Hermione and The Lost Boys

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Chapter 1: Movie Night

Sitting in front a bookshelf with a modest, but growing, collection of movies was one Hermione Granger; one-third of the golden trio and heroine of the Wizarding World.

Currently, she was trying to find a movie to watch with her friends. It was always an interesting experience watching movies with her magical world born friends.

Nothing had yet to top when Draco Malfoy came over with her friends one night and watched Mary Poppins. That was the most fun she'd had in a while.

It had taken some time but now, two years after the end of that dreadful final battle, people were finally starting to heal. It was unlikely that they'd ever forget though, especially with the press around since they were just as bad as they ever were. Only now Hermione was just as much a target for it as Harry was.

That was one of the reasons, the main reason actually, as to why the young woman's apartment was located in a muggle neighborhood and not a magical one. The last thing she wanted was to be hounded the second she stepped outside her door.

Sure, she could just go Harry's route and Floo or apparate from home but call it her muggle roots if you must. The young witch wanted to be able to leave her home through the front door.

Speaking of her home, it was a mix of both muggle and magical, unlike most of her close friends, and as such she had a working television. Because of that she usually had at least one movie night a week at her place with her friends.

Tonight was one such night. After another moment of shifting movies around Hermione's eyes caught a certain title she hadn't seen in a while, "The Lost Boys" and brightened said eyes up before she reached over and pulled it off of the shelf.

"I haven't watched this in forever." Hermione turned the movie over, read the description on the back, and smiled. "Well looks like I found tonight's movie." Just then the Floo came to life. "And just in time too."

Ginny stepped out the Floo saying, "Hey, looks like it's just us girls tonight. Harry and Ron have some Auror thing."

Normal movie nights consisted of the four of them but occasionally they had a tag along like Luna Lovegood or Draco Malfoy.

"Oh well, their loss. I picked one of my old childhood favorites tonight."

"Neat what is it about?" The redhead asked as she headed towards the kitchen, "I brought drinks. Where's the bottle opener?"

"Well, I guess I'll just sum it up by saying 80s vampires," Hermione answered while walking over to the VCR player from her bookshelf. "Oh, and it's in the second drawer to the right."

After a triumphant cry from the kitchen letting the older witch know that her guest had found what she was looking for, Hermione called to Ginny from the living room, "So, no popcorn tonight?"

"Nope. My buzzkill of a brother isn't here so we're gonna drink the night away while admiring some sexy vamps." She came out of the kitchen throwing a wink Hermione's way while bottles of alcohol followed floating behind her along with some shot glasses. The brunette guessed that the drinks would be stronger stuff than just the standard fire whiskey that she was used to.

"I didn't say the vampires were guys or that they were hot."

Ginny plopped down onto the couch smirking, "You didn't have to. Vampires in movies generally are stunning. I recall a certain 'Interview with a Vampire' and that's set a standard. So, they'd better be. Besides, doesn't matter if they're dudes or chicks as long as they're hot." She grabbed one of the floating bottles and a shot glass. "And it was a favorite of yours so hot guys are pretty much guaranteed."

"I'm not you Gin," Hermione deadpanned, "but yes from what I remember they were pretty cute."

The redhead snorted something that sounds like 'cute' and other words Hermione didn't bother to catch before she took her seat and grabbed a shot glass from the air. After making herself comfortable she grabbed the remote from the arm of the couch. Before she can press play Ginny stopped her, "Wait how're we gonna do this?"

"Hmm, I think the male main character's name gets said a lot from what I recall. We could take a shot every time it's said."

"Okay, cool what's the name?"

"Oh um," Hermione thought hard for a second before continuing, "it was Michael."

"Wait. I thought you hadn't watched this in a while so how do you remember that? Your memory is a frightening thing as always."

Hermione gently shoved Ginny for her smartass remark. "I read the description on the back before you got here."

"Ohhh, well that makes sense."

The brunette witch rolled her eyes and pressed play. As the movie played the two drank a shot every time 'Michael' was said. Hermione started to notice Ginny taking them on other variations of his name.

"We said we'd drink at his name, Michael. Not Mike or Mikey."

"Oh, come on it's still his name," the redheaded witch said with a slight slur.

"Oh alright."

"That means you missed a few drinks. You gotta do 'em now."

Hermione made a 'shhhing' sound before saying, "Be quiet or we'll miss more of them."

It didn't take long before Ginny got ahold of the remote and was rewinding it on to parts where Michael was being said and making them both drink every time she hit play and rewound again. Finally, Hermione was in control of the remote again and they were at the battle at the Emerson's place.

"I wanna hang from a train track now. Think we could try it on the tracks leading to Hogwarts somewhere?" The redhead slurred drunkenly.

"We should get the guys too and make a night of it," Hermione joked.

Ginny nodded with a 'let's go' but the brunette pulled her back, "The guys are busy tonight, remember?"

"Ah okay, tomorrow night then." She settled back down and took another shot despite Michael not being mentioned.

"Sure tomorrow," the brown-eyed girl agreed and they got back into the movie.

"Sooo not coo. First they cheat and kill that Mark guy in his sleep- Did he say Michael? Oh well whatever." She took another shot while Hermione mumbled 'Marko' in correction but was not heard. "Then all the hot ones start getting offed!"

"What you want the bad guys to win?" The young heroine asked.

"Sure, they're sexier," The redhead stated with a nod as she took yet another drink. Hermione didn't think the name was said though. Wait what was the name again? Hmm, not important she supposed as she too took a drink.

"And murderers." Murder was bad. She might be tipsy but that still made sense.

"Vampires, there's a difference."

"I dunno."

"Well, I do. Which vampire was your kid crush on?"

