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(Nobody's P.O.V)

Location: Boreas International Space Station (B.I.S.S)

Time: 1:46 pm

Date: 4/12/2049

In one of the main lobbies in the space station theres a heavy class (pootis) soldier of the S.A.S Operatives resting in a bench after saving the planet from nuclear fallout.

Personal Info;

Name: Greene H. Spieldberg

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Birth Date: 1/25/2025

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown;Spiky styled hair

Skin Tone: Light Brown

(hobbies will be shown later)

Military Info;

Rank: S.A.S Operative

Class: Heavy Gunner (pootis)

People Rescued: 360

Zombies Killed: 2,840

Weapons: CM 530 BabyCom Lmg, 1887 Shockfield Shotgun, CM 352 Quasar Assault Rifle (He stole it from a dead HVM mercenary) and Ronson 45 Pistol

Armour: (It was the same armour the heavy gunner uses in the class selection screen and in the logo itself).


He was the Juggernaut and the eldest of the Firefox group: a bunch of S.A.S Operative who knew each other from the past and fought together against the zombie plague on everyday missions. He help his team survive with his determination and sheer power but also thinking about scenarios. He may be a toughnut but he knows how to make things funny by silly jokes, pranks, memes and others. He cares not only his teammates but also his family he visits when he had free time. He also had sympathy on the enemies he fights (except zombies) as he always believes that killing an enemy to finish the fight is the cowards way.

While he's resting and his freinds are preparing for the stuff they needed to do. While waiting for the others, he's thinking about their last mission trying to wrap up all what happened.

During their last mission they have to shut down the main reactors of a nuclear power plant that mulfunctioned (for unknown reasons) before it ends up in a nuclear fallout, it didn't became easy when the doors went haywire and opened for zombies to enter but they still emerged victorious and the planet was saved thanks to them.

He smirk under his helmet as he remember when they're in the spaceship to B.I.S.S.


Greene was with his friends in the ship's cockpit after they prevent a nuclear fallout in the planet of Boreas (I read its storyline in the wiki), they're discussing about what to do after it.

Greene: Ah, finally we made it out alive. Now thats-

James: *chuckles* here he goes again.

Greene: What I called "Hard" work *winks through his helmet*

Liam: Oh come on, seriously, stop with the innuendos already.

Greene: Alright I'll stop.

Jonathan: Okay, after this mission we can rest.

Jennifer: So what do you want to do after this?

Riley: I'm going to see if my boyfriend is still alive so I can make him nosebleed by teasing him non-stop.

Greene: I'm going home for now, I want to see my parents again.

Liam: Glad to hear that, not all of our parents are alive. I'm going to visit my father at the cemetery.

Jonathan: We're so sorry about your father, Liam

Liam: It's alright guys don't pressure it, besides you know what the elderly says: "forget about the past, look at where you are today and look at the future ahead of you".

James: Right... and as for me I'm gonna have to practice my vape-tastic sniping skillz (He then wears the MLG Glasses).

Jennifer: I'm going to Gamestop to buy that new video game that was just released today.

Riley: What's the name of the game?

Jennifer: Its called Wolfenstein 2: The New Collosus, I'm going to beat the sh*t out of these Nazis.

Riley: Nazis, Hmm...glad they made a game where the world was taken over by Germans and you can do some serious payback against them.

Greene: That game is awesome-

Jonathan: and fun.

James: How about you Jonathan?

Jonathan: Me, I'm gonna continue my manga collection and continue drawing more neko art (I wish they were real).

Pilot: You seriously loved these species so much, Dude they're ficti-e-onal.

The pilot said it in a sassy wae

Jonathan: You'll give me 50 bucks and a black chest key if we encounter a real one.

Pilot: And if we don't, You're gunna buy me a Trailblazer revolver.

Jonathan: Then its a deal.

The co-pilot rolled his eyes looks at the 2 with the 'really bruh' look.

Co-pilot: Stop the jibber-jaber and talk about dick sizes later.

Jonathan: Dude we're talking about nekos not dick sizes so GTFO (Get The F*ck Out)

Everyone (except co-pilot): Oooooo...

Greene: Damn, Be "Gun"

Then suddenly everyone stop talking and glares at Greene in which he response with the "what are you lookin at" look. It took 2 minutes then everyone starts laughing again.

(flashback ends)

(Greene's P.O.V)

He chuckles after remembering it as he sit on the bench. Thinking about that part of His life.

Greene: (relaxed sigh)... Sweet memories, (even though that was like 5 hours ago).

