Brittany detected that the noise was coming from the living room. She went to check it out. As soon as she moved into the living room, she saw the entire room was dark! Brittany felt nervous. Her teeth chattered like she was outside in the middle of the winter without a coat. She tiptoed into the room to see what it was and her arms started wiggling,

"Oh boy...I don't have a weapon or fight with...what I'm going to do if a robber shows up...", she said calmly to herself.

Her heart started pumping in her chest at the thought,but, she slowly exhaled that made the heart pumping in her chest stop. Brittany continued to walk closer even though it was spooky.

She could definitely see a shadowy figure jumping across the room. To make sure she stayed aware, her eyes went all over the place. She saw where the figure was heading. Her eyes finally landed at the couch,that's where the figure was hiding!

Brittany quickly tilted a lamp to use it as a flashlight and shined it behind the couch. She could see who it was by the light, the person was wearing green clothing and some hat on with a red feather in it!

Brittany lifted one eyebrow up in confusion,

"Why would a robber where that kind of clothing...?",she thought to herself.

She got closer to the person to shine the light directly at them.

She finally shouted out,

"Alright who are you and what are you doing in my palace!?",yelled Brittany. "Woah,woah, take it easy! I didn't mean to break into your palace!",stuttered the person nervously.

He turned around to face Brittany, "Well you better talk! Who are you exactly!?", shouted Brittany.

"Well,well.. I'm Peter Pan, nice to meet you! You are a beautiful young lady...", introduced Peter Pan as quick as he could.

It mesmerized Pan just how beautiful Brittany was. Brittany was silent for a while before she made a face at him.

Peter Pan had to be quiet, he knew he had some explaining to do...

He just needed to think.