Oliver Warbucks was the richest man in New York, perhaps the world. He had everything he could ever want and owned mansions and yachts all over the world. But Oliver Warbucks was one of the loneliest. He had no family since the age of 10 and not a single friend to speak of. Sure he went out with the prettiest women in the world but they never lasted more than a few dates. Oliver has always been hostile towards his staff and colleagues. He was known to have one of the coldest hearts.

He was surprised when his 6th secretary, Grace Farrell started working for him 5 years ago and never quit her job. Sure she could put up with his temper and knew when to leave him alone when he needed it. She knew exactly what sheets h liked and how he wanted his Brandy's .

Grace was the sort of woman he could never see himself with. She was quiet, kind hearted and hard working. Although she was an African American that wasn't what bothered him about her, she was just too perfectly perfect in every way. He never had real feelings for her, sure they talked sometimes but only in business, and sure there were a few times when they'd meet each other's gazes but they were only business partners nothing else maybe she thought of him as an acquaintance nothing more.

That was until Annie arrived. Of course he had no intention in caring for the child he just wanted his public relations attention so he brought in an orphan to stay with him for Christmas. He had no idea what to even do with a child so on her first night at the mansion he suggested she go to his club for a Brandy. Of course Grace knew what she was doing better than he was and suggested a broadway show. Of course a broadway show with just Annie and Grace turned into the three of them strolling down the streets of NYC in which Annie was in complete awe of. Oliver started to notice how good Grace was with Annie. Grace had this pure gentleness about her. He couldn't help but smile as she ran along with Annie buying her peanuts and ice cream. It made him smile how Annie bonded so well with Grace..

The night ended with Annie falling asleep in Oliver's arms, he was quite surprised and touched at the same time how the child took so much trust in hiin in a short night. Oliver even carried Annie up to bed and gently lay the NYC globe he had given her that night. Again Oliver was amazed at how gentle Grace was with Annie, pulling the blankets up around her, brushing her hair out of her face and even giving her a gently kiss on her forehead. He always knew grace had a soft heart for children and he was glad to witness it.

As the week wore on Oliver began to bond with Annie and realized he did care for her very much. He was even starting to realize that he had more feelings for Grace than he has ever before. Ever since their night on the town he started to notice how beautiful Grace was. Not only was she beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. But he knew she would never be able to deserve a cold hearted man like him. But there were even more moments when they were working together on Oliver's study when they would look into each other's eyes as if reading one neither's thoughts. Even Annie, as young and innocent as she was started to notice too. She asked about it as they were having lunch together only a few days after she arrived.

"Mr. Warbucks are you in love with miss Grace?"

Oliver nearly chocked on his brandy. This child notices everything.

"Well she is my secretary, Annie we are just work friends."

"Well if you really liked her then you wouldn't be calling her by first name, because usually it's not polite to call a woman by her first name."

"Well she's been working with me for over 5 years and we've been calling each other by first name for a hike now." That got Annie thinking.

"Well gee you guys sure do look at each other a lot like you're lovesick or something. I remember when Mr Bundles gave Miss Hannigan that look but she always told him to go away."

Seeing at how innocent she was and this conversation was probably be going to come up more often than he like he took a deep breath and took another drink of brandy.

"Ok Annie I think you got me this time. I do like Grace a lot, maybe even more of a friend. Can you keep this a secret for me?"

"Sure! But I think you should tell Grace that you like her I think she likes you more than a friend too."

"You're probably right Annie I'm going to talk to her soon."

Wanting to cut this conversation short Oliver decided it was time for them to finish up and head back to the mansion.

One night a few days before Christmas Eve Oliver decided to tell Grace about wanting to adopt Annie and his true feelings for her. Oliver and Grace had just put Annie into bed after a long day of Annie wanting to do everything there was to do in New York. She was finally able to wear out all her energy by

10 that night. They were back in Oliver's study doing some last minute work before retiring for the night.

"Oh, Grace I…uh.. I want to adopt Annie. It's not that I really care for her it's just I can't hear her going back to that horrible orphanage."

" That's a wonderful idea sir! You have plenty of room here and the staff adores her."

"Great I'll call the Board of Orphans tomorrow morning to get all the papers then all we need is a judge to sign the adoption papers!"

"Yes sir I'll do that right away! We should get her a little something, perhaps a new locket to replace the broken on she always wears."

"I'll see that I go to Tiffany's tomorrow while you get the paperwork signed."

Remembering the other thing he wanted to talk to Grace about he started blushing and pulled grace towards him as she was leaving the study.

"Oh and, Grace….uh… you look really pretty tonight."

"Thanks for noticing sir.

"And seeing you taking care of Annie makes me think of what a great mother you will be someday. And I have come to the conclusion that I…uh.. I have deeper feelings for you than just my secretary."

Grace stood looking at Oliver suddenly growing quiet. Thinking she was mad or didn't feel the same way as he did he didn't expect what she said next.

Oliver I feel the same way too. I always had for the past 5 years I just didn't want to make things awkward because I'm your secretary. There's no one in the world I'd want to be with than you."

His eyes almost filling with tears, he has never heard anyone say those words before..

"But you're too perfect and kindhearted and I'm s hot tempered tyrant I don't deserve you."

"I can put up with your temper any given day and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I would be so incredibly happy being with you."

Both were silent for a moment then Oliver pulled grace into his arms and started to kiss her gently on the lips, seeing that Grace didn't seem to want to let go he deepened the kiss lasting for about five minutes. They finally pulled apart and went up to bed for the night.

As Oliver was about to fall asleep he couldn't stop thinking how happy he was that he and Grace shard the same feelings all along. He didn't care if his colleagues didn't like the fact that he as in love with an African American woman. So what if the press kept asking why he fell in love with His African American secretary? He was just happy he could get all that off his chest and he knew of a certain 12 year old that would be very happy with him too!