Greene: Welp time to find the others.

As he find his friends he was then greeted by 2 special forces guards and a general, he gives them a crisp salute.

Greene: Hello , what brings ya here.

: At ease Greene...so enjoying your time here?

Greene: Yes sir.

: Good...OH yeah also what brings me here it's because I need the 3 of you in your squad for a... Special Breifing I'll tell you the info later. Follow me.

He followed the general to a breifing room where he finds 2 of his friends waiting for him. The general then orders us to sit and starts the breifing.

Gnl. Arthur: Let's make this quick... Do you guys remember Aartis?

All 3 of them nodded.

Jennifer: Why sir is there... a problem

Gnl. Arthur: Yes... 3 hours ago our satellites detected something in the surface. Recordings showed that there are 2 energy readings on seperate locations.

Liam: What like something teleported to the planet?

Gnl. Arthur: Well... Close enough. When we looked at the satellite images it shows... this.

He then show a footage of 2 lights that appeared in the city and the next one took them by surprised as 2 individials appeared in the location of the lights.

Jennifer: WHOAH!

Liam: What the F*CK... just happened

Greene: D-did they just appeared out of nowhere?!

Gnl. Arthur: I don't know. THAT is why where here, I'm sending you on a mission back at Aartis to escort these V.I.P to the rescue point and remember if you encountered any survivors... help them get to the rescue point. Do You Understand?

All 3: YES, SIR!

Gnl. Arthur: Greene, You'll be the one leading the mission.

Greene: I'll do what I can sir.

Gnl. Arthur: Good, I'll secure the transportation for your mission. Dismissed.

They walk out of the briefing room to find the rest of the squad waiting for them.

James: So... How did it go?

Greene: The general said that Me, Jennifer and Liam are going to rescue 2 V. at the planet Aartis.

Jennifer: And he's the one leading the mission.

Riley: Well... Good luck then have a safe mission.

James and Jonathan: Be safe out there.

Greene: Thanks

As they walked away he turned around to Liam snd Jennifer.

Greene: Okey guys gear up, and lets go out there and kick some zombie ass.

23 minutes later after gear up their transportation is ready. They waved goodbye to their friends before taking off as the ship took course to planet Aartis.


Location: Planet Aartis

Time: 12:29

(Ruby's P.O.V)

Its been 29 minutes now since she got here, In a place that she don't even know. Sure, It was a city...

But it's a city in ruins.

She's been searching for any people that she can get answers but she see no one. Only destroyed buildings, homes and vehicles.

Ruby: Hello is anyone there? Hellllooooo?

Ruby: *sighs deeply*

Ruby: I must find somebody bef-uugh whats that smell?

She was cut off because of an awful smell. She search the source of it until she found it, it almost made her froze in place like a statue. She cover my mouth and nose as a stare at a rotting body, she noticed it had its innards exposed.

Ruby: Uh poor guy... I hope that there are no grimms in this place. Uhhh... I feel I gunna be sick if I keep on staring at the corpse.

*12 minutes later*

Ruby: There still nobody *sighs in frustration*... Oh... maybe I can use my scroll maybe I can do something by searching any comms.

She looked at her scroll and she found out that she cannot contact my friends anymore because theres no signal of any of Remnants telecoms.

Ruby: Crap no signal.

Suddenly she heard strange groans, she don't know where it come from so she carefully walk my surroundings. As she walked further, she stopped in her tracks after suddenly hearing a 'thud' sound coming from behind her.

Ruby: What the?

She looked behind her and she saw a man that is laying down and gets back up strangely. The man wears a construction outfit but it has blood splatters on it. And she was right behind him.

Ruby: S-sir... Are you alright?

As she approached the person it started to give her a bad feeling that somethings not right. She grab his left shoulder to see if he's alright then... she paled when he turned around to face her.

Ruby: OH... MY OUM

It skin was pale and rotting,one of its eyes are removed from its socket, some of its teeth are gone, one of his arms are gone and his belly is ripped opened exposing its intestines and theres maggots coming out of it.

Then it started to walked towards her with its arms trying to reach her, she backed off not long before she tripped and landed on my back. She grabbed my sweetheart but the creature pinned her throwing the Crescent Rose off hand.

She starts strugling to get out of the situation whils't trying to avoid letting her neck get bit off by the creature. She looked around but she couldn't find anything so she resort to the common thing a person with common sense would do: KICK IT. She succesfully hit the creature in the stomach, she use her semblance to grab her weapon and when the creature manages to get back to his feet she then gives the creature a slice of his life.



