The moment Peter Pan sprinkled pixie dust all over Brittany, she had the ability to fly. She and Peter were able to go from the living room of the castle to the outside world and into the starry night sky. Flying alongside with them was Tinkerbell. She tried to follow them as they were making their way to NeverLand. On their way there, Brittany can't help but be in utter amazement as she looked all around her.

Spending time with Peter Pan made her feel her heart beating. She looked over at Peter Pan and blushed when she saw that Peter Pan was laughing and having fun. As they flew together Tinker-bell started to get jealous. Suddenly, they stopped flying.

Peter Pan and Brittany were looking down at a tiny island,

"Well, here.. we are about to enter NeverLand.",presented Peter Pan as Brittany looked down at the island in amazement.