A black haired man was looking at the rippling object in front of him. His once bright emerald eyes looked very calculating and weary but also carried a hint of sadness. His name was Harry Potter. He reflected upon the past several decades after the last wizarding war.

Several years before ...

When the dark lord had cast the killing curse on Harry, the soul piece was destroyed. But it had some consequences which he did not realize at that time. It seemed that some of Voldemort's personality leaked into him which changed Harry gradually but not in a bad way. After the war Harry did not go back to Hogwarts for his NEWTS. He retreated to Grimmauld Palace for some lone time to figure out his future, which was unlike him because usually he used to charge blindly into any situation. During the time Hogwarts was being rebuilt he started to study some of the books in black library. As soul piece him was destroyed he was able to concentrate easily. He attended the funeral of Fred where he felt like an outsider among the Weaselys. At funeral of Remus and Tonks, Andromeda politely informed him that he was not welcome around Teddy. He was sad to hear that but he understood her feelings. He agreed to her demand but he still used to send Teddy gifts on his birthday. While Hermione and Ron used to visit him time to time he knew they were busy with their new relationship as well as their own family issues. As he had lot a free time in his hands, he used this time to learn magic. First he brushed up his occlumency and found that he was easily able to shield his mind and his mind also felt very clear. With new found concentration he started studying starting from seventh year material. He easily understood them. Two weeks before the new term started he went to Ministry and took his NEWTs and easily passed them. He met minister Kingsley there. Kingsley asked him to join the aurors as he had now completed his education. He also offered Harry a secret rigorous training with the unspeakables so that he can be inducted into aurors faster than normal training. Harry agreed to this offer after careful consideration

When Hermione and Ron came to visit him about returning to Hogwarts he told them that he had already gets his NEWTs, they were surprised. Hermione congratulated him but he noticed some jealousy in her eyes. When he revealed about Kingsley's offer without secret training part they were again astonished. This time he observed the jealousy in both their eyes. They both left soon. He didn't know why he kept the training from unspeakables a secret from them. Usually they knew of all his secrets. But looking at their reactions he was glad he did not tell them about came Ginny. She insisted on resuming their relationship. He agreed half heartedly. He didn't feel the old spark between them.

Soon his training began. It was very tough. They trained him in dueling, mind arts including leglimency and enough dark arts. He also learnt basic enchanting, warding curse breaking from them. They also trained his physically and basics of several martial arts. After his training was over he joined the aurors. Now Harry has transformed into a tall and handsome man due to all that rigorous training. Also he was the vanquisher of Voldemort. He started at lot of attention from the fairer sex. But he never strayed from Ginny.

Soon after Hogwarts Ginny joined the Holyhead Harpies quidditch team. And a after a couple of years they got married. It was marriage a the century a media called it. But soon Harry understood that Ginny loved Harry's titles rather than Harry. Though they used to have sex a lot he came to realise that it was more fucking than love making. He had mistaken their but as love. Ginny became a star player of Harpies. Her schedule became hectic.

Harry had a commanding and charismatic nature and quickly started to rise through the auror ranks. His fellow aurors respected him. His juniors wanted to be like him. Once during the routine checkup at St. Mungos he came across Hannah Abbott who was a healer there. From her he came to know that Ginny had done abortion not once but twice. He was stunned as his one great wish was to have a family. While he understood that her carrier was important at Ieast she could have told him. When he confronted Ginny about this they had a big fight as Ginny did not want any children now or ever. She was enjoying her celebrity life. Harry knew that their marriage was breaking apart but somehow he did not feel any sadness.

During Victoire Weasely's birthday party he met Gabrielle Delacour, who had grown into a stunning woman. Ginny was absent as usual. He and Gabi flirted and ended up having sex with her. Next morning he did not feel any guilt. They continued this affair. By the time he was 35 years he had become the youngest DMLE head and was well respected across the Europe as a powerful wizard. By this time he had also had many sexual trysts with many women like Susan Bones, Demelza Robbins, Katie Bell, Daphne Greengrass etc. He had a son with Daphne too. Soon he got fed up with his life in Britain, so he resigned from his post as DMLE head and decided to travel the world. Ginny had a fit when she heard this and tried to reconsider his decision. She was also willing to have his children now but he didn't care about her anymore. He felt disgusted at her for using children as a bargaining chip. He bequeathed the Black properties and money to his godson Teddy. He did not visit but left some money for his son with Daphne, as he had recently learned she was already married to an Italian wizard. Ron and Hermione after their marriage had settled down at the Burrow. Surprisingly Hermione became a housewife after marriage and was on her way to become Molly Weasely of their generation. After saying good-bye to everyone, promising to come back soon which he had no intention of, he left magical Britain.

Over the years he traveled across the world learning different magics and meeting different people. He also encountered many dark wizards whom he killed ruthlessly. On his journey through France he met Gabi again who revealed that she had bore him twin girls few years ago. He stayed with her for some time and then resumed his journey while Gabi went to the veela colony. During his time in India he learned about Parsel magiks. He learned about earth magic from the tribes of Amazon forest. When in Egypt he came across information about the Veil of death. He learned that the veil could be a portal to different worlds when used at specific dates. The possibilities were endless.


He had returned to Britain two days before. He observed his friends from far. They were living comfortably. Hermione was pregnant again. Turned out that Ginny Potter nee Weasly had died in a quiditch accident taking two bludgers to her head. Strangely he felt amusement at her cause of death. The profession that drove them apart has finally claimed her life.

He then went to DoM as we was still an unspeakable he was allowed access easily. He went straight into the circular room containing Veil of death. It was Samhain when the barrier between living and dead was weakest. He summoned his Gryffindor courage and stepped into it. As Harry Potter 54 years old ceased to exist in this world he heard a raspy voice and his vision went black.

"Hello Master..."