Blood covers her as the lifeless body of the zombie with its other half falls to the ground. As she was about to walk off she heard gunshots and inhuman roars. She uses her semblance to get to the source immediately without attracting any attention.

As she reached place where the roars came of, she manage to be there just to see somebody get ripped in half but just in time to slice the bigger creature in half by putting her scythe blade on the cteatures neck and shooting her weapon for full force saving the survivors.

Survivor #1: Thanks for the help miss...

Ruby: Ruby... Ruby Rose.

Survivor #1: Ruby Rose. You got a nice name.

Ruby: Thanks *blushing*

The survivor then introduces himself and the others.

Survivor #1: The names Kyle

Kyle has black hair, brown eyes, darkish skin tone (no racism intended so don't judge) and his age is 34. He wears a green shirt with red outlines and jeans, it has blood splatters on it and he also had what seems to be a bullet proof vest. His weapon is a ShotLite Phantom smg.

Kyle: And this is Sheryl

Sheryl: Hello

Sheryl is a blonde and is younger than Kyle and wears a blue and purple sweater and black pajamas, she has black eye colour and her weapon is a RIA 30 StrikeForce shotgun.

Kyle: And this is Vinnie.

Vinnie: Hello.

Vinnie is 12 in age, she has ginger hair, brown eye colour, and she wears a white coloured t-shirt and skinny jeans. Even if she's a child she is bringing a ShotLite Mustang.

Vinnie: You looked pretty

Ruby: Thanks...again

Sheryl: We'll talk later right now there might be more of and I don't want to encounter another Devastator.

Ruby: What's a devastator

Kyle: Its the big guy that you decapitated earlier now MOVE!

As they run (they didn't run without Ruby staring at their weapons while running) they managed to find a safe house to rest and Ruby was in charge of guarding the place with her sniper scythe.

(Kyle's P.O.V)

There have been many questions that revolves around his head when he met the red dressed girl as he rest, like first of all she's wearing clothes that can be seen on Fantasy/Sci-Fi movies and her weapon is unlike any other but can be possibly created. So he finds Ruby on the rooftop to ask her questions.

Kyle: Hi Ruby... enjoying your shift?

Ruby: Yeeah not that much really

Kyle: Can we talk?

Ruby: Sure why not, what do you want to talk about?

Kyle: Can you tell me where you live?

Ruby: I live at Vale

Kyle: Vale... And what planet is that?

Ruby: It was on Remnant, Wait... Why do you guys don't know about Remnant?

Kyle: Because Remnant was not on the colonized planets list.

Ruby: Wait you managed to travel to space?!

Kyle: Yeah, we already did since 1985

Ruby: But HOW?! Dust doesn't work on space! Atlas tried it but it NEVER worked!

Kyle: Wa-wait slow down... First of all, we didn't use dust and second what is dust? Ok, its getting confusing just tell me all you know about your home. Calmly.

Ruby: Okey *sigh* I hope you'll believe me but Remnant its where humans live and they live together with another race called Faunuses which where people that had animal traits like dog tails, cat ears,etc. But the faunuses suffers because of racism because humans think they're much more superior than them thats why they build a group called White Fang. AND as for the White Fang it was once a peaceful organization turned into a terrorist group. Oh and also we lived in kingdoms.

While they're talking they failed to notice that Sheryl and Vinnie was also listening to them.

Kyle: And why do you lived in kingdoms?

Ruby: BECause there is this forces of evil called Grimm and they don't like us so they almost killed us to extinction. That's why we build 4 kingdoms: Vale, Atlas, Mistral and Vacuo, Atlas being the most high tech.

Kyle: And Dust?

Ruby: It's a crystal that is used for ammunition,fuel and energy source and we also use it for magic and each dust colour had different abilities lets say blue dust is ice while red dust is fire. It's alo the reason why we managed to fight Grimms. But it does not work on space by the way.

Kyle: Ok that's all I need to know. I'm gonna analyze it first, just let me think.

Ruby: Ok.

Kyle: Hmm... Remnant being the home planet of humanity... Faunuses... Grimm... Dust crystals... it doesn't make any sense, this could only mean one thing... She lives from a different universe. So Ruby, you live in a different universe?

Sheryl: Kyle, what do you mean?

Ruby: Hey Sheryl and Vinnie, a-are you guys listening the whole time.