"Hmm... Da-David ya. It was... I think that's his name ya... I thought Star should've picked him... I would've if I was her..." Maybe she needed to stop drinking. What was she saying again? Oh, right David, "...but then I wouldn't get him, so I decided it was okay that Star chose wrong." Oh, the movie was over so no more drinks.

Hermione let the shot glass go and it fell to the floor. She giggled, "Oops, I didn't make it float."

Ginny giggled and dropped hers too like it was a game. The glass hit the carpeted floor with a barely audible thud that neither paid any mind too.

"I like the blonde!" She all but shouted out loud, and somewhere in Hermione's mind, she wondered if her neighbors would make any complaints about this.

After finally registering what the other witch had said she replied, "They're all blonde."

"Nah huh, there's a bru-bernette," the younger girl giggled at her inability to form the word.

"Brunette." Hermione still corrected her because even when she's almost as drunk as her friend she's still Hermione and that's just what she does.

"Ya that." Ginny nodded hard enough that she almost lost balance but stopped just before falling off of the couch.

"Which blonde?" Hermione asked worriedly. After all, she already liked a blonde one, so Ginny couldn't like the same one as her drunken mind whispered.

"Long hair... it's pretty, I've n-never dated a long-haired guy before."

"Hmm." That's true the older witch realized. Ginny's dated lots of guys but she's never seen her with one that had as much or more hair than the girl in question.

"I know why don't I..." She paused as she gathered her chain of thought back, "date him then!" The girl drunkenly pointed to the now blank screen.

"He's not real... and dead too," Hermione told her.

"Just rewind it and he'll be undead! HA! Get it? Un-dead!" Ginny looked around for the remote which was laying in Hermione's lap.

The other witch laughed, "Okay you want to re-watch it then?"

"Nope!" She took the remote happily laughing, "I'll rewrite it, it'll be sooo cool!"


Ginny hit the rewind button and then said, "You'll do it too, right?"

"Do... what now?" Hermione questioned as she tried to clear her clouded mind.

The redheaded witch laughed, "Rewrite it!"

Alright, that made sense the slightly older girl decided.

"Okay... how are we gonna do that?"

Paper, paper was for writing she thought, the brunette knew she had some somewhere.

"We're witches! We can figure it out. I mean you've made up a spell or two before so no big deal, right?" Well, at least she wouldn't need to look for paper.

Part of Hermione realized that it was, in fact, a very big deal and not an idea worth giving words to let alone thoughts. But that's not the part of her that's currently in control, so she just shrugged with a grin and agreed.

Ginny cheered as she played the movie. It's back at the beginning so Hermione grabbed her wand and waved it at the both of them before pointing at the screen.

"Rewrite with these two witches." Hermione wasn't actually using any magic. Part of her was still aware enough to not tap into her core but the other witch wasn't following her lead and started to build her magic as if she was really about to cast a spell. Before that she wondered to her fellow witch, "Isn't it supposed to be in Latin?"

Hermione grinned and shrugged not noticing that the other was really about to cast a spell, so Ginny waved her hand and her wand flew into it while she added, "The vampires in this movie."

"Into real life," Hermione slurred with no magic behind the words. Ginny's magic really flared to life then as she stated, "Make real and rewrite, the Santa Carla vampires with these two witches let it be real life."

With a wave of her wand, everything suddenly went dark.

"Oh shit." Hermione cursed eyes widening in the dark before she knew no more.

With a groan, she opened one eye and then quickly closed it.

"Ginny..." she croaked. Her throat was painfully dry. She wanted water and a hangover potion. With another groan she slowly sat up trying to fight off the nauseous feeling. She fought to keep down her dinner before opening both of her eyes and glancing around, "...Ginny?"

She didn't see Ginny anywhere but there was a sign in front of her, an impossible sign.

The sign read, 'Welcome to Santa Carla'. Not Santa Cruz which is what it should say if she'd somehow apparated herself to this place. Not that she should've been able to travel that far and to a place she'd never even seen.

Slowly, she stood up and moved closer to the sign. With an unsteady hand she touched it. It felt solid under her fingers. It was real?

Before she could start to panic a voice reaches hers ears, "What was it that Dorothy girl said again?"

Hermione answered, "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

"Yes, that... Hermione, I have a feeling that we're not in London anymore."

"This isn't real," the brunette witch whispered into the quiet night air. The only one to hear was her friend and fellow witch.

"I think... maybe we made it real," was the response that came out just as quietly.

Hermione walked around the sign to find the voice of the person she'd been talking to. It was Ginny, like she'd thought, and the younger girl was staring at the same sign she had been looking upon; only the back side. "Murder Capital of the World" was graffitied on it. Even in the dark it could be read by someone this close to it.

Ginny's eyes finally left the sign to look towards Hermione.

"I think I'm too sober for this," Ginny joked.

Hermione who was still feeling the effects of their 'girl time' wasn't in the mood for it. "I don't think I'll ever drink again after this... We've gotta find a way to undo this."

"...Hermione?" Ginny's voice suddenly sounded frantic.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't find my wand!" Ginny started to check the ground around her as Hermione's eyes widened.

"Ginny! We have a bigger problem!"

"What, what could possibly be worse than us not having our wands?"

"I..." Hermione took a few deep breaths to keep from panicking, "Ginny... can you sense your magic? Because I can't… I can't... I have no magic," Hermione said with a whimper.

The redhead witch closed her eyes and tried to feel within herself. She came up empty.

"My magic's gone too..."

Tears welled up in Hermione's eyes but she fought them back. Ginny opened her own eyes and they looked at one another, both silently asking with their eyes, 'What now?'

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