Hermione and The Lost Boys

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Chapter 11: New Plans

"Here you are, breakfast in bed," Ginny said as she theatrically entered their hotel room with a brown paper bag and tossed it onto the other girl's bed.

Hermione groaned as the greasy bag hit her but she slowly sat up and blinked blearily at the redhead who was grinning brightly as she unceremoniously threw open the windows to let the sunlight pour into the room.

The brunette squinted her eyes and was tempted to throw whatever was in the bag back at the girl in response. Normally Hermione was a morning person but she slept very little the night before and it showed as her eyes adjusted enough to glare at Ginny who sauntered over and flopped herself down onto Hermione's bed.

"Am I not the bestest friend ever?" She motioned to the breakfast bag, "I bring you food and show you the beautiful morning awaiting us."

The messy haired brunette didn't think her friend's words dignified a reply from her and well if you don't have anything nice to say and all that. The grease stained bag hardly looked appetizing and even if it had she didn't really feel hungry.

Her late-night visitor was back on her mind again and now as she fiddled with the unappetizing bagged breakfast the older witch thought about how to tell her friend about him. Actually, part of her wondered if she should tell her at all.

"Come on, eat up!"

Hermione opened the bag and found it to house a couple of hash browns and a muffin. The breakfast of champions for sure. No that was not sarcasm, not at all.

She picked out the muffin to nibble on which seemed to satisfy the other girl because she grinned and started to speak again, "So while I was out getting breakfast, I scoped out the shops where we can get our new outfits." The tired witch nodded, only half listening, "I know things suck right now but all the more reason to make the most of it, beside it'll help us fit in." She paused, "Probably shouldn't use the phrase suck while trapped inside a vampire movie."

Hermione mumbled, "You're probably right."

The next part of the younger girl's tirade went completely in one ear and out the other because Hermione was too focused on David. Well not David per say, but on what he said the night before.

Why had she supposedly cast a spell to help him remember? The brunette couldn't come up with any good reason to include David in this.

The only conclusion that she could draw was that something happened in one of the forgotten loops that made her decide that it was a good idea. If only she could remember what, then maybe it wouldn't be so hard to accept that he knew. How much did he know though?

About Ginny possibly needing to shag Paul? About the time loop? Probably and yes. But did he know that this was all supposed to be a movie? He didn't let on to knowing that particular fact so she should avoid mentioning that to him just in case it was still somehow a secret.

Before her train of thoughts could drift further Ginny, waved her hands in front of her face, "Hello? Am I talking to myself?"


"No Ginny, I was listening."

The redhead didn't look convinced but dropped it and asked, "So are you finished eating?"

Hermione looked down at the bag that still housed the greasy hash browns and at her half-eaten muffin in her hand before answering, "Yeah I am."

"Good now let's do something with that mop on your head so we can go shopping without scaring people away."

Hermione frowned as she tossed the muffin into the bag and brought her other hand up to run it through her hair, she winced when her fingers caught onto some tangles.

"It's not that bad…"

"Sure, and I'm blonde," Ginny sassed.

Once in the bathroom she found there was some truth to what Ginny had been saying. Hermione must've tossed and turned for hours last night before she fell into an uneasy sleep which did her hair no favors, and not drying it after her shower didn't help either.

After the two made her presentable they left to do their shopping (which included some makeup to help cover the bags under Hermione's eyes). Not that she cared what anyone thought of her sleep deprived face, but Ginny did so the brunette didn't argue.

She did almost tell her about David, however, in the end she mentioned how Ginny's hair wasn't in with the times and that successfully distracted the young woman from dwelling on what her fellow witch nearly came clean about.

Hermione knew she probably shouldn't indulge Ginny on her use of the Unforgivable to get what she wanted but not only was she running on just over three hours of sleep but the older witch was still considering just how much if any of the conversation with David she should inform Ginny about.

If she told her that he remembered and then she found out that Hermione had cast the spell for that to happen then the redhead would likely be more than a little miffed at her.

Not that she could blame her on this and she had been thinking about it since she first woke up. Sighing her gaze drifted from the magazine that she wasn't really reading over to Ginny who was chatting away happily with the young woman washing her hair. Currently the two were at the hair salon getting their hair done to match their new 80s clothes like Hermione had suggested.

How the other witch hadn't come up with it first she didn't know, Hermione guessed she would've eventually as it was her idea last time.

Unsurprisingly the brunette finished first because as Ginny had told her in a previous timeline her hair already fit in. Not that Ginny let her get out of any part of their girl's day out. It was like she was oblivious to the trouble the two of them were trapped in.

Trapped was a fitting word.

