Chapter Two - Cultural Studies at the Library

When Mikuru and I compared class schedules, we found we had study halls the same period on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Normally, students use the free time to do homework or engage in quiet conversation. Students with research projects had additional options.

Since Mikuru Asahina and I were both studying foreign cultures — namely, each other's — we asked for and were granted the opportunity to spend our study hall time in the library. Every Tuesday and Thursday third period, we arrived early to lay claim to a special table in the back corner of the hall where we spread out books, magazines, newspapers, and other study materials. Our zeal to learn was so intense, we stacked extra books on chairs. With our backs to the wall, the table in front, and blocker-chairs at our flanks, we created our own little play area.

We devoted the next five minutes of the period to theater. Mikuru and I acted like high school students studying inside a fort. For 300 seconds, we silently sifted through the information stored in those newspapers, magazines, and books. Heads down, pencils scribbling, notebook pages flipping, we put on an impressive show. Mikuru's TPDD recorded everything.

Once the countdown timer reached zero, Mikuru warped time. Inside the time-loop bubble, my study topic immediately changed. As Mikuru hurriedly stripped naked and bent over the table, I switched my focus from Foreign Cultures to Female Anatomy.

"Please hurry, Kyon. I'm going insane." She wiggled her bare bottom from side to side.

I was glad to oblige. I dropped my trousers and shoved my manhood home. Mikuru's pussy-from-the-future provided a glorious sleeve for my present-day-sausage. Since the TPDD created a temporal disturbance instead of a hologram or similar camouflage scheme, nothing occurring within the bubble escaped its event horizon.

I had to laugh. We were in a library in the middle of the school day, the librarian shelving books only meters away, and we sure as hell weren't quiet. Mikuru made it clear she was enjoying herself, screaming uninhibitedly with pleasure up until the moment I exploded inside of her. At that point, the redhead, now too overwhelmed to speak, shivered, shook, and gasped for several minutes as I pumped her full of all I had to offer.

Slowly, we wound down from our shared climax. When normal breathing resumed, I pulled my softening shaft out of the exhausted girl. Then I got on my knees and spread her cheeks. The LEDs of her TPDD butt plug flashed blue and purple, signaling that my study mate had experienced one hell of an orgasm. I always had mixed feelings when I saw those lights. When she said that engineers from her time plane had fit an awful lot of technology into that little gizmo, she wasn't kidding. That little torpedo was one hell of a sex aid.

I had no idea how it worked. Mikuru said it interfaced with her nervous system. For this particular session, she'd set it at a Turbo-Mode of 30%. Did that mean my contribution accounted for 70% of her pleasure? She'd been an incredible fuck, so I wasn't complaining. Still, I wondered if she'd like me as much without high-tech enhancement.

Mikuru planted her feet and arched her back. "More please?"

I stood and looked down. "As you wish." Round two matched round one.

But it wasn't quite as good as round three.

After recovering from our third crazy session, my nude companion crawled onto the tabletop, lay on her side, and rested her hand on her hip. The pose reminded me of a Victorian painting. "Thank you, Kyon, for another amazing ride. Your penis is amazing."

I pulled up my pants. "How do I compare to the guys in your time plane?"

Mikuru's lips formed the sweetest smile. "To be honest, the TPDD makes getting off pretty much fool-proof, but with you at the helm, I have to turn the thing down a few notches." She winked.

"How much time do we have left on our bubble?"

Mikuru closed her eyes — "About three minutes." — then opened them. "I guess I better get dressed." She glanced at the heap of clothes at the corner of the table. "Getting into a school uniform with underwear and socks isn't as easy as slipping into my special white dress."

"Do you really need the underwear?"

"In this time plane, yes. Tell me honestly you've never peeked up a girl's skirt when she's walking up the stairs ahead of you and I might consider going commando."

"Well." I put my finger to my chin. "Not in the last hour." I searched through the heap and tossed her the panties.

"Thought so." Mikuru hopped off the table and pulled them on.

"Since we are here studying cultures, can you tell me a little bit more about yours?"

"I really can't. It's too dangerous. If I say the wrong thing, I could mess up the universe, so everything has to be classified." She fastened her bra over her breasts.

"You must have a lot of sex in your time plane."

"Yes, we do. We have tons of the stuff." She put the tip of her finger on my lips. "And that's all I'm going to say about my time plane so don't ask me for any more details." She fastened the belt of her skirt and reached for her blouse.

"Mikuru." I took her hand.

Her eyes widened. She pulled her hand back. "Don't say the wrong three words, Kyon, or you'll never get to be with me again."

I laughed. "Don't worry, I won't. I just wanted to say, thanks for being my special friend and for letting me fuck you all the time."

Mikuru's expression relaxed. "You're welcome. I feel the same way. It's nice to have a special friend in this time plane."

As Mikuru buttoned her blouse, I sat back in my chair. "I'm starting to understand more about the differences in our cultures. It seems to me that the girls in your time plane view sex the same way the girls in this time plane would view a back rub or a shoulder massage. What I mean is, you wouldn't walk up to a stranger and massage their neck, but you'd to it for a special friend and he wouldn't read anything serious into it."

Mikuru stepped behind me, placed her hands on my shoulders, and squeezed. "How does that feel?"

I sighed. "It feels good. But not nearly as good as your vagina."

"Good." She lifted her hands. "Because my fingers are getting tired and this is boring." She kissed me on the cheek and dropped into her seat. "Nothing but sex from now on."

"Works for me."

Mikuru bent forward and tied her shoes. She straightened just as a slight flash informed us the time loop bubble had collapsed. Outsiders looking in would see the loop-projection morph into our real-time configuration. As was usually the case, nobody had been watching.

"You really like to cut it close, don't you?" I whispered.

She adjusted her chest and tossed her hair over her shoulders. "I suppose I do, but you make a good point. We can't afford to get sloppy. I don't want to give this up."

I lifted a stack of books for reshelving. "That makes two of us."