't believe I'm disappointed Team Rocket aren't here for once," sighed Clemont. "I hope they are actually coming and not playing some cruel trick on us."

"How insulting," whispered James to the others in the bushes putting his hands on his hips. "We're criminals, but we have standards."

Bonnie silently giggled.

"Bonnie!" called out Clemont, Ash and Serena cupping their mouths with their hands to project their voices.

"Pika, Pika!" joined in Pikachu.

"Den nai nai," added Dedenne running around the area. This small electric/ fairy type missed the little blonde immensely.

"You ready to put the twerps out of their misery Twerpette?" questioned Jessie.

"Oh yes, let's go!" chimed Bonnie rubbing her hands together in anticipation of the prank she was about to pull.

"After three," said Jessie then she held up three fingers and lowered them one at a time mouthing the numbers silently.

On three, Team Rocket and Bonnie jumped out of the bushes. Jessie and James even managed a somersault in the air while doing so.

"Prepare for trouble, we've got the twerpette," announced Jessie in a loud voice.

"And make it double, she's joining Team Rocket," rhymed James.

The twerps stood with their mouths agape as they noticed Bonnie standing with Jessie and James. She was dressed head to toe in a smaller version of Jessie's Team Rocket uniform, minus the midriff.

"To protect the world from devastation," exclaimed an excited Bonnie standing tall with her hand on her hips while the other two human Rockets posed around her.

"To unite all peopled within our nation," said James and they all shifted into more dramatic poses.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love," proclaimed Jessie before they both lifted Bonnie onto their shoulders forming a human pyramid.

"To extend our read to the stars above!" trilled Bonnie holding her arms up to the sky.

"Oh no, they've brainwashed my sister," shrieked Clemont looking slightly pale.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light," continued Jessie as Bonnie jumped off their shoulders doing a flip in the air landing neatly on her feet.

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!" yelled Bonnie trying very hard not to laugh and holding her fists up like a boxer.

"Meowth that's right!" added Meowth jumping out of seemingly nowhere next to Bonnie sticking the same pose.

"Wobbuffet!" saluted the blue pokémon appearing from behind Jessie.

The twerps were speechless. All they could do was stare.

"Den, ne, ne?" squeaked a very confused Dedenne cocking it's head to one side. It clearly wanted to run up to Bonnie, but her outfit and present company made it hesitate.

"Bonnie's joined a criminal organisation…" deadpanned Clemont. "This is going to be so hard to explain to Dad."

Serena and Ash were still frozen with mouths agape trying to process this development.

Suddenly Bonnie and Team Rocket burst out laughing, Bonnie ran over to her brother and wrapped her arms around him. "Hello, big brother," she said between fits of laughter. "You should have seen all of your faces, haha, I got you real good that time."

"Huh?" exclaimed Clemont. "This was a joke?... So you haven't joined Team Rocket?"

"Ha, ha, of course not!"

"Oh, I'm so relieved!," said Clemont now allowing himself a little laugh and a smile of happiness. Dedenne happily danced around them.

"There are worse things she could do then join Team Rocket," mumbled Jessie to James. James nodded in agreement.

"You really, had us fooled there Bonnie," said Ash, coming over and putting a hand on her shoulder, "Welcome back we missed you."

"I missed you guys too."

"Yeah we were really worried and are so happy to have you back," added Serena embracing the smaller girl into a hug.

"I was fine," said Bonnie hugging her back. " Team Rocket took great care of me," she added glancing to where the trio stood. "And best of all we found Squishy!" She then ran back to the bushes and brought out her bag with Squishy sleeping inside it.

"That's awesome," smiled Ash.

"Ummm," began Clemont approaching the trio. " Thank you for looking after Bonnie. She says you took good care of her."

" That we did Science Twerp, "said Jessie, then in a very exaggerated parental-like voice she said. "You need to watch her better young twerp. If she didn't find us who knows what would have happened?"

"Yes young man," added James in a similar tone wagging his finger at the boy. " She is your responsibility; you can't let her out of your sight." He then noticed the others watching this exchange "You other twerps should be helping him as well you know, there are three of you how hard can it be to keep track of the child?"

" I'm disappointed in youse twerps," tutted Meowth with his arms crossed.

"Personally I expected more from you three," said Jessie with a shake of her head.

Clemont hung his head down and felt ashamed.

"Sorry it won't happen again," he uttered.

Serena approach Clemont and whispered in his ear, "You do realise the irony of Team Rocket telling us off about being responsible?"

"Yeah, they're like the least responsible people on the planet," laughed Ash patting Clemont on the back who smiled at the realisation.

"Hey," defended Jessie, "We can be responsible when we want to be!"

"Well, I'll give that to you this time," said Ash. "You really came through, thanks."

"No sweat," smiled Meowth.

"Don't worry Clemont." said Bonnie coming to her brother's side. "I walked off by myself without telling anyone. It was my fault and nobody else's. Forgive me?"

"Of course!" said Clemont ruffling the top of her hair a little.

"Oh how disgustingly sweet," commented Jessie at the scene.

"I will take that as our cue to leave. So long Twerps," said James with a wave, and they all turned around with the intention of leaving.

"If yous ever really decide to join Team Rocket Mini- Twerpette let us know! I like getting my fur brushed and dat uniform suits ya," called back Meowth.

"Ha, ha I'll keep it in mind," laughed Bonnie.

" You're really going? You're not going to try to steal Pikachu?" asked a suspicious Ash.

Jessie and James turned around, " Let's call it a truce for the day, we're all tired and we can always steal him tomorrow," winked Jessie before adding " sorry Mini-Twerpette it's been fun, but as of tomorrow we are back to enemies."

"Yeah, whatever I know you guys like me," chimed Bonnie with a grin.

"Do not!," retorted Jessie.

"Do too!"

Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Oh not this again," groaned James rolling his eyes.

"Whatever, bye!" said Jessie to end the pointless argument and with that, the trio walked away.

Running up to catch up to Jessie and James, Bonnie quickly hugged them while saying a quick "Thanks for everything."

She didn't see it but they smiled as she ran back.

"One day you two will make awesome parents! I can't wait until you guys get married and have babies!" yelled Bonnie after them before they were out of hearing range.

Jessie and James turned red, and their walk turned into a full-on run of embarrassment. Meowth ran after them laughing hysterically.

"Bonnie," said Clemont with the sweat drop behind his head not believing his sister just yelled that out. "You can't do that to people, not even Team Rocket."

"But it's true!," said Bonnie defending her actions. "They belong together. They even sleep in the same tent together and sometimes even in the same sleeping bag!"

"Whoa," exclaimed Serena face going red, "That is so much more than we needed or wanted to know."

" They must misplace the other sleeping bag a lot then; maybe they could only afford one tent. Should we give them another sleeping bag as a thank you?" contemplated Ash.

Serena slapped a hand onto her forehead in disbelief at Ash's naivety.

"I offered to help James propose to Jessie, but he didn't want my help…" continued the young girl. "I suppose I'll just go back to helping you find someone Clemont."

"Oh lucky me," groaned Clemont taking the girls hand as they too started to head off. "Can you please take off that uniform? It's kind of creeping me out."

"Ha ha, maybe later. I kinda like it."

"Don't get any ideas, Bonnie, I don't want Pikachu to be blasting you off one day," laughed Ash.

"Pika Pi" agreed the mouse pokemon.

'You wouldn't dare!" gasped Bonnie looking very serious and insulted.

The twerps then all erupted into fits of giggles, and the newly reunited group happily continued the journey towards Snowbell City.