A/N I hope you all had just as much fun reading this as I did writing it! Here is the last chapter it takes place 5 years after the 1999 movie so Annie is 16 and Molly is 12.


Has it really been five years already? If someone asked Oliver Warbucks if he was going to marry his secretary and adopt two kids he'd think they're insane. But now Oliver was th luckiest man in the world. He and Grace have been just as in love with each other since they got married five years ago. He couldn't even remember a time when they got into a fight. Sure he still lost his temper once in a while but Grace was always there to comfort him with a kiss, and if there were no little eyes around more than just a kiss. Oliver love every moment with Grace and he was so happy he chose her to be his wife. Oliver's life has been complete.

After thy adopted Annie they adopted Molly as well. They both grew into beautiful young women over th last few years. Annie just turned 16 and was learning to drive and was starting to think about college. Oliver and Grace were so proud of their little girl and how far she's come. Annie was talking about becoming an American Sign Language interpreter-after taking a few classes the past to years.

She had many friends and was as outgoing and energetic as always. Molly was still sweet cuddly and shy. Oliver ans Grace couldn't be more proud of how she was able to overcome her dyslexia when she was younger. She love middle school and just joined the field hockey team. Oliver lov d his little family and wouldn't trade anything in the world for them.

Now it was grace and Oliver's 5 year anniversary. They decided to go to western Massachusetts in the Berkshire for a weekend. They were both excited o spend some alone time together. They left the mansion at 6 Friday morning and were planning on coming home early Monday morning. Both girls were spending the weekend at friends houses so good byes were made the night b fore they went to bed. Oliver and Grace arrive to their hotel and checked in at noon on Friday. They spent the rest of the day enjoying themselves and had a picnic lunch.

"Grace can you believe we've bene married for five years? It feels lik just yesterday Annie was coming to stay with us for Christmas."

"It sure has been a hectic five years but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love you Oliver Warbucks."

"I love you Grace you're the one and only love of my life and I'm still and always I'll be the luckiest man in the world."

They spent the rest of the weekend sightseeing and what not cuddling in bed and being together alone for the first time in a while. Oliver was so happy to finally have his wife all to himself but he was excited to get home to the rest of his family. He couldn't wait to see what the next few years would bring and all the new memories they will share together.

The end! Again thank you so much for commenting, following and favoriting! I have no idea where that idea that Annie would be an ASL interpreter came up but hey I'm deaf and I love that idea! ,amber I'll do another story where Annie learns ASL!