Hermione dropped the hair magazine onto her lap as she leaned her head back against the wall. The chair's back barely reached her shoulder so it was the wall that was her new headrest. So, with that she decided to rest her eyes for a moment, it likely wouldn't help her mind to rest but it was something.

Her attention drifted back to David as it seemed to do lately. This time it wasn't about his inclusion though, it was about her possible death. She couldn't think of why the spell would reset if she died. Her life wasn't a part of the spell like the Lost Boys lives were, he said that they all lived but she died.

That should've broken this spell.

Something wasn't adding up.

It was a puzzle but how did she solve it when there were missing pieces and she had no idea where to look for them? She just had so many questions.

Like how did she die?

If David really remembered and knew she was trying to prevent their deaths then it wasn't likely any of the vampires killed her. So, if they didn't kill her then who? Or maybe no one killed her; maybe she got hit by a bus or fell down some stairs.

Hermione snorted to herself, "Yeah that must be it."

"What's what?"

Startled Hermione's eyes flew open to see her fellow witch standing right in front of her with her newly curled head of hair cocked to the side in question. It wasn't the same style as the only other time loop the older girl recalled. The curls were smaller and there were more of them as apposed to the bigger loose ones she had previously sported.

Instead of answering her she asked a question of her own, "You're finished already?"

"Yup." She smiled while popping the 'p' and adding, "Any longer and you looked like you were going to fall asleep which is weird because I know you went to bed before me last night."

"I woke up and couldn't sleep."

That wasn't exactly a lie.

"Well then I guess we could grab dinner and call it an early night."

Hermione shook her head. "No…" A yawn broke off her next words as Ginny looked at her knowingly. "Well, maybe a nap wouldn't hurt," the brown-eyed girl admitted.

"Still, night is when we have to be awake."

"I see your point but maybe first we should go over what happened last time so we don't repeat our mistakes."

Hermione agreed with her outwardly but inside she knew that the only way to avoid a repeat was to talk to David and find out what he knew. Somehow, just asking him didn't seem like it would bear the results she wanted.

That evening the two girls ordered pizza from their hotel room. During the wait, Hermione helped Ginny unpack her new wardrobe into the small closet provided by their room, all the while going over what the brunette had told her so far.

"So, we got rid of the vampire comics but somehow at least one survived and made its way to little brother?" Ginny asked while hanging up one of her dresses.

Ginny had started to dub all the players some of which had multiple names, Sam however was now known only as 'little brother' in her eyes.

"Yes, but we stole it, I'm not sure if Sam already read it though," Hermione clarified as she pulled out a top from the other girl's shopping bag.

"Hmm, do you think I should wear this or this tonight?" The redhead motioned between two different dresses already on hangers.

Hermione didn't bother telling her off for being distracted and just pointed to the one on the left without really even looking away from where she put the trousers in a nearby drawer; no sense in wasting closet space for pants after all.

"Alright I'll wear this one then. So, then we got human hotness to go full vampire?"

Hermione paused for a moment; that one was new. The brunette decided to just go with go with the flow even if it was never in one place for very long.

"If you mean Michael then yes. We thought making him turn completely would make him unable, or maybe even not willing, to tell the other humans where the cave was."

Ginny nodded. "But then he staked the short one and we got sent back to the start, right?"

The brunette sighed, "Marko got staked in the cave despite my protection spell being put on it but my health monitor worked. Somehow my protection failed… I haven't been able to figure out why."

The redhead grabbed another bag and pulled out a makeup magazine. "You know what I can't figure out? This style of makeup. it's just so colorful and gaudy." She flipped to a page, "See look; orange, pink, and blue eye-shadow all at once!" Hermione briefly glanced at the picture. "And somehow she doesn't look like a clown… I think I'd need magic to pull off all those colors at once."

"Guess it's a good thing you're a witch then." Hermione put away the last pair of pants and then proceeded to banish the empty bags. It seemed she was getting used to magic without her wand though she would never get used to the slight tang out blood on her tongue that accompanied it. At least she didn't think so... last night she had barely noticed, probably too tired to.

"You know maybe it was the wording or perhaps the intent?"

The brown-eyed witch once again felt whiplashed at the change in topic. "What?"

Ginny joined her on the edge of the bed in front of the TV that was mostly background noise at this point. "You didn't think they would need to be protected from other vampires in their own lair so maybe that was the magical loophole."

"You might be right… maybe I could ask-" She nearly said David before she recalled two very important facts; one she hadn't told her friend about him and two, he didn't remember the only other timeline that she did so he wouldn't know anymore about what she said or may have left open in that particular spell.

Ginny looked curious, "Ask who?"

