"If you know me you'll want to tell me,but if you tell me I am nothing,what am I?" The Riddler asked sitting in a chair. "That's easy it's a secret." Said Robin who was sitting In a chair across from the Riddler. "Very good my boy,very good." The Riddler chuckled. "If there are three men in a boat with cigars and they have no matches, how do they manage to smoke?" Robin asked. "Why they throw a cigarette overboard to make the boat a cigarette lighter of course." The Riddler replied. This had been going on for a while. The dark knight had heard the Riddler was free again so he brought Robin to help find him. But Robin found the Riddler first and instead of killing the kid the Riddler wanted to see how smart the boy wounded was.

He was not regretting his decision at all.

"When is a dog not a dog?"

"When it's pure bread. How does a man survive a fall from a 25ft story building?"

"He falls on the first floor. What word starts with the letter "e" ends with the letter "e" but only has one letter in it?"

"It's a Envelope. Why is the letter "T" like an island?"

"Because there both in the middle of water. Here's one you won't be able to solve Riddler,what's grey and sturdy,stands 6ft tall but can give away within 5 seconds?"

The Riddler sat there. He was bewildered. He was impressed. But most of all he was stumped. He thought about the millions of answers he could give.

Finally he gave in. "I give kid, what is it?" He asked. Robin said "That door." Not 1 second after he said it the door to the Riddler's hideout was kicked in with Batman storming in. "Clever boy." The Riddler said as Batman put him in cuffs.

A little while later after they dropped of the Riddler to Arkham, on the way to the batcave, Batman asked "What were you and the Riddler doing?" "We we're having a riddle war." Robin said. "Did you win?" Batman asked. "Yes."

Batman was silent for a little while before smirking and saying "Good boy."