Sheryl: Yes we were, we just want to join you because we think that its better to join you rather than having another Dark Minion to find us here. And what does he mean you lived in another universe?

Kyle: It's because first: our race's origin planet is Earth while her explanation says our origin planet is Remnant, Second: they've fantasy elements and has another race living with us and third: Look at her weapon, do you think there is any gun company that can build that weapon.

Ruby: Actually I build this sweetheart myself.

Kyle and Sheryl: You made that?!

Ruby: Yeah, Every huntsman and huntresses build their own weapon.

Sheryl: Looks like you guys have to do it for the survival of our race. Just like Frank West... Also, Do you use contact lenses cuz your eyes look dazzling.

Ruby: No... we don't use contact lenses that's my natural eye colour... AAnnd by the way are you actually believing in my origin story?

Sheryl: Not that much. And if your from another universe then there may be some way you managed to get here. Right?

Ruby: Well *shows the device*... this is the thing that take me here but right now it doesn't seemed to work right now.

Sheryl: Now I believe in ya

Vinnie: So you live in a fairy tale world?

Ruby: Yeah... Kind of. Oh Sheryl.

Sheryl: Yep sweetie?

Ruby: Can you tell me why there are zombies roaming around these planets?

Sheryl: Well-

Electrified explosion*

Ruby: Oh no...


1 hour ago

(Somebody's P.O.V)

At the same time Ruby was transported to Aartis there was another girl that was transported at the same planet but different location.

?: Uuuuhhh... what happened?

She is now old as Ruby (season 1), she wears a blue scarf with a brown overcoat that extends over her arms and a brown hat (PM me if somebody knows what hat is she wearing), she has blue hair and a tan skin (not gonna mention the whole detail).

?: Huh?... Mom?!

?: Am I in a city

?: Oh no... no no no no no, not again. MOM! I need to get back to her, she gonna be so worried.

20 minutes later

late realization*

?: Wait this might be a dream but if it is I could've been awake right now. Helllooo... Oohhh... I should'nt have trusted him.

?: *looks at the device* its not even working.

She then froze in her place when she felt something wrap around her right leg. She looked down to see a big green worm with mandibles ready to peirce her leg. She panickly shake her leg until the worm was flung in the air, she finds a littered car piece and used it to kill the worm. She relaxly sighs as she watched the creatures impaled body limped.

?: What in tarna-

Suddenly the ground starts to shake and loud groans can be heard. Then a large figure approaches and stops right behind her, as she turned her head slowly to see a giant green zombie ready to attack her.

?: H-hello t-there. (help)

She starts running and she heard the monster pukes but she didn't look back. She didn't get far until one by one, the worms lunged at her back overwhelming her. She strugled to shake the that tries to bite her with average succession. But slowly she is being exhausted and soon the big zombie will either kill her or the worms will do the job for her gruesomly. She tried to scream for help but it just attracted more zombies.


She managed to escape but its already to late, she is now surrounded with no way out. Her life now flashes at her eyes as zombies started to overwhelmed her again.

?: I'm s-sorry mom *sobs*. I'm not going home any time soon.

Tears runs down her eyes as she remember her mother and her friends from her village and... her friends... from her dream 'The World' as she remember. As memories from her adventures starts to flow from her mind, from the Barrens to the Entity's lair to re-uniting with her mother, her crying intensifies without noticing that she is generating electricty enough to create a deadly electricity blast.

One of the zombies was about to subdue her when she release an electricity blast that burned all of the zombies around her except a few that are immune to electricity that were knocked out by the blast.

?: *opens her eyes* W-wha-what happened *looks at her hands* h-how, how is this possible?

?: I guess this is my chance to r-OH COME ON *oof*


( Ruby's P.O.V )

The explosion can be seen at Ruby's location, she is worried that there also others that were transported to this universe. So she use the explosion as a distraction.

Sheryl: That's not good.

Vinnie: Mom, what's going on?

Sheryl: It's sure is something.

Kyle: Ruby if your thinking something stu-

As Kyle guessed, Ruby was already gone leaving a trail of rose petals. They looked at the road to see a red blur that slashes every zombie that gets in her way with loud gunshots in each slash. Ruby just keeps on surprising them.

Sheryl: Wasn't expecting that.

Kyle: SHIT, she's gonna get herself killed

Kyle: Quick, follw her.

Sheryl: Ok let's go.

Ruby: I hope I'm not late


( Somebody's P.O.V )

The girl was strugling to escape after she was pinned down ( again ) by a runner this time she's now being exhausted and she can't electrocute this one because it was immune to electricity. She can't hold it anymore she was now getting weaker and there's still a few zombies that were alive because of their immunity to electricity.