This was her chance to come clean and tell her about the fact that David remembered. Either way would probably backfire. Ginny would want to know why she didn't say anything sooner. Then there was the whole thing about Hermione maybe being the reason he remembered. Maybe he wasn't telling the truth about that but she couldn't say for sure.

Her pause was only making the other girl more curious by the second so she made a decision then and there and hoped it was the best one as there didn't seem to be a right one in this situation.

"Sorry I kinda forgot that it was just the two of us here for a minute…"

Before the younger witch could respond there was a knock on their door.

Saved by the pizza.

Hermione nearly laughed at the thought but instead jumped up from the bed and away from Ginny to go get the door. She had to use some money Ginny swiped earlier out of a clothing store cash register because, while they could convince the delivery guy that he was paid, someone at the pizza place might realize he wasn't and that could cause problems.

While they ate and watched MTV, Hermione tried to reason with herself that it wasn't necessary to tell Ginny because if they somehow failed again the other girl wouldn't even remember what she did or didn't tell her.

It was a copout and she was smart enough to know this but she still convinced herself of her reasoning to keep quiet about David.

After their dinner the two came up with a plan very different from their last one. This time, Ginny wanted to avoid the vampires all together so they decided to focus on Michael and his family and keeping them away from certain encounters.

Even though Hermione agreed there was the small problem of David.

Would he really stay away and let them do things their own way? She seriously doubted it. Also, should she tell Ginny about her Paul problem? Maybe it wasn't one and the two just over thought things last time… Well, the last time that she recalled. Perhaps it wasn't a part of the spell.

One problem at a time Hermione told herself as the two stalked Michael and his brother through the busy boardwalk.

Operation: 'Don't let Michael see Star', as dubbed by Ginny, was a go.

Hermione couldn't help but feel as if she were forgetting about something as she and Ginny trailed after the two teens. She had so much on her mind that it was possible. Hopefully it wasn't anything too important, though.

Perhaps she should make an event checklist to keep track of everything.

Just then the two boys headed for the music concert. "Okay, you distract the boys and I'll make sure Star's gone by the time they get over that way," Hermione said, all business like, and the two girls split off.

Hermione didn't know how Ginny planned on distracting them, maybe she'd flirt with Michael since she did call him 'human hotness' a few hours earlier, but she knew how she was going to deal with Star.

In the other timeline she'd learned that half-vampires were susceptible to some spells and particularly, the one most useful at this very moment, the Imperius curse. She still felt uneasy about using an Unforgivable but she would always do what needed to be done to end things.

Making her way through the crowd, she started looking for the spot from the film where Star would be standing, or rather dancing. Her eyes roamed the area but everywhere she looked she just saw more strangers wiggling around and felt somewhat claustrophobic with all the bodies around her.

Pushing her way through wasn't as easy as Michael made it out to be when he chased after Star in the film so she stopped and tried to catch her breath while looking around for the familiar brunette.

Hermione didn't see her. Instead, she locked eyes with another familiar face.


What was he doing here?

Right, he was probably doing things differently as well and affecting the events that she knew. Part of her wanted to be mad about that but another part was curious as to what he was up to in this timeline.

Did he still want to turn Michael? Maybe they didn't need to worry about the teenager so much but no Max would still want… Max!

That's what she forgot! How could she forget that Max would be meeting, no, had probably already met Michael's mom at this point and so would order the other vampires to turn Michael. Their focus should've been on the mom not on Michael.

While she was thinking all this, the girl hadn't moved but David had, and she didn't notice until he went from being across the crowd to right in front of her.

Hermione tried not to show her surprise at this. Was she spaced out that long or had he used his vampire speed? She was unsure but, either way, it left her uneasy. Just where did she stand with him?

"What do you want?" Hermione asked in a normal volume knowing that despite the music and the people he would hear her.

David's lips twitched upwards. "Star's not here."

"…I figured." She had from the moment the witch locked eyes with him.

"I've learned that it's better if she and Michael don't bond."

"Probably a good call." It was, given that the boy would steal his girlfriend each and every time and that would be the least of his problems concerning the two.

"His mother isn't a concern either."

Hermione looked confused before clearing her thoughts. "Were you reading my mind again?"

He looked amused but didn't confirm or deny it; instead offering to lead her out of the crowd. She accepted warily.

Once the two were away from the worst of the throng, he spoke once more, "There's no reason to be so on guard, we're on the same side."

"We want some of the same things maybe but I doubt we're on the same side."

"It's been a while since you were so standoffish. Can't say I missed it." He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from inside of his jacket.

"Are you really trying to make me believe that we were friends?" He had called them that the previous night, though, she was sure even then he'd been joking.

"Friends?" David laughed as he lit his cigarette. "Yes, I suppose we were friends of a sort." He took a drag off of it after he spoke.

