Peter Pan made it closer to the opened door. He had just came out and whistled to it. A little while later, a tiny person with small butterfly like wings flew through the open window and into the room. It was a tiny person who flew down to be close to Peter Pan,

"Hello Tinkerbell, meet Brittany.",said Peter Pan.

"Wait Tinkerbell, that's the name of the person?",asked Brittany.

"Yes, she is a fairy and one of my good friends from back in NeverLand. Tinkerbell shake hands with Brittany.",said Peter Pan. Tinkerbell flew closer to take one good look Brittany. The two of them looked at each other eye to eye for a little while. Then, Tinkerbell let out a "humph "and turned her head away from Brittany which made Peter Pan sigh a little. He walked up to Tinkerbell and Brittany so he could help make Tinkerbell shake hands with Brittany. When he helped Tinkerbell shake hands with Brittany, he looked over at Brittany and chuckled a little,

"Sorry its just that she is not used to people.",he said as he held Tinkerbell's hand to reach out to shake Brittany's hand.

After a while of them shaking hands with one another Brittany looked over at Peter Pan.

"So what now ,how do we get to NeverLand?",asked Brittany.

"Well the only way to get to NeverLand is pixie dust.",said Peter Pan.

He grabbed on Tinkerbell's wings and then lifted himself up so he could pat on Tinkerbell to get the pixie dust out.

That was how that Brittany's upcoming adventure to NeverLand began...