?: Can't hold it much longer. Somebody please HELP AAAAHHHH-



Suddenly a red blur passed by above them leaving trails of rose petals as for the zombie's head, it slowly fell of to the ground and blood gushed out of the neck that poured over the girl's face. She shove the headless body to the side and got up to see her savior slice the remaining zombies and grabbed her by the wrist, she turned to face her, her shining silver eyes met her's.

?(Ruby): Let's go NOW!

The two girls started running avoiding every zombie that gets in their way to get to the others at the safe house. When the road is clear they slow down and talk.

?: Hey thanks for saving me back there, I thought I will be dead... or worse... be one of them.

?(Ruby): Your welcome.

?: Whats your name?

?(Ruby): Ruby Rose

?: Niko

Ruby gives her a handkerchief because her face is still covered in blood. She grabs the handkerchief and wiped her face.

Niko: By the way... how did you managed to kill all the zombies... Cuz on me you're just a red blur that leaves a trail of rose petals.

Ruby shows a small, rectangular equipment.

Ruby: You mean this?

Niko: Uuuhhh...

Ruby continued and it transform into a giant scythe that was twice the size of Ruby in addition, it has sniper rifle components attached to the scythe. Niko's eyes widened and her jaw almost drop to the ground in surprise.

Niko: Woah... is. That. a scythe. a freaking SCYTHE!

Ruby: It's not only A SCYTHE. It's a Customizable High Impact Sniper Rifle

*Crickets chirping*

Niko: Uhh... what?

Ruby: It's also a gun

Niko: Wait... It's a scythe... that doubles as a high calibre sniper rifle?!

Ruby: Yes

Niko: Okey... You'll have to explain that to me later, but for now let's change topics.

Ruby: Ye-

?(Kyle): Ruby!


( Kyle's P.O.V )

After following her trails of rose petals and decapitated zombies they finally found Ruby and looks like she's not alone, right beside her is a 15 year old girl in brown dress attire, she had a tanned skin and... cat-like eyes?

Kyle: Ruby... please *panting* don't run by yourself.

Ruby: Whaat I can defend myself.

Sheryl: You don't know how dangerous surviving alone can be even if you had that weapon and abilities.

Vinnie: Ruby, Who's that?

Niko: Hey little girl I'm Niko.

Vinnie: Are you a cat? *points at the cat ears at her hat*

Sheryl: Not now Vinnie.

Niko: Oh nonononono its fine actually I can chat with her while we walk.

Sheryl: *sigh* Okey Vinnie you can talk with Niko while we go.

Vinnie: Thanks mom.


( Nobody's P.O.V )

They return to the safe house and continue their discussion about Niko and Ruby's story, little did they know a shuttle flew by and land 40 kilometers from their location on a landing zone. The hatch opens up as three soldiers came out of the shuttle, one of them presses a button on their device and a hologram lit up showing a general, behind him was a spaceport.

Gnl. Arthur: Greene, What's the status?

Greene: Were fine sir, for now there are only a not much zombies around. Sir... any reports.

Gnl. Arthur: Not that much either, for now the only info we gathered right now is that they're with a few survivors and they're staying on a safehouse 40 km from your location.

Jennifer: How many survivors are with them?

Gnl. Arthur: Only 3 survivors

Liam: Are they armed?

Gnl. Arthur: Yes, but only for self defence. Remember the objective, Rescue the V. and the survivors they brought with. I'll bring anotha one just in case they brought a bunch of survivors, Understood?

All 3: Yes SIR!

Gnl. Arthur: Good, I'll be in touch, stay safe.

*Hologram dissapears*

Liam: Looks like it will be long walk

Greene: You've heard, LETS MOVE!

The other 2 saluted and continue their mission. This is where their adventure begins.


Anotha chapter finished. Yeah looks like Ruby is not the only one being transported in this universe but even Niko from the game OneShot was also transported, right now these two need alot of explaing to do not only for the new allies they meet but also for the other people from the Multiverse that they may encounter. But it's not only Greene and his friends that are searching for them, somebody with sinister plans waiting for them. But thats it for this chapter, I'm gonna think for the other chapters. P.M me for any suggestions and also somebody please tell me how to put lines on the story I don't know how to do it. So yeah thats it for today I'll see you next time.

P.s, Niko is 15 on this story and Niko is a she for me.

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