She hated not remembering what he did. It was likely that he was lying to her. Perhaps they were allies though but she knew there was no way she ever trusted him.

Hermione watched him as they walked. Why she was following him even further away from the safety of the crowds she couldn't comprehend. It was likely her curiosity getting the better of her.

"You said that his mother wasn't a concern? Why not?" She was watching him out of the corner of her eye while keeping the rest of her focus on searching for the other vampires.

"I sent Dwayne to deal with her."

Her suspicious eyes turned to him fully but he simply waved her off, "I didn't mean like that. I'd have sent Marko if I wanted to feed her to someone."

"I find it hard to believe that you wouldn't remove the problem completely." Her tone wasn't disgusted, merely resolved.

"Tried it. More trouble than it's worth."

"Oh, good for a second I thought you might have been developing a conscience."

"No, no conscience here, but I see you've kept your snarkiness."

"Only around people I don't like. I'm quite a friendly person normally."

"I'm wounded." He touched his chest where his unbeating heart laid.

"Good." The witch said though she hardly believed she had hurt his feelings; it would take a lot more than words to wound him.

"You're not as friendly as you think you are."

"Oh, so suddenly you know me, do you?"

The vampire stopped walking and faced her so she returned the gesture. He took one more deep pull from his cigarette before he dropped it into the sand beneath their feet. Then he breathed out the smoke directly into the air. She was far enough away from him to not choke on it but still close enough to be unable to help but breathe in the smell.

They were currently on the beach; she could still hear the sounds of the concert they came from but the witch couldn't make out any of the words. Whether it was because her concentration wasn't on the background noise but instead on the vampire in front of her or if they were just that far away, she couldn't say.

"Yes, I think I do."

Hermione didn't know what to say to his sudden proclamation. His words weren't playful and for a second she believed them completely.

The second ended and all the human wanted to do was to deny that he knew anything about her. She didn't though because there were so many ways that could backfire. Who knows what she'd accidentally told him in the other timelines or what he'd found in her very own mind.

"Not going to argue?" He asked as if he expected her to do just that.

Well that just proved it, he didn't know her. "…I think you think you know me, but that's not the same thing."

David stepped forward, close enough to touch. His fingers found a strand of wavy hair to push back behind her ear. His voice was low, "I'm looking forward to proving you wrong."

She frowned as her stomach suddenly filled with knots and her head processed his words. Then the brunette backed up crossing her arms to keep from touching her hair in the place that he had. "I'm not going to be proven wrong. It doesn't matter if you remember more than I do or if you read some things from my mind, that doesn't mean you know who I am."

Damn. She just couldn't help it; she was auguring with him like he thought she would. No, she was just simply disagreeing that was all. He didn't look smug, just faintly amused at her tirade.

Then, unexpectedly, David smiled at her.

It wasn't an evil one or even a smirk. It left her dumbfounded and that stupid feeling in her stomach was back full force. Before the witch could even try to squash the feeling or prepare for what he was about to say the atmosphere became tense and the mood changed. He did not look happy and Hermione couldn't figure out what had happened at first until it clicked; someone must be telling him bad news telepathically.

David's eyes were still looking at her but it was like he was seeing something or someone else.

As much as the witch wanted to ask, she stayed quiet incase he was still talking with whoever it was. Then he growled under his breath and she couldn't stop herself.

"What is it?" If it upset him this much, then it probably wasn't good for her either.

His eyes became clearer as they focused on her. "…It's Max."

Those two words made it clear that she was correct; it was not good news. "Did something go wrong with Lucy?"

David's frown deepened. "He didn't say. He wants to see us… now."

Hermione froze. "You mean… It was Max talking to you?"

His fury was barely contained under his skin as if he was fighting with himself to keep up his human façade before lashing out, his words full of spite, "Talking? No, it was an order." The vampire suddenly appeared strained in an unfamiliar way. No, not completely unfamiliar. It reminded her of when someone would struggle with fighting off the Imperius curse.

The witch's eyes widened as it suddenly occurred to her how much power the head vampire had over them. This was not good. His eyes flashed gold before they returned to his normal hue and his shoulders slumped in a defeated gesture that looked so out of place on the man before the witch.

She found she didn't like it, not one bit.

He said nothing, just turned and left and as much as she wanted to stop him, she didn't because it was probably pointless. No, if she really wanted to stop this then she had to first stop Max and that was another problem.

One that wasn't hers.

Hermione had too many other things that had to be done still. As the vampire's form grew distant another thought began to form in her mind. A dangerous thought but one with potential.

Maybe taking out the head vampire was the solution to everyone's problems.

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